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Behavioral Contagion: The Spread Of Bad Behavior Patterns That Damage Society

September 30, 2016

The following blog was written by me 4/9/10. What follows is the product of to other  revisions.

Behavioral Contagion: The Spread Of Bad Behavior Patterns That Damage Society

There are many behavior patterns that are very destructive to our families and to our society.

 Formally diagnosed psychological disorders do not cover all of the common self-defeating and culturally damaging forms of human behavior that exist.

For example suicide is not a diagnostic category, though many who commit suicide  have some diagnosable condition (schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and/or anxiety, etc.), that may or may not have been diagnosed by a professional. Also, a significant number of suicides are committed by individuals who did not meet the full criteria for any psychological disorder.

Many other behavioral problems do not get diagnosed, or they may not have fully met the criteria for a formal diagnosis. However, these behavior patterns can still be very damaging to the husbands, wives, children and other people (even strangers) involved. 

Examples of these behaviorally contagious problems are bad or even abusive marriages, hateful divorces (especially when children are involved), abandonment of children, neglectful or abusive child care, drug and alcohol abuse, refusal to work, excessive risk-taking, self-injurious behavior, aggressive driving, verbal abuse of others, gang membership activities and alcohol or drug abuse. 

Also, highly damaging to our socioculture is a wide range of illegal and antisocial practices such as violent crimes including murder, unsafe and unethical sex, rape (whether a stranger, date, or an acquaintance), etc.. There are other common behavior problems that set the stage for a cascade of other social and behavioral problems who’s stressful effects spread (contage) well beyond the individual with the primary problem, such as pregnancy out-of-wedlock, teenage pregnancy, truancy from school, bullying, school dropouts, teen runaways, and homelessness, to name  only a few.

All of  these problem behaviors can increase  in rates of occurrence through numerous mechanisms of biopsychosocial behavioral contagion.

Such behavior problems, and more not mentioned, are self-defeating and damaging to those who do them, and often to other individuals who are somehow involved. As increasing proportions of a population are stressed and damaged by bad behavioral contagion, the cumulative, interacting and multiplying bad behavioral contagion effects inflict a damaging influence upon the socioculture at-large. Without powerful cultural redesigns, this process can easily become a vicious self-feeding cycle that accelerates a culture’s decline.

The damages that increasing patterns of the aforementioned interacting bad behaviors can do within a population are easily overlooked. At the surface these troubles will seem like separate problems within education, law enforcement, the judicial system, health care, welfare programs,  and government, etc., when in fact they are all connected. Categories of bad behavior contagion form a mass of positive feedback loops that stimulate increasing rates of occurrence in each other and also contage to other categories of bad behavior, thus increasing their rates of occurrence. These interacting classes of behavior problems produce effects that are synergistic, (i.e., 1 + 1= 3, 4, or 5), as they manifest through time within the whole population.

This confluence of countless bad behavioral contagions then naturally are increasingly observable in all sectors of the sociocultural. As a result the social and political systems can be overwhelmed with problems that exceed their own human and  economic capabilities to correct. 

If behavioral contagion problems are caught early enough, they could be reversed. Providing, that is, the problems could be conceived as related to behaviorally contagious mechanisms; rather than mindlessly viewing component problems as , unassociated, noncatalytic, noninteracting, isolated or unitary frequencies of occurrence.

As the quality of the behavior of the people who serve in social and political systems are then stressed and decline they serve as a catalyst for further increasing rates of bad behavioral contagion. To make matters worse population behavior contagion leads to a decline in the average quality of behavior of new generations of personnel who eventually serve in these social and political systems. I call the increase of bad behavioral contagion within a socioculture’s institutions and agencies, Higher Order Behavioral Contagion. This is exactly what we are seeing now in America and elsewhere.

The damages produced by increasing rates of bad behavioral contagion within a population can massively contribute to the decline of sociocultures. This process is a very stealthy one because it increases in degrees.  The larger, the more technologically advanced, complex and interconnected a socioculture is, I expect, the greater the damage that bad behavioral contagion will do.

America’s chronic failure to more effectively teach good behavior to its children has increased the rate of bad behavioral contagion within our population, with each recent new generation. Bad, or maladaptive, behavior is now rapidly increasing within our population and within our institutions and agencies. It appears that this chain of events has become a causal lattices of self-perpetuating synergistic processes that stimulate behavioral contagion within and between cause and effect levels.

