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Thomas Jefferson Speaks To Obama…And To All Americans

August 29, 2014

Thomas Jefferson Speaks To Obama…And To All Americans

I will let Thomas speak for himself.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/29/14

Which Is The Voice of Wisdom and The Way-Up For All Races?

August 25, 2014

Which Is The Voice of Reason and The Way-Up For All Races?

If given the chance, I will vote for Dr. Ben Carson for President of The United States.

Please see the following, do some independent research and give this man some thought.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/25/14

God’s Not Dead: A Movie For You and Your Loved Ones

August 24, 2014

God’s Not Dead: A Movie For You and Your Loved Ones

I order a movie via “the cable” about once per week. I seldom go to the theater to see a new release, preferring to not spend the time, effort, and inflated costs for the refreshments.

Among the hundreds of movies on the cable, including new releases, there are very few made since the late 1950’s that are worth my time. Often the movie is riddled with extreme gratuitous profanity;  that is profanity that serves no apparent  purpose. Having been in the Navy and other testosterone-laden circumstances, I am not easily offended. Frankly, I am prone to cuss when I am very frustrated; a personal flaw that I need to work on more diligently. Still I am irritated and distracted by a purposeless barrage of “F” words and the like.

My dear wife will watch no movie that contains violence. In order to watch a movie with her, I have taken to searching the extensive menus for romantic comedies. We both remember the Doris Day-Rock Hudson movies fondly (and yes we know the story on Rock…but illusion was precious and good). Unfortunately, what now passes for romantic comedy more often features floridly dysfunctional families, infidelity, dishonesty and casual sexuality.

Speaking of sexuality, the movie industry has moved in all ways that it can towards total nudity and homosexuality in its offerings. Then America blanches  in foolish amazement when it is reported in the news, as it was yesterday, that a 13 yer old girl has gained a large following of “friends” by posting her nude photos on Facebook.

So what in the hell should America expect when its popular media has become rife with pornography?!  Are you aware of  the cable T. V. shows “Naked and Afraid” and “Dating Naked”. Even though breasts and genitals are strategically blurred, the naked “models” are sure to excite many teens and pre-teens to imitate their actions. The predictable results will lead to more sexual chaos among America’s young and increasingly unprincipled population.

It is against this disheartening backdrop that I strongly recommend that America’s citizens unite to send the entertainment media a strong message. Do not patronize these forms of social and psychological pollution and steer your children to more spiritual, rule-governed, pro-social entertainment media.

I urge us to do this for good of America. I urge us to do this for the good of our youth. Such behavior on their part will lead large numbers of them to self-injurious behavior patterns and suffering…not to mention the trouble that will await their ill-conceived offspring. Can we not see, that if our children and grandchildren imitate the debouched behavior patterns offered by the modern pop and entertainment media their near-certain personal problems will be visited upon us.

I highly recommend the movie, God’s Not Dead. I will admit that it is somewhat “corny” in a few places, perhaps reminiscent of some wonderful family entertainment of decades past. But, I guarantee God’s Not Dead will put a wistful lump in your throat, highlight youthful principled heroism, and display a moral dedication that will leave you and your children feeling happy and inspired.

I hope you will see the following review of God’s Not Dead and that you and your young loved ones will patronize similar productions that  may come.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/24/14

Deconstruction Of American History = Deconstruction Of America

August 23, 2014

Deconstruction Of American History = Deconstruction Of America!

Our schools and parents have historically acculturated America’s youth in the virtues of spirituality, hard work, personal sacrifice and responsibility for one’s own achievements. And they have effectively used the superior (but still human) models of our founding fathers, for us to imitate, in order help achieve this goal.

I fondly remember the unfinished bust of George Washington that hung in my grade school rooms. At that time, I was a poor student afflicted by ADHD-like symptoms. Therefore, I do not remember many specifics of about our Founding Fathers. I certainly do recall some wonderful stories and that they were universally presented in a positive light and that the best attributes of these men were what was presented for us to admire and live-up-to.

