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Who Really Is Cain’s Most Recent Accuser?

November 29, 2011

Who Really Is Cain’s Most Recent Accuser?

I feel sorry for Herman Cain. I hope I am not wrong, but it is very possible that he has been targeted and knocked out of the presidential race because he was viewed as the biggest threat to President Obama: Once even a greater threat than Romney and Gingrich.

Now Cain’s candidacy has almost certainly been destroyed.

The background checks of former accusers have been highly suspect .

The most recent accuser has a history of bad behavior sufficient to cause the strongest doubts in the absence of evidence beyond her own verbal responses.

Could this to be s political assassination by the Obama/Alinsky-ites ?

You be the judge!

In the absence of material evidence, I will consider  it a liberal/progressive hit Job.

Check it out for yourselves. It’s a short read that you must evaluate on your own.

VTM,  11/29/11


States Rights: A Bulwark Backbone of Liberty

November 28, 2011

States Rights: A Bulwark of Liberty

President Obama, all other tyrants, and the rest of us who must protect our liberty and way of life: Read Thomas Jefferson!

Wake-Up America!

Founder's Quote Daily

“I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground that ‘all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or to the people.’ To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, not longer susceptible of any definition.” –Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, 1791

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Gingrich Against The Second Amendment? More Baloney!

November 27, 2011

Gingrich Against The Second AmendmentMore Baloney!

You will hear that he is. The liberal/progressive socialists know that in order to see their world view come to reality, they will have to confiscate guns from private law-abiding citizens. They know that the biggest present threat to their nefarious and stealth implementation strategies is none other than Newt Gingrich.

What a diabolical plan it is to discredit him with his potential conservative constituents by accusing him of being against America’s constitutional Second Amendment! This is another underhanded game-plan, straight from Saul Alinsky’s unethical play book, Rules for Radicals.

Alinsky’s  book on lying cheating and manipulating has been carefully studied, taught and practiced by President Obama and his political Czars and minions.

Learn the truth about Newt Gingrich and the Second Amendment: See his speech to the NRA and hear their applause!

VTM, 11/27/11

Gingrich: America’s Only Hope?!

November 26, 2011

Gingrich: America’s Only Hope?!

Much is going to be made about Newt Gingrich’s past divorce record and how he treated his wife who was in the hospital for surgery, etc. You can count on the liberal/progressive socialist, atheist, media and political operatives to smear his reputation in every way possible. This is because Gingrich is the greatest threat to their  their scurrilous political strategies of bald-faced lies, deception, and governmental grants, give-aways and other favors, to buy votes. I’ll bet he is the biggest threat to them, their  hopes and world-view, that they have seen since Ronald Regan.

The liberal progressives are terrified of loosing power because all they have to offer America is the most spectacularly failing blatantly socialist President in recent history. And. this is all they have at the very moment in history that America is obviously poised to fail if it does not return to its conservative political, social and economic roots.

Newt Gingrich is a brilliant intellectual, Professor of History and prolific author. Having spent my adult life among Ph.D. level professors, and sampled colleagues nationally,  I will judge that he must be somewhere above the 90th percentile of practical brilliance within that population.

As a debater, among all of the Republican Candidates and potential ones (that I know of) he is the most experienced informed, fierce, and skilled one that I have seen. Finally, Newt’s national and international political experience and knowledge is far beyond that most of his fellow candidates.

I admit, it is very easy to like Mitt Romney, who I now rank in second place. But, I fear that a more moderate personality and political tendencies, during truly emergency conditions, will not save America.

Please read the following short remarks by Newt’s daughter to prepare your selves to  assess and judge the character assassination attacks that the extreme left will soon launch against him.

I believe that President Obama’s handlers are horrified at the prospects of Newt Gingrich having him all alone in a series of long debates leading to the Presidential Election of 2012.

If you doubt me, please see the following video which is indicative of Newt’s consistently stunning debate performances. He will “knock Your Socks Off”!

P.S. Thanks to Lee Hornack for bringing this video to my attention.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.     11/26/11

Truth With Humor

November 25, 2011

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

By Steve Kelley – November 23, 2011
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

             By Chip Bok – November 15, 2011
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

            By Chip Bok – November 04, 2011
The truth is easier to take with a little humor!
VTM, 11/15/11

Will America Fall For This Stealth Jihad Scam?!

November 23, 2011

Will America Fall For This Stealth Jihad Scam?!


We had better not. We are under attack by “lone wolves” and by organized Radical Islamists.

Yes, I know, we have to protect our freedoms.

What do you think a small” viral or nuclear device would do  New York City: the center of this nation’s communication network and the center of our financial network.

Radical Islamists are trying to kill you and your loved ones and that will probably not change for a very long time. surveillance and intelligence at home and abroad is our only defense.

My father taught me that if I am “not doing anything wrong, I have nothing to fear”. To that, he added, “if you want to stay out of trouble…don’t even look like you’re doing anything wrong”.

Peace loving people of any background or religion will  have nothing to fear in America.

Those who seek to destroy us need to have a lot to fear.


The Thrill Up Chris Matthews’ Leg Is Gone!

November 22, 2011

The Thrill Up Chris Matthews’ Leg Is Gone!

Perhaps you will recall the following:

Even Chris Matthew is now able to see the obvious. He gets some credit for that, but not much. He’s a little slow on the up-take.

See what Chris Matthews has to say now!

You had better damn-well Wake-Up America.