Once he processes of behavioral contagion have become endemic, all the therapists in the world will not stem the flood of bad behavior within our population that is fueling the America’s decline. The only real solution to our systemic behavioral contagion problems is prevention.

This is much easier said than done and it is the reason that once sociocultures enter a steep decline, it is unlikely they will be able to correct this course of events.

America is destroying itself from within. Outside hostile forces are now poised to move in and further accelerate the rate of our destruction.

It will require bold and massive social and political changes to reverse these trends foreboding trends.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,   4/9/10,

Revised on 9/30/16, Revised on 11/15/18

Hillary: “Liar, Pants-On-Fire!”

September 26, 2016

Hillary: “Liar, Pants-On-Fire!”

It is so difficult to remember all of the sleazy, devious, dubious, dishonest, even felonious things that lying Hillary Clinton has done throughout her never-ending political career.

The following is a very good (though disgusting) musical synopsis of almost every scurrilous thing this career politician has done to us all.

The only things in this video that I think are unfair is some footage of husband Bill sleeping during her acceptance speech (with her Vice Presidential candidate trying to cover it up) and Hillary’s amazing pratfall at the end. 

Remember, a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for truly crooked Hillary! kXjbXGyQDsE

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/26/16

P.S., Thanks to John Plume for sending this video to me.

America’s Decline: A Partial Explanation

September 23, 2016

America’s Decline: A Partial Explanation

The following is a brief summary of my research into America’s sociocultural decline. My attempt to understand this complex phenomenon has been on-going for over 30 years and it continues to this day.

What follows is a revision of a blog that I published in 2014. It is a small sample of my findings and the concepts that I use to make a “blizzard” of seemingly unrelated sociocultural events comprehensible.

I hope you will take time to understand my perspective on what is happening to America. It is happening to everyone and all our loved ones.


I cannot conduct my particular cultural analysis without the use of a value system. As you will note, my analysis normally cleaves to that of Judeo/Christian precepts. This value and belief system is arguably the most beneficial the world has ever experienced.

The first thing to understand is: CDP/TP x 100 = % SE

Cultural Draining Population Divided by The Total Population x 100 = % Social Entropy!

I define my theoretical concept of social entropy as: The proportion of a population that is not available to do work to sustain a socioculture, and  functions as a drain upon it.

Increasing population proportions of social entropy, beyond some difficult to estimate percentage, will destroy any culture and it is now debilitating America.

I label those who work very hard for delayed rewards, behave responsibly and avoid the many human foibles (immediately rewarding indiscriminate sex, drugs, alcohol, aggression, destructive behavior; or other self-destructive and irresponsible behaviors), that do immediate or delayed damage to individuals and our socioculture as the culture sustaining population. I call them “cultural sustainers” for short. The culture draining population is composed of  the hard-core “cultural drainers”, who are doing he harmful behaviors identified above, who are on the dole and have found ways to gain welfare grants from the government for doing very little or nothing. Among the cultural drainers are active criminals and those who are imprisoned.

It is important to note that children, teens, the elderly and the infirmed, as well as those on entitlements that they have earned, (i.e., social security and medicare, etc.), by paying for them all of their working lives, are a necessary part of this analysis because they justifiably require our support. Technically, they are rightfully a part of the culture draining population. Children and teens are an essential investment any culture’s future. To fail to support this costly investment is not only ethically wrong, it is cultural suicide. Without children and youth, there is no future. I do not want to put them in the cultural draining population, but for important and greatly beneficial reasons, they must temporarily reside there until they reach maturity and join the culture sustaining population.

It is important for a culture to love and appreciate their elderly. The retired elderly still frequently contribute to sustaining their culture. They may do volunteer work in many places, they may serve as aunts, uncles, and grandparents who help to acculturate children and youth.  They may continue to vote and make financial investments and may be politically active. This segment of society is typically unable to contribute as much time, energy and talent to sustaining their culture as they once did, but they can continue to provide important contributions.

When the aged become infirmed and incapacitated they become an esteemed and honored member of a special culture draining population and society is ethically obligated to care for them as humanly as possible until the end of their natural lives.

