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President Trump on Guitar!

October 25, 2020

If President Trump Played guitar, like he plays politics, it would look sorta like this!

See how Trump would perform in another, musical, genre. 

In this video, “Trump” is playing Biden’s favorite song, “Just Got Paid”….Enjoy the hell out of it!

Do yourself a big favor and expand this performance to full screen.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/25/10…9 days to election!

P.S. Joe Bonamassa is king of Blues guitar!

Biden’s China Capers: The Facts!

October 24, 2020

Biden’s China Capers: The Facts!

Dear Friends and Family, 

You must see this video. A vote for Biden and too soon to take his place, Kamala Harris, is a vote for America’s destruction.

Harris is a radical Marxist. There is no doubt about that and she will move to socialize America in ways that cannot be reversed.

Biden is a life-long corrupt politician, living off the the lucrative connections that his office provides him and distributing millions of dollars to himself and  his family members. 

The following video will carefully and authoritatively document many strongly telling facts. I beg you to watch much of this video and forward this posting to everyone you know.

My only misgiving about this video is that it is very long and I doubt that many will wish to watch the entire thing. Also, there are several intruding ads that mare the presentation. 

However, please, please see the some of this video. To save time, terminate the ads and sample ( just forward as often as you must) your way through much of this presentation. It will take only a handful of samples for you to understand the Truth about Joe Biden’s corrupt activities, greatly harming America; and you and your loved ones.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/24/20  




Election Cartoons…To Cry For!

October 23, 2020

Election Cartoons…To Cry For!

The following are all reasons to vote against Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris. 

They may make you chuckle, but they are no laughing matter.

America, Vote Trump, or down you go!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/22/20

Tucker on “President Kamala Harris”!

October 17, 2020

Tucker on “President Kamala Harris”!

You may think this title is a spoof, but it is not. 

Presidential Candidate Biden is cognitively incapable of performing the fiendishly complex tasks of President of The United States. 

In the background, the deeply corrupted; lying, cheating, Marxist, democrat party is already preparing to remove Biden from office. To do this, if Biden is Elected President, they will use the 25th Amendment of our Constitution, to replace him with Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Her is the proof of the democrat strategy to “transform” America. Speaker Pelosi is on video record laying out this plan and even  states, “this is not about President Trump”. Please see this video.

Now, please see Section 3 and 4 of the 25th Constitutional Amendment. 

Once this bait-and-switch scheme is complete,  America’s precipitous decline will be shaped by socialist President Kamala Harris, an avowed socialist even more radical than the rejected radical socialist, Bernie Sanders. 

The radical Marxist Left will then, at long last, have achieved the control of America’s government they have sought since the 1920’s.

A vote for Joe Biden is actually a vote for socialist Kamala Harris!

Wake-Up America! 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/17/20 


Dem Dirty Politics in Cartoons!

October 7, 2020

Dem Dirty Politics in Cartoons!











Anarchists In America: Who and Why?

October 4, 2020

Anarchists In America: Who and Why?

I am always astonished at what the mainstream media fails to cover in the network T.V. and print Media.

Therefore, I am asking my family and friends to please watch booth Fox News (a conservative leaning news outlet), as well as main-stream media resources. 

Doing ones intellectual due-diligence in making such important important decisions as to who to vote for in America’s Presidential Election is to be commended. 

Watching only one side of such a great issue is pure negligence…leading to pure ignorance…and a bad outcome for America.

See what Tucker Carlson has to say…Then go watch CNN, CBS, MSNBC, etc..

Watch this video and then recall that candidate Biden scoffed at President Trump’s characterization of Antifa as a “terrorist organization”. Biden asserted that it was not, “it’s an idea not an organization”.

Please watch the following video and then think about what that statement, from a possible future President of The United States, really implies. 

Then vote accordingly!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/4/20/27/20

“It’s Just A Mask”: Or Is It?!

October 2, 2020

“It’s Just A Mask”: Or Is It?!

Well, it is hard to know at this moment.

Psychotic levels of paranoia are an interesting study. Often those those who suffer from paranoia are articulate, intelligent and…if we buy their underlying assumptions, we could be convinced of their perspective.

Connecting the so called “dots”, can be a hazardous to the perception of reality. Or, it can be brilliantly spot-on!

So it is with these words of warning that I preface the following disturbing video.

Make no doubt about the fact that Covid 19 can be a very deadly disease. But now, after much research, we have learned that is is primarily a great hazard to the elderly and perhaps other age groups if they have other medical conditions that amplify its deadly effects. 

The counter-balancing concerns are that a cultural over-reaction to Covid 19 can be even more damaging to a culture’s welfare than the loss of life. I know that this statement sounds callous. But this qualitative matter must be evaluated in light of its context.

It’s sort-of-like warfare, when the general determines that one strategic attack on an enemy’s position will kill X number of our own soldiers, but another will kill X plus 1000’s more of our soldiers. The only option, if both can logically work, is to employ the one that will cost less lives.

