Sodom and Gamorha America: Sorry for the Dirty Pictures

April 30, 2017

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner on steroids.

Ok, I am not really sorry for the “dirty pictures” in today’s blog.

They  are, after all, relatively tame and tragically common-fare in all the world and for all people (children, teens and adults) capable of connecting to the internet.

As a college professor, I called my research area Behavioral Contagion. That is, the spread of important behavior patterns within cultures via certain biological, psychological and social forms of contact among individuals or groups of individuals. The amazing phenomenon of globalization, transportation advances and the expansion of various media into virtually every single persons life in advanced cultures has exponentially catalyzed the rate of behavioral contagion processes around the world.

One of my professional publications was on the topic of Behavioral Sexual Maladaption Contagion in America. In this article I predicted the dramatic rise is sexual licentiousness and its associated social problems. The sociocultural impact of increased rates of ungoverned sexual behavior is now one great class of  problems (among many) that comprise a synergism accelerating America’s cultural decline.

It is admittedly a challenging read, but I believe it will be worth your effort.

Historically, various mechanisms of behavioral contagion (for better and for worse) likely gained power incrementally and at a comparatively slow rate. Therefore, I would assume that we call “cultural evolution”, or change also, with some notable exceptions, proceeded relatively slowly.

Alvin Toffler once wrote a prophetic book entitled “Future Shock”. The title implies many of the unique psychological traumas that afflict our “post-modern world” and all of us. I recommend that you read because it will allow you a better understanding of what is happening to you and your society.

I once wrote a book entitled Rewarding Parenthood/Rewarding Childhood. This labor of love was published in 1978, by J.P. Tarcher Inc. and distributed by St. Martin’s Press.

Sadly, my book was off the market within a year. My sage and wonderfully humorous dear Uncle Clint easily diagnosed the problem with my book: “You needed to put some dirty pictures in it”!

This blog is dedicated to my beloved Uncle Clint.


America’s Fascist Universities Grow More Fascist

April 28, 2017

America’s Fascist Universities Grow More Fascist

It is axiomatic that socialists, communists, fascists, and now modern progressive/democrats, all use the same revolutionary play-book.

They foment an incremental form of revolution to suite their “half-assed”, historically failure-based, delusional, pie-in-the-sky Utopian dreams by capturing the educational system and contaging young future voters to their special brand of “psychosis”.

As I use the term “psychosis” in this context, it not meant to be the ICD-10 formal definition of a clinical psychosis. The special brand of “psychosis” that I refer to is seen in people who do not come under the control of the widely known and documented history of the horrors and murderous failures of their favorite rigidly held faith in socialistic and communistic political systems.

This contagion/conversion has normally been done at the barrels of guns. But in America, and elsewhere, it is now being done surreptitiously, right under the noses of unsuspecting parents.

Wake-Up America!

Terminate Tax funds to Universities and Colleges, all schools for that matter, that abridge the 1st Amendment by intimidating or punishing those who exercise their American Right to Free Speech!

You must read the following.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/28/17

First Dreamer Deported: Fake News!

April 21, 2017

First Dreamer Deported Without Cause: Fake News!

I was upset when I first heard of what was presented as a true deportation, without cause, of a illegal so-called dreamer. Of course President Trump’s Administration was blamed by the liberal-biased media.

The following is the truth about this Fake News.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/21/17

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending me this article.

Why I Voted Democrat: Ha, Ha, Ha!

April 17, 2017

Why I Voted Democrat: Ha, Ha, Ha!

I don’t wish to be mean. But, the Democrats are busy slandering and conspiring to impeach President Trump 24/7.

So I thought I would provide my readers with some great humor I found that is at the expense of the Democrats… but not at the expense of the truth! 

Yep, the laugh is on the “libs”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  4/17/17

Easter 2017: The Spirit of the Living God

April 16, 2017

Easter 2017: The Spirit of the Living God

Please enjoy this amazing group of musical worshipers named: The Vertical Church Band.

God’s Blessings to you and your loved ones!

In remembrance of our Son Sean.

Tom and Sally Mawhinney, Easter 2017

America Cannot Return to Greatness: Until..

April 15, 2017

America Cannot Return to Greatness: Until..

Ok, I’ll tell it like it is. “America Cannot Return to Greatness:Until…” it does a lot of things right, for a change!