Please note that unethical cultures will find it very easy to rationalize forms of euthanasia ” in order to humanly assist the death” of what has become a costly population. The unspoken immoral motive for this action is very likely to be the politics of raw cost-savings.

As financial and material rewards allocated to the cultural drainers increase, the numbers of of these people can be predicted to increase as a proportion of the general population. This is so because they are more likely to be under-educated and therefore reside the lower socioeconomic class. Historically individuals with these demographics are more likely to reproduce at higher rates than the higher educated, more wealthy, working, tax-paying culture sustaining-class. This outcome is dramatically increased when the government allocates more material rewards to the culture draining-class for having children that they often cannot afford to care-for decently.

If you now understand the gist of this analysis, it is just this simple:

When the culture sustaining population’s money is given to the culture draining population for not working and having more babies, they will predictably have more babies than the cultural sustaining population does. The culture sustainers are just too busy getting educated, working, inventing, volunteering, making money, investing, paying taxes, raising their few children and behaving responsibly, to ever match the culture drainer’s reproductive rates and increasing financial needs.

Now the plot thickens:

The basic psychological principle of Modeling and Imitation, and many others such principles, insure that a majority of children raised by the culture draining, wealth-consuming, do-little or nothing parents, will identify with their parents. When this happens the are very likely to imitate their ways: How they think, perceive, show their emotions and how they behave.

Within the span only several generations (20 yrs. per generation), this complex and spreading relative rate of growth cycle of bad and useless behaviors (that I call “behavioral contagion”) can shift the socio/political demographics and power structure to the rapidly growing culture draining population. Unfortunately, this under-educated and under-achieving group will believe almost anything they are told by their political curators who promise them more free rewards contingent upon their continuing dependency and political patronage.

Put colloquially, how can any responsible political party compete with an opposing  “Santa Clause” political party?

The cultural draining population is generally under-educated in reading, writing, math, science, history and economics, etc., and they have been taught by their families and their government to remain dependent upon freely given rewards. Unfortunately, they are sub-culturally blinded to the long-term very aversive outcomes of their actions for themselves and for the socioculture at-large.  

Why would any psychologically informed person expect otherwise?

The political outcome for a voting Representative Republic such as America, or any other form of democracy, will be that increasing numbers of culture drainers will vote increasing numbers of their intelligent, but devious (even sociopathic), political curators into office. As a result, these political curators are in a position to take more from the culture sustaining wealth-makers to give to the drainers who, as a result, will certainly vote to keep them in power.

This culture draining/progressive-socialist-communist dance of sociocultural death is ongoing in America and elsewhere. To make matters worse, more responsible opposing political parties are induced to adopt more and more of their culture-draining political opponent’s behaviors in order to ever hope to compete with them.

Over-time the productivity of the culture-sustaining population will be overwhelmed due to their continuing political, social and financial losses.

Additionally, it is the progressive/socialist tendency of states to grow massive and inefficient bureaucracies and to impose regulations upon all aspects of the societies, as they strive for increased control. These inefficiencies further reduce the personal liberties accorded culture sustaining individuals and unavoidably reduce the quality of their lives. Also, the bloating progressive/socialist governments normally blindly impose even more of its controls and regulations upon businesses, further damaging its own economy. All of this stresses the entire population and stokes more bad behavioral contagion and the spread of psychopathology and other maladaptive behaviors within the general population.

The financial and social costs of escalating bad behavioral contagion catalyzes this  self-feeding population/governmental vicious cycle and accelerates the rate of sociocultural decline.

How can you not see this happening in America as you read this blog?

Of course there must be a mathematical end to this form of social, political and economic self-destructive, self-feeding cultural behavior pattern. When the money runs out, there will be hell-to-pay in the form of economic collapse and social upheaval. At that point in a culture’s decline, the government “is justified” in imposing even harsher controls on the population’s behaviors, as well as the various agencies and institutions and the stage is set for a shift to a more totalitarian government.

The following is only the most recent example of what I am trying to illustrate.

Historically, great cultures have shown indications of decline after around 200-250 years of life. Once the chain of events described here are well-under-way, experts note that no culture has been able to recover.

Reversing these trends will be the greatest challenge America has ever faced.

Wake-up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  2/15/14; Revised 9/23/16


Natural Selection: America the DoDo Bird!

