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Gay Pride is Sexual Exhibitionism and A LGBTQ Recruitment Tool

June 27, 2017

Gay Pride is Sexual Exhibitionism and A LGBTQ Recruitment Tool

The Gay Pride Parades around the world, in America, and coming soon to your home town is nothing to be proud of.

It is something to be ashamed of.

And no, I am not insulting any LGBTQ persons. They should be accorded their basic human rights under our American Constitution…but nothing more than that.

To be clear, I am insulting the LGBTQ political action/social revolutionary movement….Both here and everywhere else.

Let’s try a brief thought experiment, to see if you agree with me.

Imagine  Heterosexual Pride Parades all across America featuring scantily clad children in special “signature” heterosexual colors adorned with entwined male and female sex symbols. The kids mix with adults who are dancing nearly naked (a few are really naked). In the parade there are bare-breasted women letting strangers fondle them and men in G strings with giant rubber penises hanging from their crotches. A few women, clad only in G-strings with huge artificial hairy vaginas pasted between their legs, are also prancing in the parade. 

There is simulated sex between men and women, in all of the positions of the Karma Sutra, enacted by virtually naked sweaty, frenzied groping, humping, kissing, licking and sucking men and women atop a long line of floats. The parade progresses slowly, rolling by a frantically applauding crowd of gawking, screaming, applauding, laughing, dancing-prancing citizens who frequently become so excited that they actually imitate the sexually performing paraders in their places on the curbs and sidewalks.

Of course you will see children among the observers and  some of their parents will spontaneously take them into the parade of participants as the Heterosexual Pride Parade continues to grow along the way.

You should not be surprised to see politicians marching, smiling and waving at the crowd and the media. There are also police, fire, military personnel and members of the clergy marching in uniform celebrating Heterosexual Pride. This makes political sense. After all, they all depend upon the support of the heterosexual community for their well-being!

Would all of this be O.K. with you? 

If it is not O.K., then why would you think it is O.K in the following Gay Pride Parade contexts?!

It is important that you study the numerous photographs of the soft-porn orgy’s (occasionally transformed to hard-porn) now popularly called “Gay Pride Parades”. Please, if you must do so, just force yourself to inspect this slice of America’s corrupted social reality.

If you would object to the actions on public display in the fictitious Heterosexual Pride Parade, why would you not object to the following public Gay Pride displays?

If you are naive enough to believe that the Gay Pride Parades increasingly enacted in our communities are simply a product of a few local folks with this idea, think again. All of this is a highly organized and sustained attack on traditional Judeo/Christian Family Values, more’s and folkways in America. 

See for yourself!

All of this, among so many other trends, is just one symptom of  our increasing behavioral chaos and the failure of Democracy in America.

Wake-Up America, vote Constitutional Conservatism to reverse this unfolding tragedy!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,   6/27/17


Why Democracy Is Failing in America

June 19, 2017

Why Democracy Is Failing in America

One of the most vexing mysteries of human history remains how to create a socioculture that offers the greatest freedoms, social welfare, health, personal safety, and economic security for the greatest number of citizens…..for all time.

Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Criminology, Political Science, Economics, Military Science, and all the other sciences, are all (separately or together) light years from solving this great human conundrum.

It was therefore with rising hopes that I read Francis Fukuyama’s stunning 1992 book: The end of history and the Last Man. Fukuyama argued that humanity had tried all of the potential forms of government and they had all failed badly. But, generally speaking, democracy had been the most successful and was on the rise for natural reasons and therefore would come to be the predominant organization of sociaocultures.

I read this convincing book in the mid-1990’s, but have since witnessed the steep decline of all of Western Culture and, most personally, United States of America. This decline has been strongly correlated with  the loss of the strong Judeo/Christian influences that Fukuyama judged was historically Western democracy’s superstructure.

I have now read, repeatedly, that history records democracies normally do not last much longer than 200 to 300 years.

It is thought that democracies contain the seeds of their own destruction and they grow, God Forbid, into socialism! Another form of government markedly prone to failure, often replaced by dictatorships or other forms of tyrannical governments.

This is precisely the argument that John Bowman convincingly makes in his 2016 book entitled: Democracy: And Why It Will Fail in America.

What follows are Bowman’s abstracted samples of the six reasons that Democracies fail.  

It is essential that all American’s recognize these common failings in their own socioculture and work to repair them.

