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Radical Liberal Speech/Thought Control In American Education

December 27, 2015

Radical Liberal Speech/Thought Control In American Education

Progressive-Radical Liberals argue that many conservative values and practices are dangerous because they represent slippery slopes harmful to society.

However, the liberals never make such arguments about about progressive values that have demonstrably severely damaged society (pornography, the pornification of family T.V. (“If your erection lasts longer…”, etc.), gambling, legalized drugs, no-fault divorce, legalized abortions, a permissive welfare system, and much more).

No we see that the radical liberals endemic in academia are censuring conservative opinions in the classroom. The weapon used is a grossly uneven power relationship between professors (Tenure) and students. This uneven balance of power it should be, of course, but when the power is abused by the professor to suppress conservative points of view, or religiously held values, it is an Unconstitutional assault on liberty in America.

It is unethical to reward liberal speech and thinking with high grades and punish conservative speech and thinking with bad grades.

If a professor does not like the values expressed in a paper he or she can  simply note disagreement, stating why they disagree, and then grade the paper based upon its required informational and  technical merits of the essay.

As a former professor (a conservative full-professor) of 36 years, I have personally seen liberal propaganda pass for education in many college classrooms.

I have also seen children within my own extended family, and other families, leave conservative and religious families, only to return from Colleges and Universities “transformed” into radical liberal ideologues.

Interesting isn’t it? Progressive/socialist/radical liberal forces within the U.S. have found a way for conservative families to pay for the transformation of their children to radical liberals.

Also interesting is that this is nothing new in the world of socialist revolutionary strategies, it is a traditional transformational master-plan on the way to governmental tyranny and population speech and mind-control.

Do bear in mind that the most radical progressive socialist President in the history of America made a campaign promise to “transform” America. Do ya get it?

See one example below.

Now see that it is a general trend in higher education.

Simply google “Liberal Propaganda and Thought Control in America’s Colleges”.

The following is only one example:

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/17/15

December 25, 2015

Christmas, 2015 (From when I was a child).

Red’s Gas Station

I will forever wonder how old I was.

We lived in an upstairs apartment at Grandma’s House. There was a little cubby-hole between a Bannister, with a long scary drop into the dark stair-well below, and a little window that looked-out over our roof and across the busy street to Red’s Gas Station.

I was too young to know about time. I didn’t know about minutes, hours, or clocks; and I didn’t know about months, years or calendars.

I only knew that if I waited a long time and asked mom often enough, “when will Christmas be here?”…she would eventually say in a happy voice, “it won’t be long now!”

Then I would begin to watch-out through my little window, over to Red’s Gas Station.

I watched through the rain and the sleet, and finally I watched through the glistening swirling patterns Jack Frost painted on my little window.

At night I watched-out through the twirling white showers of snow that sparkled like tiny diamonds under the light-post in front of my house. I looked-out across the snow-covered road over to Red’s Gas Station, bathed in a flood-lit fog of white lights…but they were not there.

I watched many times each day, for countless days, but they did not come.

Then, finally…one tired and doubt-filled night it happened!

Just as before…and I could hardly believe my eyes.

Out through my little frosted window, out through the dark night and out through the hazy veil of falling snow—–they were there!!!

Bathed in a bright glow of shimmering light; they stood quietly waiting for me.

Within this white radiance, the trees were a deep beautiful green, they were as tall as they could be and they were everywhere.

They were finally back at Red’s Gas Station.

It took forever—–but Christmas had finally come!


Merry Christmas!

God’s Blessings to you and your loved ones.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  Christmas 2015

Let Me Show You Heaven On Earth: Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2015

Let Me Show You Heaven On Earth: Merry Christmas!

For me, no other song represents Christmas as well as “Silent Night”.

The words and music to this wonderful Christmas song go to the heart of the true meaning of Christmas.

I have a sweet memory of first trying to sing Silent Night, alone as a child at play, during a now very distant Christmas Season. I’ll bet you have your own cherished Christmas memories.

I hope you will relax for a few minutes and enjoy this beautiful rendition of Silent Night as part of your Christmas Celebration.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

V. Tom Mawhinney, 12/24/15

Let Me Show You Hell On Earth!

