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Sperm Count and Cultural Evolution

January 29, 2018

Sperm Count and Cultural Evolution

One of my recent blogs discussed the fact that the loss of influence of a culture’s religion is commonly associated with the decline of that culture. This observation was presented as part of a larger blog on the seemingly unrelated, though actually not , topic of “Why Leftists Hate Religion”.

Here I noted that historically there are many causes of cultural decline, even total collapse, and recommended an excellent book on that topic for those who may wish to learn more about it.

I hope you will visit this blog and that you will find it thought-provoking.

Now a new potential cause of cultural change, and I judge possible decline, has been confirmed by scientists. Modernizing cultures tend to experience a significant and continuing decline in their male citizen’s sperm count.

This powerful mechanism of cultural change is now occurring throughout Western Civilization. Of course the United States is a leading Western Civilization Culture and we also are suffering a declining male citizen sperm count.

It is logical to conclude that declining sperm counts in a male population are likely to lead to a decline in indigenous birth rates.  Scientific studies have also documented declining  birthrates in developing countries.

Although the causes for the decline among this cluster of events are yet uncertain, as I have reported, they are correlated with modernization. 

The specific causes of these correlations are unclear. A simple chain of linear causes leading to cultural decline is unlikely, given that the plethora of potential interacting variables are in constant flux within cultures over time. Causal interactions within such complex systems of variables, if they are linear at any level, are apt to be so only for a short time before many outcomes began to causally interact with other individuals, groups, businesses, agencies and levels of government within a culture. The outcomes  and exact magnitudes of such causal interactions may be near impossible to parse-out and trace as they interact, catalytically and perhaps, in some cases, exponentially with a myriad of other cultural features.

As if this complexity is not daunting enough, as any single culture changes, its interactions among other cultures will also likely change . Such changes can set the stage for reciprocal cycles of mutual influence among interacting groups of different cultures. The outcomes of these causal cycles will be fiendishly difficult to control and predict.

Perhaps you will agree with me that contemplating the intelligent control that humans might be able to purposefully exert upon the evolution of the cultures of this world is mind-boggling. 

Whatever is the case with the data on declining religiosity, declining fertility and declining birth rates in modernizing cultures ; all correlating with general declining conditions within these cultures, none of this seems to bode well for happy outcomes. 

Below, see the recent scientific findings on modernization and decreasing male fertility.

We are living in interesting times.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/29/18

LOL at Libs!

January 27, 2018

LOL at Libs!

Nothing too heavy on a nice Saturday. Enjoy!

VTM, 1/27/18

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Why Leftists Hate God

January 27, 2018

Why Leftists Hate God.

There should be nothing surprising about the following article, noting that Google is censoring the name Jesus and information about him in their new technology, Google Home.

Socialists, communists and so called “progressives” (i.e., Leftists) most often seek to undermine the influence of God within the societies they control. This is well documented by the histories of many such societies.

Why should this be so often the case?

The answer should not cause any brain-strain to a clear thinking politically savvy individual.

In free societies, to exist long and well, it is absolutely critical that their population agree to similar rules of moral conduct. Christian-based religious influences have been very successful at teaching large populations to follow prosocial moral precepts and providing supernatural influences (God) that engender a love of these teachings and the fear of  forsaking them (i.e., heaven or hell in the after-life).

These deeply held beliefs create a population that is motivated to worship God and to strive to follow His Rules.

When God’s Rules come into conflict with a secular Government’s rules, among the faithful, God’s Rules will normally supersede the government’s rules. At the very least, they will compete with them.

This is a major strategic problem for any government that seeks to impose increasing levels of control and sanctions for resisting this control over its governed population.

In America, our increasingly leftist secular government, unelected governmental employees (the “deep state”), educational systems, news and entertainment media, and judicial system have increasingly censored, insulted, and ridiculed God and our religious citizens over many decades. Our government, using a common leftist ploy now called “political correctness”, has increasingly suppressed the language and holidays of  America’s traditional religions and have sought to marginalize its adherents.

Someone once said something similar to: The government that governs least is the government that governs best.

B. F. Skinner, the great American Psychologist amended that statement when he said…and I paraphrase: The government that governs least, governs best only when something else governs.

In America, historically, that “something else” has been the Christian God, His Son Jesus and the moral precepts that they teach.

For a leftist government to exert increasing control of the American population, it must destroy America’s God and the Son of God. Of course the ultimate goal is to make the leftist government America’s new “god”.

As this systematic strategy has unfolded and God’s influences in America has been weakened, our population has behaved in increasingly lawless and barbaric ways. 

