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Pot Party In Colorado: Another Nail in America’s Coffin

April 30, 2013

Pot Party In Colorado: Another Nail in America’s Coffin

Well, life in these United States is growing exponentially more bizarre with each passing year. At 71 years, and from the perspective of my childhood, even my adolescent years, I am now a “legal alien” in my own culture.

I have read and enjoyed science fiction in past years, but I never encountered anything as astonishing (and science fiction-like) as the cultural evolutions in America, starting in the 1960’s.  So many rapid changes in our way of life have occurred that I am left dazed and amazed.

Having studied the decline of many cultures and I am therefore primed to see this blizzard of cultural changes in America from that perspective. I know I could be wrong about our decline, but I doubt that I am.

No fault divorce, legalization of pornography, legalization of gambling, legalization of abortion, legalization of marijuana, legalization of gay marriage, open border policies, legalization of illegal aliens by the many millions and millions more to come, crumbling infrastructure, wars and threatening new wars we cannot afford to wage, a massive growing central government gone wild with corruption, social chaos, and an increasingly ignorant, licentious, and barbaric youth (and much more) all foreshadows disaster.

Predicting the future is always a hazardous, but with copious good reasons, I  and others are very apprehensive.

It is not a wonder that good people are, in the words of our deceitful and anti-American President (I paraphrase), clutching their Bibles and guns.

Recently there was a massive celebration of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. A large group of citizens came together, got stoned and partied in honor of the legalization of dope. Perhaps this will become a cultural tradition.

Such a celebration makes about as much sense as hordes of active alcoholics gathering to get sloshed out-of-their-minds in order to celebrate the end  of  prohibition.

Please watch the video below. Meet a growing body of your electorate and America’s “leaders of tomorrow”.

When it comes to legalized drugs and the resulting social disorder and chaos: 1 + 1 = 5.  

Fear the word synergism.

VTM, 4/30/13

“Aborting” Babies Will Soon Lead To “Aborting” Old People

April 29, 2013

“Aborting” Babies Will Soon Lead To “Aborting” Old People

Why would we fail to see the “slippery slope” that is on our horizon…much like an approaching tsunami?

Can we understand that killing babies for convenience and cost-effectiveness is in the process of becoming killing old people for convenience and cost-effectiveness?

But the destructive force that is approaching like a juggernaut is not a tsunami, it is Obamacare. Socialized medicine, in the pathetic form of Obamacare, will withhold life-saving medical interventions from those who are no longer “useful”, “economically viable” citizens.

With Obamacare,  both babies and the aged will be vulnerable to State-sanctioned “termination of development”.

See Starr Parker’s article below.

VTM,  4/29/13

What Would A Pile of 333,000 Murdered Babies Look LIke?

April 28, 2013

What Would A Pile of 333,000 Murdered Babies Look Like?

O.K., that is not a comfortable question. If you really thought about it and imagined such a pile of dead babies, that would really be uncomfortable.

My job is not always to make people comfortable, but it is always to bring reality into focus and to attempt to motivate people to deal appropriately with that reality.

Yesterday’s blog, documented Planned Parenthood’s killing 333,000 babies a year. By the way, if you watch the following undercover video, you will learn that the word kill is forbidden in the lexicon of legalized abortion.

President Obama supports the late-term (following birth), killing of babies.

It is our responsibility to learn the truth about America’s slaughter houses for unwanted babies and then change our culture of death before it kills itself.

Please watch this undercover video.

VTM, 4/28/13

“God Bless” Planned Parenthood: President Obama

April 27, 2013

“God Bless” Planned Parenthood: Says President Obama

Well, there you have it folks…President Obama has overturned God’s Sixth Commandment!

The man who attended the church and sermons of the pastor who famously ranted, “God Damn America”, now sends God’s Blessings to the efforts of Planned Parenthood.

In my blog on the topic of abortion in America entitled, “America’s Shameful Pogrom Against the Unborn, and Now the Just-Born”, I provided the estimate of a total of aborted babies at 54.559,615, since Roe vs. Wade. Yes, the figure is in the millions.

If you have not seen that blog, I dearly hope you will search back here to read it.

As you will learn there, Planned Parenthood marches on killing approximately 333.000 babies per year. 

