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School Shooting Lesson!

March 22, 2018

School Shooting Lesson!

My patriot friend Lee Hornack sent this information to  me. 

The following is a bit of Facebook flotsam that is most timely. Perhaps you have been made aware of  the following school shooting. 

This little report illustrates an entire set very important media and 2nd Amendment points of debate. 

Independent of your political preferences, America is best served by your considering this information.


Did you hear about the 17-year-old student who attempted a mass shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland Tuesday morning (3/19/18)?  
You didn’t?  Maybe it was because the story didn’t fit the anti-gun politician’s and media’s agenda, so it barely made the nightly wrap-up on most channels.
Let’s Review – What DID NOT stop the Maryland school shooting:
*Maryland’s assault weapon’s ban
*Maryland’s 10-round magazine ban
*Maryland’s universal background check requirement
*Maryland’s law requiring an exhaustive application process to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun
*Maryland’s law prohibiting the purchase of more than one firearm a month
*Maryland’s law requiring handgun registration
*Maryland’s law requiring registration of handgun owner
*Maryland’s extremely limited approval of concealed carry permits
*Maryland’s refusal to honor concealed carry permits from other states
*Multiple laws against carrying a weapon without a permit
*Gun-Free Zone laws prohibiting guns in schools
*Laws against discharging a firearm in public
*Laws against attempted murder
What DID stop the school shooting:
An armed, trained person at the scene who engaged the shooter in less than a minute and took him down before the shooter could kill any students
Wake up people, the anti-gunners don’t want more gun laws – that they know that criminals still won’t obey – that’s just a smokescreen.  

They want a disarmed populace.  The Founders of this great country had seen the dangers of government overreach and tyranny, so they created the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution so that our citizens could protect themselves, From Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

_______________________________________VTM, 3/22/18
P.S., It is a fact that Maryland has very strict gun laws.

Progressivism Destroys Nations

March 20, 2018

“Progressivism” Destroys Nations

There is nothing progressive about “progressivism”.

Progressivism is comprised of Godless secular humanism (i.e, the worship of humanity as “god”), socialism/comunism and increasing sociocultural chaos.

If it is anything, it is a progressive-regression into sociocultural pandemonium and increasing authoritarian rule as a comparatively attractive antidote to anarchy.

Wake-Up America! Assemble the puzzle pieces and there you will find the grim reality of your decline.

To find that which has been lost, you must return to where you last possessed it!

Here are some pieces of the puzzle:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/20/18

Maybe Darwin was Onto Something!

March 18, 2018

Maybe Darwin Was Onto Something!

Yes, I am grinning.

But let’s not forget psychology’s premier Law of Effect: Which states that consequences control behavior. 

Actually, the Law of Effect can influence more that just behavior. Of course it is intimately involved in determining an individual’s behavior. But it is also a major force in shaping species’ biological make-up and behavior patterns, as well as the evolution of human cultures.

Please go to my upper right-side search box on this page for a more detailed explanation of the wide-ranging influences of the Law of Effect. Type “Consequences Control” in the box and press enter.

While scientists look for the “missing link”, here is an excellent example of how the environment can shape bipedal behavior in a biologically exceptional primate.

Gorilla’s can, but normally do not walk on two feet very much.

Perhaps the big guy in the video below, who primarily walks on two feet, is an approximation of one of our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpas!

By-the-way, he is not as dumb as some might think he looks.

O.K. now, please do not be offended. Maybe you won’t buy-into my line of analysis. But just remember: “The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

The video and article below could suggest that a specie, normally running around on all fours, might produce a few members with a unique physiology (perhaps a very rare helpful genetic mutation), yielding somewhat differently configured brains and/or bodies that facilitate comfortably efficient bipedal movement.

The next step would be for these creatures to discover that they can gather more food, run, intimidate, fight, and attract members of the opposite sex; or maybe care for their babies more effectively on two feet, than can others in their clan stuck walking  primarily on four feet.

He or she would not understand that by walking on two feet their hands would tend to be cleaner, thus making them less prone to infections than others in their tribe. The discovery of germ theory would come much later in the evolution of an associated much smarter (though often self-defeating) lineage of self-named “homosapiens”.

By assembling the pieces of this interesting puzzle, we construct an individual who will be better fed, bigger, stronger, more intimidating, healthier and perhaps more attractive to the opposite sex.

Presumably, therefore they will be able to make more babies and more successfully pass this helpful mutation on to future generations than their competitors still hopping around on all fours.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/18/18

America’s Auschwitz: Planned Parenthood

March 16, 2018

America’s Auschwitz: Planned Parenthood.

I believe there are some circumstances under which an early abortion is moral.

