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Support Trained Armed Guards in America’s Schools!

April 9, 2013

Support Trained Armed Guards in America’s Schools!

If you do not agree with this statement, I challenge you to view the following video.

But first, ask yourself:

If your first grade child or grandchild’s schoolroom was locked-down , wuth the children hiding from a crazed individual bent on killing them—-would you want a trained armed guard to quickly intervene?

Please do not take my conclusion to follow the wrong way. Of course families with children and others, yet dedicated to children, still love them with all their being.

But at a very different level, I am sad to conclude that our collective failure with issues of child rights and protection from harm, is that America does not love its children as it once did. The issue of abortion speaks volumes about who we love more, infants and children…or adults.

We are no longer the child-centered, married with child-centered, procreation-centered socioculture that we were 40 to 50 years ago. 

This fact glares brightly in our dedication to protecting adult material interests and our abject failure to sacrifice to protect our infants and children from the harms of modernity in America.

This self-destructive cultural problem is near the center of our cultural decline. It must be fixed or America’s future will be an amplification of today’s horrors .

Watch this video and take a stand.

VTM, 4/9/13

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