Yes, I know that the human pregnancy goes through the germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages of in-utero development.  But, I will refer to the “abortion of babies” because that is a politically incorrect application of that term and it is upsetting to those who kill the human beings that they prefer to call fetuses. They like to do this because it dehumanizes the human beings, the babies, they are killing and it causes them fewer guilt-pangs. This dehumanizing name, fetus, makes it easier to kill the so named..just like dehumanizing names did for the killing of “krauts” and “Japs” during WWII, “Gooks” and “slopes” during Korea, and so on.

You are welcome to get mad at me using these words, if you like…but the importance of the point I am trying to illustrate supersedes any misdirected anger at me.

Of course, in the wars named above, America had to kill its enemies..or they would  have kill us. America now kills millions of babies because they are an expense and an inconvenience.

It is far more convenient to repopulate America with Illegal Aliens.

America’s pathological narcissist President Obama had no problem superseding God’s wishes as he bid God’s Blessings to the work of Planned parenthood. Apparently Obama thinks he has the power to ignore, or even overturn, God’s own Commandment: “You Shall Not Murder”.

Please read the following article, further documenting Obama’s unGodly best wishes for the murderous work of Planned Parenthood in America.

 Can you remember 333,000 babys killed per year?

VTM, 4/27/13

American Patriots Must Read Sowell’s Views On Immigration

April 26, 2013

American Patriots Must Read Sowell’s Views On Immigration

Since the Boston Bombing by Radical Islamic Terrorists, I have been searching for many words of response. I have found some in my own thoughts, but nothing as good as Thomas Sowell’s article below.

I want you to please take time to read this article. It is a sensible, reality-based call to rational thinking and behavior.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 4/26/13

No Muslim Immigrants From Terrorist-Friendly or Tolerant Countries!

April 24, 2013

No Muslim Immigrants From Terrorist-Friendly or tolerant Countries!

A great problem is that many American Muslim Terrorists have come to this country as children and have gone through our acculturation process with failure. The process failed for unknown reasons. While we may search for such reasons, it is not safe for us to continue to admit Muslims from Terrorist-Friendly or tolerant Countries.

The great and popular televisions series, “Roots”, hints at something very basic and psychological in people. If people fail to become acculurated  into a new socioculture, accepting many of its core values, more’s and folk-ways, and core belief systems, they search for other core cultural or subcultural features to identify with and adopt.

So what would be more natural than for the disaffected immigrant to embrace the culture, or one of the powerful subcultures, of the society that they had once immigrated from.

Our post-modern ethos of multiculturalism and near-worshiped social maintenance of “diversity”, rather than sociocultural unity, will only catalyzes the problem of disaffected moderate muslims turning to radical Islam and terrorism.

All of this goes directly to the recent American Muslim Terrorist massacre and maiming of innocent victims in Boston.

There are  calls for closer vetting of migrating Muslims. This is sensible, though not politically popular with the current administration. But closer vetting will not stem the flow of children who grow-up in America only seek their historical roots in radical Islam and terrorism.

A “free society” cannot tolerate the sort of surveillance that is needed to protect ourselves from occult immigrant terrorist Muslims, or those who later “seek their roots” and become radicalized terrorists in our midst.

It is time that we grow-up and face the facts of reality:

1. No one has a right to immigrate to America.

2. America is not obliged to accept immigrants with elevated risk factors for terrorizing and killing its citizens.

We are told by experts, politicians, and news reporters to not be fearful, to shield our children from the reality of terrorism, and to live our lives as we normally do. All of this is sensible only when we have done everything possible to protect ourselves: And we have not done that.

See below for one of more clear and logical discussions on this topic to come:

VTM, 4/14/13

America’s Shameful Pogrom Against The Unborn, and Now The Just-Born!

April 23, 2013

America’s Shameful Pogrom Against The Unborn, and Now The Just-Born!

The word pogrom is not a common one for many.

It is a word that stands for an organized massacre of a large number of people..usually referencing a class of people such as the Jews in Nazi Germany, for example.  Pogroms are often mass killings that are focused upon people of a certain race or religion.

In America, such a thing would be Constitutionally forbidden and it would be “politically incorrect”……with the exception of one class of human beings that is the most helpless and politically powerless of all. And, this helps to explain why they are being salughtered by the millions. An  estimated total of 54,559,615 abortions have been performed in America since Roe vs. Wade, in 1974

These are the  unborn infants, the partial birth infants and now, the “just-born infants”.

