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Pearl Harbor: 2021

December 7, 2021

It is essential to remember the trauma suffered when the Japanese savagely bombed our, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Naval Base on December 7,1941.

Younger generations may wonder why this event is so important that America memorializes it every year on this that day: “A day which will live in infamy!”, as FDR stated it. After all, it happened 80 years ago.

In a “historical blink” it soon will be 100 years ago!

This horrific event killed 2,336 of America’s finest soldiers, marines and sailors. 1,143 civilians were wounded. The of pain of this tragedy still lingers for countless Americans and their families.

This event plunged America into World War II. A war that cost America the deaths of 405,399 of our precious fighting forces to win. Freedom, wherever it existed around the world and, certainly in America, hung in the balance of our (and our allies) victories in Europe and Japan.

However, the reason’s that we solemnly remember that fateful date should include more than those mentioned above.

We had better believe that something similar to Pearl Harbor, perhaps soon and much greater, will happen again to America, and we damn-well better be prepared!

Today our weak President Biden is conferencing with Russia’s very strong President Putin who is poised to attack Ukraine. Biden will try to persuade Putin not to do that.

China is attacking our satellites, our military, intellectual property and governmental secrets through espionage and computer hackings. It is building a superior military, forbidding the use of international waters, building islands in international waters, it has developed intercontinental hypersonic missiles (that we have no defense for) and is threatening to invade Taiwan.

North Korea (a nuclear power) is developing and testing its intercontinental missiles. Following our disgraceful, poorly planned, military pull-out, radical Islamic Jihadists in Afghanistan will almost certainly again launch terrorist attacks on us within the near future. The Biden administration’s wide-open border policy will facilitate these terror initiatives.

Iran, that funds Islamic terrorism around the world, is making steady progress towards developing nuclear weapons and plainly states it will destroy Israel, our ally in the Middle East.

All of this is now happening at a time that we are in the midst of an American Socialist Revolution, perpetrated by corrupt governmental political and deep-state operatives, as well as internal and external billionaires who are funding this socially and culturally destructive juggernaut.

A Roman General once said: “If you want peace, prepare for war!”

Wake-Up America! Are you ready?!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/7/21

Biden’s Cognitive Decline: The Key to America’s Ongoing Marxist Revolution

February 27, 2021

As much as I despise what the democrats are doing to further the Marxist Socialist/Communist Revolution in America, I take no pleasure in documenting President Biden’s obvious cognitive decline in 2020. Sadly, his decline will weaken.

Though I try to find a little humor in my own age-related cognitive changes, I will never make-fun-of what is happening to anyone who is suffering more severe problems as a result of age-related dementia. As a practicing psychologist, I frequently work to help  people and their families cope with problems of dementia. Also, I have gone through the pain of deaths due to the outcomes of end stage dementias.

At 79 years of age, I am very aware that my own verbal fluency is not as good as it once was. The same goes for my occasional challenges to quickly access words stored in my long-term memory. Furthermore, I cannot memorize some things as easily as I did, even a decade ago. 

Psychologists know that these things are likely to be examples of normal age-related cognitive decline. People are different and do not experience cognitive decline at the same rates. Some remain remarkably sharp, some decline slowly and some decline more rapidly. Some people suffer rapid cognitive declines starting at different times during their aging process.

There are a number of causes of dementia. Dementia can be defined as: “As a general term for loss of memory, language, problem solving and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life”

Now, the following is some “reality therapy” for every American who reads this blog.   

Socialist/Communist Vice President Kamala Harris will very likely become America’s new President and Commander in Chief within the next four years. She will then appoint her Vice President who must be confirmed by the majority of both houses. You can bet that she will attempt to partner with someone who shares her political philosophy.

The groundwork for this planned process is well underway. Democrats have started to complain about President Biden’s mental state and have recently begun to mistrust his ability to make decisions about using America’s nuclear arsenals responsibly. The liberal news stations are covering this and “Saturday Night Live” is making jokes at President Biden’s expense. This is just the beginning.

I judge that we are experiencing the beginning of a carefully planned and executed American Marxist Revolution, perpetrated by the Democrat Party, with the assistance of external socialist/communist states and internal “Deep State” operatives.

Please see the following video that substantiates President Biden’s state of cognitive decline in 2020. It will only get worse.

I regret the goof-ball jerk that spew’s snarky comments during this montage of candidate Biden’s many failures to organize and articulate his thoughts during his Presidential Campaign. My problem is that I did not find more clear examples of his cognitive problems all in one package, and I am unable to edit this buffoon out of the sequence.

It is essential that I present this reality of what will become a tragedy for America. Please try to ignore the child-like commentator.   

We should feel sad for Mr. Biden and and fearful for America.

