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I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian # 2

May 30, 2013

I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian # 2

Key Concepts of Libertarianism


David Boaz

January 1, 1999

The key concepts of libertarianism have developed over many centuries. The first inklings of them can be found in ancient China, Greece, and Israel; they began to be developed into something resembling modern libertarian philosophy in the work of such seventeenth- and eighteenth-century thinkers as John Locke, David Hume, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine.

What follows is first a quote by the author and then an analysis of the components of that quote, by me.


Individualism. Libertarians see the individual as the basic unit of social analysis. Only individuals make choices and are responsible for their actions. Libertarian thought emphasizes the dignity of each individual, which entails both rights and responsibility. The progressive extension of dignity to more people — to women, to people of different religions and different races — is one of the great libertarian triumphs of the Western world.

End of Quote.


The individual as the basic unit of social analysis.

I am persuaded that the individual us useful as a basic unit of social analysis.That is the basis of analysis for a great deal of the science of behavioral psychology, from which the principles of behavior that influence that thoughts, emotions and actions of humans have been discovered. These principles also produce similar outcomes when applied to groups of people, making their intelligent use essential to any socioculture that wishes to live very long and well.

Only individuals make choices and are responsible for their actions.

An individual is capable of making many “choices” ,among options available, at any given moment (eat, sleep, go to work, drink alcohol, take drugs, go to church, etc.) What they actually do under a circumstance is heavily influenced by the behavior principles experienced in their up-bringing, education, and acculturation processes.

While the individual can be free from certain governmental controls, they are never free from the influences of their biology or their history of learning (or lack of learning) involving these principles of behavior.

Holding an individual responsible for their behaviors is normally a simple matter of good teaching. The consequences of a childs behavior (rewards or punishment, or no effects) influence whether that child will (“choose” to) repeat that behavior more or less often in the future.

However, in the teaching of all of us, as children, our parents and teachers had to judge at what stage of development it was appropriate to began to finally ”hold us responsible” for our actions (I.e., the baby soils its diaper, the two-year old spills the milk; vs. the seven-year old hits his sister or the 16 year-old comes in late for curfew).  Smart parents and teachers do not try to teach with consequences, that which cannot yet be learned.

In adult life, it is clear that failing to “hold people responsible” for their own behavior (even if it is the result of a history of bad teaching in their family or subculture) is an irresponsible sociocultural thing to do. This is so because protecting people from the consequences of their bad behavior actually teaches them to do irresponsible and self-defeating behaviors that damage them, those close to them and the socioculture.

Libertarian thought emphasizes the dignity of each individual

I take the word “dignity” to mean the worth of each individual. I agree with Albert Ellis, that the great worth of any individual is inestimable, and that worth has nothing to do with any worldly measure of health, intelligence, material possessions, or stations in life. All people are worthy of respectful and kindly treatment. Therefore, all people should be accorded the right to do as they have learned to do and are capable of doing, so long as their actions do not damage, physically injure, abuse, or coerce other adults to do things against their will by penalty of law.

Within this framework, the special rights of children to be taught the many skills needed for a normal adult life and not to be neglected or abused must also be protected by penalty of law.

Please stay tuned for more!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/29/13

I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian # 1

May 29, 2013

I Wonder If I Am A Libertarian

I am searching for a form of government that best conforms to the principles of psychology.

Why is it critical that government conform to the principles of psychology?

The principles of psychology, among some other compatible scientific principles, govern the quality and rate of occurrence of human behavior patterns. America’s population’s behavior patterns directly affect the viability of our socioculture.

I will grant you that this is a simple statement about some mighty complex matters. However, in all of this may be found one of the greatest mysteries  of the ages: How can a socioculture survive very long and well?

I have followed trend lines on America’s collective behavior patterns for many decades. The rates of damaging and self-defeating behaviors, with only evanescent small improvements, have increased no matter the political party in charge. Democratic and  Republican political parties are both failing miserably.

