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Hysterical Brainless Feminism (HBF): New Form of Behavioral Pathological Contagion

January 30, 2017

Hysterical Brainless Feminism (HBF): New Form of  Behavioral Pathological Contagion

Perhaps you recall decades ago when feminists could intelligently articulate their main goals. Back then, some of their goals made sense!

Behavioral Contagion is an old psychological phenomenon that I have redefined and researched for years. My redefinition makes Behavioral Contagion a “field theory” because it incorporates a great many well-researched and understood general principles of psychology. I will not present my technical definition, and explanation of behavioral contagion in this blog because it is just too full of specialized jargon.

So let’s try to be practical: Behavioral Contagion is the spread of particular Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions, within a population, through various avenues of  contact with the human and natural environment.

The avenues of human contact with the environment are many. Human psychological features are very malleable and they are changed through dynamic mechanisms of psychological, biological, social, political, and economic experiences and principles that orchestrate probable outcomes.

These psychological events can spread among a perceiving population in well-known and well researched ways. The following are just a few, of  a great many, examples.

People influence each other when they talk to one another; or when they communicate through social media or perceive various forms of  entertainment/news media

Another very powerful mechanism of behavioral contagion is simple observation and imitation. 

People are very keen at observing others and imitating their behaviors. They tend to imitate others who are attractive to them, such as celebrities (entertainment, sports, religion, etc.), or have the power to reward or punish them. People tend to imitate others who they see, or somehow learn, have gotten handsomely rewarded for their actions with big consequences (Power, control money, material goods or fame). Children may imitate the behavior of bully’s, adults may dress as they see actual models dress, adults may engage in investments  that they have seen others prosper from.

Individual’s Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions,Values and Actions are also shaped by direct rewards that the physical environment provide for behaving adaptivly (i.e., discovering where to find oil, how to catch a fish, or how to make a fire, etc.). They are also shaped when others give them rewards for behaving in ways that they value and see as appropriate (good grades in school, job promotions, winning the love of a mate).

Psychology’s powerful  Law of Effect states that consequences control behavior. Our expressed Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions are made to occur more or less often by the rewards or punishments presented following their occurrence. These important consequences are administered by others to developing individuals, within an enlarging social context, as they mature.

Of course, economic fluctuations and and the governmental management of economic principles impact schedules and magnitudes of money and other material rewards that individuals experience. These economic contingencies, or chance occurrences, can produce powerful changes in the psycholgical features of citizens.

It is important not to overlook the great impact upon population behavior patterns caused by rules and consequence changes made by governments.  Governments change various business or civil regulations, laws, and penalties for certain behaviors and all of this increased or decreases the probabilities of certain classes of citizen behaviors.

And do not forget the influences of changing genetic make-ups among individuals within a population. Of course gemetics spread to new individuals via a special and fun form of social contact that we call sex. Genetics carry codes for the development of good or bad physical, intellectual and emotional health in the offspring of parents.

Another example, among many, is the history of individual’s various stimulus associations that  influence human Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?! Examples of this mechanism of behavioral contagion could be the characterizations, parties, and marches associated with liberal or conservative political or liberal activities. Or, the many positive or negative stimulus associations with cultural traditions such as holidays and religious (or non-religious) more’s and folkways.

Finally, there are various natural disasters, wars, and all manner of deprivations that strike populations and can dramatically change the nature Thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Values and Actions within a population.

There is much more to the concept of Behavioral Contagion as I define it. But, if you have followed my thoughts,  you have now have a general understanding of this important psychological concept.

Although we like to think of human beings as being rational creatures, we vainly flatter ourselves. I will call it “species specific narcissism”…just for fun.

If humans are defined by their rational nature, why would we do so many obviously self-destructive things? Why would we pollute and not “give-a-hoot”? Why are we so likely to work for small immediate rewards, rather that large delayed ones? Why do we advocate cultural practices that will not conserve our natural resources, or that will kill the helpless and innocent rather than discipline ourselves to to behave in more responsible ways?

Now,  if you get the drift of all of this psychobabble, there is a very good chance that you will gain even more from the following video!

The short article is good, but not nearly as entertaining and informative the video depicting the reality of modern feminism. It takes a few seconds to load.

Enjoy….But, Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this thought provoking article and video to me.

“Knock the Teeth Out of Old Media”: Do It!

January 28, 2017

“Knock the Teeth Out of Old Media”: Do It!

I pray that President Trump will be open and honest in his dealings with the American people. This, with the exception of essential secrets that clearly are needed to protect the safety of this nation.

