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Obama-Care: American’s Will Be “Culled From The Herd”!

April 13, 2013

Obama-Care: American’s Will Be “Culled From The Herd”!

 I attended a medical presentation on obese children the other night.

I spoke-up for local strategies to improve this endemic problem in America and asserted that Federal Government interventions bloated government and created unworkable and expensive designs that were destroying America.

After the program, I was assailed by an angry woman who said, “I suppose you are not for Obama-Care!”. I said I was not and she became further enraged at me.

No logic would have helped to convince her of the social disaster that is about to overtake us. I am 71 years old and fully expect to be “culled from the herd” when I become seriously ill.

If you think that it is only the aged that will fall prey to inhumane, even murderous, medical cost-management initiatives, you had better think again!

Very expensive medical interventions for children, teens and young adults that do not promise near-certain cures will increasingly be forbidden. This will be just one natural result of the progressive/socialistic practices that are damaging America’s society and economy.  The end result will be the destruction of our ability to care for our citizens in great need. This will be a far worse outcome than existed before Obama-Care.

See the following video for glimpse at your future.

Wake-Up America!

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this video my way.

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