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Wake The-Hell-Up America: You Are Killing Your Children and Yourselves!.

December 31, 2012

Wake The-Hell-Up America: You Are Killing Your Children and Yourselves!

My mother and father would not let me buy or read the vivid combat, horror or super-hero comic books of the 1940″s and early 1950’s. They knew then what it took social scientists decades to demonstrate. Fantasy violence is very bad for children.

Like most kids I was fascinated by war, horror and violent super-hero comics and would have collected them in a great  pile, had I been allowed to do so.

I remember looking forward to going to The Simm’s Barber Shop, about once every 5 or 6 weeks to get my standard butch-cut. There “I wallowed in” all of the creepy horror and combat comic books that they kept in big piles. I remember happily turning a half-hour barbershop visit into an hour or longer.

Horror and violence sold then, “like hotcakes” to children, just as it does now. The only difference now is that the violence is exponentially more florid and graphic and more parents are divorced, at work, on drugs, on welfare, dating and/or partying irresponsibly–more often than ever in our history. There is more. America’s children are less supervised, more often exposed to actual violence and abuse in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods than before. They are more exposed drugs and alcohol than ever before. They live like nomads, out of suitcases, as they move between separated or divorced parent’s homes more than before. They are more frequently raised by tired elderly grandparents than before.

Children all-too-often assume they are to blame for their parents single or serial separations or divorces. It is natural for them to be egocentric. More than ever they have step-siblings in multiple homes,  they have had multiple men or women who have assumed parental roles in their lives, only to abandon them for someone else. People may not like to hear it, but the non-biological live-in parental figures are more likely to sexually or physically abuse the children they are with than are the biological parents.

All of this is incompatible with good parenting and the needs for normal child development and it all interacts and summates to create mild, moderate, severe and profound emotional problems in our children more than before. The unthinkable carnage that we all witness in America is normally the result of children, teens and adults with histories of severe to profound emotional problems.

So, my point is that increasingly our children emotionally troubled: They are frustrated, angry, depressed, anxious, and withdrawn. Now on top of all of this, our self-destructive Culture feeds them a steady diet of murder and savagery in increasingly realistic participant videos. We now teach our kids to do simulated killings and maimings of other humans, over, and over, and over…hundreds and even thousands of time. See below.

Do you really expect that there will not be a small minority of kids who lose contact with reality, who are desensitized to gore and violence, who despise their lives, who come to hate their parents and their ridiculing and tormenting peers. Do you think it odd that so many grow to hate the institutions and authority figures around them, by whom they feel  rejected and alienated? Can’t you perceive, without training,  the avenues and mechanisms of the bad behavioral contagion that is spreading and destroying America like a rising tide? Do I even have to explain what bad behavioral contagion is? Can’t you see it and feel it?

How could any, even slightly psychologically minded adult, not understand that our modern liberal/progressive interpretation of our Founding Father’s intended meaning of the First Amendment has morphed into a terrible culturally destructive force.

Don’t believe me? Do your homework, please. You must see and understand the research findings on media violence and aggression in children and adults.

Common, America, wake the hell up!

You are killing your children and yourselves!


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Our Fragile Constitutional Republic 101: A Remedial Course for Americans

December 31, 2012

Our Fragile Constitutional Republic 101: A Remedial Course for Americans

The following quote is taken from The Path To Tyranny: A history of Free Society’s Decent Into Tyranny, by Michael E. Newton

Going back at least as far as Plato, idealists have argued that a government of highly intelligent and well-intentioned individuals could effectively run the country for the well-being of the people. But giving such power to government officials is likely to attract people hungry for wealth or power. Furthermore, the power hungry will use violence and deception to gain power, making their assumption of power more likely and more dangerous.

One of the key principles of the Nazis was that a government run by superior men, Nietzsche’s Ubermenschen, is better than a republic in which everybody, regardless of intelligence, has a say in government. However, when these supermen in government turn out to be fallible, just like everybody else, they take down the entire country with them (pp. 198-199).

And Finally, with trepidation, I present one more quote:

Hitler spoke with such eloquence and passion, making promises the German people wanted to hear, that people were ready to give the Nazis an overwhelming victory at the ballot box (p. 185).

No, I do not fear a Nazi-like take-over of America. I do see and fear the increasing lies, deceptions and tyrannies of the Obama regime that are damaging us and could significantly “take down the entire country”.

While I wish to believe America has the strength to survive our messianic socialist/progressive president, I remain anxious about the outcome.

VTM, 12/31/12

Radical Socialist Damn-Fool Gun Controls: More Deaths, More Crime!

December 30, 2012

Radical Socialist Damn-Fool Gun Controls: More Deaths, More Crime!

I do love the sophisticated, understated verbal style of the British. Even a man imprisoned for defending his home and life with a gun (after three previous home invasions!), speaks of his own injustice in a calm and understated style.

