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What Would A Pile of 333,000 Murdered Babies Look LIke?

April 28, 2013

What Would A Pile of 333,000 Murdered Babies Look Like?

O.K., that is not a comfortable question. If you really thought about it and imagined such a pile of dead babies, that would really be uncomfortable.

My job is not always to make people comfortable, but it is always to bring reality into focus and to attempt to motivate people to deal appropriately with that reality.

Yesterday’s blog, documented Planned Parenthood’s killing 333,000 babies a year. By the way, if you watch the following undercover video, you will learn that the word kill is forbidden in the lexicon of legalized abortion.

President Obama supports the late-term (following birth), killing of babies.

It is our responsibility to learn the truth about America’s slaughter houses for unwanted babies and then change our culture of death before it kills itself.

Please watch this undercover video.

VTM, 4/28/13

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