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America Is Committing Suicide!

April 7, 2013

America Is Committing Suicide!

I suppose my title sounds sensational.  I think I will be accused of being histrionic, paranoid, unpatriotic, and so-on.

Well, my friend, please read my list of concerns below and take the time to write me and tell me what different intelligent conclusion you would like me to consider.

I will await your powerful cognitive reality-therapy session in hopes that it might relieve my growing angst.

The following is my list of symptoms supporting the diagnosis of a Suicidal America:

  • Non-selective immigration policies, irresponsible open borders policies that allow the uncontrolled influx of poorly educated, criminal and culturally incompatible populations that do not assimilate into America’s cultural ways, but insist upon preserving their own in America. In this way, America insures the destruction of America.
  • Release of illegal alien violent and repeat DUI prisoners back into society.
  • The pandemic media focus upon sex, drugs, violence, selfish, aggressive, profane, irresponsible and ignorant behavior for the children and teens to imitate.
  • Media progressive/liberal bias: Attacking ridiculing and degrading American traditions, moral behavior, Judeo/Christian Faiths and values and traditional families, while glorifying homosexuality and irresponsible heterosexual behavior.
  • A predominantly biased and dishonest news media that does not report the truth about deceptive, dishonest, and even criminal political actions in a fair and balanced fashion.
  • A citizenry that increasingly votes itself largess from government tax monies and thereby strengthens the strangle-hold on America of progressive/socialist liberal forces that take from the motivated population to give to our indolent population in order to buy votes.
  • Failing to teach American history and exceptionalism to our children.  How can American culture survive if our children are not taught to understand its basic design, to respect it, love it and to perpetuate it?!
  •  Failing to teach our children the basic academic skills needed to find gainful employment in an increasingly technical and information processing work-force.
  • Failing to teach our children to regulate their behavior in accordance with an integrated and historically proven Judeo/Christian moral code.
  • The social censure of the written and spoken language that does no conform to progressive ideology. The use of Political Correctness to bludgeon people for exercising their 1st Amendment Rights.
  • The use by government of liberal propaganda in schools with children, as young as 5 years, to solidify the politically based control of future citizens and weaken the influence of family and religion.
  • Adoption of revolutionary covert methods (lies, deceptions, fomenting civil unrest, and class conflict, civil hot or cold war-far, governmental give-aways (and more), in order to further political and cultural redesign goals with maximum efficiency.
  • Governmentally imposing, with the help of a corrupt media, the secular humanistic philosophy, religion, and non-codes of conduct upon the population and its children via the educational system and media.
  • Allowing the legalization of marijuana as well as other historically sinful and addictive population behaviors (gambling, pornography and eventually prostitution) all in the name of “freedom”. The outcome being social chao and nothing close to what our Founding Fathers ment when referencing Freedom.
  • Weakening our military through perpetual warfare, withdrawing financial and material support, and diminishing benefits to our military personnel.
  • While 16 trillion dollars in debt, strengthening a hugely expensive Home Land Security force and equipping it with arms appropriate only to our Military Armed Forces (Armored vehicles, billions of bullets, Thousands of true fully-automatic assault weapons).
  • Attempting in all ways possible to weaken our Second Amendment. Shipping arms to Mexican drug war-lords to augment propaganda against America’s citizen’s gun rights. Recently signing a U.N. sponsored International Gun Treaty that is a threat to  America’s 2nd Amendment.
  • Signaling a lack of self-respect for American exceptionalism, our beliefs and values projected around the world, thereby emboldening our enemies around the world and destabilizing global peace. America’s pathetic response to the killing of our ambassador in Benghazi, and two other American heroes, is a prime example of our impotence in the face of foreign hostile power. This shameful debacle is in keeping  with other dangerous governmental restraints upon our military now waging war in two theaters.
  • The adoption of economically destructive policies that will lead to collapse, social unrest, and draconian governmental repression to “establish order” and subjugate our population.

All of this is occurring at a point in history when the whole of Western Civilization is in decline, its economies are all on the edge of collapse (including our own), the American Dollar Standard is about to be rescinded, and we are currently fighting long wars on two fronts with Iran and North Korea about to explode. 

So what is your counter argument to my assertion that America is committing suicide?

VTM, 4/7/13

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