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Reasons To Exclude Females From Combat Zones

May 31, 2015

Reasons To Exclude Females From Combat Zones

1. Females are less physically fit for direct physical combat than men.

If you were a 200 lb. soldier, wounded and being over-run by the enemy. Do you think that a female soldier could drag you to the safety of a more secure position 200 yards to the rear?

If you would like to bet your life on this scenario, be my guest. But I demand that this lethal handicap not be imposed upon me, or my male (or female) loved ones.

The facts are that physical standards must be lowered in order to accommodate women in direct physical combat.

 2. Females are more prone to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and their cases of this psychopathology are more difficult to treat.

The following summary of differential effects of trauma upon the sexes basically summarizes what I have read elsewhere and have experienced in treating numerous instances of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in both sexes during my psychological practice of over 35 years.

3. The infusion of females into close stress-filled quarters with men inevitably leads to increased incidences of sex behavior problems and a wasteful cycle of investigation, adjudication, punishment, dishonorable discharges, and early discharges due to pregnancy. These waste factors are greatly multiplied when the lost costs and benefits of extensive training for our service men and women are factored-in.

Please tolerate brief commercial preceding the Obama Administration’s pathetic attempt to deal with the increased military sexual problems that its policies have created.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  5/31/15


Obama: Master of Pathetic Misdirection

May 26, 2015

Obama: The Master of Pathetic Misdirection

I have to wonder what the graduating class of the United States Coast Guard though when he stated they would be guilty of dereliction of Duty if they did not take Climate Change seriously.

He has purposefully degraded America’s military, he has snubbed our allies, he has remained recklessly inert in the face of a series of Radical Islamic victories in the Middle East and Africa, he has fanned the flames of racial unrest in our cities and denigrated our domestic police, he has besmirched the honor and glory of our Founding Fathers and their Constitution of the United States with his lies, distortions and deceptions, and he has opened our boarders to illegal aliens and to terrorists….and there is much more.

Now he presents that the greatest threat to America’s security is global warming.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/26/15

May 25, 2015


Sleep in peace my brother, my sister.
You have sacrificed all for the Country
you love.

We who remain behind enjoy the
freedoms you so valiantly fought to preserve.

We stand together this venerable day
to salute you, to honor you for the precious gift
of freedom.

Be assured your dedication to America will
never be forgotten.

Monuments rise up to dedicated your courage,
fortitude and fidelity to duty. To remind us that the very things we cherish and love come not freely.

For those who came home we weep for our lost, but stand firm in our belief that they did not perish in vain.

I take this opportunity to salute them one and all.

To my shipmates with whom I served (1961-1963) aboard
the U.S.S. ETHAN ALLEN (SSBN, 608), I offer a special salute.

God bless them all.
Howard W. Hawkins

P.S. Please visit the Ethan Allen Website! There you will see the magnificent submarine that Howard and I were honored to serve aboard.

V. Thomas Mawhinney

Goodbye B. B. King: “The Thrill Is Gone”

May 18, 2015

Goodbye B. B. King: “The Thrill Is Gone”

America has lost a great original blues guitar virtuoso.

I am so sorry to see him go.

Recently the news has been so bad in virtually every category, that it is just very hard to take.

A true American patriot cannot help but feel blue.

And now B. B. King is dead.

Listening to him play and sing “the blues” is a magical and counter-intuitive experience.

Somehow, just watching and listening to B. B. King’s blues performances can work to “chase those blues away”.

Take some time to visit one of America’s greatest music therapists.

And when this is one over, watch some of his other masterful performances right here!

V. Thomas Mawhinney


A Reality-Based Conversation About Race

May 12, 2015

A Reality-Based Conversation About Race

You can count on Bill O’Reilly to tell-it like it is. So it is with his hard hitting almost accurate portrayal of the tragedy of a large segment of American Black Culture.

Please watch the following video and then ask yourself what O’Reilly has missed?

The hint is to be found in the Behavioral Analytic technical term “Metacontingency”, which I will explain after the following video.


Simply put: A Metacontingency comprises a culture’s rules, rewards and punishment systems and their measurable effects upon its population’s behavior patterns.

What almost everyone continues to miss is that the resolution of America’s behavioral problems ,among all races, will largely derive from replacing America’s pathogenic social and welfare system with one that rewards families who remain together, individuals who get educations and marketable skills, who gain employment and remain employed, who do not have babies out-of-wedlock, who avoid drugs, crimes, and other bad behaviors.

Of course there are other important matters, like teaching citizenship, ethics and moral behavior to our youth, as well as encouraging various pro-social religious teachings.

In my view, any culture that fails in these basic duties will fail to remain a viable social enterprise.

Wake-up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this video to me.

Here’s The Real Freddy Gray Story!

May 5, 2015

Here’s The Real Freddy Gray Story!

Once again we see the Obama Administration, and its progressive media, attack one of America’s pillars of stability with lies and distortions of reality.

Abuse of minorities by the police have certainly occurred in modern times, in isolated incidences, by a  very small minority of cops. There is no evidence that this is a common and wide-spread phenomenon.

Where the abuse of police powers occurs, the offenders must be prosecuted. If they are guilty, they must be punished under the law.

Trumping-up false allegations of  abuse of minorities is a standard revolutionary practice designed to destabilize a society and pave the way for a political take-over, normally socialistic or communistic in nature.

However, in the 21st century, those in competition for the take-over of America are the anarchists, progressive/socialists, communists, and radical Islam, I.E., “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, as the old saying goes. There now exists a consortium of alien forces intent upon the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

When asked what kind of government our Founding Fathers had created for us, Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying: “A Republic if you can keep it”.

America is once again in great peril.

Here is only the latest bogus reason to “transform” America’s formerly State and local police agencies into a Nationalized police force capable of imposing Federal dictatorial control of our population.

Freddy, needed to be stopped and questioned. The arresting police were all black, by report. An investigation will determine their guilt or innocence.

The current race riots are a purposeful strategy designed to destabilize America and stimulate a race war. 

Where is the evidence to the contrary?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/5/15


Obama and Sharpton: Nationalize America’s Police!

May 1, 2015

Obama and Sharpton: Nationalize America’s Police!

Wake-up America, Obama and his minions are still working to transform America into a socialist nation powerfully regulated by Federal Authority. To do this they need greater control of the population. They need a coordinated and loyal nationalized police force that is under the control of the Federal Government!

Do you think this a product of paranoid thinking? You are not paranoid if they are really out to get ya.

In the wake of recent race riots, stimulated from demonstrations to destructive riots by outside professional agitators,  this matter has surfaced once again. You can believe that this concerted effort, over a long period of time is no accident and it is no after-thought. It is part of a long-established grand plan.

It is important that you watch both of the video segments below.

Most American’s will not know what hit them, if it finally does.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/1/15

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