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Gone Cruising!

June 26, 2011

Gone Cruising!

My Dear Wife Sally and I Belong to the Great Lakes LighthouseKeepers Association.

We are leaving on a four-day cruise from Charlevoix Mi., across Lake Michigan, to Green Bay, Wisconsin. There we will visit many lighthouses, which is one of our hobbies. We will also enter Little Bay De Noc, and steam to the north end and hope to pass by Squaw Point. It is there that Sally’s Grandfather tended a lighthouse from 1906 to 1916. After he left to tend the lighthouse at St. Joseph, Mi., his old lighthouse was burned down and the brick structure was torn down. We hope to see the place where it was, and where Sally’s father and his two siblings were born.

Sally and I love all things nautical.

I will not take my lap-top on the cruise because I do not want the deck hands on the ship to handle it for storage and I do not wish to carry it wherever I go.

I will therefore take a four-day break from blogging. Talk to you on Thursday or Friday!

Best Wishes,

Tom Mawhinney

Preparing for America’s Decline

June 26, 2011

Preparing for America’s Decline

My friend, Darrel Bostow, sent the following note to me in response to my blog about the decreased value of women in America. I respect the fact that Darrel is a very smart man, thinks deeply about world events and cultural evolution in America. I also respect that he has developed his personal plan to deal with his predictions about the future.

I quote Darrel:


After the economic and energy crunch that is about to happen, I believe things are going to change.  The world will change back to local and stable communities consuming far less energy and creating far less pollution.  But there will be huge social disruption in places that cannot return to the earlier lifestyle because they have no good soil or water to raise food locally, and most of the people never acquired the home spun skills of daily living in rural live.

Rather than decry the problems coming, June and I have moved to a location away from the masses of people, purchased a renewable source of heat, dramatically reduced the necessity of electricity, and are developing a small self-sustaining farm.  We are networking with local people closer to the type you and I grew up with.  These people are home schooling their children and preparing them to live in a world that is sustainable.  They have the values of honesty and caring.   They also know how to grow  a good garden, raise chickens, and skin rabbits.  The roles of men and women here are not in danger.

We are taking action.


What do you think?!


When Girls and Women Were Special in America

June 25, 2011

When Girls and Women Were Special in America

Some of us will remember the day when we boys and men were taught that girls and women were special. They were to be respected and protected and treated with great care and kindness.  Though boys and men were to treat other boys and men respectfully and fairly, the treatment was definitely not to be equal between the sexes.

We were supposed to open doors for women, stand up when they entered a room, take our hats off when in their presence, treat them with great gentleness, and avoid harsh language and gestures when we were in their presence. We were to defend their honor and keep them safe

You may remember that if the ship was sinking, it was to be: ” women and children first”.

As a child, I was often instructed by my father that a boy should never hit or treat a girl roughly. I remember when a couple of older girls beat me up when I was a young boy. He let me know in no uncertain terms that I was to stay away from them and that if I fought back, I would be in very serious trouble with him. Later he told me that “A real man” would never strike or “man-handle” a woman.

That is the way the majority of my cohorts and I were raised and acculturated during the 1940’s and 50’s. I am proud of those old cultural rules and they are a  value system that I will take to my grave.

It is now increasingly difficult to hold onto these old ways, but I am hanging on.

I now have women screaming and cussing at me, and giving me the finger, when they do not like my driving. Why is it that women are fist-fighting with other women so often now days? As a professor, I commonly heard women using the “F” word and immodestly flaunting  their sexual equipment at the university. The pornification of all media has been accomplished, though it is still becoming more graphic. Female teachers are molesting their male students children (with relative impunity) and Mothers killing their children with what appears to be increasing regularity. The female prison population is increasing. Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of females display their formerly private, (now called XXX) nooks and crannies on the internet and wherever else they can.

Finally, where did America’s new cultural practice of  purposefully exposing our female citizens to great danger and lethal harm come from? America is now assigning women to fighting ships, to submarine crews, and also to combat teams. We are now preparing to assign females to our elite, most risky, but highly savage and lethal (thank God for them), Navy SEALs and other similar special operations combat units.