The recurring tragedy is that this provides leftist governments the rational to fix the moral problems they caused by increasing their rules, controls and and sanctions in a failing effort to escape the predictable path to its own abject failure.

Below, please see yet another assault silently perpetrated against American’s  Christians.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/26/18

P.S., I.  Of course, there are other factors that can lead to a decline in the religious influences within cultures. The processes and technological, biological, social and psychological outcomes of modernization appear to be important mechanisms in this decline.

P.S., II.  If you would like to learn a lot more about the many ways in which  societies decline and sometimes totally collapse, I recommend that you read the following:  Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, by Jared Diamond.


Ridiculing the Libs!

January 22, 2018

Ridiculing the Libs!


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Traitorous Democrats!

January 20, 2018

Traitorous Democrats!

I cannot recall a modern American President that has been more undeservedly vilified in the traditional main-stream media than Mr. Trump.

In spite of  unrelenting leftist/socialist/progressive democratic efforts to defame, delegitimize and even criminalize him; President Trump has persevered to deliver an amazing proportion of what he has promised to his supporters in his first year.

Leftist/socialist/progressive/democrat traitors to our Constitutional Republic have successfully blocked Trump’s best efforts to keep his promise to “build a wall” to protect citizens against the millions of  illegal aliens flooding across our Southern border. They have done this in spite of his willingness to meet with them to make a “loving” deal on the well-know DACA issue. You may know that DACA does not terminate until March. 2018. Therefore, our elected traitors cleverly used the time left for a DACA decision as a way to still augment their voter-base and to sabotage America’s Presidency.

The leftist/socialist/progressive democrats, along with a very few misguided republicans, have defunded our government. In doing so, they have willingly terminated the salaries of all of our fighting forces and their families around the world.

Who cannot empathize with the families of our fighting forces, often separated by deployments, who suddenly and horrifically have no cash-flow to sustain themselves. How would we feel if we were that family; already underpaid and risking the loss of our loved ones to injury or death in order to serve the best interests of our country? If you were in their shoes would you re-enlist?!

The traitorous democrats have perhaps gained the votes of some illegal aliens in doing this, but they have also revealed their party’s sociopathic nature and have earned the deep animosity of every Constitutional patriot in America.

The following is a list of President Trumps great first year  accomplishments as he attempts to “make America Great again”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/20/18

Law of Effect Needs Moral Governance

January 18, 2018

Law of Effect Needs Moral Governance

There are many psychological principles that determine human behavior. They work together in complex ways and the behavioral outcomes of these interactions often appear to be both synergistic and exponential.

For example, being sexually abused twice, 1+1, may not equal a magnitude of disturbance in the victim of 2; it might equal a magnitude of disturbance of 5. Other unfortunate experiences frequently evolve from this person’s troubled behavior and is likely to produce a quickly accelerating rate of more troubled emotions and behaviors.

Of course principles of genetics and biology are of great importance. The interactions between these factors and psychological factors are bi-directional. Therefore, principles of psychology influence behavior and behavior is influenced by bio-genetic factors.

For example, a person born with the genetic factors that determine alcohol addiction will be more motivated to consume alcohol to excess , which in turn, can lead to more physical and psychological problems. These problems can include broken families, road fatalities, ruined business early death due to alcohol related illnesses or suicide.

In the previous example of rape, the victim may turn to drugs or alcohol in order to self-medicate for the fears and anxieties that typically are associated with rapes or other traumas. This can lead to more physical and psychological problems, which could end in bad outcomes for the individual and society.

These individuals could be helped by entering therapy. But many refuse treatment, are only partially assisted, or even fail to benefit in any measurable way.

Any society that designs itself in ways that accidentally, or selfishly, increase such problems for their citizens and then spends increasing revenues and energy to fix the problems is maladaptive and self-defeating. Such cultural designs are on a certain path to cultural decline.

This defines one of modern America’s most severe and worsening self-management problems.

The primary focus of the remainder of this blog will be upon psychological principles, processes and behavioral outcomes.

The great and powerful Law of Effect states that the probability of behavior is controlled by its consequences. The higher an animal is placed upon the phylogentic continuum, the greater the Law of Effect influences that animal’s behavior. Therefore, human behavior (good, bad, or indifferent) is most greatly influenced by the Law of Effect. The behavior of animals lower on the phyologentic scale is less influenced by the law of effect and more so by genetics.

Unfortunately, if  the powerful and natural influences of the Law of Effect and other interacting psychological principles are not guided by commonly accepted moral rules, values and consequences transmitted consistently and synchronously; within families, agencies and organizations (at managerial and governmental levels)…increased rates of bad behaviors within populations will certainly occur.

