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Another Walk In The woods!

September 29, 2011

Another Walk In The woods!

Pushing 70 yrs. and being in semi-retirement means I had better play while I still can.

I’ll be in the Woods of the Michigan U.P. for around 10 days.  As usual, I’ll be hoping to see a bear. Don’t want to hurt it, just would like to say hello. So far, I have found paw prints and poop on our property, but no bear.  Maybe, I’ll slather a tree with some honey or caramel and see if our motion sensitive camera can get some pictures of these marvelous animals at night when they prowl around the woods.

As always, I’ll also try to inhale my share of campfire smoke,  though I have been told by “hoytee toytees” that it is bad for me. Maybe I chew some wintergreen snuff in memory of Mr. Teachout who took me fishing when I was a kid.  I’ll have to have a few shots of Jack D. in honor of my old submarine buddy Huck. Recon I’ll spend some time shooting at a tin can. I’ll practice my guitar and read a lot. Can’t wait to visit our new out-house that we built. Brother Mark put a Lake Superior stone pebble floor in it and we painted it with several coats polyurethane and its real pretty. Our handy Brother-In-Law, Tommy Z., ran electricity to it. Our old 100 year + out-house fell down. Our new one just might be the nicest out-house in the county!

Can’t think of a better place to go—-at just the right time.

All this with my wonderful wife, brother and sister, their marvelous spouses and a whole pack of everyone’s dogs!

Every couple of days I’ll drive  in to the Indian Reservation’s College Library and blog a little something…just for fun.

I hope you will stop by my blog every few days cuz I will have something interesting there for you to think about. Or, maybe I’ll try to tickle your funny bone.

God Bless.

VTM, 9/29/11

Iran: “Kill the Christain Apostate

September 29, 2011

Iran: “Kill The Christian Apostate”

Wake-UP America! You are the Apostates that they pray to their God for the strength and technology to kill.

VTM, 9/28/11

Saul Alinsky+Eric Holder+Barack Obama= Fast and Furious= Gun Control In America

September 28, 2011

Saul Alinsky+Eric Holder+Barack Obama= Fast and Furious= Gun Control In America

A truly diabolical and murderous assault upon America’s Second Amendment and Law Abiding American Gun Owners.

Behold the Truth! Wake-Up America!

VTM, 9/28/11

The Time Is Coming People. Wake-Up America!

September 27, 2011

The Time Is Coming People. Wake-Up America!

VTM, 9/27/11

Founder's Quote Daily

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote
that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual — or at
least that he ought not so to do; but that he is executing one of the most
solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his
country.” –Samuel Adams, in the Boston Gazette, 1781

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“U.N. Theater Of The Absurd”: Netanyahu

September 25, 2011

“U.N. Theater Of The Absurd”: Netanyahu

The United States should withdraw their financial support for the U.N.,  if it grants statehood to Palestine. Palestine is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, as is Iran.

Please watch all three videos if you have time. If you are short on time, just watch the last one.

If you do not like videos, read this short article from The Washington Times.

If you both read and watch, you will be well-informed of the issues currently involved in this great concern.

VTM, 9/25/11

What Part Don’t You Understand Mr. President?

September 22, 2011

What Part Don’t You Understand Mr. President?

Thanks Joe Grunert.

VTM, 9/22/11


America’s New Gay and Lesbian Military

September 21, 2011

America’s New Gay and Lesbian Military

When Admiral Mullen recommended the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on gays and lesbians in the our military last year, I wrote a couple of blogs on this issue.

Last night at midnight, openly gay and lesbian citizens were welcomed into America’s military. Those who  are already in the military “came-out” on the news and one male Naval Officer was married to his male partner with full news coverage.  It was also reported that a great many gays and lesbians who had previously been forced to leave the military were thinking of joining once again.

I am suffering “chronic fatigue syndrome” with respect to this  particular issue and I cannot bring myself to write more on this topic.

I therefore will present my blog of last year, which says all that I wish to say on this topic. I hope you will read it for the first time, or refresh your memory about my grave concerns for the efficiency and strength of our military.

The risky experiment as now begun. This in a time of a fatigued and overburdened military, fighting WWIII, facing sharp funding cut-backs. God help us….We shall now see the results.

P.S. I am suspicious that this policy change is a symptom of our badly over-extended military, in desperate need of new military personnel. Our Government would not admit this if it were so.

VTM, 9/21/11

Openly Gay Military! What’s Your Vote?

A USA Today February 3, 2010 article (p. 6A) presented the following:

“Repealing the policy against openly Gay men and Lesbians in the military ‘would be the right thing to do’.” This is according to the Nations top uniformed military officer, Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman of the Join Chiefs of staff.

He went on to say, “ However, eliminating the current ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy will cause some disruption in the force.”

Admiral Mullen further stated: “Allowing Lesbians and Gay men to serve openly is an issue of integrity–theirs as individuals and ours as an institution. I also believe that great young men and women of our military can and would accommodate such a change”.

Senator John McCain’s response was the following: “At this moment of immense hardship for our armed services we should not be seeking to overturn the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy’.”

