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America’s Marxist Revolution: In Cartoons!

April 27, 2020

America’s Marxist Revolution: In Cartoons!

Gary Varvel · Apr. 24, 2020
A.F. Branco · Apr. 24, 2020
Lisa Benson · Apr. 25, 2020

America’s Stealth Marxist Revolution #1

April 25, 2020

America’s Stealth Marxist Revolution #1

The radical-leftist-branch of the democrat party is America’s Public Enemy #1!

They have long been about the business of dismantling America’s great Constitutional Republic, accelerating this effort dramatically with the election of the Obama administration.

This Marxist agenda was frustrated with the profoundly unexpected electoral failure to transfer Obama’s presidential power to Hillary Clinton, who is also a proven life-long Marxist revolutionary. 

See the truth about Hillary and her Marxist revolutionary associates.

The election of President Trump has exponentially frustrated America’s Stealth Marxist Revolutionaries and their leftist supporters abroad. Psychology’s Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis research predicts that there will likely be an increased probability of aggression from animals (including humans, of course!) when their goals are frustrated or they experience aversive (unpleasant or painful) stimulation.

Trump’s election produced great frustration among America’s Marxist Revolutionaries. What followed was a massive explosion of hysterical leftist democrat verbal and political attacks upon him, just as predicted.

Furthermore, Trump’s election produced an avalanche of verbal and physical attacks upon his supporters by rioting leftists, including a new revolutionary group called Antifa.

Perhaps you have time to learn about psychology’s interesting Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis. It is certainly operational in the case of America’s Stealth Marxist Revolution’s crazed attacks on President Trump and his supporters. Nevertheless, Trump has bravely and skillfully reversed many of the “progressive” “transformations” of America gained during the previous eight-year reign of President Obama: A true revolutionary Marxist.

Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis

This is Part-One of a much longer story about America’s ongoing Stealth Marxist Revolution. 

Your vote in November 2020 will determine the outcome of this attempted leftist revolution.

More on America’s Continuing Stealth Marxist Revolution will be forthcoming.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/25/20



Coronapolitical Grimaces!

April 20, 2020

Coronapolitical Grimaces!

Thanks to Townhall cartoons.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/20/20



Trump “Haters” Unite! # 2

April 19, 2020

Trump “Haters” Unite! # 2

The following video is about Trump’s weak, late and tragic response to the Coronavirus.

The video really is proof positive!

Please enjoy this one, on me!

A concluding thought…..Look closely:

For a change, why don’t you all unite in a massive, earth-shaking, plume of rational thinking? 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/19/20

Trump “Haters” Unite! #1

April 17, 2020

Trump “Haters” Unite! #1

The following video is about Trump’s weak, late and tragic response to the Coronavirus.

The following video is proof positive!

Please enjoy this one, on me!

A concluding thought for you…look closely:

For a change, why don’t you all unite in a massive, earth-shaking, plume of rational thinking? 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/17/20

WWII to Modern Submarines!

April 14, 2020

WWII to Modern Submarines!

I am proud to say that I was first trained on wonderful (but now antiquated) WWII submarines at the U.S. Navy’s Submarine School in New London Connecticut. 

See one of the WWII submarines,”old boats”.

It was then my great fortune to then be assigned to sea duty aboard the USS Ethan Allen SSBN 608.

This was my home, away from home, for over two years. The Ethan Allen, Nuclear Ballistic Missile submarine is now out of service and dismantled. It was the first in its class and led the way to those in service today. All of the great Ballistic missile submarines are called “Boomers”, for obvious reasons! 

See the Ethan Allen, SSBN 608

Now see a short video  of America’s most modern Boomers!

Hope you enjoyed this short lesson on the submersible boats of what is called the U.S. Navy’s “Silent Service”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/14/20

Foxx’s Religious Programming

April 12, 2020

Foxx’s Religious Programming

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful day on this Easter, 2020.

Also, praise to the Foxx News station for its inclusive religious theme on this special Easter Day.

God’s Blessings to All!

Please enjoy this wonderful video with heavenly music and stunning images.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/12/20

Corona Cartoons

April 11, 2020

Corona Cartoons

“Face Piles of Trials With Smiles!” Lyrics from the wonderful band: The Moody Blues

Thanks to the Patriot Post: Cartoons

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/11/20

Gary Varvel · Apr. 8, 2020

F. Branco · Apr. 11, 2020


April 9, 2020


The existence of voter fraud should not be a matter of debate. It is a no-brainer, even without the existing strong evidence of its existence.

Lets do a little “thought experiment”! Please tell me where, in human life….when fame, power, money, the good life, or any sort of advantage exists; that there is no need for surveillance and laws/consequences against cheating, abuse, or stealing to reduce the odds of fraud.

If you think you have found an example, tell it to the IRS, the Gaming Commission, the Better Business Bureau, or the great number of professional organizations that police their own practitioners (medicine, psychology, dentistry, Law, etc., etc., etc.).

There are none.  

And so it must be with our voting traditions, born of a simpler, far less technological and (some might think), a more honest time.

Let us be done with our unscientific thought experiment.

Please consider the following solid data. 

Prepare to be shocked into reality.

The great question is: will enough Americans be shocked enough to demand that essential changes be made to insure that our political system does not become a self-destructive sham? 

It is essential that you know the following.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/9/20

“How the Left Ruins Everything”

April 4, 2020

“How the Left Ruins Everything”

This title may sound like a gross exaggeration.

However, if you have lived for 50 years beyond your 20th birthday, you might not be surprised by the following dose of reality.

One of the important principles of psychology is named “habituation”. The fact is that our senses (I.e., we!) become “habituated-to” (I.e., get used too) stimuli, stimulation, or aspects of environments that we repeatedly experience, or are exposed to over a long period of time.

But, no matter your age, it is essential that you evaluate the following.

So it is with our physical, social, and political environments. It is a fact that, if these environmental changes occur slowly, or in smaller increments over time, “we get used to them”, that is to say they seem normal, unremarkable, or tolerable to us.

If such changes occur rapidly, all at once, or with great magnitude, we may experience them as very unpleasant and seek to escape them. In sociocultures, these efforts can take the form of mass migrations to other environs more to our liking (like that of America’s founding populations). More to the point, the escape response of populations can also take the form or rebellion, or actual revolution (Like that of America’s Founding Father’s).

Over the past 50 years, and actually longer, leftist social and political changes have been incrementally accruing in America. A significant percent of America’s population, habituated to these changes, is now moving towards a voting majority. Could the title of this publication,“How the Left Ruins Everything”, and following video be a foreboding harbinger of our future?

I fear that America is approaching a point of no peaceful return. I pray that I am wrong.

It is clear to me that the following video presents the truth about the gathering forces of our great undoing.

America had better vote conservative!

Thanks to the patriots as PragerU.

See what you think.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/4/20

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