The truth is that America is failing in proportion to the extent that its population is being converted to socialist and radical liberal philosophies of economics, government faithlessness and social conduct. 

One, only one, of the most important strategic ways to “transform” American history and its traditional ethos is through propagandistic strategies at all levels of education. This tactic was once called “Brain Washing” and it is a term with the pejorative punch and imagery that modern radical liberal/socialistic propaganda, now so pervasive in America’s schools, so richly deserves.

As a retired conservative Full-Professor of Psychology, I can vouch for the validity of the following important message from Prager-U.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/15/17

This blog is dedicated to the memory of our wonderful son, Sean Thomas Mawhinney. Sean went to Heaven on this date, one very sad year ago.

A Dangerous World: America, Prepare for War!

April 10, 2017

A Dangerous World: America, Prepare for War!

It is all so very complex. 

  • North Korea is threatening to shoot nuclear war-headed missiles at America and they will be able to do so very soon, if not now! They also are threatening our friends, the South Koreans.
  • Russia is threatening aggression against us and they are doing everything to defeat us on the world geopolitical stage, as is China.
  • China is building man-made islands in international areas of the South China Sea. Both China and Russia have conducted military exercises in that region. These are clear threats to that area of the world and to important American interests there.
  • Iran is threatening to destroy both Israel and America.
  • Radical Islamic forces are at war with us, as well as every other “Infidel” society in the world.
  • Our military is stretched and over-burdened because it is now spread over a half-dozen hot-spots involving actual combat, with an important strategic presence in many other countries around the world.
  • Our military has been allowed to deteriorate and weaken to pre-WWII levels.
  • Our economy is teetering on the brink of collapse.
  • Our society is in a frightening state of social and moral decline.
  • Too many of our youthful population, who would fight in what appears to be an already deepening WWIII, are soft and sissified by countless family, social, political and technological changes.

Finally, our many enemies have been emboldened by eight years of President Obama’s purposefully self-destructive and deceitfully facilitating policies favoring these enemies.

Anyone who accurately perceives the dangerous ways of this world, and American history, must know that the most sure road to peace is to be very prepared for war.

America, you had better say your prayers and wake-up fast!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    4/10/17

The Disney LGBTQ Propaganda Machine

April 5, 2017

The Disney LGBTQ Propaganda Machine

If you have read my last two blogs on the LGBTQ coordinated initiatives to normalize their life-styles with the general public and their children, you know my concerns.

When I grew-up, the name Disney and Walt Disney were synonymous with “squeaky-clean” marvelous family oriented entertainment for children and even their parents.

Things are tragically very different now and I am certain that Walt would be very upset to know what his successors have done to his beloved brain child.

Reverend Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s son agrees with good reason.

Approximately fifteen years ago my wife’s and my dear friends and a wonderful family had a stunning experience. Having raised three children to adulthood, they took their last daughter (around ten years old) to Disney World. This was a very special trip for them and they had been saving money to make this exciting experience possible for their last child.

I will never forget the shock and dismay that they shared with us as they described the fact that they had arrived at Disney World during its Gay Pride Days. The stunned traditional and devoutly Christian family and their young girl were confronted with all manner of LGBTQ attire and affection-displaying behaviors during their entire stay.

Although they all were able to laugh about this unwanted experience today, it was clear that this was not the Disney or the wondrous American experience that they had hoped for  and once knew.

As a psychologist, trained in conditioning and learning, I can tell you some of the ways to increase the odds that children will learn that something originally unfamiliar is good, attractive, normal, and something they would be interested in experiencing more often.

The following basic principles of conditioning and learning are scientifically demonstrated to be effective in changing perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in Children, youth and adult human beings. 

Prompting: Direct, encourage, or physically arrange certain behaviors or experiences and associated stimuli for them.

Relational Framing: Use positive descriptions and characterizations to characterize these behaviors, experiences and associated stimuli.

Control the Context: Associate the desired behaviors with rewarding contexts (Disney World is one example and you can easily think of others).

Present Attractive Models: People who show the desired behaviors (target behaviors) and are attractive models. These would be similar aged children, youth or adults (symbolic of power and authority); those who control rewards and punishments for the imitator; those who are well-known, glamorous, or actual celebrities.

All of these factors are more likely to increase the probability that people will imitate the emotions, words and actions of others who present new emotional attachments and behaviors for them to see and hear.