With Covid 19, making this calculation is very difficult. After-all, Shutting down the economy is financially ruinous to countless individuals, businesses, municipalities, states and finally to the tax flow that supports the existence our federal government. All of this can destroy the health of a population (the collapse of our essential institutions, financial stress, bankruptcy, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, divorce, suicide, riots and other crimes, as well as increased psychopathology among children and adolescents. All of this can lead to governmental failure, revolution and the rise of illegitimate governments; or other power structures.

The following video, warns that what we see happening, may not be “really what is really happening”!

I stop short of endorsing the following video. I present it, simply to alert my reader to be alert to what is happening to America, both now and in the near future. 

I also assert to you, that the choices that we make at the polls in November 2020. could well determine the life or death of America: The greatest Constitutional Republic the world has ever known. 

To make matters even worse: It appears that the legitimacy of our voting process may be in danger.

Please consider the following: 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/1/20, (With thanks to Vic Palenske for alerting me to this video).

Cuties: A Movie For Pedophiles!

September 30, 2020

Cuties: A Movie For Pedophiles

As a psychologist I have long recommended that elementary principles of Human Development and Abnormal Psychology be taught in America’s high schools. Therefore all of our citizens would at least have some acquaintance with what helps to foster “normal” development and what tends to produce abnormal development.

I have placed quotation marks around “normal” development because what passes for “normal” is a much wider range of human thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors (as it should be), than those that would be professionally categorized as abnormal.

I would then advise America and its voting citizenry to vote for only those social/cultural rules of conduct that are likely to foster normal human development and to avoid those that tend to produce abnormal human development like the plague!

All of this is absolutely critical to the successful long-term socio-cultural evolution.

Prominent among the factors that destroy socio-cultures are plagues of bad behavioral contagion that rapidly increases the spread of  maladaptive and destructive behavior patterns within the population.

A huge proportion of increasingly popular destructive rules for living and treating others embodies the changes in cultural designs strongly endorsed by radical liberal, leftist, Marxist (socialist/communist).

Amazingly philosophies political action organizations supported by the currently corrupt American Democrat party! The following is but one small example of what their cultural rule changes, and some misguided republicans have let loose upon an unsuspecting American electorate.

The following is not an example of America’s Classical Liberal doings.

We must vote to stop the ethical, moral, and political rot in America!

The following and the lack of moral limits in America illustrated by the following product of that “Slippery Slope”.

America, you must return to times when we set and enforced appropriate standards for personal conduct, or our culture will fail.

I warned about this and backed it up with my research article. This article reviews the legalization and dissemination of pornography in America up to 1992. My research on the possible social harms of the pornification of America have come true. 

Please click on the “download” to read my professional publication below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/30/20

To All My Democrat Friends…and Republicans Voting-for-Biden

September 27, 2020

To All My Democrat Friends…and Republicans Voting-for-Biden. 

The following article was posted on Facebook, posted by John L. Strauss, then forwarded on Facebook by good friend Dan Rightmire .