September 19, 2016

Natural Selection: America the DoDo Bird!

Natural consequences determine which living things will live into the future and which ones will die-out in the face of competition with other living things vying for countless advantages, limited natural resources, and life-itself.

The Godless think that this evolutionary, natural selection process, is evidence for their atheistic philosophy. Believers conclude that this is the way that God tends to life on earth. You may believe what you wish.

But, no matter what, the forces of natural selection are fast-at-work at all levels of behavior and life. This is a fact that all living things must contend with, whether they know it or not.

Natural selection is at work at the cellular level, at the level of our individual behavior patterns (behavioral selection: consequences control operant behavior), at the level of all species,and at the cultural level (Cultural selection).

America is currently fighting for its life. It is under attack by an alien internal progressive/socialist political movement that is destroying its traditional religion-based morals and ethical traditions; as well as its historical rituals, customs, holidays, mores and folkways. Everything that once made America great is under lethal attack from within and from lethally competitive forces outside of our borders.

In fact these lethal forces are now pouring through America’s borders and they are overwhelming our resources with their dependency needs. They are also overwhelming our resources with their terrorist attacks upon our population, thus further depleting our social, economic and defense resources (military, law enforcement, education, health care, welfare, etc., etc.).

It is hard not to believe that the American sociocultural animal is in the process of being “selected” out-of-existence.

Hence the title of this blog: Natural Selection: America the DoDo Bird!  You will recall the flightless dodo birds that suddenly became extinct, approximately 300 years ago. They have become a popular example of survival incompetence.

America is now under siege by debilitating forces, externally and internally, too numerous to catalog here.

Radical Islam, attacking from outside and from within, is now attempting to finish the process of transforming our badly weakened American Eagle into a defunct American DoDo Bird.

See what we are now facing below: Wake-Up America!

We will soon vote for a new American President.

Will we vote for a an American Eagle or an American DoDo Bird?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,  9/19/16



Clinton’s Lies “Trump” Trump’s “Puffery”

September 18, 2016

Clinton’s Lies “Trump” Trump’s “Puffery”

Read the following short article that explains the real difference between a Lie and mere “puffery”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/18/16

Socialism Fails Again: And Now It’s Failing Here!

September 17, 2016

Socialism Fails: And Now It’s Failing Here!

So what is the big surprise?

Governments do not have any money! Unless, that is, they confiscate it from someone else. They can do this through imperialistic conquests of other nations, they can sell their precious and finite supply of natural resources, or they can tax their citizens.

Please take a close look (below) at what is happening to Venezuela, not long ago a bright shining beacon of Socialism.

America is well on its way to a similar disaster. When America’s corrupt government continues to run-up trillions upon trillions of dollars of debt, when it’s onerous taxes forces our businesses locate in other nations and then it over-taxes the so-called “rich” and middle class in order to give “entitlements” away to those who do not work it is self-destructive. When, in addition, it purposefully allows millions of unskilled and uneducated illegal immigrants to flood across our borders and also welcomes hundreds of thousands legal Muslims from the Middle East, the like of which are destroying Europe as we watch………


Those who vote for socialists in our Presidential election and beyond should know that something similar to the following is what we and our loved ones are in-for.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/17/16

The Godless West Is Dying

September 15, 2016

The Godless West Is Dying

I have read numerous scholarly resources documenting that when cultures lose their religion, they also lose their fertility. The indigenous population simply has fewer and fewer babies.

When the population’s fertility rates fall below population replacement levels, cultures and their societies begin to decline and may die-out.

I will grant you that cultures and their societies decline, fade and are replaced by other cultures for many reasons. However, the “many reasons” are not the point of this blog.

The point is that the loss of a culture’s religion must be viewed as a MAJOR, perhaps CATACLYSMIC event that should never be overlooked or thought insignificant.

The loss of a culture’s religion is correlated with that culture’s decline, from antiquity to the present. Of course, correlation is not causation. But, sometimes causation is the first hint of causation.

Regarding the loss of religion in cultures, logic would suggest that with this loss can also go the precepts of ethics and morality, supporting a population’s trust, cohesiveness. Also fading are likely the infrastructure, structure and superstructure that supports historical rituals, mores/folkways, and child-acculturation processes that provide for the stable, honest and smooth functioning of key institutions (political, economic, military and social). All of these things, and more, occur during the intricate causal-swirl of events that comprise a culture’s decline.