December 20, 2015

Let Me Show You Hell On Earth!

The video below will  show you hell on earth…at least for freedom loving Western societies. 

Many intelligent Americans believe that this could not happen to them.  They have failed to do their research and they are flat-out wrong. They think that our Constitution will protect them from the unthinkable fate you to are about to witness occurring in Europe.

Again, they are pitifully wrong.

Our Founding Fathers never anticipated that a brutal, inhumane totalitarian political system, masquerading as a simple religion, could ever infiltrate, dominate and easily transform free societies as Islam has. Our Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion. This was a wonderful gift,  but now it is our fatal flaw to Jihadist Islam.

It is plain to see that our own Constitutional freedoms will facilitate the very thing it sought to prevent, a powerful THEOCRACY, which will destroy us.

This is the phenomenon that Hegelian-Marxist revolutionary theory refers to as “The negation of the negation“. You will see that this idea is very complex and abstract. But, what this phrase means to me is that all sociocultures contain the seeds of their own destruction.

I am warning you, as is all of Europe and the Middle East: Stop Islamic immigration to America or watch your way of life die…and die fast.

Thanks to Lee Hornack  for sending us this video.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/29/15

“The Conservative Mind” by Russell Kirk

December 20, 2015

“The Conservative Mind” by Russell Kirk

The actual title of this book is The Conservative mind: From Burke to Eliot.

This is no easy book to read, as it spans 501 pages and covers the concepts and precepts of Conservatism through history, through Russell Kirk’s own vast vocabulary and highly refined style of written expression.

Even well-educated readers will need to use a good dictionary should they wish to grasp much of his own writings and those of the great personages of history upon whom he elucidates and very frequently quotes. These quotations  are frequently written in a formal style and in the prose of centuries past.

Never the less, diligence will be rewarded with important insights into the origins of both conservative and liberal/progressive ideals. More importantly, the reader will see why conservative societies generally succeed (at least for a time) and why liberal/progressive societies (into which conservative societies tend to decline) generally fail.

America is now at enormous risk because it has abandoned is social and political conservatism and is rapidly evolving in the direction of the well-known socialistic/progressive ideals that generally spell disaster.

I have provided a significant number of short articles examining and critiquing the social/political philosophies of Conservatism, Libertarianism, Socialism and Progressivism.

At this time of steep American cultural decline, it is imperative that the voting public understand the main features of these engines of social change, as well as their typical evolutionary trajectories.

The fact that a great percentage of America’s (let alone the world’s) population will be unable to grasp the complexities of these philosophies and their deferred consequences to societies embodies a fearful revelation:

Relatively “free societies”, democracies and unbalanced representative republics (such as our own) normally devolve into rank socialism, and worse, when an increasingly indolent and dependent electorate learns to vote itself into the shackles of governmental largess.

I hope you will spend some time reviewing my articles that bear directly upon these concerns and the looming fate of your own society.

Please separately enter the words conservatism, libertarianism, socialism and progressivism in my search box on the upper right side of my main blog page. Think about these matters and then vote accordingly in all upcoming elections.

I will soon provide you with a series of commentary and important quotes from Russel Kirk’s, The Conservative Mind.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  12/19/15



Get A Gun: Learn To Defend Self/Family Safely!

December 13, 2015

Get A Gun: Learn To Defend Self/Family Safely!

The title of this blog is my best advice to all law abiding Americans.

I am particularly adamant in this recommendation during a time when our Federal Government refuses to adequately protect all of us from Islamic terrorists and America’s all-to-numerous thugs: burglars, robbers, rapists and murderers.

Many cross-cultural comparisons of crime rates, murders and firearm ownership appear to contradict the consistent within-America’s-own  -population analyses conducted by our own skilled researchers.

Cross-culturally, many reports indicate that the more guns there are, the more murders there are, and that America is one of the top murder capitals of the world.

However, within America the consistent findings are: The more firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, the less crimes there are…including gun crimes.

Note that all of the data presented are correlations and they do not prove “cause and effect”, i.e., that more guns specifically make crime go down.