So there is the issue. You can decide as you wish. But, I have long ago made my decision and it is not favorable to this primarily political movement which threatens the strength of our military.

I believe that I am qualified to speak to this issue in many ways because I have had a good amount of experience with Gay and Lesbian individuals and issues. As a psychotherapist, I have done my best to help them and their families cope with the many social problems associated with this way of life and I have felt great compassion for all concerned. I have happily worked with, liked and respected, many Gays and Lesbians in numerous professional venues. Finally, and most relevant to the present issue, I was accused of being Gay and investigated by an agency of the federal government when I was in the Navy.

Here’s my story.

In 1960 they were building my submarine. It was a brand new Fleet Ballistic nuclear powered  submarine. It was armed with 16 multiple nuclear war-headed missiles. Our submarine played an important role in the “cold war” against Russia. The strategy was one of “Mutually Assured Destruction”. If they destroyed us, they knew for certain that we would destroy them and nothing could stop us. Those were the “good ol’ days”. Mutually assured destruction would appear to be irrelevant to our new mortal enemies who’s God handsomely rewards their self-destruction in the service of His goals.

While our submarine was being built our crew lived ashore for a while. A new shipmate invited my best friend and I to share his apartment. It was our second night there when my buddy shook me awake in the early morning. He was in a panic: “Moe! X grabbed my ‘cock’ last night! I’m getting out of here! We immediately left to look for another apartment.

The Gay sailor was a higher rank than we were, we were just 19 yrs. of age and did not know what to do. Should we tell? What will happen to us? Do we keep our mouths shut? We were pretty shook-up. Regrettably, we made the wrong decision and we kept quiet.

The Gay guy did the same thing to another sailor, of equal rank, and that sailor told an officer about the incident. Soon my best buddy and I were under suspicion and investigation for being homosexuals (the term used in that day). We were scared to death.

My heart was in my throat as the intimidating men in civilian suits interrogated me. All I could do is what my parents taught me: I anxiously told the truth. One of the men leaned into my face and aggressively accused me of “corn-holing” my buddy. My fear turned to anger and indignation as I raised my voice and profanely corrected the man’s point of view. I was dismissed shortly after that. I never hear another word about the incident, except from my shipmates. They sometimes teased my buddy and I about the incident, but they all knew the truth—we were “pitifully trapped” in our heterosexuality.

Our homosexual shipmate simply vanished, to our great relief.

Looking back, from my perspective of 69 years of age, I do not hate or despise my short-term homosexual shipmate. He was a young man driven to desperation by his ungoverned sexuality. I hope he lived happily ever-after. He simply had no business on my submarine, or in any other branch of our military.

I am in favor of the current “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

If we choose to do the “Openly Gay” social experiment in the United States Military it will be increasingly burdened with new social, ethical, administrative, logistical, investigative and legal entanglements. At just the moment when our military can least afford such distractions.

As Admiral Mullen stated: “Allowing Lesbians and Gay men to serve openly is an issue of integrity…..”. Of course, it is a matter of integrity during a time of  war when our military must remain the most fierce and effective fighting force in the world— or all may be lost. It is a matter of Admiral Mullen’s integrity, which he has surrendered to the Obama administration’s mad dash to impose as many self-defeating progressive policies on this Nation as he can, before he loses the power of the Presidency.

I would like to see Admiral Mullen’s resignation.

Good Luck America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

“Jaywalking” and America’s Decline

September 20, 2011

“Jaywalking” and America’s Decline

A culture that does not teach its history and traditions to its youth is destined to fade away.

You will note that some of the participants in the following video are far from youthful. This, as you will see, suggests that America has been failing to acculturate its youth for a long, long time.

If you watch this diabolically entertaining video and are surprised. It is just one of many reflections of our long cultural slide–the one that  started somewhere in the 1960’s.

Our founding fathers knew that an educated citizenry (and a moral one) was essential to the operation of a healthy democracy. I am certain that they were right.

Meet some of America’s voting citizenry. I can assure you that there is more to cultural survival than simply being free.

Think about it, and …..Wake-Up America!

VTM, 9/19/11

Presidential Campaign: Who Is Best For You?

September 18, 2011

Presidential Campaign: Who Is Best For You?

America’s trajectory is down and out. The  elections in your immediate future can solidify our course or turn it around. We had better make the right decisions or we could live to see the so-called “point of no return”.

Don’t just fall for the slickest, the prettiest, the best teleprompter reader, or the one who promises a “chicken in every pot”.

Answer the questions in this questionnaire and find out which presidential Candidate best fits your views. It is fun, interesting and very informative.

And, you might be surprised by the results!

VTM, 9/18/11


Are We Acting A Farce?

September 16, 2011

Are We Acting A Farce?

VTM, 9/16/11

Founder's Quote Daily

“We are either a United people, or we are not. If the former,
let us, in all maters of general concern act as a nation, which have national
objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us
no longer act a farce by pretending to it.” –George Washington, letter to James
Madison, 1785

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