I am alienated from the performance of both political parties and I believe that the continuance of their policies will spell the ruination of America.

However, I am convinced that so-called conservative principles can lead America out of its decline. But the question becomes one of just which conservative principles have the power to do so?

As part of my analysis, I will now closely evaluate the principles of Libertarianism.

The first step will be to read and consider a summary of them, “in the whole”.

The next approach will be to critique each of the identified components separately in order to better evaluate this approach to cultural self-managment through representative government.

I hope you will join me in this analysis.

The following is an authoritative summary of the main features of Libertarianism.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/29/13

Our Commander In Chief Buffoon

May 28, 2013

Our Commander In Chief Buffoon

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

 By Henry Payne – May 25, 2013
Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

By Steve Kelley – May 25, 2013
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

By Michael Ramirez – May 24, 2013
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

 By Chip Bok
Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

By Lisa Benson – May 24, 2013
VTM, 5/28/13

Huck’s Memorial Day Tribute

May 27, 2013

Huck’s Memorial Day Tribute

I received this eloquent Memorial Day Tribute from my dear submarine mate, Huck. He is one of the strongest patriots I have ever met. His words perfectly reflect the feelings of a great many thoughtful and caring Americans.

God Bless those who serve and protect us all.

Moe,    Memorial Day, 2013


We have survived another year and once again we have the opportunity to pay tribute on this Memorial Day to those who have served in our military.
I think about the various symbolic works of art e.g., the Marine flag raising Iwo Jima, the Vietnam Wall and others that honor those who have paid the supreme sacrifice to secure our freedoms we cherish and enjoy today. Yet, I’m sadden for those wounded warriors that have come home and are basically forgotten by our Government.
If it wasn’t for private enterprise many would be in serious need. The government does play a role, but not enough, to ensure these individuals receive all that is necessary to give them quality of living.
So today, as I have in previous years, I’ll pray for those dead and wounded ones and all that served so gallantly in all our past and present conflicts and extend to you my appreciation for your honored service to the United States of America.
God bless America and all who shared in preserving our freedoms.

Clintons Again: What A Surprise!

May 25, 2013

Clintons Again: What A Surprise!

Do you think the liberal media would have kept a secret like this if it was the daughter of a conservative President?

VTM, 5/25/13

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending me information about these matching family histories.

Boy Scouts Cave: Accept Openly Homosexual Boys

May 24, 2013

Boy Scouts Cave: Accept Openly Homosexual Boys

As a former Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer Scout I angrily mourn this cultural evolution.

Another  American Central Tradition has been destroyed by the pernicious forces of liberal/ “progressive’ social chaos.

The Scouting organization has not yet capitulated to openly homosexual Scout Leaders, but I suspect that will be the next decrimental misstep that they take.

The facts are that individuals of Boy Scout age are often not sexually mature in their identities, or so-called “orientations”, and they can be easily predated by homosexuals. This is true whether the homosexuals be other adults or other youth. To bring this certain increased developmental influence into the traditions of the Boy Scout culture is a profound disgrace to all that it has stood for.

Late at night, deep in the dark forests of this Nation,  Scout Masters will have no idea of what is going on in their little circles of  pup tents….Dark and private tents ,which will now be populated with openly homosexual youth and sexually inexperienced naive potential converts.

The dumb asses are now fostering the increased occurrence of homosexual behavior in America.

VTM, 5/24/13

Please Read the following article by Tony Perkins of Washington Update.

For Scouts, a Badge of Dishonor

After two decades of bitter back and forth, one of the last strongholds for morality in America finally buckled. Late this afternoon, despite a relentless push by Scouts in every state, the National Council exchanged a century-old legacy for a false compromise that puts an American tradition on the pathway to extinction. After 103 years of principled leadership, the organization proved that it was incapable of the same kind of courage it’s been instilling in American boys since the beginning of the 1900s. By a lopsided vote, delegates ushered into the Boy Scouts a new era of moral compromise, allowing homosexual boys and turning against a majority of members in the process.