However, it reasonable to assume that there are many more “uncontrolled variables” fluctuating in cross-cultural gun, crime, and gun death data than there are when the analysis is focused only within our own culture.

Within our own culture, the consistent correlations suggest the possibility of cause and effect in the direction of more guns less crime. However, the exact nature of causation within these data will be debated by social scientists for a long time to come.

The Average American will be happy to let the scientists continue to debate the “true causation” of the more guns less crime observation, “till the cows come home”.

However, everyone must make a very personal decision for themselves and their families, in the here and now: Is It Time For me to Get A Gun and Learn To Safely Defend Myself and My Family!?

You are free to do so if you choose, most everyone else in the world is not!

Thank God and America’s Founding Father’s for our Second Amendment.

I hope you will join the NRA and never let the progressive/socialist radical-left take your Second Amendment Rights away!

Please read the following article and also look-up University of Chicago researcher John Lott’s, web page. Be sure to visit Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center, located on the right-side of that page.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/13/14

I Don’t Like Trump: But!!

December 12, 2015

I Don’t Like Trump: But!!

Trump has the vocabulary of a 7th grader.

He is crude, vulgar and highly repetitious in his not-so-“tremendous” speeches, though he does better when he is grilled by Bill O’Reilly and other no nonsense-interviewers.

Talking heads and politicians do not know what to make of this guy. I am a psychologist, and frankly I do not know either. To be honest, it scares me to think of Trump in the Oval Office.

Yet, he attended a top university and he has built the nest-egg his father gifted him into a grand and amazing fortune.  Obviously, has competed with the smartest, meanest and toughest all-out capitalists in the world…including those in totalitarian nations  and he has been victorious.

In all of this, Trump has come far-out on top financially and that could not be done without playing very skilled hardball-politics with a lot of very smart people.

Yes, Trump still scares me.

But, I am infinitely more frightened of traitor Obama’s lying, cheating Marxist/Leninist replacement-in-training, Hillary Clinton.

Frankly, I am also more frightened of the majority of “establishment” republicans competing with Trump for the Presidential Candidacy. I beg you to note that America has been in steady decline since the passing of President Reagan, no matter which party has been in office. The more liberal/socialist our American Presidents have been, the more our social, economic and cultural decline deepens.

Recently, so-called conservatives are parroting, like idiots: “Its against the Constitution to keep people of a certain religion out of America”;  worse yet…”That’s not America”, or “That’s not who we are”.

A large percent of America’s electorate squawks  the same vacuous drivel like a flock of  mynah birds.

Do these individuals not know the difference between a purely humanitarian, pro-social religion that worships a benevolent God and one that is a murderous Totalitarian Theocracy!?

We have the right as a sovereign nation to  close our borders to immigrants any time we think it is in America’s best interests to do so. It has been done many times before and it must be done now.

Of course, I cannot trust the democrats. They are now mostly rank socialists; radical liberal progressives who embrace the despicable revolutionary teachings of Hillary’s early mentor,  Saul Alinsky.

I cannot trust the so-called “conservative republican” front runners (Bush, Rubio and Cruz) who have all let it be known that they will support thousands of new Islamic people who they want to  immigrate to America while our streets run with the blood of our citizens. American blood spilled by Islamic immigrant murders, be they first or second generation.

These are the never-ending gifts from Islam armed with box cutters, knives, improvised explosive devices, AK 47’s, AR 15’s and every other manner of weapon they can get their hands on; including planes,  potentially dirty nuclear bombs, poisons, and pestilence.

Islam’s representatives are flooding into societies around the world and to our shores with whatever it takes to infiltrate, organize, politic, terrify, propagate and kill or convert we Infidels to Islam.

All of this at a time when America’s government will not bend  Every Effort to protect us from the stealth Islamic killers who are already in America and those who are continuing to sneak across our borders.

Regarding Politicians: For all time; do not listen to what they say….watch what they do and then vote accordingly.

Many think that the idiosyncratic Donald Trump is exactly what America needs in our time of unprecedented peril.

But, only the unavailable history of this WWIII will provide such answers.

