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LGBTQ Mass Hysteria: Sorry for The Dirty Pictures…Hide the Children!

March 31, 2017

LGBTQ Mass Hysteria: Sorry for The Dirty Pictures…Hide the Children!

I should not assume that every one knows what these letters stand for. They mean Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. This is the acronym developed by this consortium of political action groups: A cute and catchy way to represent themselves and their once unpopular social and cultural initiatives.

In my last blog on LGBTQ recruiting the any and all “impressionables” to their interests and life-styles, I noted that psychosexual development in humans is fluid during childhood, adolescence and even into young adulthood (for some). This means that individuals’ sexual identity, preferences, or so-called “orientations”, are open to significant influence by various forms of social conditioning and learning.

Therefore, the stuff I am concerned about is not a gay or lesbian person, or a loving couple, who should be treated with civility and most equal opportunities, it is the decidely unequal, flagrant, outrageous, sometimes illegal political, legal and social shenanigans that are dedicated to “normalizing”  their behaviors and working feverishly to somehow glamorize them. They do this by constantly present the LGBTQ life-style as “enlightened”, fun, happy and carefree, sexy, cool, avant-guarde, sophisticated, open-minded, etc., etc, etc..

Some may take offense over my concern about LGBTQ initiatives to “normalize” their behaviors. While I personally do not wish to stigmatize these people, I am compelled to assert The Truth: From a statistical perspective there is nothing normal LGBTQ sexual life-styles.

America’s LGBTQ population is estimated to comprise  only 3.8 percent of our population. Again, from a statistical perspective, this percent is a very large deviation from two standard deviations above and below the mean of a normal curve, which is the “normal” mathematical range for any randomly occurring event.

Clearly, the LGBTQ propaganda machine is working very well because samples of American citizens commonly believe that 23 to 25 percent of our population is LGBTQ. A stunning miss-perception of a statistical reality that powerfully advantages their political action efforts.

This is just another example of a tail wagging the “American dog”.

LGBTQ propaganda has been amazingly effective. It is common for teens and young adults to “name-drop”, as a declaration of their membership among the truly “the truly cultured ones”, by referring to “my gay friend”, “my lesbian friend”, “my bi-sexual friend”, “my “transgender friend”. Or, “I joined the LGBTQ Club at my high school”; some quickly add, “you do not have to be LGBTQ to join their club, I just support their cause”.

If you do not understand the psychological behavior, belief , and culture changes that are now being unleashed by LGBTQ propagandistic, smoke and mirrors, political forces upon America and the rest of the world; it is time for you to attend a little work-shop on this matter.

Please view the following.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/31/17

P.S. Sorry for the dirty pictures, as we used to call them. But, America needs a little reality therapy!


Entertainment Media & LGBTQ Activists: Actively Recruiting Your Children!

March 26, 2017

Entertainment Media & LGBTQ Activists:Actively Recruiting Your Children!

As a professor of psychology and also a practicing psychologist, I began to retrospectively study America’s social and cultural decline in the early 1980’s. With this history in view, my studies became contemporaneous up to and including this moment.

I had been a professor since 1970, and entered my own part-time private practice in 1979. I continued my teaching, research and community involvement at the University, as well.

This was a demanding, but very informative double professional life. My private practice informed my teaching and research… and visa-versa.

From a psychosexual developmental perspective, I have learned the following.

Human psychosexual development remains fluid in many people until late adolescence and even until early adulthood. There is scientific evidence that genetic variables can play a role in ones sexual identity and orientation (i.e., sexual preferences). It is also clear that what humans say, think and do in the sexual domain (and all other domains) is powerfully influenced by conditioning and learning within the social and physical environment. Evidence suggest that approximately 80% percent of males who identify as gay or transgender in their youth identify as “straights”, so to speak, in their adult years. Roughly 50% of females who identify as lesbian or transgender identify as straight as adults (See research article below)

The determinants of human sexual behavior are not well understood at this time. However, its is most likely that genetics and environment interact in complex ways to influence human sexual outcomes. The following article is a good summary of this conclusion and documents the contents of the preceding paragraph.

As a therapist, I have worked with clients who have shown all manner of LGBTQ thoughts and behaviors. I have also worked to help their disapproving families with this frequently emotionally loaded issue. I have also worked with many sexual and behavioral issues that are common to heterosexual individuals and families. In doing so, I have always treated these individuals with respect and kindness and I have tried to support them during their times of trouble.

From an ethical perspective, there is also much to consider.

Psychiatric, Psychological and Counseling professional associations judge, that it is dangerous to the client and inappropriate to attempt to change the sexual orientation of LBGTQ individuals who do not wish to continue in these life-styles. This is a ruling  based upon an accumulating research-base identifying the lack of efficacy of  “conversion therapy”, i.e., attempts to change the sexual orientation of those LGBTQ clients seeking to do so. It is also a result of social and political pressures to redefine LGBTQ life-styles as normal.