It took strong-arm tactics, political sharks, and corporate harassment, but the national leadership of the BSA finally succeeded in forcing through a piece of policy that robs the Scouts of its innocence. And now, by opening the door to gay young people, legal experts say it’s only a matter of time before the rule on homosexuality extends to everyone–including adults. Almost immediately, BSA councils, Scouting parents, and leaders of the faith-based organizations that charter more than two-thirds of the packs and troops will have to decide how to respond to this decision, which obligates every unit “regardless of their religious convictions” to comply. In the last 12 months, BSA’s official estimates show as many as 400,000 boys will leave the BSA as a result, devastating the Scouts financially and leaving them very few options legally.

In the meantime, Councils that believed the lie that this was just about the youth are about to find out that the fight for the Scouts is just beginning. “The Boy Scouts of America will not sacrifice its mission, or the youth served by the movement,” a BSA statement read, “by allowing the organization to be consumed by a single, divisive, and unresolved societal issue.” Unfortunately for them, that sacrifice was already made in today’s tragic decision. Now we must stand with the troops across America who remain committed to the guiding principles of scouting that have helped millions of young boys successfully make the journey to manhood.

An Honest, Courageous, Practical-Minded Politician: Paul Rand

May 22, 2013

An Honest, Courageous, Practical-Minded Politician: Paul Rand

I have a psychologist friend who asserts that it is not the individual, but the system of rewards and punishments that creates virtue or bad behavior. Think about it..does the individual corrupt the system, or does the system corrupt the individual?

The facts are that there is plenty of evidence to conclude that the influences go both ways. Systems can corrupt individuals and individuals can corrupt systems.

Think of the individuals who have stood on core-principles against powerful, even lethal forces, that commanded and coerced the changed behavior of average individuals; but failed when they encountered the man or woman of rigorous moral principle, who would not break.

Few human’s are beyond all forces of corruption and no one I have ever know is perfect, by any standard one might wish to apply.

However, the world has seen countless great leaders of vision, who never gave up their goals and aspirations in the face of great incentives to do so.  We do not have to strain to recall some of them: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Harry Truman, Thoreau, Martin Luther, Golda Meir, Joan of Arch, Plato, and many more from American and world history. Also, do we not know individuals in our own lives, never perfect, but so dedicated to particular goals in their lives that they could not be dissuaded by resistance or criticism? Perhaps you are one.

I believe my psychologist friend has overstated his case. Perhaps the following video is an example of one of many exceptions that he has overlooked…perhaps not..but we shall see.

We are now witnessing what strong and immoral political leadership in the form of President Obama and his appointees have accomplished.

I pray for new strong and moral leadership in America.

Please see what may be an example of such leadership. Watch this short video.

Tom Mawhinney

Obama: I Told You So #4

May 21, 2013

Obama: I Told You So #4

On February 12, 2012, I posted the following blog.

I urge you to read the text and view the following video. The truth about our Commander and Chief-Destroyer of America is plain to see.

Current scandalous events confirm that which informed citizens have always known about our current President. He is a ruthless radical revolutionary who will stop at nothing to destroy Free America.

The following video is of Andrew Breitbart, who is now dead. In this video he is telling the truth about our President Obama and his party politics. I have carefully researched his allegations which actually pale in the light of current documented examples of Obama’s cheating, lies and deceptions in the service of his dismantling of America’s socioculture.

In the light of a flood of new revelations of corruption in the Obama Administration, I am convinced was spot-on correct.

I believe that the election of President Obama is one of the greatest mistakes America has ever made.

VTM, 5/21/13

Obama’s “Saul Alinsky Bull-Shit Tactics”!

Lets get one thing straight from the start. I normally do not use such expletives as you find in my title for today’s entry in my blog.