Many folks view these gender role changes as a positive cultural evolution. Those opposed to these changes angrily grumble about what they think are the causes: Liberal politics, the Woman’s Liberation Movement, the Pill, increasing employment opportunities, the decline of the family, a reduced respect for mothers and child rearing, and more.

Marvin Harris, the late cultural anthropologist, maintained that many of the recent sex role changes have  had to do with “infrastructural determinism”. By this he meant the ways in which the members of cultures made their livings (hunters, farmers, merchants, technical/information processing, etc.) and the effects that various changes have on families, sex roles, leisure activities, traditions, and religion.  His line of reasoning (which I admittedly over-simplify, abbreviate, and supplement here) was that women were once dependent upon men to do the things that they could not do well (physically protect themselves, lift very heavy weights, fight in hand to hand combat, and impregnate themselves, etc.).

Surrounding all of this was a young America that needed children, lots of them, and someone to stay with the children and look after their physical, emotional, and acculturation needs. Traditionally fathers could help with this, but earning a living normally required upper body strength, endurance, and a special proclivity for risk-taking and aggression that the women (due to both genetics and traditional American acculturation practices) generally were less effective at.

With the opening of  educational opportunities, suffrage, modern commerce, technological advancements, information processing, and professional fields opening to women, their physical and financial dependence upon  men decreased.

In America, World War II began a movement of women out of the home and into the work place. Also, the economics of marriage and child rearing changed dramatically. In the 1970’s double-digit inflation greatly decreased the cost-effectiveness of early marriage, pregnancy, and rearing children to independence. Marriages began to occur later in the lives of young adults and the reproductive rates of average families decreased. As women increasingly joined the work-force, the quality of America’s acculturation of its youth diminished and children’s mental health declined. Marriage and children became materially less advantageous to women and the rate of divorce increased.

At the National, State, and local level, it became more expensive to educate and acculturate our own home-born and home-grown children. It was more cost-effective for all concerned to allow immigrants, already educated and socialized at the expense of other citizens in other nations,  to enter America and supply our human capital needs. The unrestricted flood of  under-educated illegal aliens across our purposefully unguarded borders provided for America’s unskilled labor needs.

This chain of events is descriptively incomplete due to space considerations, and also to the limits to my own knowledge–even after much study. However one (and only one) of the many net results of this causal swirl of events has been the devaluing of women. Women have less cultural value in modern America than they did in the significantly more family, child, and  procreative-centered America of 50 to 60 years ago.

Women are now as expendable as men have historically been.  Historically, it would take relatively few men to populate America, but it would take a great number of women, dedicated to remaining home to rear their children. Now that home-grown children are a major expense and an encumbrance to social and economic success for individuals, families and the government, women can be used as cannon fodder and trained killers. They are expendable.

The children they leave behind to go to work, or  go to war, are also less valued by America than they once were. The dysfunctional, even barbaric, behaviors of increasing proportions of our youth provide glaring and incontrovertible evidence of America’s corrupted values and negligent ways.

It is an astonishing irony that, as our brighter middle class females reproductive rates have decreased, they have increasingly gone to war, or  work, in order to defend and improve their economic condition. As a consequence, they pay their taxes which sustain the least able amongst our female population to remain home in poor environments and have children. These often fragmented and female headed families have increasing rates of birth to children who will be raised in poverty, violence, social chaos and dependence upon America’s welfare system.

This is a disastrous, self-destructive procreational black-hole that will rapidly suck the viability from any post-industrial socioculture.

The forces that drive such massive cultural evolutions are huge, complex and highly interactive.  America, as we have known it, is being swept away by these and other changes not mentioned in this writing.

When did ever-advancing levels of  individual freedom in America devolve into social chaos? Can you  see that social chaos is now leading  to tyrannical levels of governmental control in the face of this chaos, just as world history would suggest that it will?.