For critics who may dismiss this post as the work of a conspiracy “nut”: Recall that starting in President Obama’s candidacy, and till this day, his goal has been to “Transform America”!

Also, you are not paranoid if they’re really are out to get ya!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D, 2/26/25


Tucker on “President Kamala Harris”!

October 17, 2020

Tucker on “President Kamala Harris”!

You may think this title is a spoof, but it is not. 

Presidential Candidate Biden is cognitively incapable of performing the fiendishly complex tasks of President of The United States. 

In the background, the deeply corrupted; lying, cheating, Marxist, democrat party is already preparing to remove Biden from office. To do this, if Biden is Elected President, they will use the 25th Amendment of our Constitution, to replace him with Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Her is the proof of the democrat strategy to “transform” America. Speaker Pelosi is on video record laying out this plan and even  states, “this is not about President Trump”. Please see this video.

Now, please see Section 3 and 4 of the 25th Constitutional Amendment. 

Once this bait-and-switch scheme is complete,  America’s precipitous decline will be shaped by socialist President Kamala Harris, an avowed socialist even more radical than the rejected radical socialist, Bernie Sanders. 

The radical Marxist Left will then, at long last, have achieved the control of America’s government they have sought since the 1920’s.

A vote for Joe Biden is actually a vote for socialist Kamala Harris!

Wake-Up America! 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/17/20 


Into The Darkness

March 6, 2020

Into The Darkness

She had walked about three miles in the dark and was lost for a time before she found my office. It was cold and sprinkling rain as she walked through the “wrong side of town” to seek my help. Her journey took her through tough streets where rapes, robberies and gang shootings happen all too often.

She was a very slight waif of a young woman and she hid in an over-sized hooded sweat shirt, her head and face were well recessed into the protection of that dark hood. She had withdrawn from the world around her.

I expressed my concern that she had walked at night through a dangerous area of our city. She said that she wasn’t afraid because when she “walks at night no one can see her”. She sat in my room with her head bent down and the hood making it impossible for me to see her face, unless I bent low from my chair to look into its recesses. There I saw an expressionless mask with wide eyes that gazed at the floor.

With my hearing aids on their highest setting, I strained to hear her voice. At times she made sense, but often she did not. She said that she wanted to get better and to be normal. She said that she used to cut herself and that she had tried suicide many times. She said that she had been in mental hospitals frequently and that she was afraid of those places.  She said that she is always nervous and can not come out of her house during the day and that she gets confused and scared and wants to feel better. At times she was whispering. I asked if she was hearing voices: She said “yes, but there are many voices talking at the same time and I can’t make out what they are saying”.

My heart sunk and I felt a little sick as I told the lady that she appeared to be suffering from schizophrenia. I said that I could not help her through counseling until she was on anti-psychotic medication. Her voice became louder and very firm as she stated that she was not crazy and did not need any medication: “I just needed someone to talk to”.

I tried to explain that it would be unethical for me to provide-long term counseling to her for a condition that required medication before counseling would be any benefit. I told her I could not participate in prolonging her illness that was harming her. She began to mumble about cutting herself and she fumbled in her purse for something: I was fearful she was looking for a knife.

It was a tattered intake form that she had meticulously filled out and brought to give to our receptionist. She continued to slouch within her hooded sweat shirt as she shuffled slowly from my office. She lingered near the reception desk for a time and finally walked out the front door into the dark, cold, and rainy night.

I normally do not loose sleep over my client’s problems. However, I did not sleep well that night and I cannot get visions of this poor and pathetic young woman of my mind.

Both the poor lady and I were caught in the results of a terrible mistake that America made following the discovery of anti-psychotic medications in the 1950’s. At that time close to six hundred thousand patients were confined in public mental institutions. The new anti-psychotic medications frequently ( but not always) helped to control the active symptoms of many forms of psychosis. However, the medications did not cure the conditions, which were prone to return when the patients encountered stressful conditions, and  with near certainty if they had stopped taking their medications.

During the 1960’s, in the name of “humane treatment of mental patients”, the U.S and other nations began the process of letting these patients out of hospitals. This process has been called deinstitutionalization. By the year 2001 there were less than 60,000 patients confined to mental hospitals on any one day. Also, strict patient’s rights laws were past by our federal government forbidding the hospitalization of mental patients against their will, unless they were a clear a danger to themselves or others. This led to the insane practice of letting severely mentally ill citizens being given the choice to be hospitalized or not.  In other words, people who were not in contact with reality were (and are) being asked if they think they need to be hospitalized: tragically their answer is very often: No!

This has led to the increase in the social horrors which we all plainly see, such as mass murders in our schools, or killings and attempted killings of high profile entertainers and even U.S. presidents and others, by people who are very severely mentally ill.

