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America’s Marxist Revolution: Ain’t Funny!

September 25, 2020

America’s Marxist Revolution: Ain’t Funny!






Revolutionary Public Shaming In America!

September 12, 2020

Revolutionary Public Shaming In America!

AMERICA, you had better DAMNED WELL WAKE-UP!!!

Public shaming is a well-known Marxist-Communist revolutionary method, used to intimidate the public and break them into submission and silence. 

It is happening before your very eyes and most citizens do not understand that it is not perpetrated by just a few crazies: It is a coordinated attack upon free speech and free movement in America. 

This is an integral component of the over-all strategy to “TRANSFORM” (Marxist code for Revolutionize) America!

For the love of our freedoms, vote the radical leftist Marxists out of our government and arrest and punish their rioting puppets! 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/12/20

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending me this video.


American Marxist Revolution: In Cartoons

September 6, 2020

American Marxist Revolution: In Cartoons

Killing America with jokes!

V. Thomas Mawhinney

Cartoons: A.F. Branco for August 10, 2020


“Sex In the City”: Democrats Fail America!

September 5, 2020

Sex In the City”: Democrats Fail America!

Look folks: Leftist, Marxist, etc., Democrat-run, cities simply do not work. In fact world history tells us Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Leftist cities and nations never work. At least, not for the people!

Why? The principles of psychology and economics (as well as other sciences) in such cultural designs are all-wrong! They may sound good and feel good in the beginning, but they always lead to a longer-term sociocultural disaster.

Therefore, the outcome is not only all-wrong, from a cultural evolutionary perspective, it is catastrophically suicidal. The most recent florid example of what I am trying to warn you about is Venezuela. Research this national human tragedy and see for your self.

Leftist-run cities both attract and produce populations that are destitute, totally dependent, and mentally ill. Worse yet, Leftist-run cities also attract and produce out-and-out criminals and their organized (or disorganized) criminal activities.

Increasingly over time, these behavior patterns appear to multiply exponentially through increasingly irresponsible sexual practices and negligent or abusive care of the resulting offspring. The higher than average birth rate within these populations then increases and perpetuates all of previously mentioned problems, and more!

This increasingly antisocial result produces an escalating proportion of grossly unprincipled dysfunctional and maladaptive behavior patterns within these political/social catchment areas.  Moreover, these Leftist cities attract politicians who strongly support these populations and recruit their increasing numbers from less-pandering cities and states in America.

The critical tipping point always comes when the “takers” out-number the “makers” (i.e., tax paying working citizens). Eventually the working class citizens flee to more viable cities, states, or nations. When this happens the corrupt commonly rich politicians tend to leave office, financially set for life.

This, in significant part, is how it works. But much more is involved and all of this embodies the many scientific principles that affect human behavior and social/cultural evolution. For short, I call all of this Behavioral Pathogenic Contagion, which drives Social Entropy (increasing proportions of a population that are maladaptive). All of this is another complex story. Just look these two terms up in my search box to learn more.

Great turmoil and suffering is coming to you and your offspring if you vote for the pathologically corrupt Marxist Democrat party in future elections.

Glimps this future below.

But note, if you read beyond the sex in the city expose’, the article attributes all of these problems to Covid-19, which the Democrats say is “all President Trump’s fault“. The truth is that the Democrats are fanning the flames of a Marxist revolution in America, starting in their cities, and using “Trumps Covid-19 disaster” as a cover-up for what is nothing less than their seditious, traitorous actions.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  9/4/20

Tucker: On Democrat Demagogues

August 28, 2020

Tucker: On Democrat Demagogues

The Word “Demagogue” refers to politicians who gain political support by fanning the flames of population wants and prejudices, rather than providing a detailed rational argument for their objectives. Demagogues are often gifted at manipulating people, the press and general entertainment media.

America! Do not listen to democrats’ disastrous leftist platitudes. Look at how they have destroyed America’s once great cities, run exclusively by them for decades.

Look at the Fact that there have been ongoing riots with intimidation and physical aggression to innocent people….even death and fiery attacks on police vehicles, stations, homes and businesses for months.

All of this social chaos, most accurately named ANARCHY, is ongoing with not a word of concern from America’s now corrupt Democrat party and their equally corrupt main-stream network news media.  I have searched Google for facts about the obvious mainstream news and Democrat party black-out on the wide-spread destructive an murderous rioting across America, but this critically important new is largely blacked-out of that search engine. Who would have guessed?!

It has been proven over and over that Democrats cannot run America’s great cities. Therefore, how in the hell does anyone expect Democrats can run our entire nation?!

Where is the proof of Democrat superior governance?!

Where is the proof of Democrat patriotism?!

Where is the proof that Democrats support America’s Constitution?!

Where is the proof that Democrats are now anything but a radical leftist Marxist Revolutionary force, bent on the destruction of America?!

The proof of this last allegation is all around you; providing the Democrats and their main-stream media would stop conspiring to black-it-out of your perceptual field! 