When any form of imitation occurs:

Present rewards: Reward all forms of imitation of the models.

Use differential Rewards: Reward even minor forms of the desired behavior. As even more clear and stronger forms of the desired behavior patterns emerge, reward them also. Do not reward behaviors and emotional attachments that are incompatible with those of the models.

Punish Incompatible behavior: In the real-world, it is common for unwanted imitative behaviors and emotional attachments that compete, or are incompatible with desirable modeled behaviors to meet with disapproval. They are often criticized, ridiculed or socially censured. It should be noted that LGBTQ propaganda efforts also encourage and reward both bi-sexual behavior and emotional attachments.

Use Shaping: As the behaviors more closely approximate the desired patterns, stop rewarding the behaviors that were less similar to the target or goal behavior patterns and reward only those that more strongly resemble them.

Focus upon children and youth: The behaviors and emotional attachments of  children and youth are more “malleable” than those of adults. Their behavior is more easily changed or modified.

All of this, of course, is what the various LGBTQ initiatives are doing. To be sure, the Culture Wars in America and everywhere else on earth are waged on “psychological battlefields” using these and other basic principles of psychology.

Principles of psychology are kinda like the principles that govern nuclear power. They can be used for purposes that either benefit or destroy societies.

America is still a relatively free country with a relatively free economy. You may choose to spend or invest your money in things that you believe are good for our society and not things that you think are bad for it.

What do you think of the following?

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D.  4/5/17 


LGBTQ Mass Hysteria: Sorry for The Dirty Pictures…Hide the Children!

March 31, 2017

LGBTQ Mass Hysteria: Sorry for The Dirty Pictures…Hide the Children!

I should not assume that every one knows what these letters stand for. They mean Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer. This is the acronym developed by this consortium of political action groups: A cute and catchy way to represent themselves and their once unpopular social and cultural initiatives.

In my last blog on LGBTQ recruiting the any and all “impressionables” to their interests and life-styles, I noted that psychosexual development in humans is fluid during childhood, adolescence and even into young adulthood (for some). This means that individuals’ sexual identity, preferences, or so-called “orientations”, are open to significant influence by various forms of social conditioning and learning.

Therefore, the stuff I am concerned about is not a gay or lesbian person, or a loving couple, who should be treated with civility and most equal opportunities, it is the decidely unequal, flagrant, outrageous, sometimes illegal political, legal and social shenanigans that are dedicated to “normalizing”  their behaviors and working feverishly to somehow glamorize them. They do this by constantly present the LGBTQ life-style as “enlightened”, fun, happy and carefree, sexy, cool, avant-guarde, sophisticated, open-minded, etc., etc, etc..

Some may take offense over my concern about LGBTQ initiatives to “normalize” their behaviors. While I personally do not wish to stigmatize these people, I am compelled to assert The Truth: From a statistical perspective there is nothing normal LGBTQ sexual life-styles.

America’s LGBTQ population is estimated to comprise  only 3.8 percent of our population. Again, from a statistical perspective, this percent is a very large deviation from two standard deviations above and below the mean of a normal curve, which is the “normal” mathematical range for any randomly occurring event.

Clearly, the LGBTQ propaganda machine is working very well because samples of American citizens commonly believe that 23 to 25 percent of our population is LGBTQ. A stunning miss-perception of a statistical reality that powerfully advantages their political action efforts.

This is just another example of a tail wagging the “American dog”.

LGBTQ propaganda has been amazingly effective. It is common for teens and young adults to “name-drop”, as a declaration of their membership among the truly “the truly cultured ones”, by referring to “my gay friend”, “my lesbian friend”, “my bi-sexual friend”, “my “transgender friend”. Or, “I joined the LGBTQ Club at my high school”; some quickly add, “you do not have to be LGBTQ to join their club, I just support their cause”.

If you do not understand the psychological behavior, belief , and culture changes that are now being unleashed by LGBTQ propagandistic, smoke and mirrors, political forces upon America and the rest of the world; it is time for you to attend a little work-shop on this matter.

Please view the following.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/31/17

P.S. Sorry for the dirty pictures, as we used to call them. But, America needs a little reality therapy!


Entertainment Media & LGBTQ Activists: Actively Recruiting Your Children!