Just as painful to see,  are the severely mentally ill who are cold and starving in the streets, who seek shelter under bridges and train trestles, or in boxes and other make-shift shelters all over America.

I will never forget a documentary I watched showing mental health workers putting sandwiches on a bench in a city park hoping that a starving psychotic man, who thought people were trying to poison him, would finally eat. As often is the case, the man ran away from them and would not talk to them. No one had the power take him to a safe environment where he could have been medicated, and cared for. My perception was of a cultural practice, which is as psychotic as the starving man who though it was t“trying to poison” him.

One final thought. The psychotic woman who I could not help and who walked out into the darkness from my office, had told me she had two children.

Think about this: schizophrenia is a biogentically-based mental disease that is heritable. After deinstitutionalization in America, the reproductive rate of schizophrenics came to approximate that of the rest of the population. Therefore, we should realize that serious mental illness has been growing in proportion within our population. This sector of our population has exponentially increased America’s homelessness problem. Furthermore, the children of schizophrenics are at greater risk of that and other psychological disorders.  

The truth is that there is nothing humane about the way we treat hour severely mentally ill citizens–and/or their children. I see our treatment of these suffering people as being negligent and abusive and I see the true motive for this abuse as being financial in nature. Deinstitutionalization saves money in the short-term, pure and simple.

This is another example of America’s short-term avoidance of short-term expenses and trouble, at the expense of long-term self-abusive and destructive outcomes.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/30/09, now 3/6/20

P.S. I am republishing this writing now, in 2020, as countless hundreds of thousands of people are living in boxes and make-shift tents on the streets of America’s formerly great and beautiful cities, now bastions of grotesquely liberal-leftist administrations.

It is estimated that there are approximately 500,000 thousand of people in America homeless each night. How many are actually living on the our streets is very hard to estimate. 



Islam Stoning Gays

March 27, 2019

Islam Stoning Gays.

President Trump’s plan to “closely vet” immigrants from Islamic countries is a very rational decision. 

The more’s, folkways and values that prevail in nearly all, if not all, Islamic nations are absolutely incompatible with those of America and all of Western Civilization. Among the belief and behavioral incompatibilities are a large percentage of Islamic immigrants who  champion Sharia Law rather than the laws of the receiving culture.

Sharia law includes genital mutilation, “marriage” of adults to children, arranged “marriages”, and “honor” killings within families, and many other “laws” that violently clash with those of Western Civilization. See the article below for more of the horrors of Islamic Sharia Law.

Furthermore, a great number of immigrants from Islamic nations are proven, around the world, to be highly resistant to acculturation within Western Civilization. Rather, they conduct violent Jihad, or political Jihad, in an attempt to transform the receiving cultures into Islamic cultures.

Wake-Up America…do your research.

See the following for additional proof of the need for very, very close vetting of all Islamic immigrants.

Furthermore, it is absolutely essential to completely block all immigration from Islamic countries that are similar to Brunei.

America, defend yourself against Islamic Jihad, or suffer death by immigration.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/27/19

“Don’t Cry For Me: America”!

February 5, 2019

Don’t Cry For Me: America”!

Leftist-Democrats are poised to destroy America, just as socialists did Argentina, Venezuela, and many more country’s.

Wake-Up America!

How Islam Takes Over Nations

January 5, 2019

How Islam Takes Over Nations.

I have warned my readers about this problem for years.

Of course there are very nice and peaceful Muslims.

But, en-mass the documented goal and methodology is to progressively transform the countries, to which they immigrate, to Islamic states.

Many Muslims are now in America’s political system or are domestic political activists. 

The Islamification of America is well underway.

Activism and politics

Former UN ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad with President George W. Bush at the White House

We now have four Muslims in Congress.

Two of these are Keith Maurice Ellison, (Dem. Minn.) and Andre Carson, (Dem. Ind.). Both Ellison and Carson have railed against President Trumps attempts to temporarily shut down immigration from Islamic terrorist centers in the world in order to design an “extreme vetting” program for immigrants to America. Both these men have called President Trump a Muslim Hater.

New Muslim Congresswoman, IIhan Omar, advocated the wearing of head covers on the House floor and it was approved. She will therefor be the first to wear a head cover (the Muslim hijab) in the House, in 181 years. She has also stated: “I look forward to the day we lift the Muslim ban separating Muslims all over the U.S. from loved ones”.

New Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tliab was recently shown on television screaming her answer to her son, who reportedly said, “Mama, look, you won. Bullies don’t win.” She then screamed on video, “’Baby, they don’t.’ Because we’re gonna go in there, we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker!”