Let Fox New’s Tucker Carlson show you the reality of our traitorous Democrat-led American Marxist Revolution.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/27/20

America: Cutting or Defunding the Police is Self-Destructive

August 9, 2020

My following article was published in the South Bend Tribune, South Bend In, on 8/8/20.

America: Cutting or Defunding the Police is Self-Destructive

Everyone knows there is a small minority of “bad actors” in every profession. The best correction to this fact-of-life is to upgrade selection and quality control procedures. It is essential to remove problem individuals from our professions and to prosecute them if they have broken the law.   

It is my honor to have provided psychological services to numerous first responder departments (police and fire) in Northern Indiana for over 25 years. America should adore their police and firefighters.

I have assisted police officers who have been beaten, shot, stabbed, or injured in auto accidents while on duty; officers who have had to use lethal force to defend their lives or others; who have been traumatized by seeing the horrific carnage of mass-murder or dead children; who tried to save dying fellow officers killed in the line of duty, or dying adult citizens and children. I have also provided therapy for many officers who were suffering normal emotional difficulties cause by years of work in one of the most dangerous and chronically stressful jobs in the world.

Selection processes vary across America, but the police candidates in our region undergo the most stringent selection processes. Only the smallest percent of America’s population could survive it to become a sworn police officer.

How would you do undergoing the following required assessments that our police officer candidates must pass?

Complete a very detailed application form probing virtually every aspect of your history of personal conduct.

  • Complete a personal, one on one, interview with an experienced officer.
  • Complete a police background check including legal, employment, financial, and police interviews with neighbors and names given by the candidate.
  • You are required to have a very clean and trouble-free background.
  • Pass a polygraph or voice-stress examination to prove your honesty and history of good personal conduct.
  • Pass a police panel interview during which the you are rated by officers.
  • Pass an interview with the Police Pension Board.
  • You are rank-ordered in terms of your performance during all evaluations.
  • Top rated candidates may be invited to be further evaluated as positions come available.
  • After some period of time, those who have not been offered a job will have go through the entire selection process again.
  • If you are selected for hire, you are given a “conditional offer”.

You must then pass a very intrusive psychological evaluation. The psychological evaluation includes: 1. Two psychological tests capable of detecting a wide variety of psychological disorders, as well as personality features that are incompatible with police duties; 2. You must pass a one-hour Clinical Interview with a Ph.D. Psychologist. This interview includes a review of your complete social history and probing questions based upon the findings of your psychological testing; 3. The Psychologist may evaluate your polygraph or voice-stress results and police background findings, as well as police interview results and any other departmental testing information; 4. In the event that the Psychologist is unable to give a clear “Recommend you go forward in the selection process” or “Recommend you not go forward in the selection process”, a third psychological test may be administered, a second Clinical interview may be conducted and further information about you may be requested from the Police Department in order to make a final recommendation. Or, you may simply fail the psychological assessment.

  • You then must then pass a thorough Physical Exam.
  • If you pass this lengthy and intrusive assessment process and are hired. If you have not already done so, you must then attend the State Police Academy for 15 weeks of intensive training. Graduation is not guaranteed.
  • If you graduate, you will be assigned an experienced officer called A “Field Training Officer” (FTO) to undergo 12 to 16 weeks of on-the-job training and pass this trial before you can patrol independently. Or you may fail.
  • If you pass, you may then go about your assigned duties during a one-year probationary period, during which time you may easily be fired for any reasons of concern.

America: To survive, you must not cut or defund your police departments. To survive, you must fully support your police and their perilous work to maintain law and order… for all of your citizens.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

State Licensed Health Services Provider in Psychology

President: Behavioral Psychological Family Services, P. C.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

Why You Must Mask-Up!

July 25, 2020

Why You Must Mask-Up!

Thanks to Friend Darrel Bostow, Ph.D., for sending me the science behind our need to put-on our masks.

This video demonstrates why, when in close contact with others we must mask-up; and why we must stay at least 6 feet away from those who are not wearing a mask. 

Covid-19 is a killer!

This should convince even those who are doubters. Please watch it on its enlarged screen for full visualization.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/25/20

America’s Manchurian Candidate!

July 23, 2020

America’s Manchurian Candidate!

Biden is the puppet candidate for the American Marxist Revolution, now well underway among gullible American “Sheeple”. Sheeple is a term coined by radio star and author, Michael Savage. The meaning of this term is unmistakable.

Most voters do not know who candidate Biden really is. So, shortly, I will reveal who this potential President of the United States really is. What I will show you should be all that you will ever need to make an informed decision about Biden’s candidacy.

Let me “change gears” for a moment.

It is a well-known Marxist/leftist revolutionary axiom that if you tell a lie often enough, many people will believe that lie. They call these believer-pawns, used to echo their lies, “useful idiots”. 