By consistently telling the truth to America, Trump will reverse the liberal/socialist traditions (Marx, Lenin, Alinsky) of propagandistic lies and deceptions.

Most Americans hate lairs.

I judge that an honest President, who truthfully attacks and exposes our radical liberal, lying, propagandizing “old media” will not only “Knock its Teeth” out; but, the glaring light of an honest President will also knock-the-wind out of it.

See this video for the hard-hitting truth about America’s old, radical-liberal-socialist media!

V. Thomas Mawhinney       1/18/17

P.S., Thanks to Patriot Lee Hornack for sending this video to me.

America Needs School Choice

January 23, 2017

America Needs School Choice

The most certain way out of poverty and into a path of upward mobility is a good education.

For minorities in poverty, it is all of that, as well as the road to financial and social equality.

Democrats have blocked efforts to increase schools of choice.

It is now time to make schools of choice readily available to all families and children who wish to achieve the American Dream.

Prager University presents the case for more Schools of Choice in America and I hope you will view this video and give this serious matter your careful consideration.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.     1/23/17

Obama’s Gone: Let’s Get Real About Islam!

January 21, 2017

Obama’s Gone: Let’s Get Real About Islam!

Of course there are “good” Muslims in America and in the world. Almost everyone says this!

But, for a long-time now, it has been “politically incorrect” to think and speak about good and bad people; God forbid, we think and speak seriously about good and bad Muslims!

However, it is irrational to believe that there are good people in the world without understanding that if that is true, there must then be bad people in the world.

Any society that acknowledges good but not bad is maladaptive and headed for failure.

If there is good behavior there must be bad behavior, and visa-versa.

My definition of a good Muslim is one who will worship their God and peacefully stay at home, or lawfully and peacefully assimilate into to any society that will accept them.

But, there are other criteria and they are the same ones that I will apply to any member of any religion, or to any non-believer.

Unless incapable, good Muslims will work to make an honest living and they will not conduct Stealth Jihad or violent Jihad (terrorism). Stealth Jihad is peaceful strategy to dominate and transform another society to Islam through political means. Good Muslims will not discriminate against members of other religions (“Infidels”), or mistreat other ethnic groups.

Good Muslims will not beat or kill their wives and children. Good Muslims will also   follow the laws of  any society that they migrate to.

Muslims good for America will also  not engaging in polygamy and they will not engage in political actions to implement Muslim Sharia Law. Sharia law is based exclusively upon the teaching of the Koran and the Hadith and it is in conflict with America’s Constitutionally-based legal system.

In my view, any Muslim who fails to meet these basic criteria is a bad Muslim for America and they should not be allowed to migrate to our Republic.

The problem that post-President Obama America now faces is that it is near-impossible to tell good Muslims from bad Muslims.

Until such judgments can made with decent accuracy, it is essential that America adopts a moratorium on Muslim Immigration.

Much of Islam is not a simple religion. For a large percent of Muslims, Islam it is a political system and the worship of that political system (a theocracy). A theocracy is incompatible with, and hostile too,  all liberal democracies as well as our own American Republic.

Wake-Up America! Take time to study the behavior patterns of bad Muslims.

They must never come here!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.     


The “Ferguson Effect”: Police Stand-Down

January 16, 2017

The “Ferguson Effect”: Police Stand-Down

As a psychologist serving police officers involved in traumatic circumstances, I am intimately and painfully aware of how dangerous and debilitating to an officer police work can be.

The instantaneous decisions required in do-or-die situations have been explained and demonstrated to me by many officers involved in these terrifying events. Numerous officers in the cities that I serve have been killed or badly injured (some permanently handicapped), in vehicle incidents, shootings and knifings. These events frequently happen in an instant while walking up on a porch, knocking on a hotel door, approaching a vehicle, stopping a pedestrian accused of shop lifting, quelling a domestic disturbance, and more. Surviving these outcomes often requires split second reactions.  In these circumstances, he or she who hesitates can easily be dead. On the other-hand, he or she who does not hesitate may unjustifiably injure or kill someone.

No matter how hard a police officer trains, there is always the possibility of an honest mistake.

I believe that many who have turned against this nation’s police are Liberal/progressive ideologues bent on fomenting racial divisiveness, political change and perhaps even a revolution.

For those of any political persuasion, who are well-intentioned, but simply ignorant of the facts involved in police work in this seriously dysfunctional society, I strongly recommend they contact their local police department and request to go on some “ride-alongs” with officers. A ride-along means what it implies, a citizen simply rides in a squad car with an officer during his or her shift and experiences what they experience. I further  suggest that the citizen request ride-alongs during the most troublesome hours for their community and the police.

