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Foreign Crime Cartels Flood America!

January 19, 2023

The infiltration of crime Cartels from Mexico, and elsewhere, is shown in the map of America below.

These cartels are working in cooperation with our own indigenous gangs to traffic drugs, sex slaves, guns and extortion schemes throughout America.

The news today reported a cartel-style slaughter of an entire family in a small town in Texas. Five members of that family were executed in their homes, including a 16 yr. old mother and her infant; shot through their heads.

This horrifying news was principally caused by the progressive/Marxist Obama and Biden Administrations. They have, with full intent, skillfully set about the task of destroying America’s Constitutional Republic.

Among many other damaging strategies, they opened our borders to the world and purposefully neutralized our border patrol agencies. As a result Americans are being raped, pillaged and killed as never before; and this is just the beginning.

It is said that “all politics are local”, and in fact they are.

Most Americans have not yet been exposed to the depravity that is rapidly saturating our land. Only when they are, will we unite in our willingness to do whatever it takes to save this great nation.

From all I can tell; if not now…by then, it will be way too late.

When I first saw this map on Fox News today I was struck numbed and dumbfounded.

The map is not as clear as I wish, but you can easily see the blanket of dots representing America’s open border growing infestation with foreign criminal cartels.

Tom Mawhinney, 1/19/23

American History in Cartoons #1

January 14, 2023

Please take them seriously!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/14/23

America’s Commander-In-Chief Puppet

January 2, 2023

Many say we should be sad about this video. I am very sad. But, not in the least bit sad for our “Manchurian Candidate” President.

A Corrupt Ex President Obama backed a corrupt Joe Bidden who ran for, and fraudulently won the Presidency of the United States. Others who supported him were corrupt, ignoring, or ignorant of what was happening to America. Our FBI, CIA, IRS and nearly all of the Democrat Party are corrupt, as are so many in our government and its “Deep State” of unelected officials; as are many Republican politicians.

Under the leadership of our predominantly Marxist/progressive political operatives and their addicted-to-governmental giveaway electorate and big business; printing money faster than politicians can spend it; killing and crippling our youth in never-ending wars; Marxizing our remaining youth in governmentally-controlled public schools and universities; opening our borders to millions of unvetted, uneducated, unhealthy, criminals, terrorists and other unknowns who flood into our civilization; controlling CBS, CNBC, NBC, CNN; censoring Twitter, Facebook and other social media, all propagandistic sources spewing miss-informational sins of commission and omission broad-cast to multimillions of Americans 24/7; attacking America’s foundational Constitution, middle class, religious roots, family, language, “binary sexual identities and so much more……

America is imitating Europe and much of Western Civilization, and we are nearing death by social and cultural suicide.

The following is America’s symbolic representation of we are to become. There is nothing “hilarious” about it, as its title asserts.

We must despise the unholy forces of America’s undoing.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 1/2/23 (I regret the videos that follow the one I hope you will see. I do not know how to remove them: please ignore or enjoy as you please.)

P.S. Voters must read The Strange Death of Europe, by Douglas Murray. It contains an “advanced copy” of the blue-print America’s own self-destruction.

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