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Don’t Cry For Me Argentina…..Venezuela or America!

October 31, 2016

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina…..Venezuela or America!

The political, economic, social, behavioral and spiritual principles that mediate cultural disasters do not change.

When generation after generation falls for the same old themes: Social Justice, Economic Equality, and Democratic Socialism: The following is what happens.

The cultures die a slow and agonizing death! This is exactly what happened to Argentina, it is now happening to Venezuela, and it will continue to  happen to America if we do not return to our founding principles codified in the Constitution of The United Sates of America.

Watch this video,  send it to everyone you know and then vote accordingly!

Thanks to Vic Palenske for sending this to me.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/31/16


Democratic Socialism: A Time-Bomb in America!

October 31, 2016

Democratic Socialism: A Time-Bomb in America!

There’s a real “boogyman” in your American Closet! It is the rise of Democratic Socialism among the electorate.

No kidding! This Boogyman will actually kill America and all of your (and your loved one’s) dreams for the future.

It may take some courage to see the following, but you simply must. Then send it to everyone you know!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/31/16

Trump’s Contract With America!

October 30, 2016

Trump’s Contract With America!
Thanks to patriot Lee Hornack for sending this to me.
If you are a patriotic Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian the following document has not been presented for your evaluation by the main-stream media. 
I believe that an objective analysis of this document will reveal that it can begin to turn-the-tide against a great many of the political, economic and social factors that are driving Americas epic and swift decline.
I beg you to  study this contract and then, please forward it to everyone you know!
V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/30/16


As usual this event was not covered by the liberal media and his contract cannot be found in the major newspapers.  Here is Donald Trump’s pledge to the American people:
What follows is my 100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.  It is a contract between myself and the American voter – and begins with restoring honesty, accountability and change to Washington  
Therefore, on the first day of my term of office, my administration will immediately pursue the following six measures to clean up the corruption and special interest collusion in Washington, DC: 
●       FIRST, propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress; 
●       SECOND, a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health); 
●       THIRD, a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated; 
●       FOURTH, a 5 year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service;  
●       FIFTH, a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government; 
●       SIXTH, a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections. 
On the same day, I will begin taking the following 7 actions to protect American workers: 
•        FIRST, I will announce my intention to renegotiate NAFTA or withdraw from the deal under Article 2205  
•        SECOND, I will announce our withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
•        THIRD, I will direct my Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator
•        FOURTH, I will direct the Secretary of Commerce and U.S. Trade Representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately
•        FIFTH, I will lift the restrictions on the production of $50 trillion dollars’ worth of jobproducing American energy reserves, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.
•        SIXTH, lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward
•        SEVENTH, cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure  
Additionally, on the first day, I will take the following five actions to restore security and the constitutional rule of law: 
•        FIRST, cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama 
•        SECOND, begin the process of selecting a replacement for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list, who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States
•        THIRD, cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities
•        FOURTH, begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back
•        FIFTH, suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur.  All vetting of people coming into our country will be considered extreme vetting.
Next, I will work with Congress to introduce the following broader legislative measures and fight for their passage within the first 100 days of my Administration: 
1.    Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act. An economic plan designed to grow the economy 4% per year and create at least 25 million new jobs through massive tax reduction and simplification, in combination with trade reform, regulatory relief, and lifting the restrictions on American energy.  The largest tax reductions are for the middle class. A middle-class family with 2 children will get a 35% tax cut.  The current number of brackets will be reduced from 7 to 3, and tax forms will likewise be greatly simplified.   The business rate will be lowered from 35 to 15 percent, and the trillions of dollars of American corporate money overseas can now be brought back at a 10 percent rate. 
2.    End The Offshoring Act Establishes tariffs to discourage companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the U.S. tax-free. 
1.      American Energy & Infrastructure Act.  Leverages public-private partnerships, and private investments through tax incentives, to spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years.  It is revenue neutral. 
2.      School Choice And Education Opportunity Act. Redirects education dollars to gives parents the right to send their kid to the public, private, charter, magnet, religious or home school of their choice.  Ends common core, brings education supervision to local communities.  It expands vocational and technical education, and make 2 and 4-year college more affordable. 
3.      Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act. Fully repeals Obamacare and replaces it with Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and lets states manage Medicaid funds.  Reforms will also include cutting the red tape at the FDA: there are over 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, and we especially want to speed the approval of life-saving medications. 
4.      Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act. Allows Americans to deduct childcare and elder care from their taxes, incentivizes employers to provide on-side childcare services, and creates tax-free Dependent Care Savings Accounts for both young and elderly dependents, with matching contributions for low-income families. 
5.      End Illegal Immigration Act  Fully-funds the construction of a wall on our southern border with the full understanding that the country Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such wall; establishes a 2-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for illegally re-entering the U.S. after a previous deportation, and a 5-year mandatory minimum for illegally re-entering for those with felony convictions, multiple misdemeanor convictions or two or more prior deportations; also reforms visa rules to enhance penalties for overstaying and to ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first. 
6.      Restoring Community Safety Act.  Reduces surging crime, drugs and violence by creating a Task Force On Violent Crime and increasing funding for programs that train and assist local police; increases resources for federal law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to dismantle criminal gangs and put violent offenders behind bars. 
7.      Restoring National Security Act. Rebuilds our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expanding military investment; provides Veterans with the ability to receive public VA treatment or attend the private doctor of their choice; protects our vital infrastructure from cyber-attack; establishes new screening procedures for immigration to ensure those who are admitted to our country support our people and our values 
8.      Clean up Corruption in Washington Act. Enacts new ethics reforms to Drain the Swamp and reduce the corrupting influence of special interests on our politics. 
On November 8th, Americans will be voting for this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our economy, security to our communities, and honesty to our government. 
This is my pledge to you…… 
And if we follow these steps, we will once more have a government of, by and for the people. 