Great Britain offers a prime (culturally close) example of our even-more-miserable future if we follow their government-gone-wild socialist gun control policies.

See for your self!

Now, see and hear an American style answer to progressive/socialist government-style gun control in America!

Do not let it happen to us.  Guns are not our great tragedy, secular/progressive/socialist/permissive cultural designs are! Reverse these political trends with your votes and our social problems (rapes, murders, burglaries, robberies, child sexual and physical abuse, drugs, etc., will be dramatically reduced.

VTM, 12/30/12

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending me the video on Great Britain.

The Horrors of America’s Broken Mental Health System

December 29, 2012

The Horrors of America’s Broken Mental Health System

I guess that some might accuse me of constructing a sensationalist title for this blog. They would be tragically mistaken.

The Behavioral Contagion of Mass-Murders in America and other counties has been largely fueled by a misguided humanitarian policy of the Deinstitutionalization of Mental patients.

I think that the average American has no understanding of this profound cultural design mistake that has cause so much human misery, terror, and loss of life.

I will try to convince you to spend about 30 minutes reading the documentation for my strong assertion. I will provide you with a few very amazing samples of a larger strongly documented article written by Clayton Kramer. This man is a very fine scholar, whose work has been used by supreme court justices.

You must read the entire article..if you remain ignorant on this matter you will remain part of the problem of mass murder contagion in America.

The following quote is only a sample of the facts that you and those for whom you vote had better know, understand and respond to.


When The New York Times did a detailed study of 100 U.S. rampage killers in 2000, they pointed out that there was often plenty of warning:

Most of them left a road map of red flags, spending months plotting their attacks and accumulating weapons, talking openly of their plans for bloodshed. Many showed signs of serious mental health problems.

The Times’ study found that many of the rampage killers… suffered from severe psychosis, were known by people in their circles as being noticeably ill and needing help, and received insufficient or inconsistent treatment from a mental health system that seemed incapable of helping these especially intractable patients. . . .

The Times found what it called “an extremely high association between violence and mental illness.” Of the 100 rampage murderers, forty-seven “had a history of mental health problems” before committing murder, twenty had been previously hospitalized for mental illness, and forty-two had been previously seen by professionals for their mental illness. While acknowledging that mental illness diagnoses “are often difficult to pin down . . . 23 killers showed signs of serious depression before the killings, and 49 expressed paranoid ideas.”57

There is no shortage of these tragedies that have one common element: a person whose exceedingly odd behavior, sometimes combined with minor criminal acts, would likely have led to confinement in a mental hospital in 1960. After deinstitutionalization, these people remained at large until they killed. The criminal justice system then took them out of circulation (if they did not commit suicide), but this was too late for their victims.


I will now beg you to read the rest of his article. Learn about one of America’s major self-inflicted design flaws.

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D., 12/20/12

Health Services Provider in Psychology

The Truth About Evil

December 28, 2012

The Truth About Evil

What we call Evil is the simple result of what the world has witnessed throughout its history: Social chaos bred barbarism.

The depiction below illustrates nine, of the many more, causes of the rise of social chaos bred barbarism in modern America.

All of this has been catalyzed by the purposeful and strategic infiltration of permissive and irresponsible radical liberal/progressive individuals and organizations into law, education, the media, social well-fare, the church and politics. The resulting transformation of increasing social chaos and barbaric behavior within our population has grown inexorably over the last several generations in America.

Judge Bork documented the growth of this powerful transformational force in  his great 1996 book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline.

Judge Bork recently died, may he now rest in peace. Sadly, there will be little peace for those of us still living.

The allied forces of progressive liberality will now mask their own profound culpability in creating our culture of chaos and barbarism by attacking our last conservative bulwark. Our Second Amendment and the right of law-abiding citizens to effectively defend our lives, property and freedom from criminals and governmental tyranny–along with our dwindling vote, is now our last hope.

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

By Michael Ramirez – December 27, 2012

Thanks to Lee Hornack for alerting me to this truthful depiction and Town where it was published.
VTM, 12/28/12

Merry Christmas, 2012: God Bless The Little Children!

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, 2012: God Bless The Little Children!

God Bless our precious little children. Here is a wonderful Christmas present for you, from the children.

God’s Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Tom Mawhinney

The Best Article on Gun Control In A Long Time

December 24, 2012

The Best Article on Gun Control In A Long Time

I want to strongly recommend that you read this article. I found it on The writer is a data-based man who understands what it is like to be defenseless against murderous intent.

Please read this article. This contains statistics that socialist/progressives do not want you to know.

