“God Bless” Planned Parenthood: President Obama

“God Bless” Planned Parenthood: Says President Obama

Well, there you have it folks…President Obama has overturned God’s Sixth Commandment!

The man who attended the church and sermons of the pastor who famously ranted, “God Damn America”, now sends God’s Blessings to the efforts of Planned Parenthood.

In my blog on the topic of abortion in America entitled, “America’s Shameful Pogrom Against the Unborn, and Now the Just-Born”, I provided the estimate of a total of aborted babies at 54.559,615, since Roe vs. Wade. Yes, the figure is in the millions.

If you have not seen that blog, I dearly hope you will search back here to read it.

As you will learn there, Planned Parenthood marches on killing approximately 333.000 babies per year. 

Yes, I know that the human pregnancy goes through the germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages of in-utero development.  But, I will refer to the “abortion of babies” because that is a politically incorrect application of that term and it is upsetting to those who kill the human beings that they prefer to call fetuses. They like to do this because it dehumanizes the human beings, the babies, they are killing and it causes them fewer guilt-pangs. This dehumanizing name, fetus, makes it easier to kill the so named..just like dehumanizing names did for the killing of “krauts” and “Japs” during WWII, “Gooks” and “slopes” during Korea, and so on.

You are welcome to get mad at me using these words, if you like…but the importance of the point I am trying to illustrate supersedes any misdirected anger at me.

Of course, in the wars named above, America had to kill its enemies..or they would  have kill us. America now kills millions of babies because they are an expense and an inconvenience.

It is far more convenient to repopulate America with Illegal Aliens.

America’s pathological narcissist President Obama had no problem superseding God’s wishes as he bid God’s Blessings to the work of Planned parenthood. Apparently Obama thinks he has the power to ignore, or even overturn, God’s own Commandment: “You Shall Not Murder”.

Please read the following article, further documenting Obama’s unGodly best wishes for the murderous work of Planned Parenthood in America.

 Can you remember 333,000 babys killed per year?


VTM, 4/27/13

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One Response to ““God Bless” Planned Parenthood: President Obama”

  1. Caelii Says:

    Lot of smarts in that pogsint!


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