Hillary Backs Dirty TPP Deal: More Freedom Lost!

October 30, 2016

Hillary Backs Dirty TPP Deal: More Freedom Lost!

Crooked Hillary and this Dirtiest trade deal is just another of countless reasons America is doomed if our electorate is dumb enough, or crooked enough, to voter her in.

Many young people have never heard the old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Hillary and her compatriots all “flock together” and they are corrupt. They are all not “looking-out for America, they are looking out for their themselves and their conspirators!

Vote for Trump who hates and will stop this totalitarian “World Government” America enslaving deal.

Please study the following short video to learn how we have been covertly screwed again by the democrats.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/30/16

Horrifying Corruption in American Politics!

October 28, 2016

Horrifying Corruption in American Politics!

Julian Assange is someone who I once thought was one of America’s enemies!

Upon further study, it would appear that he is an amazing hero who merits a Special Presidential Award for uncovering the terrifying political corruption that is now rapidly destroying our America.

First of course, America will have to elect an un-corrupted President and Congress. This is the great challenge of this moment. Without Jullian Assange, this would seem to be an impossibility. The Democrats, and likely many Republicans, are now guilty of nefarious covert operations designed to subvert democracy in America.

It is essential that all Americans see the following video documenting the criminal activity that the DNC has unleashed upon Candidate Trump in order to insure that Hillary Clinton wins the upcoming Presidential Election. All of it is pure evil personified.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/28/16

Thanks to patriot Chuck Carpenter for me sending a very large Wikileaks Expose’ on the hidden, but rampant corruption in American politics.

I will be publishing much more of this information in the days leading up to our Presidential Election.


Immigrants! Vote Against What You Fled”!

October 25, 2016

Immigrants! Vote Against What You Fled”!

The following is a very truthful appeal to immigrants in America to protect their own best interests.

If you are an immigrant it is in your (and your loved ones) best interests to watch this short video.

It will help ensure your chances of great success in America!

Note that a Spanish version of this video is also available at the address below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/25/16

Election 2016: America’s Moral Reality-Check

October 24, 2016

Election 2016: America’s Moral Reality-Check

We had better pray that America selects the lesser of two evils in its 2016 Presidential Election.

With regard to moral conduct, there is no contest: Though no angel, Trump is massively preferable to Hillary. Please read the following short article to see why this is true.

In a democracy, the people get exactly what they deserve. If we elect a corrupt, lying, cheating, criminal  President; this will be a reflection of what America has now become.

The lesser of two evils but is a step in the right direction. But, it is an essential step to avoid catastrophe.

Never-mind the two third-party candidates, a vote for them is a vote for the most  corrupt of the two main candidates. It will be a vote for rampant socialism and an end to historical America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/24/16

America with President Hillary

October 23, 2016

America with President Hillary

The following article is a short one. I am certain that it predicts Hillary’s America accurately.

Patriots should take just a few minutes to read it. If you do not agree, then I expect you will probably vote for the American future that is predicted below.

Then, America’s future cannot be anything other than what has happened over the past years. But everything we have  experienced over the past eight years will be more intensified because the past will have continued for at least four more years….and Hillary is poised to double down on Obama’s destructive actions.

Worst of all, if you will only think about the external and internal lethal forces poised to attack us, you can easily perceive even more catastrophic events that are likely in the near future. 

It is time to think very carefully about the past and future consequences of our own voting patterns and the resulting political actions of our representatives.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/23/16

Trump’s Amazing Gettysburg Address: How To Save America!

October 22, 2016

Trump’s Amazing Gettysburg Address: Saving America!

Many of America’s Past Presidents were flawed individuals. I will grant you that Donald Trump at times can be crude and full of himself. He is no Saint. But, he IS a hard-driven massively energetic sucessful patriot…and he sure as hell knows how to get things done.

America’s very survival is obviously on the line. If you have been paying attention it is impossible to miss the rapidly declining conditions of America’s debased civics and population conflict, our massive educational failure, our pre-WWII lack of military preparedness, our dying economy; and last but not least, the Russian, Islamic, and illegal immigration threats to our very sovereignty.

If you are aware of all of this, and more, you must know that America is now in a death spiral.

More of Obama-like Presidential actions in the form of his prote’ge’, Hillary Clinton, will destroy us.