This is exactly what we are seeing occur in Europe, accelerated by the influx of powerfully theocratic Islamic populations who refuse to assimilate into the host’s dying societies. As a result, they represent a strong catalytic to the process of their new host’s sociocultural decline.

The same thing is now happening to America! We appear to be somewhat earlier in this process of decline and our population (augmented by traditionally compatible religious Hispanic immigrants) is not yet below replacement levels.

However, our secular progressive Federal Government is in the process of dramatically increasing Islamic immigration to our shores. Incredibly, we are doing the same thing that the European Nations have done who are now teetering on the verge of collapse, as a partial result.

I hope you will read the following article and send it to everyone you know.

Then vote in our coming elections as if your life, and those who you love, depend upon it….because they do!

Wake-Up America, before it is too late!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/15/16

Enough Politics: Enjoy Real Monkey Business!

September 12, 2016

Enough Politics: Enjoy Real Monkey Business!

The big differences between the insufferable political “monkey business” inflicted upon us, ad nauseam, and what you are about to see will be clear.

The monkey business in the video below is very real, it massively entertaining, it is a wonderful lesson in animal psychology and no one gets hurt! Watch it to the end.  Just when you think you have seen it all, you have not!

Thank dear friend Vic Palenske for sending this to me. Sit back, forget our troubles and enjoy!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/12/16

P.S., Remind you of anyone you know?

Fixing America’s Corrupt Congress: Term-Limits #2b

September 11, 2016

Fixing America’s Corrupt Congress: Term-Limits #2b

If you have read my other blogs in this particular series, you may choose to skip reading my lenthy introduction. I have repeated it for each of my blogs on this topic because some may read the several installments in this series separately and even out-of-order. My introduction provides information about the value of Term Limits from a psychological perspective.

The title of this blog on Term Limits asserts that Term-Limits are an important partial cure for  a Corrupt American Congress.

In order move to assertion # 2 in the title, that Term-Limits are a fix, it is important to provide evidence of assertion #1, that our Congress is corrupt.

I am a psychologist, not a political scientist. Therefore I will draw heavily on the writings of those who are experts on this matter and also the intricate workings of our complex government that are shaped by the various financial, political and social influences that forcefully impinge upon it.

As a psychologist, I was taught that there is no such thing as human nature. After 36 years a professor and concurrent practicing psychologist, I must assert that there definitely is something that deserves to be called “human nature”. The thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviors of human-beings are heavily determined by the Laws and Principles of Psychology. Of these, there are too many to discuss in this context. However, it is our characteristic great susceptibility to these influences that I view as human nature.

Any modern Introductory College Psychology Textbook will help establish the validity of what I am stating. We now know more about the determinants of our own behavior than ever before and most of our population, including those who serve in our governments are ignorant of what makes all of us behave as we do.

With regard to the application of principles of psychology to the design of a better socioculture, we remain in a primitive state.

What is considered by many psychologists as the premier Law of psychology, constantly shaping human behavior, is the “Law of Effect”. This law can be simply stated: “consequences control behavior”. 

Speaking non-technically, the lack of rewards; the presence of rewards; or the presence of punishments following various human behaviors will influence the future probability (frequency, or rate of occurrence) of our behaviors. When we behave in certain ways and we are not rewarded, these behaviors tend to occur less frequently. When we behave in certain ways and we are rewarded, these behaviors occur with increased frequency. When we do certain things and our actions are followed by punishment, we tend to do these things less often.

Such changes in our behaviors are not perfectly certain to occur, in all individuals, under all circumstances. But statistically speaking, among our species, they are very likely to occur the ways that the science of psychology can easily predict.

There is much more to this picture, but the Law of Effect and its many influences upon everyone is a great place to start.

Corruption can be defined as dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, normally involving some form of bribery to behave in unethical or illegal ways.

I know of no statistics on this matter. But, I am confident that there are many highly principled people who are very hard to corrupt. However, based upon my 55 years of adult observations (since 20 years of age), a great  many humans are easily corrupted. Furthermore, many citizens who live apparently moral and ethical lives have long been corrupted, but skillfully disguised this fact.