These these circumstances would include incest with pregnancy, other categories of rape with pregnancy, and saving the life of the mother. I might be convinced of a very few other reasons…but likely not.

I will never be convinced that it is moral to conduct late-term abortions, abortions as a form of birth control, or for simple convenience.

There are many adults who would love to adopt infants and children. If a mother is pregnant and does not want to have and raise a child, adopting-out the infant to good parents allows the mother, the adoptive parents, the baby and America to all win one of the most precious gifts available on earth.

We should be ashamed and horrified that America killed 44.5 million babies between 1970 and 2014.

Not only should we should be ashamed and horrified about these murders; we should feel the same way about the fact that America has allowed the sale of dead babies’ body parts for profit.

How could anyone vote in favor of those who support the following?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/11/12

Important Truths About Obama

March 15, 2018

My Fake-News Error on Traitor Obama.

A friend informed me that I may have recently been the victim of a fake-news video on Facebook.

I promised that I would so some further research on the matter: I did and found that I made a mistake. Ugh!

I will apologize to all who saw the mistake what I “forwarded” on Facebook. I will now set the record right here on my blog, as well as on Facebook.

Here is the factual information on Obama’s alleged anti-American statements.

Now, please forgive me for not engaging in further self-flagellation.

One of the reasons I was easily duped into forwarding words that Obama actually said, but that were deceitfully presented out-of context, is I judged he would have said the very same out-of-context words in many private contexts…and meant exactly what he said.

However, he would have always made such statements out of earshot of the American media and electorate.

In point of fact, the “doctored” video of his betrayal of America’s core ideals, fits perfectly with way-to-many of President Obama’s documented anti-American actions over the eight years of his Presidency.   

Perhaps you will not understand my reasoning. Therefore, I ask you to please evaluate a couple of my earlier factual blogs about America’s first traitor President, Barack Obama.

Simply, look on the right upper-side of my main blog page and type “traitor Obama” in the search box. 

You may not agree with me, but you might then understand why I still believe that former President Barack Obama is a traitor to America’s Founding Principles.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/15/18



Individual Rights & Gun Ownership

March 11, 2018

Gun Ownership and Individual Right

There should be no doubt about it.

Law abiding American citizens have the right to own firearms.

See this video for the Constitutional truth on this matter.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/11/12

Unraveling with Humor!

March 10, 2018

Unraveling with Humor!

VTM, 3/8/12

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Second Amendment & Public Safety

March 9, 2018

Second Amendment & Public Safety

I fully support the following video about the Second Amendment, gun control, gun free zones and the protection of Americans of all ages.

I judge that it is a superior presentation because it summarizes nearly all of the relevant thoughts and historical events on this topic I have found in my research on this topic; and it does so in a single short presentation!

How this society handles this horrifying complex problem, literally, is a matter of life and death for countless future innocent American victims. 

It is essential that America find effective ways of balancing the need to keep our citizens safe from harm with the need for law-abiding adults to protect themselves, and their children in an increasingly barbaric society. 

The goal of reestablishing a more moral and civil society is a far more complex matter, well beyond the object of this particular blog.

Please evaluate this video. Ignore the solicitation that follows, if you wish.

To this presentation, I would add just several of ideas.

  1. The federal government cannot know all of the existing designs of all of our schools. Therefore, it cannot know the very best ways to protect all of the students in all of the schools; in every city, hamlet and hollow across America.
  2. The federal government can only insure the preservation of the existence of the Second Amendment and the Constitutionally based freedom of the states and municipalities to experiment with many ways to increase and preserve student and citizen safety from violence.
  3. The federal government can then collect and broadcast these findings to state and local governments so they can select from among those protective tactics most suitable to their own circumstances. 

The protective tactics best suited to local or regional conditions may be metal detectors, iron classroom doors, bullet proof glass, local police security, paid ex-military security, armed and trained special teachers, or many more ideas distilled from both proven and experimental efforts. Seemingly good ideas often fail. Experimental validation is with data collection is the best way to proceed. 

Protected States Rights are the genius of our Founding Fathers. States Rights provide for the benefits of a diversity of local “experimental laboratories”. This amounts to a “free market of ideas”. This approach will most likely produce the wonderful successes of America’s famed free market economy admired and imitated around the world.

A central government dictated one-size-fits-all approach, with limited exceptions, is notorious around the world for its tragic failures.

Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/9/18

Socialism Kills Venezuela

March 8, 2018

Socialism Kills Venezuela

So, what’s new?

Wake-Up America! Before it is too late.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/8/18


Islamic Sweden: A living Hell

March 4, 2018

Islamic Sweden: A living Hell

You had better Wake-Up America! 

Please read the following article about the Islamic destruction of Sweden. Click on this picture.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/4/18

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