But I am happy to let someone else do it for me. This is the characterization of President Obama’s political tactics by Mr. Andrew Breibart, who is now the conservative movement’s answer to the Left’s current ”slash and burn” warfare on America. He reminds me of the Abby Hoffman, of old,. But Breitbart is on the right side. Yes, the pun was intended.

Breitbart is an interesting guy. You will remember that he is the one who exposed ACORN for the revolutionary destructive force in America, that it really is. He is the one who rubbed our noses in the fact that Obama and ACORN have slept in the same bed and are still “text-message loving words” to each other.

The video below is almost too hot to handle.

Take a look, if you are you ready for a shot of tabasco sauce!

VTM,  2/12/12

Milton Friedman on Freedom vs. Tyranny and Misery

May 19, 2013

Milton Friedman on Freedom vs. Tyranny and Misery

The following it is a precious presentation by economist Milton Friedman on Freedom vs. Tyranny and Misery: A marvelous, short primer on the psychology of conservative economics and why it works so well.

When he addresses disastrous governmental spending, he attributes it to good people wishing to do good things for others.

I will not be so charitable. Governmental officials too commonly seek power in dispensing the goods, services, and money of others. These goods, services, and monies are coerced (in the name of fairness) from productive citizens and given to the politician’s growing dependent voting constituency.

Another reason I will not be so charitable is that socialism is an anathema to free societies. It kills them without fail. President Obama is a progressive socialist and will stop at nothing (see Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky) to “transform America” to that form of tyrannical misery. To give him a pass on this, because he “means well”, is similar to advocating the bleeding of sick patients because they have high fevers. Similarly; progressivism, socialism, and communism are ignorant treatments that kill the patient.

My readings inform me this is practice of dispensing largess to gain political power and control dates back to the oldest of recorded times.

Friedman argues that this is one of the factors that limits successful sociocultures to lives not much longer than 150 to 200 years, before their decline.

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.

You must watch this video and send it to everyone you know and care about.

Tom Mawhinney,  5/19/13

P.S., Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this important video to me.

Sex Problems in the Military: I Told You So #3

May 18, 2013

Sex Problems in the Military: I Told You So #3

As a psychologist in training, I was taught that there is no such thing as human nature.

Well, my teachers were wrong in an important way.

While they are correct that an assessment of the forms that human behavior, around the world, reveals amazing variability, psychological principles and the basic biology of homosapiens rule.

It is in the predictable nature of known interactions of these psychological principles and our biological tendencies, that human nature manifests itself.

In past blogs, I have strenuously objected to mixing the sexes on board ships, submarines, in close combat, and in training facilities, etc. I hope you will read some of these blogs to see my logic and the trouble for our military and our society that I predicted.

It was against our human nature to do so without big trouble.

U.S. Military Criticized About Sex Cases

Well, who would have ever imagined that? Sexual misconduct in the military!

It does not take a Ph.D. in psychology to understand and predict the results of putting women with horny young men under close-quarter, high stress conditions like intense combat zones, on Naval surface ships, and in submarines. Who on earth would be surprise by the occurrence of cases of sexual harassment (and allegations of same), consensual sex and actual pregnancies) as well as actual rapes. Also, throw flagrantly gay/lesbians into the thick fog of estrogen and androgen and what do you think will happen?

In an Associated Press article, published in the South Bend (In) Tribune on March 14, 2013, Donna Cassata and Richard Lardner documented the perfectly predictable outcome of our newly hetero/homo sexualized American Military.

Why do you think that historically, our military has worked to keep its women and men reasonably isolated from one another? Also, why do you think our military has also excluded professed homosexuals from its ranks, male and female.

The following quote is from the March 14th article:

“In a stinging rebuke of the military’s efforts to curb sexual assault, members of the Senate panel hammered Defense Department officials on Wednesday for making too little progress in combating the crimes and failing to improve a military justice system that victims describe a s slow ind uncaring.”

Amid Federal cuts to our military budgets, comes the irate insistence that we wage war on two, perhaps soon to be three or four fronts…maybe the world!