If they will do this, as I have done, they will be in for a real education.

I have provided psychotherapy for many officers who bear the physical and psychological wounds suffered when they were attacked by very bad people. I have done my best to help these officers traumatized by actually seeing, or learning of, their fellow officers and friends killed or crippled in the line of duty.

The psychological term for such emotional trauma is: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This may sound like “psychobabble to some”, to someone who has never experienced this emotional disorder. But, PTSD is actually a complicated set of emotional consequences that can be extremely distressing and debilitating to afflicted individuals and those around them.

See this URL for an excellent description of PTSD, its symptoms and psychological treatments.

I have personally observed the anxiety and fear that outstanding officers suffer after they have been forced to shoot and injure, or kill a perpetrator in self-defense or defense of other citizens.

It is standard protocol that an officer involved in a lethal confrontation, be removed from the seen, questioned and be relieved of duty for the time that it takes for internal and external investigations to be concluded. Also, there must sometimes be a Grand Jury verdict regarding the officers actions.  This process can go on for many weeks.

During this time officers are often highly stressed over the possibility that others, who have no idea of what it is like to be in a potentially lethal confrontation, might misjudge the necessity for lethal force and find them guilty of a crime. This is true, even when officers are certain they did all of the right things in a lethal or injurious confrontation.

Furthermore officers know that if a Grand Jury finds them innocent, they may still be at risk for a civil lawsuit which requires less evidence for a conviction than a criminal trial. In other words, their lives and that of their families could be ruined by a lawsuit and financial insolvency.

As if this were not enough for our underpaid law officers, not all of the media can be trusted to get the details of a police confrontation correct. Too often police officers have been unjustly vilified by a politicized liberal/progressive media.  Officer shootings of individuals of all races have too frequently been followed by a flurry of false claims. This is particularly true when the shooting involves a black citizen. Even when these allegations are authoritatively disproven by unbiased investigations, blacks and others still continue to allege foul play! These charges to frequently become politicized by race-baiting politicians, black racists, and rioting revolutionary anarchists bent on destroying America.

Police officers are very aware that the relatives and friends of those they have arrested, physically subdue, killed in self-defense or the defense of others may target them or their family for revenge.

It is a great American tragedy that there has been a sharp increase in police officers who have been hunted, ambushed and killed by assailants.

As a result of all of this, the following survey findings reported in USA Today on 1/12/17, should come as no surprise.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center has found that 72% of surveyed police officers “are reluctant to make stops.” This national survey, gained data from 8000 officers and sheriff deputies, indicates that lethal encounters with black suspects in numerous cities across America has increased tensions between law enforcement and minorities and that his has badly damaged the moral of many officers.

It was reported that “FBI Director James Comey suggested that the increase in violent crime in some cities maybe the  result of a less aggressive law enforcement approach in the face of increased public scrutiny.

So, if you were a police officer do you think you could resist the so-called “Ferguson Effect”?

If America does not support its law enforcement officers the murderous chaos that we now suffer will increase more dramatically than it has.

The barbarians are coming……and they are almost never America’s police officers.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  1/16/17


Liberal/”Progressive” Reward Systems Produce More Barbarians

January 13, 2017

Liberal/”Progressive” Reward Systems Produce More Barbarians

By now you have likely seen these pictures of the four black teens who tortured a mentally handicapped white boy for 24 hours.

Though some will not believe me, I have no general animosity towards black people.  However, I’ll admit that I have a hell-of-a-lot of animosity towards these particular individuals, who happen to be black.

I am reminded of a Facebook message I saw recently. When referencing increased shootings and murders, the question was posed: “Is it the guns, or the dysfunctional society?”

My answer: Without question is…’s the dysfunctional society!

Similarly, when it comes to this and other bad behaviors it is not the race, it is the dysfunctional society.

There have been many atrocities perpetrated by whites upon blacks. Not long ago a white kid entered a church and shot black members in a bible study group to death. Today, it was announced that this young man has been sentenced to death. I absolutely support the death penalty (swift and sure) for this perpetrator and anyone committing similar atrocities.

Such atrocities are now rampant in America and it is not rational to blame any particular race for the carnage.

Rather, I will place the blame on any sociopolitical ideology that subsidizes the parent/parents in  any race who has and keeps children that they cannot, or will not raise decently. By this I mean those who have no way to feed or house their children and will not work to do so. Also, those who abuse or neglect their children and teach them to intimidate, abuse others, disrespect authority, and to wantonly break our laws. These parents may ignore such actions in their children, or actually reward these behavior patterns. They may also teach these actions and attitudes to their children through the examples of their own very bad example behavior patterns.