An intelligent and ethically sophisticated electorate might help. But its existence, in a sufficient proportion of the population, is uncertain.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  6/23/11

Raiding Our Emergiency Oil Reserves: Obama is Lethal to America

June 25, 2011

Raiding Our Emergency Oil Reserves: Obama is Lethal to America

Now, lets see if I’ve got this right. Our government will not let us increase our oil production. Other sources of energy needed to run our country are only a dream at this time.  We have recently made financial contributions to another country, so that it can increase its oil production. We are in the middle of World War III. You may think that I am overstating the case, but I do not. We are in a long-term struggle to kill radical Islam before it kills us. Radical Islam is attacking us from inside of our borders with increasing frequency. Radical Islam is fighting Western Culture in nearly every other strategic country in the world.

It requires oil (or some other comparable sources of energy) to sustain a modern socioculture and to fight and win a war.

The Obama administration is now using our strategic oil reserves to sustain our common social needs. He is consuming our back-up emergency supply of oil, to be used only in times of great crisis (war, or cataclysmic disasters).

What the hell is going on?! Using our strategic emergency oil supplies, with no ability to replenish them?! All of this, while the American citizenry remains deaf, dumb, and silent. I fear that we are getting what we deserve.

I have told you that the Obama administration is attempting to destroy the economic engine that drives and supports our socioculture. My statement seems outrageous, even to me. I search for evidence to the contrary.

I cannot find it.

How would you classify raiding our emergency strategic oil reserves, at this time in our history, with no way to replenish what is used?

I call it another, in a long series, of self-destructive acts.

Wake-Up America!


What Would Regan Do?

June 22, 2011

What Would Regan Do?

Don’t miss this one!


Happy Father’s Day: But Don’t Forget!

June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day: But Don’t Forget!

Happy Father’s Day: But don’t forget your wonderful ladies. We couldn’t have done it without them!

God’s Blessings to America’s  loving and dedicated fathers.


Finally: A Political Lie Detector!!

June 17, 2011

Finally: A Political Lie Detector!!

Thank you John Plume. What a hoot!

This wonderful machine is just what we need in the American political arena.


The Law of Effect and Cultural Survival

June 15, 2011

The Law of Effect and Cultural Survival

One of Psychology’s premier laws of behavior is the Law of Effect. The law of effect states that operant behavior is controlled by its consequences. This simply means that the vast majority of the bodily, intellectual, and verbal actions that we take in our physical and social environments are controlled by consequences of those actions.

If behaviors are rewarded they will occur more frequently. If behaviors are not rewarded, or if they are punished, they will occur less frequently.

If a society does not consistently design its laws and rules for behavior to reward adaptive economic and social actions in its citizens; and also design its laws and rules to withhold rewards from, or punish, maladaptive economic and antisocial actions in its citizens….it is in the process of self-destruction through behavioral chaos.

Cultural Survival  through the management of consequences can be accomplished within our democratic process; providing we have an educated, loyal and moral citizenry. Without these things, the heavy hand of tyranny will fall upon us all.

Can you see this prediction unfolding as I write?

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      6/15/11

Obama: No, To Legalized Drugs?!

June 14, 2011

Obama: No, To Legalized Drugs?!

I have wanted to complement President Obama on his rejection of initiatives to legalize recreational drugs in America. Although this legalization, in small steps, is ongoing in an increasing number of states, Obama appears to oppose these cultural changes.

But upon further consideration of a bigger picture, I will withhold my complement.

I said he appears to oppose the legalization of recreational drugs in America. The reason that I am suspicious of his political statements on this issue is that, with the exception of killing Osama (made possible by the previous administration), his stated position on the legalization of recreational drugs is one of the very few things he has done that makes sense to me.

I will get to my point and you can decide if I am paranoid or perceptive.

Many liberals, progressives and libertarians that I know, or encounter in the media, are convinced that if we were to legalize recreational drugs America’s, crime, violence, and addiction problems would diminish.  They present that it would also be a revenue savings at all levels of the so-called “war on drugs”.

What they don’t usually admit is that once legalized, they can then tax the this social poison just while it is being increasingly  injected into America. This would be the same game plan that was used with the legalized and taxed social poisons of pornography and gambling. With each former vice that our government legalizes and taxes, there is another windfall of revenues for them to build the size of the government and further subsidize and subjugate, our increasingly dependent citizens.  I have long warned that they now have their sights on drugs and prostitution. Don’t you see it coming?

