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The Greatest Flim-Flam Man In American History

May 29, 2014

The Greatest Flim-Flam Man In American History

Can you guess who said these things? Now, don’t tell me you are surprised.

America’s Commander In Chief Sociopathic Liar!

VTM, 5/29/14

Horrors of America’s Broken Mental Health System (Re-Blog from 12/20/12) AND 5/27/14

May 27, 2014

Horrors of America’s Broken Mental Health System (Re-Blog from 12/20/12 and 5/27/14).


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/13/17

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Practicing Health Care Provider in Psychology


Before you read the next sections of this post, I want you to please study the following article about a mass murder in California by a severely mentally ill man, whose family had warned the police that he was planning to kill people in retribution for his social Isolation.  

(I have added this article to this (5/27/14) re-blog  because so much news today about important issues is fake news, (11/13/17)

It is absolutely essential that you see the self-produced video of this profoundly mentally ill man laying out his plans to kill women and men; expressing great happiness and satisfaction to do so.

You may read the article that accompanies it. However, it is only the video that will show you only one face, among others of free-roaming homicidal mentally ill in America.

Such individuals are only a small minority of America’s mentally ill, but they inflict terrible and irreparable damage to our society. It is essential that they be identified and confined to the safety and humane psychological/psychiatric treatment in long-term mental institutions.

Know that America has always been awash in guns. This is nothing new.

What is new is that America is now awash in mentally ill citizens (and criminals) and a some of them are very dangerous. We can never fix this problem by removing guns, knives, cars, poisons, etc., from our society.

We can never fix the whole problem of murder in America by removing the severely and dangerous mentally ill to long-term hospitals, though this is an important step in the right direction. 

We cannot fix the whole problem of murder in America by locking-up all of the dangerous criminals in America, or executing the murders.

Our American culture, that we have allowed it to become profoundly degenerate, will just spawn more and  more dangerous mentally ill, criminal, and incompetent citizens.

We can only fix our panorama of deteriorating mental health and other severe population behavioral problems by fixing our culture. To do this will not require that we turn back time. That is impossible. It will require that we return to our previously enforced rules of self-conduct that were once enforced with strong and more immediate consequences when America was  at its best.

Finally, I doubt that any of this can be done without our return to our historical Judeo/Christian values and rules for personal conduct.

Perhaps all of this is also impossible. We will never know without trying…and we have not yet tried. Someone once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result”.

By this definition, the behavior of our post-modern America is insane.

I will assert that America’s behavior is now so hedonistic, irresponsible, corrupted and violent that is now criminally insane.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 5/27/14


The following is my 12/20/12 Blog on this very topic.

I guess that some might accuse me of constructing a sensationalist title for this blog. They would be tragically mistaken.

The Behavioral Contagion of Mass-Murders in America and other counties has been significantly fueled by a misguided humanitarian policy of the Deinstitutionalization of Mental patients. I think that the average American has no understanding of this profound cultural design mistake that has caused so much human misery, terror, and loss of life. It also represents an abuse to the countless mentally ill individuals that live in our alleys, side-streets and under train trestles, etc.

I will try to convince you to spend about 30 minutes reading the documentation for my strong assertion. I will also provide you with a few amazing samples of a larger strongly documented article written by Clayton Kramer.

Mr. Kramer is a very fine scholar, whose work has been used by supreme court justices. You must read the entire article…if you remain ignorant on this matter you will remain part of the problem of mass murder contagion in America. The following quote from Kramer’s article is only a sample of the facts that you and those for whom you vote had better know, understand and respond to. _______________________________________________________________________________________