The blame must go to the ideology of the radical liberal/”progressives” in American politics.

Psychology’s Law of Effect has been explained in greater detail in my previous blogs, as well as others. Put simply: Consequences Control Behavior.

The following is quoted from Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg, 2008. He is actually describing the consequences of America’s profound mismanagement of psychology’s premiere Law of Effect!

While the civil rights acts  were obviously great successes, liberals hardly stopped at equality before the law. The great Society’s racial meddling often under various other guises—yielded one setback after another. Crime soared because of the Great Society and the attitudes of which it partook. In 1960 the total number of murders was lower than it had been in 1930, 1940 and 1950 despite a population explosion. In the decade after the Great Society, the murder rate effectively doubled. Black-on-black crime soared in particular. Riots exploded on LBJ’s watch, often with the subtle encouragement of Great Society liberals who rewarded such behavior. Out-of-wedlock births among blacks skyrocketed. Economically, as Thomas Sowell has cataloged, the biggest drop in black poverty took place during the two decades before the Great Society. (referenced in his text) In the 1970’s, when the impact of the Great Society programs was fully realized, the trend of black economic improvement stopped almost entirely. One could go on for pages. But the facts are of secondary importance. Liberals have fallen in love with the idea behind the racial welfare state.  They’ve absorbed the Marxist and fascist conception of the “the system” as racist and corrupt and therefore in constant need of state intervention. Kindle Loc. 5085.

End of quote.

While the preceding addressed the negative impact of the progressive welfare state upon America’s black population, its similar effects fall upon members of all races who become dependent upon flawed welfare reward systems.

The universal cultural principle is: Bad liberal reward systems produce increase the rate of occurrence of bad behavior within a population, no matter the race.

The dramatic rise in population dependency and barbaric behavior during progressive/liberal socialist Barrack Hussein Obama’s Presidency as yet another demonstration of this frequently replicated cultural principle.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  1/12/17








Why NOT Socialism #4: It’s Bad Psychology!

January 5, 2017

Why NOT Socialism #4: It’s Bad Psychology!

I discussed some of the damaging psychology of socialism in Why NOT Socialism #3.

My main point was that because of the crazy way socialism applies consequences for population behavior, Psychology’s great Law of Effect heavily rewards lazy, unproductive, irresponsible,  and dependent behavior within its population.

Dependent upon what? Dependent upon government, which increasingly becomes a god-like entity that is worshiped and obeyed by a great many of the population until it fails , as it often does.

It is then that an already debilitated population is faced with a life-threatening cultural calamity.

However, there is much more to this story.

In light of socialism’s glaring weaknesses and failures, why would the leaders of any society wish to adopt this combined social, political and economic design for their population?! Think about this question for a moment…..

Often intelligent, observers, attribute this cultural design and its failures to naivete’, or some sort of pathological “denial” on the part leaders.

I will grant that a minority of  blind-faith ideologues appear to disregard the legendary failures of this political design in order to “finally get it right”; but for most politically active socialists the true motive must be their own greed and quest for personal aggrandizement. For socialist ordinary citizens it is either political naivete’ or short-sighted greed for free money and other material rewards.

I judge that the majority of  socialist leaders skillfully employ The Law of Effect to shift all of the power from the people and whatever religion they may worship, to an emerging government god and to the leaders who control it. In this way they ensure their own growing political power and popularity.

In other words the motivation for these socialist leaders is narcissism and sociopathic self-interest. As a prime modern example, I submit America’s own President Barrack Hussein Obama’s administration and many of those who he appointed as his Czars and staff members. I also submit Obama’s preferred Presidential replacement, Hillary Clinton.

The perfectly predictable outcome of the socialistic cultural and political evolutionary dynamic is much as I outlined in the my first paragraph of this blog….but, again, there is more!

Therefore, please read the following very short article written by David L. Goetsch and published on the Patriot Update.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/5/17

Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Health Services Provider in Psychology

Vote No to Recreational Marijuana!

January 2, 2017

Vote No to Recreational Marijuana!

America does not need another way to “get high”, particularly when it is associated with a large number of health problems, as well as its increasing use among children and youth.

I have documented the many problems associated with the legalization of recreational marijuana and I hope you will consider them as you make you personal judgements on this matter. Please review these damaging consequences by going to my SEARCH BOX near the top of this page and typing “Legal Marijuana”, then click RETURN on you key board.

Health officials have recently discovered yet another significant health problem with recreational recreational marijuana consumption: It is called CHS.

Legalizing recreational marijuana is bad for America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D, 1/2/17

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