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Mitt Romney Is Not a “Namby-Pamby” Dork!

March 31, 2012

Mitt Romney is not the “namby-pamby” dork that the liberals and some conservatives say he is!

His strong  take-charge problem solving skills, courage, tenacity and perseverance saved a teenage girls life!

See the true story below:

VTM, 3/31/12

Thanks to Carrie Neller for sending this to me.

Obama’s Goals: “That’s What I Heard In East Germany: It Dosen’t Work!”

March 30, 2012

Obama’s Goals: “That’s What I Heard In East Germany: It Doesn’t Work!”

But it does work. It is working if socialism is the goal.

In fact, socialism is the goal!

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 3/30/12

Obama’s Brown Shirts Are Coming To America

March 29, 2012

Obama’s Brown Shirts Are Coming To America

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 3/29/12

Obama’s Dream From His Father: America’s Nightmare!

March 28, 2012

Obama’s Dream From His Father: America’s Nightmare!

Please take the time to watch this video. You will then understand what has recently happend to you, your fellow citizens and America.

VTM, 3/28/12

America Attacks Religion- 2

March 27, 2012

America Attacks Religion- 2

You still don’t believe it? When will you wake-up?

VTM, 3/27/12

Perplexed by A Dying America? Read This Book!

March 27, 2012

Perplexed by A Dying American? Read This Book!

You will have to wade through some opaque cleverness, but the truth about America’s bizarre changes and precipitous decline resides within the pages of Mark Steyn’s book.

I urge you to get it, read it, and then inform your friends.

From Mark Steyn’s book After America: Get Ready for Armageddon


Big Government’s bias against marriage and family isn’t an unforeseen quirk of the tax code. It’s in logical, strategic support of its mission—to expand government and diminish everything else. How’s it going? Well, 40 percent of American children are now born out of wed-lock. A majority of Hispanic babies are born to unmarried mothers. So are 70 percent of black children. And so are 70 percent of the offspring of non-Hispanic white women with high school education and an income under $20,000. Entire new categories of crime have arisen in the wake of familial collapse, like the legions of daughters abused by their mom’s latest live-in boyfriend. Congressman Pence’s doomsday scenario is already here: millions and millions of American children are raised in transient house-holds and moral vacuums that make not just social mobility but even elemental character formation all but impossible. In an America of fewer jobs, more poverty, more crime, more drugs, more disease, and growing ethno-cultural resentments, the shattering of the indispensable social building block will have catastrophic consequences.  (P. 234)


I will edit Mark’s last sentence. “The Shattering of the indispensable social building block” [is having] “catastrophic consequences” [in America].

Most Americans have no idea about the depth of this cultural tragedy. The actual source of the lethal damage to us all is disguised amongst a thousand things going wrong.

VTM, 3/27/12

Religious Leaders and Followers: For God’s Sake–Stand-Up And Defend Yourselves!

March 26, 2012

Religious Leaders and Followers: For God’s Sake–Stand-Up And Defend Yourselves!

If you believe that religion is not under attack in America, you believe in the tooth fairy.

If you are upset by profanity against the Pope and religion in general, I advise you to skip this  first posting….No, I changed my mind!

Actually, you would be a coward not to deal with this reality.

The following is a much milder version of America’s attack on religion.

I wonder how long America’s religious leaders will tolerate this kind of aggression without an organized and strong counter-attack.

I do not respect those who cower and hide in the face of those who seek to destroy their cultures and lives.

Religious Leaders and followers:  For God’s Sake—Stand-Up and Defend Yourselves


Detroit is Coming To Your Neighborhood

March 25, 2012

Detroit is Coming To Your Neighborhood

From Mark Steyn’s book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon.

Start of quotations:

An unemployable, dysfunctional citizenry, a rapacious government, crime ridden streets, and an education system that dignifies moronization as a self-esteem program: in Detroit, everything other than government is dead. (p.222).

Decay sets in imperceptibly, but it accelerates, and, by the time you notice it, it’s hard to reverse. Somewhere like Detroit isn’t Somalia, not yet. But like other parts of the country it is en route to Latin America—a society with a wealthy corrupt elite that controls the levers of power, and beneath it a great swamp of poverty, whose inhabitants divide into two species—predators and prey. The Motor City is the Murder City, with one of the highest homicide rates on the planet—and 70 percent of them go unsolved.

It will not seem quite such an outlier in the future. (p. 223)

End of quotations.

The truth can  motivate you to do good things, but first it will make you miserable.

Wake-up America!


Obama’s American Civil Imprisonment: No Trial–Indefinitely!

March 24, 2012

Obama’s American Civil imprisonment: No Trial–indefinitely!

The title says it all. Obama continues to TRANSFORM  America.

Watch this, or go to jail!

Thanks for sending this to me, Vic Palenske.

VTM. 3/24/12

Our Future?

March 23, 2012

Our Future?

The following quote is from Mark Steyn’s After America: Get Ready For Armageddon, p.149.

“I long ago gave up marveling at how little American education asks of its inmates. By universalizing university, you let K-12 of the hook. College becomes the new high school–which is exactly the opposite of what a dynamic, efficient society would be doing; middle school should be the new high school. Early-year education is the most critical; if you screw up the first eight grades, keeping the kid in class till he’s thirty isn’t going to do much to fix things.”

Watch this short video and see what you think!

VTM, 3/23/12

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