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Obamacare Can Kill You!

April 18, 2013

Obamacare Can Kill You!

I am not over-stating the case.

Socialized medicine is responsible for the untimely deaths of countless people. It is an inferior way to provide health care for a large population of individuals.

Obamacare, like other socialized medical programs in modern nations, does in fact guarantee medical care to all citizens….but, good luck getting the care before you die or are more seriously damaged by illness!

I was at a medical seminar on the dramatic increase in child obesity an America. This is an epidemic problem in all “modernizing” cultures.

The question was “what can we do about this?”

I responded that primary prevention was essential (educating and, in other ways, influencing parents and infants before the problem occurred). I also stated that it was important that any such initiatives be taken at local levels and not be made into a Federally designed nation-wide mandate designed as a one-size-fits-all program. I asserted that centralized planning through massive bureaucracies have been shown to fail time and time again.

After the meeting, I was assailed by an adult female who flatly and loudly stated she was “mad at me”. Surprised, and taken aback, I politely asked “what for”? She said, “I suppose you are not for Obamacare!” I said “no I am not”. Fuming, with a reddened face and  bugging eyes, she hissed, “Then you just don’t care about the children who are poor and without medical care!”

I tried to explain that it would be far more cost-effective to improve the care for the approximately 8 million citizens without health care, than it would to revamp the entire healthcare system comprising over 350 million citizens. I tried to continue the discussion in a calm way, but she would have nothing of it. The lady stormed away after hissing, “Well, I work with poor children that you never see or even care about”!

Little did she know that I am a practicing psychologist who has worked to help a large number of welfare families and their children over nearly 40 year. My very conservative heart aches for the little children trapped in poverty, with all of its predictable harms and limitations to normal development. Quite literally, their damage is damage to all of us.

And so goes the discussion about Obamacare…. much more heat than light…much more damage than good.

John Stossel is a hard-nose analyst of data-based outcomes. Perhaps my angry fellow-citizen would benefit from the following video…but, probably not.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  4/18/13

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