Now please learn the following information about how Islam is attempting to transform America. This is not a long video and it contains vital information for your consideration.

America, you had better wake-up.

 V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/5/19

A Religion of Peace: Not!

December 3, 2018

A Religion of Peace: Not!

Please give this some thought.

What do you think the Muslim terrorist threats will do to officials, the people of New York City and America; given the murderous threats they have made to the New Years Eve celebration there? 

The fear, stress, needed security and emergency personnel; as well as organizational and financial costs caused by Muslim terrorist threats of sniper fire and explosive devices are overwhelming. They can be ruinous to the New York economy and increase the damage to all of America.

The Muslim terrorists know this is so whether the threats come true or not!

Just think about it…  

Know that we are at war with Muslim terrorists and also in danger of war with North Korea, China, Russia and Iran. Such a war could easily eclipse any war in history as it rapidly expanded in scope, depending upon numerous other countries that could ally with any of these nations.

To make matters worse, America’s traditional allies in Europe have been badly weakened by uncontrolled Islamic immigration and socialism; as well as economic, cultural and spiritual decline. They will be unable to help America as they did during previous wars.

America must now have very tough conservative leadership at all levels of government. They must support unflinching negotiations with our enemies from positions of superior military power and a willingness to mercilessly destroy any enemy if negotiations fail. 

If American weak leadership allows rogue nations to gain nuclear weapons, our loved ones and all of America will suffer hell on earth.

ISIS, other Muslim terrorist groups, and other hostile nations know that they can weaken, “transform” and defeat America by financially and spiritually draining us over whatever length of time it takes.

Wake-Up America! We are in grave peril.

Here is just a sample of what is to come.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/3/18

Shame on America!

August 27, 2018

Wake-Up America!

Shame on America for not teaching our children and young adults that IT has done more great things for its citizens and the world than any other nation on earth.

Yes, America is a work-in-progress; but our historical and current imperfections must be put in context and in perspective.

Way too many of our children and young adults are pathetically ignorant about America’s stunning accomplishments in just over 242 years. 

A great many of our children and young adults know little-to-nothing about the Revolutionary war,  the War of 1812, our Civil War, the Emancipation of Slaves, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Civil Rights revolution of the 1960’s, the Cold War and the Viet Nam War. Also, they know little-to-nothing about the meaning of Memorial Day, the meaning of the Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day. America’s young adults know little-to-nothing about the advantages of Capitalism; or the murderous mass killings, famines and economic failures of Socialists, Communists and Dictatorships…and so much more.

Our government, families, schools and our media have been failing to teach the wonderful things that America has done to improve the lives of countless millions within our borders and billions of people around the world. We have been failing for decades!

Nations that do not teach their children about the good and noble things that their evolving ways-of-life have achieved, the great (even mortal) sacrifices of its past citizens, and the terrible things that our enemies have done (and continue to try to do), will suffer a fate worse than the death of its individual citizens.

They will suffer the death of their cultures and their civilizations.

Wake-Up America! We we are approaching the point of no return.

Now, shame on America for this!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 8/27/18

Little-Step by Little-step: “Islamization of America’s Schools”!

July 16, 2018

Little-Step by Little-step: “Islamization of America’s Schools”!

Stunning examples of Conquest-by-Immigration is on display if we choose to look at Europe and around the world. Just as importantly, this well-known transformational process is as old as the history of evolving cultures on earth.

America, you had better wake-Up!

Too few American citizens pay attention to what is happening in Europe and elsewhere.  Tragically, many countries have allowed, even welcomed, hordes of culture-transforming Islamist’s to migrate across their borders.

What then happens is a large percent of these Muslims tend to settle in ghettos, resist assimilation, out-reproduce the indigenous population, behave in lawless ways, attack and sexually molest residents, insist upon the acceptance of their cultural precepts and rules, and work to gain a political foothold in their host nation. They conveniently use the cultures’ own laws that bolster freedom in these countries to gain political power and influence in that culture’s redesign.

Some of these Islamist’s then reek holy hell, with bloody terror attacks upon their host cultures.

There is much you need to know about the spread of Islam via both stealth and violent Jihad.

Now please visit Robert Spencer’s Here you will find a detailed running account of Islamic misdeeds unremittingly perpetrated around the world.  Robert Spencer is a very well-known expert on these matters and has now published an important pamphlet on how Islam is transforming America’s public schools.

To avoid the fate of so many other nations, Americans must now educate themselves about this threat to our Constitutional Republic…and vote accordingly!

Please buy and read:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 7/16/18

Note: I have no proprietary connection with, and gain no monetary benefit from, the sale of any of Mr. Spencer’s products. My only motivation is to insure America’s long-term survival and prosperity.

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