I have recently read extensively about General George Washington’s life. The conduct this first President of the United States was virtually immaculate. Historians have tried to find some dirt on his actions, but there is none.

John Adams was the second President of the United States was a strong family man and very principled in his approach to life and politics. Though he was know for his abrasive personality he had many admirable features as a person and a political leader.

Thomas Jefferson (America’s third President) was an unscrupulous womanizer in his youth. However, he was a brilliant intellect who’s knowledge was Aristotelian in scope and its cutting-edge in depth. His ability as a politician was unmatched in his day and he was a stunningly accomplished writer of our Constitution.

Without question our miraculous and improbable, one-of-its kind, American Constitutional Republic was founded by some of the most courageous, intelligent and highly educated men in Americas Colonies. How could it be otherwise. courage, intelligence and eduction are variables that are almost always correlated with wealth, social status and achievement.

Yet, the progressives understand that to deconstruct America and transform it into a socialist/communist state, run by an all-controlling Federal Leviathan, it must destroy the powerful ethical legacy left by our freedom-seeking revolutionary historical leaders. This must be done to make way for the unprincipled and frankly psychopathological “progressive”/socialist/communist leaders of our present and future.

These so-called “progressive” leaders are perniciously antithetical to the character, as well as the moral and ethical precepts that were at the core of our Founding Fathers spiritual, political and philosophical foundations.

I have railed against “Common Core” educational changes in past blogs for good reason. Common Core is more than an attempt to improve our educational system. It is an attempt to expunge America’s Founding Principles from the knowledge base of our youth. If successful this educational revolution, in combination with the flood of undereducated and unskilled illegal aliens, plus our rapidly bloating welfare population will bring America’s Constitutional Republic to its final days.

Look at what the so-called “progressives are doing to our children and youth.

I can assure you that the progressive revolutionary historians are dirty-dog stinking liars about the great wealth of our Founding Fathers. Our Founding Fathers stood ready to give-up their very lives for America’s Independence and they also forfeit their financial earning power for their service… to points of near ruination.  Here is some proof.

I hope you will further research this issue on your own.

These three Founding Fathers died feeling that the success of our fragile American Revolution was compensation enough for their great life’s sacrifices.

Let no one besmirch their accomplishments.

We Citizens must somehow come to despise these progressive revolutionary liars, for they truly have murderous intent against America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/24/14

Islam In America! Quran To Be Inscribed In Our Courthouses

August 23, 2014

Islam In America!  Quran To Be Inscribed In Our Courthouses!

America: You had better read this article.

Wake-Up America

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/23/14

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this to me

“Talking Head”: Out of Ammo About Guns

August 21, 2014

“Talking Head”: Out of Ammo About Guns

It is time for a good laugh, if you know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic.

It is time for an education if you don’t.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/21/14

Enough First Amendment B.S. In Ferguson: Impose Martial Law!

August 21, 2014

Enough First Amendment B.S. In Ferguson: Impose Martiall Law!

The liberal media, liberal/progressive politicians and the race-baiters in all segments of America want us to believe that the “demonstrations” are all about “Fee Speech” and the “Right To Assemble” in Ferguson.

This is all politically driven revolutionary propaganda. The factions that I have listed above, orchestrated by the Obama Administration, are fanning the flames of chaos and social strife for a purpose that most Americans are still oblivious to.This is all part of their game-plane to segment the citizenry in civil strife so they can further their political agenda. The agenda? Prove that the American Experiment has ultimately failed and it is time for a new Socialistic-Federalist approach and a new World Order.

What the radical left “progressives” are presenting as a First Amendment Right in Ferguson is nothing more than chaos as a reason to destroy the social order and the rule of law, the very foundation of our American Republic.

If you think that the First Amendment is being practiced and protected in Ferguson, and other places yet to come, you are not thinking clearly.