Please watch Donald Trump’s epic Gettysburg Address in which he presents the many absolutely essential specific details of his plan to Save America. You may or may not agree, but it is essential that all American patriots consider this plan.

In my opinion every single objective that he presents is exactly what must to be done to save and revitalize America.

Please, try to bring an open mind as you watch Trump’s Gettysburg Address in its entirety.  I think you will be astonished by the power of this man’s common sense plans.

Then, please send this address to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/22/16

“We Are The Last Ones”

October 18, 2016

We Are The Last Ones
  I want to thank Rich and Norma Carpenter and Lee Hornack for sending me this wonderfully written memoir on the “Children of the Greatest Generation”.
  What follows is the truth about a time when growing-up in America was truly a great experience.
  My wife (Sally Louise) and I are two of the “Last Ones” and we have been so very blessed as a result.
  This little masterpiece needs no further commentary by me.
V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/18/16
Children of “The Greatest Generation”: A Short Memoir
Born in the 1930s and early 40s, we exist as a very special age cohort. We are the Silent Generation. We are the smallest number of children born since the early 1900s. We are the “last ones.”
We are the last generation, climbing out of the depression, who can remember the winds of war and the impact of a world at war. which rattled the structure of our daily lives for years. We are the last to remember ration books for everything from gas to sugar to shoes to stoves. We saved tin foil and poured fat into tin cans. We hand mixed ’white stuff’ with ‘yellow stuff’ to make fake butter. We saw cars up on blocks because tires weren’t available. We can remember milk being delivered to our house early in the morning and placed in the “milk box” on the porch.  (A friend’s mother delivered milk in a horse drawn cart.)
We are the last to hear Roosevelt’s radio assurances and to see gold stars in the front windows of our grieving neighbors. We can also remember the parades on August 15, 1945; VJ Day. We saw the ‘boys’ home from the war build their Cape Cod style houses, pouring the cellar, tar papering it over and living there until they could afford the time and money to build it out.
We are the last generation who spent childhood without television; instead we imagined what we heard on the radio. As we all like to brag, with no TV, we spent our childhood “playing outside until the street lights came on.” We did play outside and we did play on our own. There was no little league. There was no city playground for kids. 
The lack of television in our early years meant, for most of us, that we had little real understanding of what the world was like, but stamp collecting helped us know more about the World. Our Saturday afternoons, if at the movies, gave us newsreels of the war and the holocaust sandwiched in between westerns and cartoons.
Telephones were one to a house, often a shared “party line” with our neighbors and hung on the wall. Computers were called calculators and were hand cranked; typewriters were driven by pounding fingers, throwing the carriage, and changing the ink. ‘Internet’ and ‘GOOGLE’ were words that didn’t exist. Newspapers and magazines were written for adults. We are the last group who had to find things out for ourselves.
As we grew up, the country was exploding with growth. The G.I. Bill gave returning veterans from World War II the means to get an education, and spurred colleges to grow. VA loans to veterans fanned a housing boom. Pent up demand from the war, coupled with new installment payment plans, put factories to work. New highways would bring jobs and mobility. The veterans joined civic clubs and became active in politics.
In the late 40’s and early 50’s the country seemed to lie in the embrace of brisk but quiet order, as it gave birth to its new middle class (which became known as ‘Baby Boomers’). The radio network expanded from 3 stations to thousands of stations. The telephone started to become a common method of communications, and “Faxes” sent hard copies around the world. Our parents were suddenly free from the confines of the depression and the war, and they threw themselves into exploring opportunities they had never imagined.
We weren’t neglected but we weren’t today’s all-consuming family focus. Our parents were glad we played by ourselves ‘until the street lights came on.’ They were busy discovering the post war world.
Most of us had no life plan, but with the unexpected virtue of ignorance and an economic rising tide, we simply stepped into the world and started to find out what it was about. We entered a world of overflowing plenty and opportunity; a world where we were welcomed. Based on our naïve belief that there was more where this came from, we shaped life as we went. We enjoyed a luxury: we felt secure in our future.
Of course, just as today, not all Americans shared in this experience. Depression poverty was deep rooted, and discrimination was alive. Polio was still a crippler. The Korean War was a dark presage in the early 50’s, and by mid-decade school children were ducking under desks to learn how to “escape” atomic bombs. Russia built the “Iron Curtain” and China became Red China. President Eisenhower sent the first ‘advisors’ to Vietnam; and years later President Johnson invented a war there. Castro set up camp in Cuba, and Khrushchev came to power in Russia.
We are the last generation to experience an interlude when there were no existential threats to our homeland. We came of age in the 40’s and early 50’s. The World War was over, and the cold war, terrorism, the assassinations of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, civil rights, technological upheaval, “global warming”, and perpetual economic insecurity had yet to haunt life with insistent unease.
Only our generation can remember both a time of apocalyptic war and a time when our world was secure and full of bright promise and plenty. We have lived through both.
We grew up at a time when the world was getting better, not worse. The last of us were born in 1943, more than 99% of us are either retired or dead; and all of us believed we grew up in the best of times!
We are the Silent Generation –  ‘the last ones.’
Author unknown

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