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A New Knee For Me! A Little Gift For You!

January 25, 2013

A New Knee For Me! A Little Gift For You!

Well, tomorrow I will have knee replacement surgery…Ugh!

I imagine that I will not post any blogs for a few days…I’ll see about that.

After a few days, I will have lots of time to read and write and I hope to work more diligently upon a book that I hope to finish—before I am finished. ; – )

Also, I bought a pretty little ukulele so I can amuse myself and learn a fun new skill while I am laid-up.

I hope you will like my favorite ukulele performance: It is simply wonderful. The artist, named Iz, has inspired me to take up the ukulele….and to also stay on my diet.

Please enjoy!

VTM, 1/15/13

Women In Combat: It’s Hard To Be Me!

January 25, 2013

Women In Combat: It’s Hard To Be Me!

Ok, I am 70 yrs. old and I don’t fit-in to our “progressive culture” anymore.  It would be easy to accuse me of being an old fogey,  deeply entrenched in the culture of the 1940’s and 50’s, mindlessly stuck in the past and unable accept change.

I will agree with the latter assertion, but not the former one. I crave change in America that works. Change that is not maladaptive and self-destructive to our collective ability to live long and well. I deplore cultural metapsychopathology.

In the past, I have argued against openly homosexual men and women (I will not use the cute pop term “gay”) in the our military . I have also argued against  placing women on submarines (having been a submariner, I will assert an intimate understanding of the trouble that this will cause). I hope you will search my blog archives to evaluate my arguments, I can assure you they are based upon much more than longings for “the old days”, though I confess to having some. 

Now comes women in combat. By that I do not mean support of those in combat. I mean hand-to-hand, slit his throat, gouge his eyes out, over-power and kill him with your bare hands kinds of combat. I mean sleep, piss, shit, fart and vomit in bunkers or foxholes with men. Or  sleeping “back to back and belly to belly”, with men in the dark of long and stressful nights, etc., etc..

As a psychologist, my job is to help people cope effectively with reality. Unfortunately many people will simply not come under the control of reality and they are simply beyond help. The same appears to be true of our Modern American culture, with its approximately 4.5 million of citizens.

I am reminded of the old joke: “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?…Only one, but the light bulb has got to want to change!”

Please, on this issue of women in combat, beware of the progressive politicians who pander to feminist action groups for votes. Also, beware of the military spokespersons whose next promotion depends upon their support of the “party line”.

Please read the following short article by Linda Chavez.  In my judgement (not sentiment) she  is very reality based in her description of the self-inflicted harms that will come to our military when it recruits women for close combat missions.

An important fact that is not mentioned in Chavez’ article is that women are more prone to be afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than men. The following article about the special problems of PTSD in female combatants is very long. If you will open the article and scroll down to page 335 (it is just several pages), the second paragraph through the first two paragraphs of page 336, you will understand the essence of this problem. This is information that our progressive leaders and feminists do not want you to know. Why would I assume this? It is common knowledge among mental health professionals, but we have not heard any mention of female combatant’s special sensitivity to PTSD from our progressive friends in politics or the media.

Consider this. If high percentages of our males return from war with debilitating symptoms of PTSD and a greater proportion of our females return from war with debilitating symptoms of PTSD, how does that impact the mental health of their children…America’s future. Remember, females still provide the majority of care for our children during their most formative years.

Politics aside, please, do you really think that females in close combat is good for America and its long-term viability?

VTM, 1/25/12

Do Not Abandon Your Critical Thinking

January 23, 2013

Do Not Abandon Your Critical Thinking

The following is a wonderful article by Walter Williams, on of my favorite thinkers and writers.

Walter provides strong historical evidence that high expertise in one field does not qualify a person as an expert in other arias of thought and analysis.

I fearfully keep this in mind as I think and write about all things cultural from a psychological perspective.

You will delight in Walters’ historically based warning to us all.

VTM, 1/23/13

More Guns = Less Violence!

January 22, 2013

More Guns = Less Violence!

I know…. This idea is not easy to understand because it is counter-intuitive to those who view it from a myopic or short-sighted  perspective. We chuckle at the primitive ideas that the earth was flat, that the sun circled our earth which, by the way, was assumed to be the center of the universe. At least these, and similar naive and ignorant assumptions about the world, were based upon the retarded state of science back in old times.

But, what is the excuse for modern thinkers concluding that restricting law-abiding, qualified, and licensed citizens from obtaining firearms for personal defense against barbarians and governmental tyranny is a good idea?! The scientific and anecdotal data are clear: More legal guns = less violence and governmental tyranny!

Cities that are most restrictive of legal guns for law-abiding citizens suffer greater crime and murder rates than cities that have preserved the right of legal firearms for legal citizens. The same inverse relationship between guns and crime is true of states and different countries.

Please take the time to educate yourselves on this important issue by viewing the following video. I regret the brief ad at the start of this video, but it can be dismissed with a click of your mouse.

Now please consider another important related issue.