It is another well known Marxist/leftist revolutionary strategy to repeatedly accuse your enemy of doing the very same thing that you are doing. From a psychological perspective, this is a lame self-defense used by narcissists, those suffering from some form of paranoia and/or psychopathic individuals.

It is another well-known Marxist/leftist strategy to use people they call “useful idiots” to further their revolutionary goals. The planners then they discard them, or “do-away-with-them” using any means available or necessary, in order to solidify the power of a chosen few. Sometimes the planers themselves are done-away-with and those who grab the power emerge as a surprise! 

So it is with the modern Marxist/leftist Democrat party that repeatedly calls America’s duly elected President Trump “dumb”, “ignorant”, “stupid”, a “liar”, a “cheat”, a “racist”, a “pathological narcissist”, a “communist fraternizer”,  and “a traitor”, etc., etc..

All of this often works…Just as it has through history within societies that were “transformed” to Marxist/Leninist socialism and communism under the totalitarian rule of murderous tyrants. Many of these Transformed nations have forced America to wage great wars against them sacrificing hundreds of thousands of our young men and women to defeat, contain, or in one case; finally just give-up and go home.

For decades, America’s external and internal Marxist-Leftist-Revolutionaries have focused their unremitting evil force upon “Transforming America”. And they are succeeding!

Please watch and listen carefully to their “useful idiot” puppet candidate below. Understand that, if elected President of the United States, Biden will be replaced by a true Marxist-Leftist President as soon as it is to the revolutionary puppet-master’s advantage to do so. 

Understand also, that a vote for this Manchurian Candidate, or anyone else but President trump, is a vote in favor of the ongoing American Marxist/Leninist Revolution.

America will live or die by your vote.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/23/20

American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned! #2

July 19, 2020

American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned! #2

Dear friends and fellow patriots, 

I have been alive and paying attention to demonstrations and riots in America for a long time. 

I have never seen anything like what is happening in America at this time. There is an evil confluence of events that are collectively and  massively damaging all Levels of government and every one of its institutions and agencies, including the thoughts and actions of our population.

Please try a simple thought experiment: Just try to name our institutions or agencies not strained to its max by all of the problems now being inflicted upon America.

Consider our economy, schools, universities churches, health care, small businesses, agriculture, families, military, police, fire, citizens of all ages, mental health, health care, our collective spirituality and morality. Astonishingly,  even our governments…torn and nearly frozen by conflict, shot-through by radical liberal judges, radical news and entertainment media; as well as leftist revolutionary elected officials who lie, cheat, impede and become millionaires while doing so. 

All of this, correlated with, or caused by America’s lethal geopolitical enemies (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, global radical Islam, and a revolutionary “Deep State” within our own government; all working in what appears to be coordination, to destroy our homeland in every way possible. Whether this is an actual cabal, or just correlated events, this blizzard  of  threatening events remains an undeniable fact.

Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves. They warned us that America’s Constitutional Republic was ours….only “If you can keep it.”

America’s cataclysmic end may now be appearing on our existential horizon. 

I beg you to see the following video. I know most of it to be factual and I have found that very few of its details are debatable.

Our job is to determine if there are enough facts within this video to influence our thoughts and actions in the directions that it’s central message implores. 
I have decided in the affirmative long before seeing this video. Now it is for you to decide and to act accordingly!
V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/18/20
With thanks to patriots Gordon Jones and Lee Hornack who sent this video to me.

American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned!

July 16, 2020

American Marxist Revolution: You’ve Been Warned!

My dear friend, Howard Hawkins, was my shipmate in the submarine service, serving aboard the USS Ethan Allen, SSBN 608. “Huck” recently wrote to my blog about the ongoing American Marxist Revolution.

His words should send chills up your spine. I quote:


“I have not, to my chagrin, listen to Tucker Carlson’s Communist commentary on the destruction of our beloved America.
However, from your writings I’ve learned that he is espousing what I’ve known and talked about for decades.

Since 1920, shortly after the revolution in Russian and Vladimir Lenin’s take-over, America has been under attack by the Communists; chipping away with steadfast resolve. Khrushchev said in the early 1960’s that there was no reason to fight a war with America, it will succumb internally. This is never more true than today’s current situation.

America’s leader’s have failed us terribly and continue to do-so. Beware of “CHINA”, they have a presence in this country that is dangerously remarkable ,including our gov’t,i.e. “BIDEN” plus many others. BLM IS A FRONT FOR COMMUNISM–America beware!”


My answer to Howard was as follows.

“As always, Huck, you are way-ahead of the curve. You speak the truth, some of which I was slower than you to see. The American Marxist Revolution is now clearly manifest, it has been covert for decades. Your use of the “chipping away” analogy is spot-on. The “Deep State” is real and is now in our face…it cannot be missed unless the observer is lacking intelligence or focus, or they are part of it all!   Moe”

The following video will sharply reveal the reality that is now truly consuming you and your nation.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/16/20

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