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Radical Liberalism and Narcissistic/Psychopathic Personalities

June 5, 2023

This work by a Notre Dame Professor helps to explain a lot about what is happening to America, now in decline.

You must watch this video to connect the dots leading to our undoing. The short ad is worth waiting through to see this excellent interview about the psychology of radical liberalism.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/5/23

Beware “The Shadow World”!

May 30, 2023

I wrote this in 2013, I warning about what was coming. It was not so easy to see in 2013. It it is now a blatant part of our every-day life and reading this blog should be strike you like a scatological pie in your face. Wake-Up America!
VTM. 5/3023

Cultural Survival Skills

Beware Of “The Shadow World”!

I now reference Robert Chandler’s (2008) book entitled, Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam.

Chandlers book, places Bork’s accurateobservations, more in the middle of purposeful Marxist revolutionary events that moved from outside America, into the acute beginnings of its decline in the 1960’s, and through to America’s increasingly moribund condition at the start of the 21st Century.

To be sure, there is a complex and interacting mass of events that have contributed to America’s present condition. But you can be certain that long-existing intelligent and purposeful revolutionary efforts from within and outside of America have exploited our weakening conditions.

Robert Chandler, Ph.D., is a retired Air Force colonel and a Vietnam veteran. He has been a “strategist” for the Air Force, and the Central Intelligence Agency. He has also worked as a strategist for the Whitehouse and various departments, such…

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Another “Cold War” Sub Loss: The Scorpion

May 26, 2023

This is another U.S. submarine loss sadly recalled on this Memorial Day, 2023.
Please take a few minutes and learn about the fate of our U.S. Submarine, The Scorpion.
Submariners would say that the Scorpion and her crew are on “Eternal Patrol”. She was the second submarine disaster during the so-called Cold War with the the Evil Empire; as named by President Ronald Regan.
Blessings, Tom

The Cold War: Hot for Submariners

May 11, 2023

I was honored and proud to have served on the nuclear powered submarine Ethan Allen, SSBN 608, during the Cold War. We carried nuclear missiles and could alone unleash more destructive force than all previous wars combined. That is why this type of submarine is called a “Boomer”!

The Cold War was not so cold for us.

The following will help you understand why U.S. Submarine operations were hotter during the cold war than most everyone knows.

I was a member of the Ethan Allen submarine’s Gold Crew (We alternated Cold War Patrols with our Blue Crew). Shortly before our third 2-month submerged Cold War patrol, two our esteemed crew members were transferred to a fast-attack submarine named the “Thresher”. The Thresher was then lost with all hands on a deep test-dive. I hope you honor her crew, and others of past wars, by seeing the documentary video about the tragic Cold War loss of the Thresher.

I hope you will see both videos!

Cold War Submarine Service:

The Loss of the Thresher:

God Bless America and our military personnel!

This is what America’s upcoming Memorial Day is all about.

V. Tom Mawhinney

America’s Marxist Totalitarian Puppet President

May 8, 2023

The video below was blocked from my blog. Yet, it is easily found on the internet. You must see this video. Please search by entering “Levin: This is Sick” in your sear search window. Don’t let this suspicious block on my blog stop you from viewing this essential video!

All I did in this blog was share an essential T.V. video, as I often have. This Sunday program is watched by many; but not by as many Americans as should see it.

Many Americans are so busy working, raising children, or just getting too old and sick and tired of politics. Let alone…to see something that should terrify and hyper-motivate every patriotic America to vote against this nation’s utter destruction… and, to try to influence others to do the same!

I beseech you to vote for the preservation of our Republic and Constitutional Governance! Our Republic is entering its death throes and too many of our electorate are in a state of profound ignorance and/or a pathological state of denial.

You Must See This and Pass It On!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/8/23

This URL is blocked from my blog by Fox!

“If I Were the Devil”!

May 2, 2023

The following is a profound radio broadcast by the amazing Paul Harvey, sometime in 1965.

You must view this video, it is a truly stunning prediction.

VTM, 5/2/23

Scientific Proof?

April 11, 2023

Science is good for learning things not previously known and, by extension through technology, it is good for solving problems. Science also raises questions( functioning as a heuristic) in ways that further increase the likelihood of success in such matters.

Some view science as an “algorithm”: a formula that is certain to yield new knowledge. Some believe science will eventually solve our most pressing problems. The former is a reality based assessment of the powers of science. The latter is merely a fervent hope based upon faith. It is therefore a religious belief.

But, what is to be done when science is corrupted by individual bias, political or economic forces and obscure more than it clarifies? The traditional answer has always been:

  1. defer conclusions and make no recommendations
  2. call for more research

This protocol works well with questions about esoteric phenomena. But what if the phenomena is of a social nature and it is an emergent matter life and death? What if the questions involve elective cultural practice changes that might, at least theoretically, seriously weaken or improve the viability of a culture in the next 20 years or so?

What now should be the standards of proof?

In the 21st century, this is now the question before us. (Added on 4/11/23)


Religion Defined: One of the systems of faith and worship

Horrific Cartoons

April 2, 2023

I first saw a fraction of this coming in 1983. I was a professor starting in 1970 and also started my private psychological practice in 1979. It was the combination of these two areas of study, teaching and practical application that created the prism through which I could see serious social and cultural trouble in America’s future. Now, unimagined fears have arrived. Without providential assistance and our own awakening to vote for America’s salvation, even worse is yet to come. VTM, 4/2/23

Revise Civil Commitment Laws!

March 29, 2023

Add now to the problems discussed below, the powerful and aggressive LGBTQ+ political action groups that have recruited so many of our youth to their cause. Moreover, they have transformed, education, entertainment, sports, law, politics, and much more. They even stole the rainbow! Welcome to a Post-Modern America in decline. Save yourselves and loved ones. You had better Vote Accordingly! VTM, 3/29/2023

Cultural Survival Skills

Revise Civil Commitment Laws!

The following is a republication of a blog that I did on 1/9/11. My reference to a recent mass shooting, at that time, will certainly date this blog. However, nothing has changed with the many mass shootings in America since then. These are almost to painful for us to bear. The school shootings are even, somehow, more gut-wrenching.

Nothing has changed and so neither have the contents of this post.


It is true, as I taught for 36 years as a professor of psychology, and as I validated during 40 years as a psychotherapist; people with mental illnesses are generally no more dangerous than people without these afflictions. However, there are some exceptions. 

Those who are severely depressed are prone to suicide and in rare cases, also homocide. Those who suffer from Bi-Polar disorder can be prone to suicide while severely depressed, or other dangerous behaviors…

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Psychology of Mass Shootings

March 28, 2023

It happens over and over. And it is symbolic of a psychologically damaged America. 3/28/23 VTM

Cultural Survival Skills

Psychology of Mass Shootings

Guns, knives, ropes, tire irons, cars, even bombs don’t kill people; people kill people! Let’s get that settled from the start. More specifically, it is human behavior that kills people and perpetrates, seemingly senseless, mass-shootings.

So let’s cut the political crap and get down to the real causes of these horrors.

The reality is that America is in a steep social and cultural decline, for a great many reasons; way too many complex reasons to list here. Please see my other blogs on this and related topics.

The psychological health of our children, youth and adults has worsened over the past 60 years and there is currently no end to America’s degradation in sight.

However, there are immediate useful principles that are revealed by the “copy-cat nature” of America’s mass-shootings. They tend to run in fairly close groupings and are clear examples of Bad Behavioral Contagion

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