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“Aborting” Babies Will Soon Lead To “Aborting” Old People

April 29, 2013

“Aborting” Babies Will Soon Lead To “Aborting” Old People

Why would we fail to see the “slippery slope” that is on our horizon…much like an approaching tsunami?

Can we understand that killing babies for convenience and cost-effectiveness is in the process of becoming killing old people for convenience and cost-effectiveness?

But the destructive force that is approaching like a juggernaut is not a tsunami, it is Obamacare. Socialized medicine, in the pathetic form of Obamacare, will withhold life-saving medical interventions from those who are no longer “useful”, “economically viable” citizens.

With Obamacare,  both babies and the aged will be vulnerable to State-sanctioned “termination of development”.

See Starr Parker’s article below.

VTM,  4/29/13

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