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Who Really Won!?

November 27, 2020

Who Really Won!?

I know damn-well that Leftist Democrats, with the help of liberal Republicans, have corrupted our electoral process to the point that it can no longer be trusted to reflect the will of our people. Of this, I was certain before the election and I remain certain in this post-election abortion of our Constitutional Republic.

All though history, Democracies and Republics have died soon after their elections have lost legitimacy. 

The majority our voting public should sure-as-hell know this. But they don’t.

This ignorance of our Constitutional Republic is because our government-run educational systems have failed to teach the wonderful strengths, as-well-as the weaknesses of America’s Constitutional Republic to our children, for many generations. 

A lady asked Benjamin Franklin, and I paraphrase: What kind of Government do we have? His answer: A Republic….if we can keep it!

It was common knowledge among America’s Founding Fathers that democracies and republics are very fragile and require an independent, patriotic and moral (religious) population to maintain it. 

Now that American politicians have learned to richly monetize their positions of authority and to control our major institutions (I.e., education, the courts, medicine, news and entertainment media, religion, big business, the economy etc., etc., and now our election methods; America’s Constitutional Republic is fast approaching its finish line.   

If America does not fix the legitimacy of its dying election processes, it is surely the death of its greatest ever of all-the-world’s Constitutional Republics.

Patriots, You must read the following!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 11/27/20

For My Never-Trumper Friends

November 25, 2020

For My “Never-Trumper” Friends

Watch the following video: enjoy!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/15/20

America’s Corrupted 2020 Election?..You Decide!

November 20, 2020

America’s Corrupted 2020 Election?…You Decide!

The Democrat party has increasingly moved far to the left, now it favors Marxist social cultural designs. Whenever possible, it has imposed radical leftist/anarchist-like cultural changes upon us all.

Some recent examples are:

The legalization of marijuana in many states; and now the “decriminalization”, i.e., Legalization of hard drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin)and hallucinogenic mushrooms, etc.); boys in girls dressing rooms in schools; boys competing against girls in sports (by simply claiming they feel like they are girls); gays and transsexuals in the military; kids encouraged to declare their homosexuality and more…(“sexual fluidity”, transsexualism or other LGBTQ identities) in early childhood; the imposition of  political correctness on all of us (no Merry Christmas, no spoken conservative or religious values and ideals, etc.); militant “Black Lives Matter and “Antifa” viciously attacking women, children and senior citizens for their political views (all with lying denials from the democrats and without coverage from the liberalized mass media); as well as Sanctuary Cities and  defunding the police , etc., etc.,.

These are only a few, of a great many examples, of  Marxist/leftist cultural “Transformations” of America, just as they promised. If you have been watching these transformations you should be able to add many more of them to my partial list.

The only reason that I included my incomplete list of leftist transformations was to place America’s 2020 Presidential Election in its reality-based context. Without such a context, it is way too easy to miss the profoundly different nature of this election, above and beyond all others in American history. And what is this context?

The new context is an all-out Marxist-Leftist-Communist Revolutionary assault on America’s Constitutional Republic, and also our remaining freedoms from governmental control. The context is the American proliferation of  well-documented methods used all over the world; comprised of deception, lies,  cheating and out-and-out fraud. All of this, mixed with rampant intimidation and violence; along with increasing control of family, education, religion, the media, weapons, politics, courts, and the economy.

It is essential that you watch the following presentation from start to finish. Watch it with these, and more, well-documented (even admitted) ONGOING American Marxist revolutionary tactics in mind. 

If it takes several shorter viewings to complete this patriotic chore, please do it.

Then you decide the issues involved! 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/20/20

P.S., Move the video along to its real beginning. 

American Electoral Fraud: 2020?

November 15, 2020

American Electoral Fraud: 2020!

No, I do not accept the validity of this 2020 Election.

Our Founding Father’s designed a political system in which one person was to vote one time, on one day of the year, every four years in our Presidential elections.

I understand that the world has changed and there have evolved circumstances (military service, citizens out of country, invalids, etc.), that in the interest of fairness, the privilege of a little more time, or perhaps mail-in ballots makes sense.

But, it makes no sense to flood millions of mail-in ballots to those who have no special reason not to get up off the couch, drive or take the bus, or go after work, etc., and vote in person with a display of personal identification as proof of the validity of their vote; just as we did in Indiana and many other states.

It makes no sense at all:  Unless we carefully considers the following!

BY DESIGN! The electoral mess that has been inflicted upon America is destroying the legitimacy of our voting traditions.

America is under a sustained Leftist/Marxist attack designed to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/15/20



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