Socialist, progressive, radical left politicians are again using gun control as a “red herring” to direct the naive and ignorant way from the true causes of our criminal social problems and our general cultural decline.

The true causes of the threats to our safety and security are the universally tragic and destructive social, political, and economic policies of the radical left.

It is the psychopathology of the radical left that lies and deceives and destroys safety, security and cultural longevity wherever it gains control.

VTM, 1/22/13


In Appreciation of America’s Police Officers

January 21, 2013

In Appreciation of America’s Police Officers

I have been privileged to work with police from a number of agencies around my region of the country. Over the years I have conducted therapy with many officers who have shot perpetrators, been shot, had near misses, or in some other way have been exposed to traumatic situations.  Some of our officers have been killed, severely injured and crippled in the line of duty.

As we sit, perhaps snuggled in our homes at night, relaxed, eating popcorn and watching TV; these are the dire possibilities that police officers face daily or nightly. Over the years, their risks have increased whenever they leave the comforts of their own homes and family to go to work to serve and protect us all. Please be sure to see the video below.

The general public has little understanding of what their (we pay for their employmentpolice officers go through, and must always be prepared to go through, in order to preserve the peace in their communities.

No wonder, as a group, police officers die many years younger than the general population. Stress kills!

We should express our deep gratitude to professional men and women in Law Enforcement at each opportunity we may have.

The liberal press seldom highlights the great heroic deeds and sacrifices of the majority of police officers who protect good people from evil. Rather, the corrupt and propagandistic press prefers to magnify and showcase the occasional bad cop. Please remember, there are bad or troubled people in every profession, or sector of society…including our own.

VTM, 1/21/13

Liberalism Is Bad For Blacks…Also Reds, Yellows and Whites

January 20, 2013

Liberalism Is Bad For Blacks…Also Reds, Yellows and Whites

Please take time to read the following article about how Liberalism has damaged America’s black citizens.

Then please visit my blog to search over 800 of my blogs, many of which document how and why liberal principles have damaged us all and weakened America’s strength and viability in a hostile world.

VTM, 1/20/13

Where Did Hell Go?!

January 19, 2013

Where Did Hell Go?!

In psychology, it is popular to say that only immediate consequences control behavior (punishments and rewards). It is said that delayed consequences are relatively weak and do not influence us nearly as powerfully as immediate ones.

It has also been said, mostly by cynics and atheists, that religion was invented to control the behavior of the masses and has been used as a tool by kings, rulers, and politicians since forever. This, of course, cannot be absolutely true. So many tyrants dictators have outlawed religion in their populations, rather than encouraged it. The historical record will often show that tyrants have often hungered to, themselves, become the objects of worship and so they attempted to destroy the indigenous religious competition.

These two ideas (only immediate consequences work and religion was invented to control populations), would appear to be in conflict with each other. Religions often describe the benefits to the believer as residing not only in daily uncertain daily blessings, but also in uncertain greatly delayed after-life rewards and punishments (semblances of heaven, hell, and undesirable places in between).

But there is no conflict.

Immediate consequences do strongly control human behavior (whether they come in the form of privileges, money, other material gains, or the threat of the sword or the bullet).

But, for those who truly believe in God and his Judgment, and in Heaven or Hell; and for those who believe that their God knows their private actions and thoughs….the consequences (questionable to non-believers) are both huge and certain. They are also both immediate and Delayed. Through belief they become the realities of the true believer. For these individuals, Heaven cannot be gained and Hell cannot be escaped without their thoughts and actions conforming to God’s Will.

Political leaders certainly have endorsed this power (technically called spiritual contingencies) to control their populations to their own advantage, or to their societies advantage, and they have  sometimes attempted to destroy the power of religion to augment their own. Both the former and the later political adaptations to effects of religion simply validate its amazing powers. It does not prove anything about the Truth of the religious beliefs involved, but that is not the point of this writing.

Secular humanists argue that “faith” in human intelligence and human benevolence can have equal power to traditional religions. But, I have not yet found even remotely close  accomplishments among those sociocultures who place their faith in nothing more than a “grand human leader”, or the “inherent goodness and wisdom of humanity”.

However, I fear that many of our modern religions have lost their power to motivate good behavior in their faithful. I do not hear much talk anymore from our religious leaders about our behaviors that God demands to enter Heaven. Moreover, I never hear them talk about our  actions that will condemn us to Hell. In fact, at all of the funerals that I have ever attended, independent of denomination, the presiding religious leader speaks of the deceased as if they have gone to Heaven. Could it be that every one of these individuals went to Heaven?

Furthermore, why is it that most who I have asked, if they believe in God and Heaven, say yes. But when I ask them if they believe in Hell, the answer is frequently, no.

In contemporary America, both our general culture and most of its religions have become pathologically permissive. Unfortunately, the many forces of modernity have predictably destroyed our traditional spiritual and material rules as well as their spiritual consequences (both immediate and delayed) and the quality of our behavior has just as predictably declined substantially.