Liberals and progressives commonly use the “slippery slope” concept to argue against any infringement upon the rights they cherish the most: The ones that protect them from the consequences of their own self-centered and irresponsible behavior.

Of course this slippery slope can “slip”  in both conservative and liberal directions this is a danger for all.

Witness the legal killing of infants before their third trimester, the legal killing of them just when their heads exit the birth canal (so-called partial-birth abortion), which has now “slipped” to newborn babies , whimpering on a table and allegedly then having their heads cut off.

A lady recently argued with me advocating “women’s rights to abortion”, she used a couple of old tried and untrue arguments. The first argument was:

1. “Women have a right to do what they want with their own bodies”.

Actually, no one in this culture has the right to do “what they want with their bodies”.  

If anyone is in the process of attempting to kill themselves (women included), the police can legally intervene to stop them and they can be taken, against their will, to a mental hospital. There they will receive a psychological/psychiatric assessment, perhaps medication treatment, and be provided therapeutic treatment.

The fact is, it is generally against the “best interests” of the State and society-large for people to go off and kill themselves just because they want to do so. There for it is illegal to do so.

The second argument was:

2.  “Before abortions were legalized,  women commonly got abortions in bad places (“back alleys”) and frequently died or were maimed in the process”.

This matter is a complex issue and I invite you to read the following article. It is important to read it all..and especially that last two paragraphs. The argument is not supported in America.

In the final analysis, the facts are that a vocal and well-organized political-action coalition achieved its goal of setting both men and women free from the consequences of their own irresponsible and self-centered sexual behavior. 

In doing so they legalized the massacre of millions of infants, who have no well-organized, highly motivated political action coalition to unleash to protect themselves.

If we could magically equip the unborn with all of these capabilities, abortion would be illegal.

All of that aside. Look now at what the legalization of abortion has evolved to be in America. This was always predictable and that is one of many good reasons abortion was illegal in the first place.

Please read and consider the following carefully.

Family Research Council

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The Grave Consequences of Choice


It could be weeks until a jury decides Gosnell’s fate, but for some of the teary-eyed witnesses in the Kermit Gosnell trial, they’re already living with a life sentence of regret. Many will never recover from what they saw inside those brick walls–or the role they played in the nightmare. Whatever the judge decides, there is no escaping their personal prison of memories of babies softly whimpering or their tiny chests moving up and down.

For Kareema Cross, one of Gosnell’s younger employees, the images are still haunting. A mother now, she told the court that she left her job after having her own child and tried reporting Gosnell to authorities. During her time on Lancaster Street, she testified that she saw 10 babies born alive before they were killed. “Did you ever see those babies move?” the Assistant District Attorney asked. “Yes,” Kareema said, “once in the toilet.” The baby was “swimming,” she responded quietly, “basically trying to get out.”

Her story echoed through the courtroom, where the clinic’s filthy furniture was on display. Conditions were “so terrible,” Latosha Lewis remembers, that she “handled patient charts with gloves because of the amount of blood and other bodily fluids on them.” If only patients could have taken the same precautions from the foul environment. According to Lewis, Gosnell reused curettes after abortions, the sharp-ended tube that penetrates the womb and helps suctions out tissue. Lewis said that several women who had abortions came back to the clinic suffering from sexually transmitted diseases they caught from the dirty instruments.

Some patients never experienced the curettes, because workers had given them a heavy dose of Cytotec instead. The drug, which sped up contractions and made them more excruciating, usually “left abortion patients cramping and in pain before spontaneously aborting on the floor and in toilets,” Lewis recounted. Later, some of those same remains would be washed down a drain and ground in the garbage disposal. These are the harrowing stories the defense will have to overcome, starting next Monday when an attorney will try to repair the damage done by gruesome photographs and eye-witness accounts.

And while the prosecution rests–the pro-life forces in other states refuse to. Spurred on by what many have heard or read about the clinic, leaders are moving at a frantic pace to stop the Gosnells in their states from preying on future victims. State house after state house made news this week by putting tighter protections in place for vulnerable mothers and children. Ensuring his state’s place in the pro-life elite, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple (R) signed his name to a measure that would ban abortions at the moment–20 weeks–when unborn children can suffer pain.

