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No Muslim Immigrants From Terrorist-Friendly or Tolerant Countries!

April 24, 2013

No Muslim Immigrants From Terrorist-Friendly or tolerant Countries!

A great problem is that many American Muslim Terrorists have come to this country as children and have gone through our acculturation process with failure. The process failed for unknown reasons. While we may search for such reasons, it is not safe for us to continue to admit Muslims from Terrorist-Friendly or tolerant Countries.

The great and popular televisions series, “Roots”, hints at something very basic and psychological in people. If people fail to become acculurated  into a new socioculture, accepting many of its core values, more’s and folk-ways, and core belief systems, they search for other core cultural or subcultural features to identify with and adopt.

So what would be more natural than for the disaffected immigrant to embrace the culture, or one of the powerful subcultures, of the society that they had once immigrated from.

Our post-modern ethos of multiculturalism and near-worshiped social maintenance of “diversity”, rather than sociocultural unity, will only catalyzes the problem of disaffected moderate muslims turning to radical Islam and terrorism.

All of this goes directly to the recent American Muslim Terrorist massacre and maiming of innocent victims in Boston.

There are  calls for closer vetting of migrating Muslims. This is sensible, though not politically popular with the current administration. But closer vetting will not stem the flow of children who grow-up in America only seek their historical roots in radical Islam and terrorism.

A “free society” cannot tolerate the sort of surveillance that is needed to protect ourselves from occult immigrant terrorist Muslims, or those who later “seek their roots” and become radicalized terrorists in our midst.

It is time that we grow-up and face the facts of reality:

1. No one has a right to immigrate to America.

2. America is not obliged to accept immigrants with elevated risk factors for terrorizing and killing its citizens.

We are told by experts, politicians, and news reporters to not be fearful, to shield our children from the reality of terrorism, and to live our lives as we normally do. All of this is sensible only when we have done everything possible to protect ourselves: And we have not done that.

See below for one of more clear and logical discussions on this topic to come:

VTM, 4/14/13

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