March 26, 2017

Entertainment Media & LGBTQ Activists:Actively Recruiting Your Children!

As a professor of psychology and also a practicing psychologist, I began to retrospectively study America’s social and cultural decline in the early 1980’s. With this history in view, my studies became contemporaneous up to and including this moment.

I had been a professor since 1970, and entered my own part-time private practice in 1979. I continued my teaching, research and community involvement at the University, as well.

This was a demanding, but very informative double professional life. My private practice informed my teaching and research… and visa-versa.

From a psychosexual developmental perspective, I have learned the following.

Human psychosexual development remains fluid in many people until late adolescence and even until early adulthood. There is scientific evidence that genetic variables can play a role in ones sexual identity and orientation (i.e., sexual preferences). It is also clear that what humans say, think and do in the sexual domain (and all other domains) is powerfully influenced by conditioning and learning within the social and physical environment. Evidence suggest that approximately 80% percent of males who identify as gay or transgender in their youth identify as “straights”, so to speak, in their adult years. Roughly 50% of females who identify as lesbian or transgender identify as straight as adults (See research article below)

The determinants of human sexual behavior are not well understood at this time. However, its is most likely that genetics and environment interact in complex ways to influence human sexual outcomes. The following article is a good summary of this conclusion and documents the contents of the preceding paragraph.

As a therapist, I have worked with clients who have shown all manner of LGBTQ thoughts and behaviors. I have also worked to help their disapproving families with this frequently emotionally loaded issue. I have also worked with many sexual and behavioral issues that are common to heterosexual individuals and families. In doing so, I have always treated these individuals with respect and kindness and I have tried to support them during their times of trouble.

From an ethical perspective, there is also much to consider.

Psychiatric, Psychological and Counseling professional associations judge, that it is dangerous to the client and inappropriate to attempt to change the sexual orientation of LBGTQ individuals who do not wish to continue in these life-styles. This is a ruling  based upon an accumulating research-base identifying the lack of efficacy of  “conversion therapy”, i.e., attempts to change the sexual orientation of those LGBTQ clients seeking to do so. It is also a result of social and political pressures to redefine LGBTQ life-styles as normal.

Remember the research cited above indicating high rates of “spontaneous” conversions for LGBTQ individuals? This data is in conflict with the lack of success of conversion therapy for those who desire it. Perhaps, over time, naturally occurring events in the lives of many LGBTQ individuals account for what could be called their “natural conversions”. It is logical that these “naturally occurring events” would be difficult, if not impossible to duplicate in a series of therapy sessions. If all of this is so, could it not be that naturally occurring social experiences accounted for a great many LGBTQ conversions in the first place?

From a persona perspective (A father Father, Grandfather, citizen, and member of the American electorate; and last but not least, a Christian) I have some strong opinions on this matter. These opinions have not been shaped exclusively by my own social conditioning and learning as a child of the 1940’s and 1950’s, they have also unavoidably been shaped by my learning as a life-long student of psychology, a therapist, and also a scholar of cultural evolution and the decline of societies.

I continue to study the evolution of American culture from its precarious beginning to its cultural azamuth to its precipitous and stunning era of decline, dramatically manifested starting in the 1960’s.

I have carefully observed America’s social and cultural decline as the  radical political left (progressives, socialists, and anarchists) have joined in consortium with the corrupted liberal judicial, political, news and entertainment media to dismantle the good and essential traditional values and mores of this nation. They have attacked morality, traditional ethics, Judeo/christian religions and precepts and they have focused most intensively on the destruction of the family. The destruction of these pillars of our once great socioculture is nearly complete, as is America’s destruction. 

It is not rash conjecture to conclude that with the resulting severe damage to America’s families and pro-family institutions, that America’s children show damaged and confused psychosocial development.

I can only hope and pray that there are ways to reverse this chain-of-events, many of which are often observed in the history of failed great societies.

Please know that I have no ill will to a good person, no matter their sexual orientation. I do, however, despise the political action recruiting groups and their own straight-to-LGBTQ “conversion attempts” in law, government, the media, your homes and all of America.

Below, please review America’s great progressive/radical-liberal entertainment media’s upcoming attempts to destroy your traditional family and recruit your children to the LGBTQ community and its life-styles.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ to Feature Disney’s First Openly Gay Character cover_LGBT_RuPaul


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