When The New York Times did a detailed study of 100 U.S. rampage killers in 2000, they pointed out that there was often plenty of warning: Most of them left a road map of red flags, spending months plotting their attacks and accumulating weapons, talking openly of their plans for bloodshed. Many showed signs of serious mental health problems. The Times’ study found that many of the rampage killers… suffered from severe psychosis, were known by people in their circles as being noticeably ill and needing help, and received insufficient or inconsistent treatment from a mental health system that seemed incapable of helping these especially intractable patients. . . . The Times found what it called “an extremely high association between violence and mental illness.” Of the 100 rampage murderers, forty-seven “had a history of mental health problems” before committing murder, twenty had been previously hospitalized for mental illness, and forty-two had been previously seen by professionals for their mental illness. While acknowledging that mental illness diagnoses “are often difficult to pin down . . . 23 killers showed signs of serious depression before the killings, and 49 expressed paranoid ideas.”57 There is no shortage of these tragedies that have one common element: a person whose exceedingly odd behavior, sometimes combined with minor criminal acts, would likely have led to confinement in a mental hospital in 1960. After deinstitutionalization, these people remained at large until they killed. The criminal justice system then took them out of circulation (if they did not commit suicide), but this was too late for their victims. ________________________________________________________________

I will now beg you to read the rest of his article. Learn about one of America’s major self-inflicted design flaws.

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D., 12/20/12

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Some Thoughts For You On Memorial Day

May 25, 2014

Some Thoughts For You On Memorial Day!

Have a Good One!

VTM, 5/26/14

Dr. Ben Carson On The VA Debacle

May 25, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson On The VA debacle

Do not look to the government for salvation. Obama care will make the 40 veterans dead waiting for medical care look like a very small problem in comparison…which, of course, it damn well is not!

Carson speaks the truth to ignorance. Will we learn in time? see the following:

V. Tom Mawhinney


Dr. Ben Carson For President!

May 22, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson For President!

I have been watching and listening to the man for many months. I would love to see him as President of the United States.

He fully understands what the forces of our undoing are and he would give America a very good chance of uniting all of its currently warring factions in order to save ourselves from our looming catastrophe.

Please take time to read the article below and see what he has to say in his interview.

V. Tom Mawhinney

Cat Saves Kid From Dog Attack: What Motivated The Cat?!

May 20, 2014

Cat Saves Kid From Dog Attack: What Motivated The Cat?!

I am both a cat lover and a dog lover and have had and loved several of each.

But, I have loved them for different reasons.

I find that dogs most easily and reliably affectionately attach to people. They most easily understand our facial expressions, tones of voice and even learn the meaning of many of our words. They are amazingly loyal and can be trained to do the most complex activities. Most commonly, they will protect their loved ones. Dogs have earned the title of “Man’s Best Friend” for many reasons.

My cats have had very different characteristics than dogs.  They can be trained, but it seems to take a great deal more effort to do so. For example, I have easily taught my dogs to come when called by simply praising and petting them when they do so. I have been able to tell two of my dogs: “Go see Momma” and they go to my wife Sally. She can say: “Go see Daddy”, and they come to me. This was done without any specialized training that I can discern, outside of praise when they went to the right person! The natural contingencies of social reinforcement were enough for this wonderfully social behavior to unfold.

The natural contingencies of reinforcing food and warmth have taught my cats to come to eat when hungry and snuggle when its cold. They also like it when they are tickled under the chin, around the ears and on the head, etc. I suspect that specific humans can acquire learned reinforcing properties (i.e., become rewarding) to specific cats under these and a few other conditions.

With my cats, I have learned to teach them to come using a high pitch whistle. This high-pitched whistle is apparently an unpleasant stimulus to my cats, and perhaps other cats also. The method I used is called shaping (technically, differential reinforcement of successive approximations). This is formally called a “negative reinforcement contingency” because when they do the desired behavior I subtract (stop) the unpleasant stimulus.

It works like this: When the cat is in close proximity to me, I start my natural mouth high-pitched whistling.  The cat typically stops dead in its tracks and looks directly at me. The second it takes a step closer to me, I stop. Of course it could move away, but it seems oddly interested in the source of that sound. I do this many times in different training sessions. By requiring that the cat comes closer and closer to me in “successive approximations”, before stopping the whistling,  I finally  am able to teach it to jump into my lap and I instantly stop the whistle and tickle it under the chin and around its ears, etc. and praise it.

I admit that I have gotten winded and red-faced with this demanding whistling method. But to do it using my natural whistle, obviates the need to carry an artificial one with me. It requires patience, but it has worked with my cats. There is no” money back guarantee” it will work for you however!

My cats also came running and salivated drops on the floor when I have turned on the electric can opener in order to feed them. They have rubbed against me and bumped their heads into my legs while I prepare their meal.