And now comes the following:

“What we need is a military with a fair and impartial criminal justice system, one that is run by professional and legal experts, not unit commanders,” said sergeant Rebekha Haverilla who was reported to have been raped while in the Army.

I certainly wish justice for Ms. Haverilla. But, her tragedy does not mask the fact that America is electing to maladaptively create a plethora of citizen and military behavior problems and then make debilitating sacrifices to generate solutions to the self-manufactured conduct problems, that are unlikely work.

As a Nation, we are defeating ourselves on many fronts. This particular self-defeat involves taking the greatest military machine in the world, designed to destroy our enemies, and warping it into a giant feckless “tail-chase” of military hetero/homo sexual legal cases.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 3/17/13

Women In Combat: It’s Hard To Be Me!

Ok, I am 70 yrs. old and I don’t fit-in to our “progressive culture” anymore. It would be easy to accuse me of being an old fogey, deeply entrenched in the culture of the 1940′s and 50′s, mindlessly stuck in the past and unable accept change.

I will agree with the latter assertion, but not the former one. I crave change in America that works. Change that is not maladaptive and self-destructive to our collective ability to live long and well. I deplore cultural metapsychopathology.

In the past, I have argued against openly homosexual men and women (I will not use the cute pop term “gay”) in the our military . I have also argued against placing women on submarines (having been a submariner, I will assert an intimate understanding of the trouble that this will cause). I hope you will search my blog archives to evaluate my arguments, I can assure you they are based upon much more than longings for “the old days”, though I confess to having some.

Now comes women in combat. By that I do not mean support of those in combat. I mean hand-to-hand, slit his throat, gouge his eyes out, over-power and kill him with your bare hands kinds of combat. I mean sleep, piss, shit, fart and vomit in bunkers or foxholes with men. Or sleeping “back to back and belly to belly”, with men in the dark of long and stressful nights, etc., etc..

As a psychologist, my job is to help people cope effectively with reality. Unfortunately many people will simply not come under the control of reality and they are simply beyond help. The same appears to be true of our Modern American culture, with its approximately 4.5 million of citizens.

I am reminded of the old joke: “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?…Only one, but the light bulb has got to want to change!”

Please, on this issue of women in combat, beware of the progressive politicians who pander to feminist action groups for votes. Also, beware of the military spokespersons whose next promotion depends upon their support of the “party line”.

Please read the following short article by Linda Chavez. In my judgement (not sentiment) she is very reality based in her description of the self-inflicted harms that will come to our military when it recruits women for close combat missions.

An important fact that is not mentioned in Chavez’ article is that women are more prone to be afflicted with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than men. The following article about the special problems of PTSD in female combatants is very long. If you will open the article and scroll down to page 335 (it is just several pages), the second paragraph through the first two paragraphs of page 336, you will understand the essence of this problem. This is information that our progressive leaders and feminists do not want you to know. Why would I assume this? It is common knowledge among mental health professionals, but we have not heard any mention of female combatant’s special sensitivity to PTSD from our progressive friends in politics or the media.

Consider this. If high percentages of our males return from war with debilitating symptoms of PTSD and a greater proportion of our females return from war with debilitating symptoms of PTSD, how does that impact the mental health of their children…America’s future. Remember, females still provide the majority of care for our children during their most formative years.

Politics aside, please, do you really think that females in close combat is good for America and its long-term viability?

VTM, 1/25/12


If you have had the perseverance to read all of the above, perhaps you are a glutton for I am.

Please click on the link below in order to confirm the problems that have now “blown-up” in the faces of Obama’s “progressive” government and its boot-licking military leaders. We will all now suffer the, energy, money, and fighting preparedness losses to our military that only fools and rank idealogues would fail to predict.

Wake-up America!

VTM, 5/18/13

P.S., Wait till you see what is coming as a result of admitting “practicing” homosexuals into the military.

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