The liberals and progressives are moving-in on the Mafia’s former territories and calling it good for America!

I think that President Obama and I are in agreement that the result of decriminalizing drugs in America would be more damaging than trying other teaching and control strategies not yet employed and evaluated. The war on drugs has never been very creative in nature and that is why it has failed.

But I fear that Obama and I are in agreement about opposing the legalization of drugs for radically different reasons.

Don’t forget that Obama was a student of the Saul Alinsky school of social revolution. If you don’t know what that is, check back to my blogs on this man and his evil and deceptive political strategies. Better yet, read any of his works. Remember also, that Obama ran on a platform of “change” in America. Alinsky taught that for change to occur, there must be a crisis. Alinsky taught his students to stimulate crises in order to achieve political change.

So, If Obama believes, like so many liberals, that the current approach to illegal drugs is, on balance, damaging to America, I would expect him to support the status quo. This status quo, regarding drug enforcement is failing and this failure adds to the trouble, storm and tumult in America and that provides Obama, his operatives and Czars, a greater opportunity to transform this nation into the Governmentally controlled Socialist Republic that they dream of.

Think I’m paranoid? If so, I respectfully challenge you to read this and then debate the issue with me on this forum.


Sex, Lies, and Cultural Survival

June 11, 2011

Sex, Lies, and Cultural Survival

I imagine that most everyone has something of a sexual nature that they have done, that they do not want to be known publicly.

Most folks simply do not talk about such things and, mercifully, they are not questioned in detail about their sexual histories. Many private indiscretions occurred when people were very young, perhaps in their teens. These may be indicative of very little with regard to future problem behavior, but sometimes such events can be. 

Probing questions about private potentially pathological and damaging private stuff are perfectly appropriate for those who seek our trust:  These are people who our society will trust with great power and great responsibility, and they will serve the public in ways requiring the highest standards of personal conduct, impulse control, and honesty.

This is why in many states police and fire candidates are asked, during a polygraph evaluation and other questionnaires and interviews, if they have ever engaged in non-conscentual sex or if they have ever done something sexual with someone under age.  As a psychologist who does psychological evaluations as part of the screening process for such community servants and “first responders”, I am convinced that such questions are perfectly appropriate. These candidates know in advance that they must meet exceptional standards to become trusted agents of their society. If they do not like such intrusions into their private lives, they need not apply for such positions.

Why should it be any different for this Nation’s politicians? What could be more important than shepherding this Nations well-fare?

Why should it be any different for this Nations teachers, day-care workers, and clergymen and women, charged with the responsibility of shaping the intellect and moral development of our children?

In my view, politicians and others vested with our sacred trust, should have to undergo the same psychological evaluations that police officers and firefighters undergo. The predictions about the quality of individual’s future performance is not perfect,  but it does screen out the most flagrant behavior problems and problem personalities.  This prevents a great deal of damage and expense to cities, departments, citizens and our collective well-being.

It is popular among “enlightened” people (who are sometimes pitifully psychologically naive) to say: ” I don’t care about the person’s private life, that’s separate from their job.  Well, in many cases, it certainly is not.  If  individuals are willing to break sexual laws, or forsake solemn promises about sexual fidelity to their spouses, and then lie publicly about this or other illegal and  immoral behavior, it is foolish and risky to assume they will be honest and loyal to their fellow politicians, the electorate, our judicial system, and the media. The same can be said of those who care for our children.

Regarding our politicians, no matter the party, illegal sexual behavior and lying to cover it up should be reason enough for termination from office.

Regarding recent politician’s sexual misbehavior and dishonesty, I have not named any names. The same is true of  our religious leaders, etc. The names do not matter: nor does gender, race,  religious denomination, or political affiliation. Once an individual shows a complex response class of  lying, cheating,  and law breaking, it is prudent to assume that such actions will manifest in a variety of covert and difficult to discover ways that are damaging to our common good.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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