Remember the research cited above indicating high rates of “spontaneous” conversions for LGBTQ individuals? This data is in conflict with the lack of success of conversion therapy for those who desire it. Perhaps, over time, naturally occurring events in the lives of many LGBTQ individuals account for what could be called their “natural conversions”. It is logical that these “naturally occurring events” would be difficult, if not impossible to duplicate in a series of therapy sessions. If all of this is so, could it not be that naturally occurring social experiences accounted for a great many LGBTQ conversions in the first place?

From a persona perspective (A father Father, Grandfather, citizen, and member of the American electorate; and last but not least, a Christian) I have some strong opinions on this matter. These opinions have not been shaped exclusively by my own social conditioning and learning as a child of the 1940’s and 1950’s, they have also unavoidably been shaped by my learning as a life-long student of psychology, a therapist, and also a scholar of cultural evolution and the decline of societies.

I continue to study the evolution of American culture from its precarious beginning to its cultural azamuth to its precipitous and stunning era of decline, dramatically manifested starting in the 1960’s.

I have carefully observed America’s social and cultural decline as the  radical political left (progressives, socialists, and anarchists) have joined in consortium with the corrupted liberal judicial, political, news and entertainment media to dismantle the good and essential traditional values and mores of this nation. They have attacked morality, traditional ethics, Judeo/christian religions and precepts and they have focused most intensively on the destruction of the family. The destruction of these pillars of our once great socioculture is nearly complete, as is America’s destruction. 

It is not rash conjecture to conclude that with the resulting severe damage to America’s families and pro-family institutions, that America’s children show damaged and confused psychosocial development.

I can only hope and pray that there are ways to reverse this chain-of-events, many of which are often observed in the history of failed great societies.

Please know that I have no ill will to a good person, no matter their sexual orientation. I do, however, despise the political action recruiting groups and their own straight-to-LGBTQ “conversion attempts” in law, government, the media, your homes and all of America.

Below, please review America’s great progressive/radical-liberal entertainment media’s upcoming attempts to destroy your traditional family and recruit your children to the LGBTQ community and its life-styles.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ to Feature Disney’s First Openly Gay Character cover_LGBT_RuPaul


Stop Islamic Immigration! #14

March 23, 2017

Stop Islamic Immigration! #14

Murderous Islamic violent and stealth Jihad hits Great Britain again and continues unabated around the world.

Much of America must have a death wish! Perhaps they are suffering from psychotic delusions.

At the very least they are naively suicidal in their unshakable quest to invite a flood of Islamic immigrants into America.

Please take time to study the following expert analysis and news collection presented by one of the foremost experts on Islam in the world, Robert Spencer.

The American electorate absolutely must study the facts about Islam and what it is doing to every society on earth that is fool enough to take their THEOCRATIC devout worshipers into their population.

Judges who refuse to allow America’s Presidents to act to protect America from the murderous Islamic Jihad being waged               around the world, or who support “sanctuary cities”, must be removed from their benches.

America must Wake-Up or die a slow but unrelenting death from Islamic stealth social and political Jihad, as-well as-well as violent Jihad. 

Please go here and learn as much as you can about the greatest threat to our freedom since WWII.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/23/17

I like Judge Gorsuch: So Should America!

March 21, 2017

I like Judge Gorsuch: So Should America!

Please take a good look at the man that President Trump nominated to our Supreme Court.

In my view Judge Gorshuch is a great selection.

Please watch this video and see what you think.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/21/17

Stop Islamic Immigration! #13

March 18, 2017

Stop Islamic Immigration! #13


Europe has rapidly destroyed itself before our very eyes. I fear that most Americans have not studied this great tragedy and I must  therefore conclude that they think and speak from fatal ignorance.

Such a ban is not a ban on a religion as the uninformed, or devious Anti-American revolutionaries, protest. 

The immigration ban is on an Islamic Theocracy that is an anathema to America’s Constitution and our very survival.

It is not an issue of simple religion: The issues are Sharia Law, Stealth and Violent Jihad, and unrelenting efforts to convert and subjugate…or to kill the “Infidels”.  All Americans must know that “Infidels” are any people who are not a Muslim. 

Please watch Hannity summarize what so many American’s are ignorant of, or in denial about: Islam’s Theocracy that spells death to America!

Wake-Up America

 V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,   3/18/17


Sex Crimes “Explode” In Military!

March 14, 2017

Sex Crimes “Explode” In Military!

Well, what in the hell did you think would happen?!

Progressive socialists have imposed a debilitating “social experiment” on America’s military by forcing females and males into close combat and living conditions. They even put females and males together on ships and submarines. High ranking military officers who objected were replaced by those who did as they were directed by the Obama administration.

What did anyone with a grain of common sense think would happen?

