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Dr. Tom’s Laugh Therapy #10

September 16, 2018

Dr. Tom’s Laugh Therapy #10

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Female Marine Kicked-Out for “Fraternization”: Duuuh!

September 13, 2018

Female Marine Kicked-Out for “Fraternization”: Duuuh!

Don’t be silly. Of course there will be “fraternization” between military males and females when they are placed close proximity in the military…particularly when they are under great stress.

What in the hell would any rational adult expect?!

There has been increases in allegations of sexual harassment and other sexual improprieties up to, and including, rape. There will be fights over boyfriends and girlfriends and worse. There will be conflict over girlfriend’s girlfriends and boyfriend’s boyfriends.

There will be pregnancies and conflicts over paternity. Pregnant women will not be deployed when needed. There will be expulsions of both sexes from our military costing millions of dollars in wasted time, training and experience.

There will be an explosion of expensive and time-consuming military police and court cases. All of this and more will cost American tax payers countless millions of our dollars squandered for an idiotic and of a debilitating experiment with “social justice” in America’s military.

Wake-Up! Dumb as a Dodo Bird America!

Below is just another of way too many examples.

Please see my other posts about this self-destructive assault upon the readiness and effectiveness of America’s Military.

Go to the search box in the upper right side of my main page and type in “women in military”. All that I have written on the topic of women in combat, gays, and transsexuals, now admitted into America’s Military. Also see my older posts on this topic at the end of the first page of these topics. 

I am sickened by the damage to our military and society by America’s foolhardy military experimentation and have little more to say about it.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/13/18

Psychologist and Veteran of America’s Submarine Service.

Welfare=Socialism/Dependency: Feed Them, They Will Come!

September 11, 2018

Welfare=Socialism/Dependency: Feed Them, They Will Come!

The Leftist, radical democratic strategy is perfectly stated in my title for this blog.

Feed them and they will come, they will vote for you, no matter how bad it gets, they will vote for you!

They will end up living in relative poverty for the the rest of their lives. Their children will far more prone to continue the dependency legacy. They will likely live mostly among others who  live in poverty, they will live among greater proportions of others who are divorced, poorly educated, taking and/or selling drugs, involved in gang activity, are aggressive and intimidating to others, and even willing to kill for what they want. 

The children of governmental dependency and their children’s children are likely to do the same and this vicious escalating vicious cycle can (if uninterrupted) lead to the death of America by socialism and the same old chain of tragedies that generally follows.

Yes, there are good people in poverty, but is is exponentially more difficult for them to raise good children, who mature to do good things while living in America’s poverty stricken welfare dependent environments. It is terribly difficult for them to escape the poverty cycle on their own.

Leftist-Marxist politicians are deeply schooled in the transformation of America to a socialist/communist/tyrannical nation. They know well that this goal cannot be achieved in America through traditional violent revolutionary means. This is the reason they strive to cripple the Second Amendment, nearly all other transformed and failing societies have done. Rather, they are successfully employing a long-range plan of increasing population dependency upon governmental money and materials for life itself.

I believe that this is the “transformation” that Obama promised and he and the “Deep State” in America are feverishly working to implement as I write this piece.

The two articles below will document this slow, but steady progression of carefully engendered American population dependency upon governmental resources: Governmental resources funded by a decreasing percent of the population of independent working tax paying citizenry.

This is an age-old political ponzi-like scheme  addictive to governed populations in which the only people who “get rich” are the politicians who run the fraudulent game. In the end it always fails…and too frequently it fails in the starvation and death of countless human beings.

Wake-Up America! When governments create more”takers” than “makers”, there will be bloody hell to pay!

Read about the startling progression of socialism in America below.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/10/18

Dr. Tom’s Laugh Therapy #10

September 6, 2018

Dr. Tom’s Laugh Therapy #10


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Big Differences Between “Leftists” and “Liberals”

September 4, 2018

Big Differences Between “Leftists” and “Liberals”

I have just been “schooled” on the difference between “The Left” and traditional American Liberalism. This was a lesson I badly needed.

I have been equating the left with liberalism and in doing so, I have done a disservice to many American Liberals. Though I work hard to do my research and stay informed on these matters, I have often failed to make this important distinction. 

I apologize and I will no longer make that mistake.

Although I will still not vote for traditional American liberals, I have liberal friends who I like,  respect, and whose friendship I value very much.

I judge that clean and healthy competition between liberal and conservative America-loving political influences have the best chance of keeping America close to that “sweet spot” on the sociopolitical continuum most likely to insure our society’s long-term success in competition for survival among our world of cultures.

I will now more carefully reserve my vitriol and deep animosity for those who, no matter what they may call themselves (liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, revolutionaries, antifa, anarchists, etc..) should more correctly be labeled as “Leftists“.

The problem is that many political leftists camouflage themselves with more palatable labels. For example, leftists frequently call themselves liberals and progressives. They then work in devious and illegal ways to implement leftist practices in order to incrementally “Transform America” into a socioculture that our Founding Fathers and the patriots of their day never meant America to become. 

In fact such leftist “transformations” of America would be the realization of our Founding Father’s very worst nightmarish outcomes for us all!

It is incontrovertible that leftists are the arch-enemies of America’s freedoms for all of its citizens. The freedoms that our patriots have fought and died to achieve and protect from the very beginnings this nation’s great and noble 241-year-plus experiment “Liberty for All”!

Please see the following presentation by Prager U to further understand the differences between true American liberals and the Leftists among us and elsewhere.

I ask that you to please send this important video by Dennis Prager to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/4/18

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