I beg you to read this powerful article. The author is unknown to me, but I know her article to be factual. 
V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/27/20
From John L. Strauss.
To All My DEMOCRAT friends. These facts speak volumes about the DNC.
The woman who researched and wrote this lives in Sedona and is a retired lawyer. She writes in simple language as a former Democrat to all Democrats in general:
Democrats –
Now I know you don’t like President Trump. That’s a given, SO let’s move on from that.
How about the division of America. Do you really blame Trump for that? How about when NONE of the DEMOCRATS showed up for his inauguration? Don’t you think that started the division? He hadn’t even been president yet, and EXCEPT for Clinton and Obama, not one Democrat showed up. Is that when Trump divided America? Can you imagine if the REPUBLICANS didn’t show up for Obama’s inauguration because they lost? Can you even start to imagine what would have happened?
How about when 19 minutes after Trump was inaugurated, the Washington Post declared the IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN has STARTED? Was that when Trump divided America?
How about when Nancy Pelosi ripped up Trump’s state of the union right in front of the world, showing complete disrespect for the President of the United States? Did that bring the country together and is THAT when Trump divided America?
How about when America had to endure 3 years and over 30 million dollars spent on trying to PROVE that Trump only won because of RUSSIAN COLLUSION and NOT because America voted him in. And 17 democrats did EVERYTHING in their power to PROVE that there was Russian Collusion. and came up with ZERO? Was THAT when Trump divided America?
I can’t even start to go over the NEGATIVE PRESS he’s received since his surprise win. Remember, the DONORS, the likes of Bloomberg, who gave 27 million, Tom Steyer who gave 17 million, George Soros who gave 9 million and MANY MORE that gave MULTI-MILLIONS to Hillary, wanted a return on their investment. Do you really think that donors give MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS just because they love Hillary? NO, these weren’t campaign donations, they were INVESTMENTS into what HILLARY had promised them when she became President. They were so sure she would win and they would be SHOWERED with HUGE RETURNS, and when it didn’t happen and they LOST all those millions, they went all out to TAKE TRUMP out of OFFICE by any means possible.
DID YOU KNOW that 90% of the Mainstream media and the corporations that own them, are owned by or run by BIG DEMOCRAT DONORS? You can verify all of that for yourselves. I did. Since the moment Trump won, even before he was inaugurated, the mainstream media’s reporting was 92% negative on Trump, do you know why? It was those big donors that lost their dream of MILLIONS of dollars, on their returns that they were going to receive when Hillary was President and they weren’t going to take that loss lightly. They needed to PUNISH TRUMP and those that VOTED HIM IN.
I’ve said this since the night he was elected. “There is NOTHING the left won’t do to take down our President”, our country and us, no low they won’t go to, to get their power back”, and sadly, we have seen this every single day since his election.
Let me ask you this. Have you ever listened to Trump or appreciated any accomplishment or campaign promises he’s kept, have you ever gone to one of his rallies or have you just closed your mind to anything he does? Please ask yourselves the following questions, if you dare.
What has Joe Biden done for America for the last 47 years that he’s held an office?
What did Joe Biden ever do for BLACKS when HE and Obama were in office?
What has Joe Biden ever done in his entire life to create a private-sector job?
What has Joe Biden done to help the American middle class worker?
Let me also ask you this. Why do you think there are so many people tearing down statues, our burning flag, beating up police officers, disrespecting our founders and hating our country? It comes straight from our SCHOOLS that have slowly been tearing down our history. If there is a teacher out there, please tell me the following:
Do you teach the truth that it was the DEMOCRATS that were the KKK?
That the GRAND LEADER of the KKK was Robert Byrd, who was elected to congress as a DEMOCRAT and served for decades, and that it was Hillary, Bill, and Obama that gave his EULOGY praising him?
That the DEMOCRATS fought the Civil war to KEEP SLAVERY? That the inner-city ghettoes were created by DEMOCRATS to keep control of slaves after they were freed?
That planned parenthood was founded in inner cities to CONTROL the BLACK POPULATION? Is any of this in your history books?
Let me ask you this as well: Can a student speak up when he/she disagrees with a teacher when they say that Trump is a horrible President or the electoral college has to be eliminated? I don’t think so? Well, I know a student that actually happened to. When the teacher said it had to be eliminated because Hillary lost, and he stated the reason it should stay, she ripped him apart and gave the entire class a 5 hour test, and stated it was because he DARED to disagree with her. Is that happening in your schools?
I’m only asking questions. I’d like your answers.  (I am unable to verify the 5 hour test punishment story, VTM)
President Trump and his entire family has been vilified, demeaned and disrespected, for one reason and one reason only. HE WON.
Have you noticed the DEMOCRATS only throw tantrums and OBJECT to everything he does and have NEVER ONCE gotten behind him to make America the best it can be? WHY? They can’t afford to get behind him. he would WIN AGAIN, and they can’t let that happen. if he wins again, the Democrat party will be destroyed and they know it.
Did you notice that the “CAGES” the left claimed that Trump built to put Illegal children in, WERE BUILT BY OBAMA for the very purpose of PUTTING ILLEGAL CHILDREN IN? Was THAT all over the news when Obama did it? The very same “CAGES”. but the media was silent!
How about when Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence, and was DEMONIZED 24/7 but NOT A WORD when Obama commuted 1,715 inmates, which included 330 that he granted on his last day in office. DID WE EVEN HEAR one WORD about it?
Were there reporters even reporting it. NO! Just look at the difference in the reporting. By the way, since Trump’s been in office he’s commuted 10 people. compare that to Obama. Is that reporting fair?
How about when Biden and Obama allowed the H1N1, the SWINE FLU, to INFECT MILLIONS of Americans before declaring it a health emergency. Was the press losing it’s minds and calling it the OBAMA FLU AND BLAMING OBAMA and BIDEN for the spread? —— SILENCE!
Compare this to the NEGATIVE COVERAGE that Trump got when, he immediately halted travel from China. Then, in February, Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown and said come on down, or when DeBlasio, in March, said ride the subways and go to Broadway. BUT those same people are blaming Trump for the spread of coronavirus.
What have the DEMOCRATS done to help make America the best, to get behind a president that works tirelessly to care about WE THE PEOPLE instead of using us as political pawns? What have the democrats done for people of color EXCEPT for GIVING ILLEGALS more rights than citizens and having us pay for it?
JUST imagine what this country could accomplish if the Democrats worked with him on the economy, the coronavirus, the inner cities where he’s created opportunity zones, job training etc. When Trump tried to get school choice for inner-city students they ran Betsy Devos out!! The democrats running those inner city schools wanted no part of school choice. Have you ever wondered why it’s cities run for decades, that have the MOST HOMELESS, the MOST CRIME, the most MURDERS, the worst INNER CITY schools, ARE ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS?
If you haven’t started asking yourselves those questions, maybe you should. As I said, my entire family used to be Democrats, but NOT ONE will ever vote for a Democrat again. They asked themselves the same questions and the answer was clear.
End of Article.
What is not made clear in this article is that leftist’s within our population, within our own government, and also external international forces have joined with the radicalized democrat party to foment America’s Modern Marxist Revolution. This is exactly the “TRANSFOMATON of AMERICA” that Barrack Obama and his lying and cheating administration promised when they took office.

America’s Marxist Revolution: Ain’t Funny!

September 25, 2020

America’s Marxist Revolution: Ain’t Funny!






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