VTM, 11/22/11

NEA, and State Subsidiaries: Helping or Hurting Our Children?

November 20, 2011

NEA, and State Subsidiaries: Helping or Hurting Our Children?

I promised my  friend, Mike Schroeder, an employee of the Michigan Education Association (MEA), that I would publish the following information sent to me by him.  Mike is a strong and highly skilled advocate/negotiator for the MEA.

My own position on the National Educational Association, and its State subsidiary unions, is that they have become too powerful in their advocacy of teachers rights and welfare. Educational Unions have also become  strong advocates/contributors for liberal political views and this bias has worked its way into our classrooms. In many ways and places educational unions have significantly damaged our ability to educate and acculturate our children effectively.

Recent news expose’s about grossly incompetent teachers who cannot be fired, who are removed from their classrooms, but continue to be paid large salaries for doing nothing for extensive periods of time is one case in point.

Also, tenure was devised to protect college professors who are charged with the responsibility of discovering new knowledge and promulgating their findings to the world through the  publication of their results. Publishing true, but unpopular findings, has been socially and politically dangerous to the careers of these professional scholars (even their lives) throughout history.

Tenure is not necessary, or desirable, to protect  good to excellent teachers, K through high school, whose job it is to teach established knowledge and theories generated by university level researchers and scholars. It simply makes the elimination of bad teachers, for all but the most egregious actions or limitations, next to impossible.

Finally, I am in favor of school vouchers. This would foster competition among a diversity of educational institutions. Competition, as it generally does, would motivate experimentation,  innovation, improved performance and lowered costs. It would also increase freedom of choice for families…a distinctly American value.

Virtual monopolies (as they always do) lead to poorer products and services and higher prices. This is exactly what has happened to public education in many communities. These and other of our problems with education will not be solved by supporting the present public education monopoly

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

What follows are Mike’s words and quotes. I respectfully believe that he is overstating his case. But, you be the judge. You are welcome to make your arguements for or against our positions in the comments section of my blog.

‘In his historical novel about the Revolutionary War, Rise to Rebellion, Jeff Shaara writes about a conversation between Sam Adams, a member of the Sons of Liberty, and his second cousin John Adams, an attorney in Boston’:

“The people had begun to be bored with the issues. The anger simply wasn’t there anymore. There is an awful danger when the people become accustomed to tyranny. If the people learn to accept small abuses, then larger abuses will follow. It is like a disease, crippling slowly, until the body is beyond repair. Think about our history, John. The times when we have risen up, protested the abuses, the Sugar Tax, the Stamp Act. When there are loud voices here, London hears them, and they back down. But when the voices are quiet, London grows brave again, bringing more abuses, stretching their own laws, reaching their fingers ever so slowly into our pockets, our homes, our rights. It has been five years since the Stamp Act protests. That’s a long time, and memories are regretfully short. It’s been nearly two years since they imposed those ridiculous Townshend Acts. We made so much noise about that, they sent the army here. But despite all those conflicts, the outrageous taxation, the meddling in our affairs by Parliament, even the military occupation, to most people it’s all becoming normal. The people are getting used to being abused. That’s an intolerable situation.”

‘And then some more’:

“There is a powerful blanket cast over this colony, oppressive and deadening. It is much simpler for the citizens to simply endure, to obey the wishes of their king and those fools in Parliament and go about their business. . We have no say in Parliament and we get no respect from the king and his ministers. We are like children, without rights, without a voice, to be disciplined as the parent sees fit. Inflame? Yes, I will do whatever I can to inflame, Cousin. The people have become weary, drained of their strength. They need to remember why.”

‘You know, as I read this, if we were to simply replace the Sugar Tax, the Stamp Act, and the Townshend Acts with PA 112, PA 54, PA 152, and PA 100-103, replace London with Lansing, and then replace King with Governor, Parliament with the Legislature and ministers with Department of Education, you could be talking about Michigan and the public school employees’.

‘Perhaps we need a Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty to fan the flames and turn a spark into a fire because our members are getting used to being abused. And I too find that intolerable’.

Stealth Jihad in Orlando: No Surprise, America is flooded with Stealth Jihad

November 18, 2011

Stealth Jihad in Orlando: No surprise, America is flooded with Islamic Stealth Jihad.

I have discussed Islamic Jihad (Holy War) before on this blog. Stealth Jihad is a insidious form of Jihad accomplished, not by blowing people and things up, but by infiltrating and incrementally changing the target culture in the direction of Islam.

With regard to infiltrating and changing cultures, the more free the culture, the more susceptible to Stealth Jihad it is. The Islamization of Europe is well under way with astonishing success.

America will be easy prey, given our legal checks and balances in favor of diversity and civil freedom. Under the onslaught of Stealth Jihad, our magnificent strength becomes a grave weakness.

We are in a war unlike anything we have ever faced in our history.

Wake-Up America!

Please watch the following video and read Stealth Jihad, by Robert Spencer and pass the word to others.

VTM, 11/18/11

Allegations Against Cain: True, Racism or Politics?

November 17, 2011

Allegations Against Cain: True, Racism or Politics?

Of course allegations of sexual harassment against Cain could be true. But they look suspiciously reminiscent of similar spurious allegations  leveled against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  It was a wonderful miracle that he survived to become an excellent constitutionally conservative Justice.

I hope for the same outcome for Herman Cain, but time and evidence (more like lack of evidence) will tell.

Please take time to read the following informative and thought-provoking article by Thomas Sowell on just this topic.

VTM, 11/15/11

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