My cats have come to snuggle with me when it is cool in my home. They have slept with me nightly  (I keep the room cold in the winter and cool in the summer).

One cat was cared for by someone else when I was away on vacation. Upon my return home from a vacation, it rubbed all around my legs when I first entered the house and drooled on my shoes (I was one who often fed the cat).

All of my cats were obtained by me as kittens and I held them very loosely, allowing them to come and go whenever they tried to do so. If you capture and restrain the cats I have known, they will avoid you like the plague. My  dear wife cannot let a cat go. She has never met a cat that she does not want to assault with very loving, but firm restraint. Each of our cats were learned to be phobic of her and her form of cat love and affection. However, the three cockapoos we have owned couldn’t wait to jump into her highly restraining “love-holds”.

One of our cats was born in a barn to a real barn-cat momma. It was weaned a few days early so would lay on my shoulder and suck on my neck (I told you I loved cats!).

This cat was the most closely bonded with me of all my cats. Unfortunately, it would attack most everyone else. Its front paws were declawed, but it still scared the daylights out of most everyone who ventured into our home. It would watch them intently and then slowly move closer and closer. It gave no clue as to what was about to unfold. The visitor would normally extend a hand to the cat and it would suddenly fly into a rage and bat them with her puff-ball paws while making loud hissing sounds.

Some friends and acquaintances were both startled and amused. Extended family members who also love cats were mostly enjoyed the spectacle. Others may have been traumatized for life. For example, a worker came to install a gas line in our basement. We had not seen him for a very long time when he finally appears in a rather shaken condition at the top of the stairs. He explained that he had entered a dark crawl space under the flooring through a small opening. Once inside our cat sat in that opening and attacked him with her hisses and puff paws whenever he tried to get out. I imagine he suffered a bad case of “PTCSD”.

After that, we learned to isolate her in another room when unsuspecting guests came to visit.

Oddly, occasionally when she came to sit with me and I would pet her, she would suddenly stare into my eyes and would suddenly hiss and whack at me before jumping away. My extended family and close friends came to affectionately call  this special kitty, “The Attack Cat”.

Sadly, my harmless attack cat was killed when I was on a sailing trip. My wife had let her out and the a neighbor reported that she may have been attacked two large roaming dogs. The owner of the dogs apparently lied when he denied they were on the loose. No one saw the attack, they only saw the dogs wandering the neighborhood. I was traumatized.

I imagine that our cat saw these dogs on our property and attacked them, sustaining fatal injuries as a result.

I suspect cats can be very territorial and I have seen a number of videos in which cats have intimidated much larger dogs who are clearly fearful of going near them.

I seriously doubt that the recent very popular video of a cat saving a child from a vicious dog attack had anything to do with the cat’s loyal and protective nature.

It seems to me to be more likely a result of their phylogenetic territorial nature.

Please see the great video of the famous attack cat below. Then, if you are interested in what animal science has to say on cat territoriality and aggression, see that section in the second article.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 5/20/14





Obama Unleashes 36,000 Illegal Immigrant Prisoners On America!

May 15, 2014

Obama Unleashes 36,000 Illegal Immigrant Prisoners On America!

This unthinkable Obama Administration action actually happened in 2013. It is now all over the news media and the internet. It seems unthinkable. But, at long last, no outrage from the Obama Administration will ever surprise me.

See for yourself! Simply Google “36,000 illegals released from prison“.

All of this…and there is hardly a whimper from the American “Sheeple”!

In recent years, America has voted for progressive-liberal politicians and our Presidents of this ilk have appointed similar progressive-liberal Judges to our Supreme Court.

Rather than closing our borders, they have welcomed a flood of illegal immigrants and provided them with copious entitlement benefits historically reserved only for naturalized American citizens.

The progressive-liberals have caused our legal systems and prisons to be overwhelmed with the disproportionately criminal actions of these illegal immigrants. Then!…they released these criminals into our general population to again rain murder, rape, gang and drug-related mayhem upon innocent American citizens.

If this is not seditious and impeachable behavior on the part of our elected and appointed political servants I cannot imagine what is.

Does the average American not understand that it is a common socialist/communist strategy to destroy a culture’s social order to justify the imposition of tyrannical actions such as martial law?