Nothing in this time is reassuring and now I understand how our parents must have felt in the throes of WWII.

It is time to build a fortress and guard the ramparts.

I’m with Ann Coulter on the issue of Islamic immigration. Please read the following and know where you stand and why. Then vote accordingly.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/12/15

P.S. Thanks to Joe Grunert for bringing this article to my attention.

Islamification of America Is Next

December 9, 2015

Judge Jeanine: How To Prepare For Islamic Terrorism!

December 7, 2015

Judge Jeanine: How To Prepare For Islamic Terrorism!

I advise that you listen carefully to Judge Jeanine as she tells you what must be done to prepare for the coming Islamic terrorist attacks.

I fully endorse this message and I hope you do to.

America is now in WWIII.  I will offer only one small addition to this powerful and essential message to all of America.

The Judge states at the end of her video: “The jackals are at our door”! Indeed they are, throngs of them are…but many of them are already in our house.

Please forgive the very brief Ad preceding this video, you must see this message. It is quite literally a call to arms, and much more.

I send this on our day of solemn remembrance of Pear harbor, those Americans who perished there and those who died defeating our enemies of WWII.

I pray that we will not suffer our third such great tragedy, the second being 9/11. Both of these last two will have been at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/7/15

Why Good Muslims Don’t Condemn Bad Ones?!

December 6, 2015

Why Good Muslims Don’t Condemn Bad Ones?!

The following video is only a little dated, yet it is spot-on relevant to the Islamic terrorist threat to everything we Americans hold near and dear.

America is now in WWIII with Islam. This is largely because we have a do-nothing President and Commander-in-Chief who is an Islamic sympathizer.

While American loved ones are slaughtered by Islamic terrorists Obama tells America and the world: “Its work-place violence”, “We need more gun control”, “Islam is a religion of peace”, “Global Warming is our greatest threat”, etc.. Why are we not rising up and demanding he be Impeached for his failure to defend America?!

Also, contributing to our great danger is our own “human nature”. It has been said, “All politics are local”, (i.e., “If it does not affect me personally, it’s not my problem”).

Expressed in psychological terms: Consequences that do not directly or materially affect people are less likely to motivate them to change their behavior.

These observations are actually examples of well-documented psychological principles of human learning, that should be taught to all citizens in our schools.

But, where are the protests against Obama’s Islamic-favoring policies among those who have been directly affected by terrorism and all of their loved ones and all of their towns-people?

A full answer to this great question is beyond the bounds of my present blog. I have provided as many as I know in past blogs and they all relate to America’s spectacular modern decline, as well as this specific question.

For now, an important partial answer is so-called “Political Correctness”, which from a psychological perspective is the systematic punishment (social censure, ridicule, or governmental material/ physical) punishment of a class of actions, such as discriminatory treatment of a class of citizens. Governmentally sponsored political correctness has always been the death of democratic societies and liberty.

The following is a glaring real-time example of psychological mechanisms of political correctness that have been lurking just beneath the surface of our consciousness.  These are psychological effects of punishment on behavior, that caused the neighbor who thought there was suspicious activity in the home the San Bernardo Islamic terrorists, but was afraid to report it.

The real-time glaring example is the news that Obama’s appointed minion, progressive Muslim Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) has recently met with American Muslims and promised to prosecute those who engage in “anti-Muslim speech” that “edges towards violence”.

Of course, this could easily represent a progressive attack on the America’s Constitutional First Amendment. Depending upon the definition of these terms, the results could  be fines and/or imprisonment for anyone who is simply deploring the violence perpetrated by terrorist Muslims against innocent victims around the world or in our own homeland.

See for yourself.

The next video is of Imus interviewing a very knowledgeable and impressive critic of Islam, Bridget Gabriel.

Please consider it your patriotic duty to view the following video and visit my last few blogs on this topic.

I am now convinced that our personal lives and liberties are in the greatest peril of our living history.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  12/6/15

P.S. I hope you will scroll down the recent topics on my webpage and study my recent posts on this topic of Islamic Jihad and Terror against those of us they call “Infidels”.

Then, please send these blogs to everyone you know and vote accordingly in all upcoming elections.


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