Take a look at what happens when a white lady attempts to demonstrate her support for the police.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/21/14

It Is Time For Martial Law in Ferguson

August 19, 2014

It Is Time For Martial Law in Ferguson

I will not question the purity of all of the peacefully demonstrating people in Ferguson.

However, the following points have now been  made for almost two weeks, during every day and every appalling and increasingly dangerous night.

1. Those who have called for justice regarding the police shooting of an 18 year old black man, are grossly outnumbered by those who are in favor of a lynching of the accused police officer. If the lynching is not meant to be a literal one, as it is in many cases, it is a figurative one.

2.  The so-called “free speech” fest is actually manic parade of laughing, jeering, taunting, cursing, threatening, Molotov cocktail and rock throwing, gun shooting, pillaging criminals, communists, radical Islamists , America-hating, capitalism hating, anarchists. Nearly all of whom are from outside of the Ferguson area.

3. The media, both liberal and conservative, are feeding the vicious cycle of rioting buffoons who struggle to capture a “moment of glory” and “immortality” through their cartoon-like gyrations as they burst into the background and side-ground of near continuous news video segments.

4. Both liberal and news commentators are Charlatans who pose as experts on the technology of crowd control as they criticize rapidly evolving and complex police crowd control strategies.

5. Many politicians are busy sucking-up to black citizens and the rioting crowds in an attempt to curry their favor and votes.

6. The risks of the serious injury and death to peaceful demonstrators, bystanders, and police are increasing dramatically as outside rebels and agitators join the fray attempting to incite violence.

7. All of this riotous and increasingly dangerous behavior is now being catalyzed by astonishingly extended rights to assemble and riot. It is now the “theater of Constitutional Rights” extended to absurd and potentially lethal extremes. It is reported today that two demonstrators were shot by other protestors. As the old saying goes, “No one has the right to falsely yell fire in a crowded theater”.

The people of Ferguson have had a more than ample opportunity to exercise their First Amendment rights. There is nothing that has been left unsaid. There will be nothing new that can be said until a full investigation of the police shooting in question is complete

It is now time to more firmly use the police and the National Guard in Ferguson in order to protect life, property and the rule of law in Ferguson.

It is time to impose Martial Law during the most dangerous after-dark hours of these soon to be lethal riots that pretend to be peaceful demonstrations.

Please see the following:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/19/14

Ferguson: What Would You Have Done?

August 18, 2014

Ferguson: What Would You Have Done?

I have lived long enough to have seen numerous race riots. All too often, the rioters and their supporters are not really interested in the truth or real justice.

They are punks looking for a reason to perpetrate violence, to wantonly destroy property and loot with impunity. Often they are outsiders that pour  into the affected areas of a city to perpetrate mayhem.

They will not be calmed, they will not respect due-process, they will not come under the control of society’s best attempts to protect the welfare of all of the victims; no matter the race, color or creed.

Let me ask you this: 

A. If you were a citizen, and a police officer told you to get out of the middle of the road and walk on the sidewalk…what would you do?

B. If you were a police officer a you were attacked in your police car by an assailant who punched you in the face, and who then fought you for your handgun, which was fired in the car. Then, when you ordered your 6’4″,  270 lb. assailant who was running away “to freeze”, he turned and “bum-rushed” straight at you…what would you do?

The point is not that we know that either of these scenarios happened. We do yet know.  Both of these possibilities have been reported in the media. They are not yet settled facts.

Still, what would you have done if they were?

VTM, 1/18/14

What Do Losses In Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan Have In Common? Progressive Politicians!

August 17, 2014

What Do Losses in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan Have In Common? Progressive Politicians!

The following video was sent to me by Lee Hornack.  I think that you will recognize it to be an authoritative report on why America lost the war in Viet Nam.

If you will pay attention to what has recently happened, and now continues to happen, in Iraq and Afghanistan you will see the consistent losses that result from progressive politics in the wars against communism and Radical Islamic terrorists.

America cannot win with progressive politicians in control of our government.

Wake-Up America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/17/14

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