Now to the point: The politics of Congress (and politics in general) have evolved into a system of rewards and non-rewards, with very few punishments for bad behavior, that bring powerful corrupting forces to bear upon all of our elected servants. Of course, these forces have always been present. However, for many reasons, they have increased in both frequency of occurrence and magnitude in recent times. The result is, predictably, an increase in frequency and magnitude of corruption among our politicians.

Too many in Congress are strongly shaped into dishonest and/or fraudulent behavior patterns by those who have the power to reward them with glory and fame, political longevity, sexual favors, money, blocks of voters, lucrative consulting or business opportunities, and the ability to vote themselves various privileges, comforts, and recreational rewards, etc..

The recent actions of American politicians in-and-out of Congress should be enough to confirm my observations. However, if you are a skeptic please consider the following, which predates many of our more current examples of political corruption flooding the media.

At the end of this blog is the URL for an entire article that I will draw upon for short authoritative quotes in my series of blogs on this topic. I hope you will read this article in its entirety when you have the time.

Fixing America’s problems with political corruption will require the imposition of  Term-Limits.

The following is quoted from, Term Limits: The Only Way to Clean Up Congress, by Dan Greenberg of the Heritage Foundation.


Argument #2: There already is high congressional turnover.

Some opponents note the scores of new Members in the 103rd Congress, or predict that Members seated after 1990 will be the majority in the House after the November elections, in order to resist term limits. In fact, however, the large number of new faces in Congress results primarily from Members resigning or seeking other office. In the 1992 House races, over 88 percent of incumbents running for reelection were victorious, but incumbents typically fare much better even than that: the 1992 reelection rate was the lowest in two decades.

Even with a healthy influx of new Members, the seniority system allows entrenched Congressmen to control newcomers and encourages newcomers to behave like the long-term incumbents they replace. Until term limits force a change in the seniority system and in the incentives of new Congressmen, those who control the passage of legislation will remain in control for decades, not years, at a time. As noted above, while some turnover takes place every election, members of the congressional leadership have been in office for decades, and it is they who set the agenda; for example, Representative Jack Brooks, a 21-term representative who has been in office since the Truman Administration, as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee can routinely block term limit measures from coming to the floor for a vote.

VTM’s note: Social Learning Theory Principles of Modeling and Imitation document that those who are able to provide rewards, withhold them, or punish individuals with less power gain in their power as “models” for the less powerful to imitate.

Argument #3: Term limits will harm small states.

Some opponents argue that states with smaller populations (and thus fewer representatives in Congress) will be systematically disadvantaged by term limits; Democratic Senator Ernest Hollings of South Carolina, for instance, makes this argument on behalf of the Southern states. (See his “Term Limits: Beware the Yankee Conspiracy,” The State (Columbia, S.C.), May 22, 1994, p. D-3.) Historically, some smaller states have attempted to compensate for this by continually reelecting incumbents regardless of their views on issues in order to accumulate power through seniority. Without such seniority, goes the argument, smaller states will be at the mercy of states like California which, by virtue of their size, can send scores of representatives to Congress and are assured seats on numerous important committees.

Such an argument ignores the tremendous institutional changes that congressional term limits would trigger. Instead of confining important committee chairmanships and other positions of power to incumbents who have spent decades in office, term limits would shut down the seniority system. Important legislative positions would be assigned by merit and willingness to shoulder responsibilities. The infusion of new perspectives would cause legislative positions to rotate so frequently that it would be difficult for any one legislator to hold onto power long enough to abuse it. Furthermore, the central qualification by which candidates for Congress are judged would shift in a healthy direction, toward being a voice for sound federal policy and away from being a siphon from the federal treasury.


Quotes Source:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/11/16

















America Destroyed From Within!

September 10, 2016

America Destroyed From Within!

The following is a blow, by-blow, truthful description of exactly how America has been transformed from a luminous miraculous success on the world stage…to an increasingly feeble shadow of its former self.

I challenge you to read this historical analysis of how the relentless forces of progressive liberality have brought us to the end-stages of America’s utter destruction.

I invite your comments and hope you will forward this article to everyone you know.

I believe that America’s looming Presidential Election will be our last hope for a peaceful return to greatness.

See what you think!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 9/10/16

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