This is my prediction based upon principles of conditioning and learning theory and behavioral/cognitive social learning theory. My prediction is also informed by my 36 years as a professor of psychology and over 40 years as a private cognitive/behavioral therapist.

The population behavior changes I have seen in America during the course of my adult life (now at 75 yrs.) is largely, though not a singularly result, of a decline in our moral rules and consequences that less and less consistently govern our behavior. The interacting biopsychosocial scientific principles and  behavioral outcomes cause by this erosion of moral rules, values and consequences is what I call Behavioral Contagion. More specifically, Bad Behavioral contagion, leading to increased rates of bad behavior.

For our informal purposes, “bad behaviors” will include those  perceptions, emotions, beliefs and actions that damage the healthy physical and psychological development of children, adolescents and adults. These problems are very expensive and decrease the ability of a society to survive long and well.

To be sure, an entire book could be written about what bad behavior is, and is not, and there would be disagreement about what are good or bad behaviors under various circumstances. Regarding the class of “good behaviors”, I view these as human actions that are incompatible with, or compete with, the bad behaviors as defined above.

Most people would agree that, bad behaviors are neglecting, abusing or abandoning children or other loved ones; becoming addicted to activities or substances; lying, cheating, stealing and murdering, etc.. Most people would would agree that behaviors that are incompatible, or compete with, such actions would be examples of good or non-harmful behavior.

My general definitions, for the sake of this blog, will allow most folks to begin to to think about this complex matter of desirable, pro-social (good), or undesirable antisocial (bad) behavior among residents of our society.

It is important that citizens of America learn to think about such moral values and judgments because they determine the consequences for the actions of  themselves and others (rewards, punishments or no consequences) through their social interactions with others. Just as importantly, in America’s Representative Republic, citizens also influence the moral values, rules and consequences for themselves and others by casting votes for those who will be elected to make and enforce, or change the rules that govern all of us.

So, now comes the big question based upon Behavioral Contagion Theory: What can be done to decrease bad behavioral contagion in America and, as a result, also increase our cultural health and viability? 

Without a doubt, the “wisdom of the ages”, on this matter can be found in the moral precepts of the worlds greatest peaceful religions. My research finds that many scientists who study cultural decline, note that when populations loose their faith in their God’s teachings, they also loose the moral precepts and values important for their culture’s health and viability. This phenomenon appears to be happening to many (perhaps all, to some degree), modern technologically advancing societies in the world. 

I judge that skillfully using the psychological (and genetic/biological) principles of behavioral contagion will naturally decrease rates of bad behavior and increase rates of good behavior in America. But, to achieve this will require that we strengthen the influences of the social agencies, families, churches, schools and media influences that can promulgate and model moral rules and values and also reward conformity to these rules and values with acceptance, praise, recognition, influence, political power and material/financial consequences

Though it is unpopular in America’s increasingly immoral society, withholding these rewards for those who do not follow moral rules is essential. In extreme cases, murder, robbery, rape and child abuse, etc. To ever be effective, Swift and certain punishment must be administered by authorities for these and similar behaviors. 

For this chain of events to occur will require that America’s government (at all levels) cease the restrictions and punishments for America’s traditional and contemporary, peaceful and pro-social religious influences. 

I judge that it is essential to vote only for those public servants who support conservative moral rules and values to guide local, state and national governance. This will naturally catalyze increasing rates of good behavioral contagion in America and decrease rates of bad behavioral contagion.

Wake-Up America: Vote For Conservative Moral Values and Principles!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Health Services Provider in Psychology




Truth in American Cartoons!

January 16, 2018

Truth in American Cartoons!

VTM, 1/16/18


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Some Truth About America’s Moral Decline

January 14, 2018

Some Truth About America’s Moral Decline.

I presume that you are aware of America’s moral decline. It is very real and it is a function of many factors that have changed in American culture; some are not so easily identified as connected with our moral decline. 

The following is an article that identifies a couple of factors that are directly related to America’s moral decline. 

It is very important that Americans see this clearly. My research suggests that moral decline is all too often associated with a decline in a societies viability and long-term debilitation.

Please read this short and insightful article.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/14/18

President Trump’s Bad Language

January 13, 2018

President Trump’s Bad Language

There is no question, President Trump can use bad language if he is angered.

Read the outstanding book about this President’s amazing strong points, “Let Trump Be Trump”, and find that it is honest enough to report that Trump is prone to profanity when he discovers a lack of progress or incompetence. Who should be surprised to find that a man who is used to wielding great power to get his own way can become upset and unpleasant when he does not?  So what?!