Do you think that those who rape, kill, and destroy the lives of innocent victims would be as likely to do so if they truly believed that they would burn in the eternal agony of hell?  Even without invoking the fires of Hell, do you think if these perpetrators truly believed in the love of God and the promise of Heaven to those who follow his teachings,  they would do such horrific things to others?

For parents who wish their children to have a nondenominational religious influence in their public school, I advocate public schools in which nondenominational prayers are said and common religious codes of conduct are taught from very young on. Such codes, or an amalgamation of them, should be posted prominently in our schools should be reinforced in the classrooms.  I would suggest a combination of religiously and humanistically-based, but nondenominational, moral code similar to the following.

Universal Code of Moral Behavior (UCMB)

For parents who wish to “protect” their children from such religiously based moral and ethical teachings, I advocate the continuation of  some of our public schools devoid of any religious influences. These public schools could then receive public support in proportion to the dictates of supply and demand (Now that sounds pretty American, does it not?).

Those who want, and can afford, a strong denominational religious education for their children can send them to private schools, as always.

I suppose there will be objections to my suggestions.  But, in response to them, I will just as strongly object to the way things are now done in Americas normless and valueless education sytem…that increasinly produce normless and valueless American citizens. 

I object that only those parents with the money (or a student on scholarship) can get their child an education that includes moral and ethical training.

I object that a small minority of parents oppressed to moral and ethical training in public schools can block this essential element of a civil education for the vast majority.

I object that our revisionist judicial system and corrupt progressive/socialist radical liberal goverment can get away with the deceitful position that suggestions such as mine is contrary to the Establishment Clause of  America’s Constitution. This is not true! Rather, my suggestions would afford all of the choices in education that all parents prefer for their children.

I object that our revisionist judicial system and corrupt progressive/socialist radical liberal government can get away with destroying America’s moral and ethical base by using the media (sex, violence, drugs, irresponsible behavior) to inculcate barbarianism into our children and youth under the preposterous guise of 1st Amendment Rights.

I object that  our revisionist judicial system and our corrupt progressive/socialist radical liberal government (on the right and left) has done everything it can to destroy the integrity of our religious organizations and the services they provide by commanding that they provide support for birth control and abortion, under the absurd guise of Equal Protection. The same goes for our Government’s attacks upon the institutions of marriage and family with the legalization of Homosexual Marriage.

I could go on, but I am done for now.

VTM, 1/19/13

Meet Our Electorate!..Read ’em and Weep.

January 18, 2013

Meet Our Electorate!..Read ’em and Weep.

Some may find this spectacle to be humorous. Nor do I think it is an illustration of “human nature”. Rather, I believe it is an illustration of something even more sinister: American Culture.

I think about the fact that these are some of America’s parents, jurors, and voters.  Perhaps there is a teacher amongst this group. I am not amused…are you?

VTM, 1/18/13

How To Reduce Weapon-Related Murders In America

January 14, 2013

How To Reduce Weapon-Related Murders In America

My first selection of a title for this blog was “Outing” Legal Gun Owners: Irresponsible, Damn-Fool Liberals!”  While this title speaks the truth, it is not comprehensive enough to represent this writing in its final form.

Still, it is very important that you read and understand why publishing the names and addresses of legal gun owners is irresponsible and harmful to everyone, including those who do not own guns.

This misguided tactic is just one more liberal attack upon our liberty and one more liberal political stimulation of chaos and barbarism in America.

If we can look beyond this news paper stupidity, there are real ways that a socioculture with courage and integrity can significantly reduce the rate of weapon relate murders among its citizens.

To end the gun craziness in our socioculture focus upon universal and stronger background checks, training and mental wellness evaluations as part of the licensing process; Strengthen the civil committment process for those who show psychological problems that threaten danger to themselves or others; Diligently enforce the gun laws that are on the books; significantly increase prison time for those who commit crimes with a weapon; Enact the death penalty for all 1st degree murders with a weapon, of any kind; Also, encourage the new media to reduce the reporting of mass murders to its bare essentials. The great, detailed and protracted publicity given to mass murders stimulates the “copy-cat” (behavioral contagion)murder rate within a large population and should be viewed as catalytic to these tragedies.

Finally, for all murders witnessed by multiple citizens (or clearly recorded on camera) enact special expedited judicial proceedings that lead to the execution of the murder within a very few days.

All of these practices should summate to reduce the rate of the behavioral contagion of weapon related murders in America, including the crazy mass murders of our great present concern.

Please read this article and see this potent video explaining exactly why the publication of these names is the wrong thing to do to all law-abiding citizens.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  1/14/13

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Welfare is Destroying America!

January 13, 2013

Welfare is Destroying America!

I challenge you to falsify the concluding five points listed by David Horowitz at the end of this pictorial representation of the truth about welfare. I will await you remarks in my comments section.

You can take what follows to the bank, or you can take it to the welfare line: The choice is yours to make.


P.S., My thanks to a wise family member for sending this to me.

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