VTM,  12/13/12

American Social “Freedom” = Social Chaos = Cultural Decline

December 23, 2012

American Social “Freedom” = Social Chaos = Cultural Decline
The following remark is from Gonzo, a fellow blogger who is not afraid to think intelligently about various social issues. I hope you will read his remarks and my response to them. I judge that we are both spot-on regarding some of the problems with the cultural design of modern America. I encourage you to visit Gonzo’s blog. His address is included in my blog roll, on the bottom right side of my blog page.
The following is written by Gonzo:

I am, at best, an arm-chair quarterback when it comes to discussing sociological and psychological phenomenons. But I can’t help but wonder if the one avenue of thought might be better described as “conditioning”.

What conditioning toward violence are the following having on young minds, (young minds that grow to adulthood)?:

Violence on television, which has been increasing with regularity and realism. -Violence in movies, which has been increasing with regularity and realism. -Violence in music, which has been increasing 8 fold and is combined with messages of hate toward various groups of people. -Violence in games, which has been increasing in intensity and realism. -The increasing presence of psychotropic drugs which have interactions in the human mind in ways that still are not fully understood. -The growing and UNDISCLOSED list of everyday products that contain fluoride, a poison that is known to cause violent outbursts in some people. (In water supplies, dental products, multi-vitamins, huge doses in SSRI’s, many other pharma drugs, in our foods from fertilizers and pesticides, teas, vaccines, soda, milk, added to some processed foods, others). -Lack of other examples of dealing with conflict other than with violence.

Again, I may be wrong, but it seems that once the conditioning has been accomplished, that the next step is a trigger and opportunity. The sad reality is that people receive more conditioning from the aforementioned list than from sources such as examples of conflict management w/o violence, spirituality, forgiveness, etc.

We don’t need fewer guns, we need better conditioning on how to live as a peaceful people, engaged with one another, and living life with spiritual purpose. We also need awareness of the poisons affecting our lives, whether psychological or chemical, and truth in labeling.

End of Gonzo’s remarks.

My response follows:


Correct you are about the concept of conditioning! You have been doing a lot of good studying in your “arm-chair”.

The term is a correct and technical one for one form of learning that has to do with temporal association of stimuli, either Classical/Pavlovian or Operant in nature. These forms of learning indeed account for a great deal of the most important behaviors that we do to our physical environment and to our social environment. Broader in scope is Social Learning Theory, which also accounts for a great deal of important learning in humans. The many psychological principles in this field include modeling and imitation and other forms of vicarious learning. However, stimulus associations and conditioning are part of all of the forms of learning identified in humans.

I judge that virtually everything that psychology has discovered about human learning is operating against the welfare of America’s individuals and its culture as a result of legalized drugs, legalized pornography, and legalized gambling; Permissive standards on profanity, violence, and sex or sexual innuendo in the popular media; Liberalized marriage and divorce rules; Deinstitutionalization of  dangerous mental patients, liberalization of civil committment rules for the severely mentally ill, liberalized judicial and penal practices, liberalized child protection laws, liberalized educational practices, the governmental undermining of  spiritually based morality in all sectors of our society, and much more.

All of this, and much more, in America is best described as a culture of permissiveness. Some view this state of permissiveness as “freedom” for the individual, when actually it is a predicament of destructive social chaos. Under conditions of permissiveness most of the naturally occurring conditioning and learning principles tend to yield maladaptive behavior in individuals and cultural outcomes that are destructive to America’s survival.

The principles and mechanisms of this powerful process bad behavioral contagion are well understood, but America stupidly ignores them.

VTM,  12/23/12

Thousands Of Black Shooters and Black Victims Dead: Nothing Said!?

December 22, 2012

Thousands Of Black Shooters and Black Victims Dead: Nothing Said!?

I have asserted that gun control is not the goal. The puppet Obama Administration is run by progressive socialists who’s goals are incompatible with “liberty for all” (i.e., relative freedom from governmental control).

The death of our white children is no more despicable than the death of thousands more of our black children. All of this is tragic beyond words.

Revolutionary theory advises that governments “capture the moment” to make their tyrannical moves against their citizens. These strategies are as old as politics, which is likely as old as humankind.

Read the following article and see what I mean.

VTM, 12/22/12

Why Does Gun Control Fails to Stop Our Carnage

December 22, 2012

Why Does Gun Control Fails to Stop Our Carnage

So, exactly why will gun control fail to stop America’s awful murder rate? Take some time to this complex matter through and see how many reasons you can list.

For those who still don’t get it…Its the Culture, Stupid!

The following is a very fine logical treatment of this complex tragic matter. A tragic matter that is the result of some very bad American Cultural Design Flaws that must be corrected before our whole “house of cards” collapses.

Here are 10 facts for the liberal anti-gun nuts. The facts will do no good however. The liberal/progressive agenda is not gun control, it is tyranny.–why-gun-control-cant-stop-another-newtown-massacre-n1472021/page/full/

VTM, 12/22/12

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