Wake-Up America! If you do not, the worst is yet to come.

V. Tom Mawhinney

You Better Listen To John Bolton!

May 12, 2014

You Better Listen To John Bolton!

Once upon a time, I was the brunt of bullying and other forms of harassment on my grade school’s playground.

My father purchased two pair of boxing gloves and taught me the skills of self-defense. My Uncle Dean  (Commander, USN) came to visit and taught me some Jujitsu throws and moves.

When I walked onto the playground, shortly thereafter, I called out the lead bully. I did not seriously injure him, but I defeated and publicly humiliated him in what was a short tussle.

That was the end of my problems with bullies.

The principles are the same on the geopolitical “playground”.

Former U.S. Representative to the United Nations, John Bolton, explains this important fact very clearly in the following video.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 5/12/14

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this video to me.


Mother’s Day: “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle…”

May 11, 2014

Mother’s Day: “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle…”

I am back home from my cold, rainy, muddy stay in the North Woods of Michigan. It was wonderful to be with family and to do some very simple and good things.

Today I thought about Mothers.

I awoke from a dream repeating a sweet sentence that my own dear and beloved Mother wrote me on a card over two decades ago. This, shortly after my Sally (another simply wonderful Mother to my children) and I took her and my Father for a sail on Lake Michigan.

She wrote to me, “Let’s go again to the blue water”.  Her sentence expressed our shared love of Lake Michigan. As I prepare for another of our over 40 sailing seasons on “our lake”, her words will echo in my mind for this and all of my remaining days. 

I  have decided that it is there I will go when my “life on the hard” is over.

I will tell you honestly that all of the mothers in my life have been wondrous in their love and dedication to their children.

My Mother also used to say something else that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it as a  preteen. She repeated a favorite quote (author unknown) to me on several occasions: “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”.

I suspect this is one of those “self-evident truths” that I was taught in college does not exist. But, you can be certain that I’m with Mom on this one.

I have the greatest love and respect for the marvelous Mothers in my life.

V. Tom Mawhinney

The Wolf Of Wall Street: Debouchery Personified

May 8, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street: Debauchery Personified

When it is raining in the North Woods of Michigan, at night, there is not much to do.

So, we bought the movie video: The Wolf of Wall Street. Then we got all-cozy for an evening of what we thought would be high-grade contemporary entertainment.

As the video began, we six adults, all born the 1940’s and 1950’s, were at first surprised, then shocked, and finally disgusted at what has come to pass for modern popular entertainment.

Two of my family members finally left to read themselves to sleep. Four of us remained to marvel at what passed for R-underrated entertainment in our Post-Modern, Post-Christian, Secular Humanist, Liberal/Progressive/Socialist America.

An America in steep decline by every measure that I can conceive of, and now also in this movie that I was inflicting on myself in the name of low-level “scholarship”.

The Wolf of Wall Street is no less than decadent entertainment shat from the bowels of a uberliberal Hollywood obsessively devoted to the destruction of what few remaining traditional Judeo-Christian  values there may be in America. This movie is an example of Hollywood’s addictive substance sold to a growing legion of American scatophiles who delight in wallowing in its rank tsunamis of cinematic excrement.

Search on-line and find that there is something over 500 “F”-words used in this movie. The F-word echoing among countless other childish and gratuitous forms of profanity.

Some might enjoy the flood of full frontal nudity, and copious scenes of various sex acts…complete with a close-up view of the lead male blowing, what I presume was, cocaine through a straw into a shapely young woman’s anus.

If such as this is ones preference, then real XXX-rated videos would be a more stimulating measure of America’s decline.

All of this is brought to us through Hollywood’s coalition with the liberal/progressive/socialist popular news media, the public education system (i.e., Common Core), the Judiciary and an increasing percent of America’s politicians, including our current President Obama.

All of the above working in a coordinated and unremitting effort to cast America’s traditional ethics, values, Democracy and Capitalism in an exclusive light of unbridled greed and depravity.

Let me borrow a thought from an infamous 1960’s hippie activist, Abby Hoffman.

Don’t buy this movie, “steal it!”.

V. Tom Mawhinney, 5/8/14







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