It is costing America millions of tax dollars to remove pregnant females from sea duty and other key assignments. It is costing America millions more to investigate rape charges, sexual harassment charges, and what used to be called “window peeping” (now with videos!), and more! Don’t forget that the progressive socialist experiment included forcing the military to accept gays and transsexuals into their ranks.

As a clear result, there came a flood of new sex crime allegations, investigations and military legal trials.

Our military is charged with the responsibility of being the most feared, efficient and effective killing machine on planet earth. America’s very existence depends upon the reputation and fear of our military.

This is a time of great danger to all citizens of America, indeed, citizens of the world.

North Korea is gearing-up for nuclear war, Iran is gearing-up for nuclear war, China is gearing-up for war, Russia is challenging America around the world, our own government is in shambles and gridlocked, the whole of Western Civilization in Europe is in decline (including Western Civilization in America) and Radical Islam is engaged in Stealth and Violent Jihad against the whole of the infidel world….including America!

In the meantime, America’s entire military is in a giant “cluster f—” of expensive, time-consuming, energy and efficiency-sapping sex problems and crimes!

Way-to-go progressive/socialists…mission accomplished.

Please see the video documentation below.

Also, please enter  “gays and women in the military” in my search box on the upper right.  Click return to read other blogs about the insanity of gays and females in America’s military.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. (A Navy Veteran of our Submarine Service)


Trump Too “Crazy” To Be President?!

March 10, 2017

Trump Too “Crazy” To Be President?!

Someone recently asked my “professional opinion” on this matter and sent me the following article. This issue has been in the popular media for some time and the following article was presented for my analysis.

I hope you will read this short opinion article.  It is entitled: “The Elephant in the Room”.

The short answer is technically, no!  President Trump is not showing indications of real psychopathology.

This is not to say that he cannot be crass and objectionable, or egotistical and uncouth in his attacks upon his critics. All of this is true, without doubt. And, I personally do not like most of these antics…even though they are often deserved.

To those who popularly portray Trump as suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I will simply admit that they correctly perceive significant elements of such behaviors in Trump; as can be seen in many people who are not severely incapacitated by these, or other forms of real psychopathology.

True Narcissistic Personality Disorder normally leads to a life in shambles; I.e., an inability to raise emotionally healthy kids, inability to sustain loving relationships, inability to sustain business relationships, inability to care about the welfare of family and friends, inability to sustain long-term friendships, inability to self-correct from experience, inability to appreciate the perspectives and needs of others, and still more interpersonal problems of similar themes and magnitudes.

The following article nicely summarizes my own professional judgment about this matter.

Alleging that a person is mentally ill, “stark-raving-mad” or “crazy” is a powerful way to destroy their credibility.

This was a standard method of the old USSR (i.e., Russia) for dealing with dissidents. They were labeled as mentally ill people and confined to concentration camps in Siberia.

Do you remember the allegations that Senator Goldwater was mentally unstable. It destroyed his bid for the Presidency in 1964.  Perhaps you will recall Senator Eagleton’s discovered and publicized bouts of depression. This destroyed his bid for the Vice Presidency in 1972.

I intensively observe and study both liberal/progressive/Marxist and conservative/libertarian/RINO political behavior in America. I also study the outcomes of their political actions upon population behavior patterns and our culture, at large.

My personal opinion is that there is a very observable and occult, coordinated political movement to impeach, imprison, and destroy Trump. It is a powerful and continuing effort to destroy the President and block his initiatives whenever and wherever it is possible.

This effort is massive in nature and includes external funding by George Sorros and others, hostile appointed progressive governmental employees in all agencies, a vast liberal news and entertainment media, and Barack Obama who has set-up a powerful political action organization in Washington D. C. to continue his nefarious Presidential and post-Presidential efforts to “transform America”.

I cannot find that America has experienced a coordinated subversive force of this magnitude in all its history.

America is now in a protracted revolutionary political war with itself.  This, at a time of unrelenting world-wide war with Radical Islam, increasing hostilities from communist nations and the continuing decline of Western Civilization in Europe and America.

If honest and honorable conservative and liberal Constitutional forces cannot prevail in this multifaceted war, it will bring an end to our miraculous and once glorious Republic.

Whether Trump is, or is not, a good President can only be determined by a history yet unknown to us shell-shocked mortals.

Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/10/17

Certified Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology



Stop Islamic Immigration! #12 (Islamic Propaganda)

March 8, 2017

Stop Islamic Immigration! #12 (Islamic Propaganda)

You may recall that in “Stop Islamic Immigration #11”, I introduced the Islamic word, “Taqiyya”.

This is the word in Islam, taken from the Quran, that preaches to worshipers that it is good to lie to Infidels (i.e., any non-Islamic) in order to advance the interests of the Nation of Islam.

Below is an example of the highly skilled use of lies and deceptions (Taqiyya) to advance the hegemony of Islam in the world.

Beware America!

Islam’s messianic goal is to transform Western Civilization to its own evil Theocracy. The transformation of America will be its crowning achievement!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.          3/8/17


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