  1. THE LOSS OF FREEDOM. “The largest, most powerful and richest centralized government in the world increasingly controls all aspects of citizens’ lives, and they find themselves increasingly caught in a web of devised artificial rules and regulations promulgated by legislators and faceless Washington bureaucrats. Governmental regulations have exploded over the past one hundred years, filling volumes and showing no sign of abating.” (Kindle Loc. 4533)
  2. INEQUALITY. “Like freedom, Americans are losing equality. Democracy is a political system that is trying to solve an unsolvable equation involving freedom, equality and nature. Each part of the equation opposes the others.; Freedom does not exist in nature and does not bring equality, equality does not exist in nature and often takes freedom, and nature offers neither freedom nor equality.” (Kindle Loc. 4614)
  3. INJUSTICE. “With the law detached from morality and just a social fact justified under positive jurisprudence it is only natural that the free-floating concept of social justice emerges.” (Kindle Loc. 4723) “So what is social justice? various sources describe it as public education, immigration reform, equality for homosexuals, economic justice for the poor and working families, a woman’s right to equal pay, diversity, the right to equitable treatment, human rights, equal opportunity, equality, the fair allocation of community’s resources and the right not to be discriminated against based on gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliations, age, race, belief, disability, location social class, or socioeconomic circumstances. Social justice is a potpourri of wishes and desires individuals or sects that are not equal in all respects espouse, hence its natural occurrence in late democracy. It does not bring justice to all but only those sects claiming justice. it does not account for ability, effort, industry or personal responsibility, all of which it derides as as characteristics and concepts enabling inequalities in society.” ( Kindle Loc. 4736).
  4. CONCENTRATION OF POWER. “Jefferson believed that history does not teach us but rather only warns us, and one such warning must be the concentration of governmental power, which is inimical and ultimately fatal to democracy. Tocqueville warned of concentrated power in democracy that suppresses liberty, and George Orwell, in 1984, famously described an omnipresent , controlling, manipulative and surveilling Big Brother government that punished individualism and took liberty.” (Kindle Loc. 4918)
  5. RELATIVE MORALITY. “Democracy has caused America to lose her moral compass, and one consequence is injustice, which inevitably leads to divisiveness. One only need to survey the newspapers in late American democracy to see the discord and divisiveness that have become chronic. Divisiveness is democracy’s Achilles heel, and it will be discussed next.” (Kindle Loc. 5112)
  6. DIVISIVENESS. “America has become a country permeated with divisiveness. This is not a single-issue divisiveness but rather one that represents deep philosophic differences about the nature of the world, how we ought to live, the nature of man, the constitution of justice, the function of government and what it means to be free. It is a fundamental collision over what it is to be human.” (Kindle Loc. 5122)  “This is a kind of divisive internal strife that occurred in ancient democracies like Athens, republican Rome, northern Italy and France before they failed. It is also the kind of faction that many historic thinkers have warned against. Plato, Aristotle, Tocqueville, Madison, Hobbes and Edward Gibbon are just a few who believed democracy brought chaos, instability, faction and contention.” (Kindle Loc. 5127)

Do you see these things happening in America?

If you do, you must vote against the leftist/radical-liberal/progressive forces of American democracy’s destruction?.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.      6/19/17


Why We Must Build “The Wall”

June 13, 2017

Why We Must Build “The Wall”    

If you were to pilot a 30 ft. motor vessel into the midst of 1000 struggling survivors of a sunken luxury ocean liner, hundreds of miles from shore, what would you do?

How many people would you pick-up?

Would you pick up more than your boat could hold so that you and all your saved passengers would sink and drown?!

Or, would you have the courage to take on only as many survivors as your boat could safely hold, saving all that is possible…but no more. 

The choices would be difficult, but you would have to make them. 

Ok, this analogy is overly simple. 

However, on a much greater scale, this is the reality faced by America today as we watch other countries taking in more immigrants than they can possibly feed, cloth, house, acculturate and afford. For those who are awake and watching, the blood and chaos in Europe is horrifying. It would appear that they have sealed their own fate.

It has been said that great nations are not conquered from outside, they commit suicide.

Wake-Up America! The odds against your Constitutional Republic’s survival are rapidly increasing. 

Build the wall, “drain the political swamp”, return to a Constitutional smaller government and fight to survive!

You must see the following.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/13/17

Needed Police State on U.S. Borders–A Republic Within! # 2

June 7, 2017

Needed Police State on U.S. Borders–A Republic Within! # 2

While almost all of America’s attention is riveted upon Islamic terrorism, there are other reasons for a Police State on America’s borders. 

The following is just one more example stupid suicidal behavior organized by “Rino’s”, leftist democrats (i.e., progressives), rank-socialists, and anarchists who clamor for open-borders and “sanctuary cities” in America.

And, no. Apprehending and deporting criminal illegal aliens does not qualify as a “police state”. It is an example of America, an ailing Constitutional Republic, legally saving its own life!

Wake-Up crazies in America! You and your politically motivated judges are advocating America’s suicide by uncontrolled immigration. 

Now consider yet another manifestation of pathologically self-destructive levels of open-border, “one-world diversity”, in America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/6/17


Needed Police State on U.S. Borders–Republic Within!

June 5, 2017

Needed Police State on U.S. Borders–Republic Within!

We need a police state on our borders and a true Republic within them. 

Vigilance and strong action is essential if we are to save ourselves from the tragic fate of Europe. 

Stop Islamic immigration until we are able to sort out those who will acculturate to American culture from those who will not. 

Understand that diversity has limits beyond which it has destroys democracies through all history.

Understand further that those who argue that it is not Islamic immigrants who are doing most of the terror seen in Europe, but rather second generation Muslim citizens—that this remains a fact and does not mitigate the original fact that Islamic citizens bring with them a grave danger to the accepting socioculture.  

Those that use this argument against halting open immigration of Islamic’s are simply unable to think 2o years into the future. 

In twenty years, only one generation, citizens of Islamic origin have a heightened likelihood of committing terrorism in the name of Islam!

Wake-Up Liberal America! Try thinking for a change.

Please go to the following web site to understand the nature of the free-worlds current enemy!

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