Democrats, RINO republicans, and liberal members of the deep state will certainly inflate and leak such incidences. They do this to derail Trump’s “America First” efforts and to distract attention from their own evil agenda of exchanging favors to the poor, uneducated and gullible… for votes and power.

Who, in touch with reality, would be unaware of any of this?

There are at least three points to ponder on this matter.

First Point:

Is President Trump “Crazy”, as so many liberals allege?

The simple answer is absolutely not. How could it be so in light of his many life-long consistent and complex accomplishments? I will grant that he is likely to show a difficult personality when he is failing to achieve his goals. But his thinking must have remained stable and rational or he would have been incapable of a life-time of his stellar achievements.

Note that the word “crazy” is a pejorative slang term used to destroy the credibility of someone. The closest technical term to this word is psychosis, a term used by psychologists and psychiatrists for one of the most debilitating psychological conditions featuring great mental confusion and the loss of contact with reality.

President Trump is certainly not psychotic.

Furthermore, President Trump’s recent physical exam found him to be in very good condition. A physician would certainly have been able to determine if the President was in a state of psychosis (i.e.,”crazy”), or not.

The Second Point:

Is President Trump a racist?

I am unable to tell you what his deepest thoughts are on this matter, nor are others who do not know him intimately.

My research finds that most liberals, and the main-stream media are convinced that he is. Additionally, a very few liberal republicans in favor of chain immigration and continued liberal immigration policies from very poor third-world countries may also accuse him of racism.

Trump has reached-out to minorities as no other republican has for many years. He should be given the benefit of doubt on this issue.

An alternative explanation for President Trump’s position of immigration is that randomly selected, or indiscriminately admitted uneducated and unskilled individuals from third-world countries are overloading America’s social welfare, medical, educational and law enforcement/judicial systems. As a result these essential systems are in financial crises and their dramatically increased work loads are stressing their workers to the point of systemic breakdown.

This problem threatens the viability of America. It can only be resolved by increasing tax supplied funds to our essential social systems. This would be a self-destructive act on top of other self-destructive acts. Or, it can be resolved by changing our immigration system to  merit based policies to insure that immigrants are self-sufficient.

It is critically important to vote for the latter solution.

The reader should also note that uncontrolled immigration from certain Islamic countries has led to increased terrorism in America and in every other country that has tried to assimilate their refugees.

You have probably noticed that most of these countries happen to be largely inhabited by people who are not Caucasians. This is the flimsy and dishonest basis for those on the “left” launching defamatory attacks on President Trump, calling him a racist.

Perhaps you are familiar with the scientific dictum: “Correlation is not causation”.

Trump’s objection to unlimited immigration from third-world or terrorist-ridden countries is absolutely not proof that he is a “racist”.

More likely, it is proof that President Trump is putting America’s urgent need to reverse its steep decline and recover its financial and cultural health and viability is first and foremost among his many objectives.

The Third Point.

Is President Trump distinctive in his use of bad language and crude remarks?

It is a fact that Trump will win no prizes for consistent tact and diplomatic language, though he is very capable of this style of communication.

I am not arguing that profane and crude language is a good thing. But it is a fact that public language and language in chambers, during political combat, can get pretty salty.

See for yourself.

Wake-Up America!

Radical Liberals, socialists, progressives, RINO’s, and their deep state accomplists are attempting to destroy and then impeach our properly elected President of the United States.

Vote Conservative Republican!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/13/18

Mini Lesson: Business Economics

January 7, 2018

A Mini Lesson: Business Economics

In my undergraduate days, I was a business major before making that a minor and majoring in psychology. 

I learned about something called “Enlightened Self-Interest” in my business classes. This is a material-consequential based explanation of why it is best for businesses to take good care of their employees and their customers. It also explains why, in a free-market economic system, private businesses tend to do so.

Radical liberals, socialists, progressives and anarchists preach that private businesses are evil. They argue that businesses abuse both their employees and their customers.

While there is no doubt this is true in some cases, it is certainly not generally true.

In fact it is not true of most successful businesses because there is “Reciprocal Control” between the businesses, its workers and their customers.

If private businesses threat their employees poorly they will leave and be replaced by less skilled and dedicated ones. These businesses, in turn will tend to produce a poorer product and product services.

All of this will tend to lead to dissatisfied customers who, in a free market, most likely seek-out better businesses who will provide them better products and services. 

All of this is why socialism, communism, fascism and obviously, anarchy, fails so badly in comparison to democratic republics and a free-market economies.

Radical liberals/progressives and socialists argue that the “trickle-down theory” does not work.

See for yourself!

Click the following link. Please endure the brief ad that precedes the video. It will be worth your wait. 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    1/7/18



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