In Florida, the legislature raced into action, voting unanimously to stop monsters like Gosnell from murdering babies born alive. With stunning support, 119-0, the bill (HR 1129) now heads to the Florida Senate. And the Sunshine State wasn’t done yet. It followed up the vote by pushing a measure out of the House that would make it a separate crime to kill an unborn child along with its pregnant mother. Under this proposal, the term “unborn child” would include babies at any stage of development (unlike the current law, which only charges people with a separate crime if the child is far enough along to survive outside the womb.) Another bill on the fast track would not only ban sex- or race-selection abortion, but make it a third-degree felony.

The Buckeye state also got moving on a full slate of pro-life bills, including a new budget proposal that would defund Planned Parenthood and redirect that money to pregnancy resource centers (which, unlike Cecile Richards’s group, can be trusted with taxpayer funds). Equally impressive, Ohio is also pushing forward on a sex education amendment that encourages the abstinence-only approach and bans any liberal sex ed that condones or advocates for “any gateway sexual activity or experiment.” Teachers would also be barred from handing out condoms or partnering with organizations like Planned Parenthood who promote risky sexual activity.

No piece of legislation can bring Gosnell’s victims back to life. But for all of the unspeakable evils he committed, we can resolve one thing: to honor those who died by doing everything in our power to stop it from happening again.

End of Article.

I support legal abortions only in the case of rape pregnancy and when the life of the pregnant mother is at significant risk with a continued pregnancy.

It is far more responsible, humane and moral for America to return to the traditional solutions to unwanted pregnancies of increased adoptions to good homes and, where necessary, closely supervised group homes for children without parents.

VTM, 4/23/13


Gun Registration = Eventual Gun Confiscation

April 21, 2013

Gun Registration = Eventual Gun Confiscation

Gun registration of law-abiding citizens has traditionally led to gun confiscation.

Think it could not happen in America?…Think again!

It already has happened.

Join the NRA.

VTM,  4/21/13

Obamacare Sing-Along: Join-in!

April 19, 2013

Obamacare Sing-Along: Join-in!!

Common folks, sing-along with gusto! Let-it-out the top orifice, cuz they are going to put it in the bottom one.,d.aWc

VTM,   4/19/13

Obamacare Can Kill You!

April 18, 2013

Obamacare Can Kill You!

I am not over-stating the case.

Socialized medicine is responsible for the untimely deaths of countless people. It is an inferior way to provide health care for a large population of individuals.

Obamacare, like other socialized medical programs in modern nations, does in fact guarantee medical care to all citizens….but, good luck getting the care before you die or are more seriously damaged by illness!

I was at a medical seminar on the dramatic increase in child obesity an America. This is an epidemic problem in all “modernizing” cultures.

The question was “what can we do about this?”

I responded that primary prevention was essential (educating and, in other ways, influencing parents and infants before the problem occurred). I also stated that it was important that any such initiatives be taken at local levels and not be made into a Federally designed nation-wide mandate designed as a one-size-fits-all program. I asserted that centralized planning through massive bureaucracies have been shown to fail time and time again.

After the meeting, I was assailed by an adult female who flatly and loudly stated she was “mad at me”. Surprised, and taken aback, I politely asked “what for”? She said, “I suppose you are not for Obamacare!” I said “no I am not”. Fuming, with a reddened face and  bugging eyes, she hissed, “Then you just don’t care about the children who are poor and without medical care!”

I tried to explain that it would be far more cost-effective to improve the care for the approximately 8 million citizens without health care, than it would to revamp the entire healthcare system comprising over 350 million citizens. I tried to continue the discussion in a calm way, but she would have nothing of it. The lady stormed away after hissing, “Well, I work with poor children that you never see or even care about”!

Little did she know that I am a practicing psychologist who has worked to help a large number of welfare families and their children over nearly 40 year. My very conservative heart aches for the little children trapped in poverty, with all of its predictable harms and limitations to normal development. Quite literally, their damage is damage to all of us.

And so goes the discussion about Obamacare…. much more heat than light…much more damage than good.

John Stossel is a hard-nose analyst of data-based outcomes. Perhaps my angry fellow-citizen would benefit from the following video…but, probably not.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  4/18/13

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