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“Lord of The Flies”: In Our Schools!

December 15, 2012

Dear Reader,

Yesterday’s shooting rampage of a grade school has left me numb and, at times, on the edge of tears. I will address this issue at some time in the future. For today I will post something that I was working on the day before this unthinkable tragedy. That post is more generally related to the kind of crazy and horrific behaviors we are witnessing accross America at an increasing rate. 

This blog must not be construed to reflect negatively upon the children and teachers at the site of this tragic shooting. Rather, it is a general commentary on conditions at many of America’s schools and the stressful demands  facing many of this Nation’s fine teachers.


“Lord of The Flies” In Our Schools!

Perhaps you have read “Lord of The Flies”. Or, Maybe you have heard this classic book described by others. You may wish to refresh your memory:

It is a story about children that become isolated on a deserted island. At first they play and enjoy their new freedom from adult supervision and appropriate limits to their behavior.  But, as the days pass,  predictable changes in the children’s behavior begins to emerge.

The strong begin to dominate the weak. Emotionally immature selfish and brutal behaviors occur with increasing frequency and intensity. Finally, among the children, behavioral chaos and barbarism prevail.

As a practicing psychologist, I have treated many teachers who are stressed to the point of depression, anxiety and physical illness by the children who they have done their best to help socialize and educate.

The teachers speak of newly mandated constant assessments of student progress, frequently revised new teaching goals and plans, and more reassessments and new goals and plans. All of this, in the face of students who do not and will not learn because they are hostile to their teachers and actively fight against learning. The teachers tell me they are negatively evaluated when they cannot make students stay awake, stay in their seats, stop fighting, or when they send such children out of their rooms in order to teach those who want to learn. Imagine yourself in such a no-win situation, with no end in sight. 

One teacher stated that she was told by students, “you can’t kick us out, you need us to keep your school open”.  Another, reported that she was called a “F…in Bitch”, told “you ain’t nothin”, “You can’t make me do anything”, “you can’t touch me”, etc.

I am told by numerous teachers that they cannot control many of their children and, as a result, they can lose control of their entire classrooms.

Angry, pathologically oppositional students have learned in their dysfunctional homes and shattered families that they can report parents, care-takers and teachers to the police and the Department of Family and Children. They can do this to punish those who they do not like, to intimidate those who dare to set limits upon them, and to catalyze a process which paralyzes institutions and adults with fear at the thought of confronting out-of-control children.

Teachers are now told they cannot touch children, they cannot even touch a child to wake them up. They must tap their desk. The institutional fear is palpable and the barbarian students feed off of it.

Police must now be assigned to many of our schools and even they suffer assaults at the hands of such students.  When they must act to protect themselves or others from attack…they are sued  and their reputations are damaged for “over-reacting” with personal force or with pepper spray or stun-guns: Independent of the truth of the matter.

Of course, there are bad schools and bad teachers. The same can be said of other professions and institutions. But, the teachers that I have worked with, who have told me of these impossible conditions, were very good people and professionals and they were at their wits ends.

If you will  interview some of the school teachers you know, you may discover that schools near you are being destroyed because hostile and disruptive intellectually impaired and emotionally disturbed children. Many of these children are being “mainstreamed” and retained in normal classrooms because of ridiculous governmental mandates. Such decisions should be carefully made on an individual by individual basis, and when a student is beyond help and is destructive to the educational process for the many, the child must be swiftly removed and placed in a specialized teaching environment along with a strong behavior modification program.

The result of the status-quo is chaos and barbarism among our children and the contagion of various psychological health issues among our precious innocent children and our very good teachers.

All of this is just one more reflection of decades of failing liberal/permissive cultural designs in America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Say No to “Day-O”!!

December 13, 2012

Say No to “Day-O”!!

I grew up listening to the distinctive and captivating voice of Harry Belafontes. I loved his music with its exotic Caribbean sound. One of my favorites was his Banana Boat Song..”Day-O”. I liked the Harry Belafontes, I that I thought I knew.

Please enjoy this wonderful ol’ song from my years of blissful naiveté. Perhaps you will also remember this music with fondness, as I still try to do.

I am sad to say that I do not like Harry anymore.

Some may call me a racist, but to do so would be to mimic the radical left/progressive illogical smear tactics that they so commonly use to discredit their cultural design critics.

I will remind my liberal friends that his ethnicity was the same when I liked him as it is now, when I do not.

Why don’t you watch and listen to Harry’s political thinking and see what you think. Perhaps you are one of those who Harry would like to see locked up!

He and his sociopolitical ilk are now in the process of turning America into a Banana Boat-Banana Republic!

Say No to “Day-O”!!

VTM, 12/13/12

Morals Without Religion?

December 11, 2012

Morals Without Religion?

I do know people who state that they are not religious, but who seem to follow a decent and beneficial moral code.

Therefore, I must conclude that moral behavior can exist without religion.

However, for many reasons, I judge that moral activity without a religious influence is a great deal more difficult to inculcate in our youth.

A socioculture such as ours should not demand that citizens embrace a religion. But it can encourage and extol the many benefits of religion.

To a greater degree than any time in our history, America’s judicial and political systems are now hostile to religion. This is now easily observed to a greater degree than at any time in our history. Therefore, America is also now more hostile to religiously-based moral conduct than at any time in its history.

All of this is easily understood by those who chose to look, and then think about what they see.

VTM, 12/11/12

Founder's Quote Daily

“In such a performance you may lay the foundation of national happiness only in religion, not by leaving it doubtful “whether morals can exist without it,” but by asserting that without religion morals are the effects of causes as purely physical as pleasant breezes and fruitful seasons.” –Benjamin Rush, letter to John Adams, 1811

“Why Can’t We Be Treated The Same?”

December 9, 2012

“Why Can’t We Be Treated The Same?”

This quote is taken from a Drudge Report found on my cell phone, 12/9/12.  It is a man’s response to questions while in a hospital after a “free” kidney transplant. 

The hospital agreed to cover the expense of the transplant (I.e., pass it along to others who will pay).  It was reported that someone else will have to assist him to cover the expense of around $10,000 every year, for the rest of his life, for the medicines needed to maintain the health of his kidneys.

This fortunate man opined: “Why can’t we be treated the same”….”Health care should be a human right, not a privilege. At least give us a chance to fight for our lives with dignity.”

You might think that this is another heart-warming story of the miracles of modern medicine and one American’s dream of living a long and fulfilling life.

But for some of us, this feel-good story ends with the stunning revelation that the man with the new free kidney transplant is an illegal alien in America. 

This man’s  dreams of “everyone being treated the same” appear to be predicated on the assumption that everyone who can illegally steal their way into America, is also entitled to steal other goods and services earned by the legal citizens of America. An America, over 16 trillion dollars in debt , now increasing taxes on a shrinking proportion of its productive population to barely sustain itself.

If you embrace a liberal/progressive world view , this may still sound like a warm-hearted humanitarian dream.

Even a staunch conservative might resonate to such a kind-hearted thought; but only for a few fleeting seconds. Then they will be slammed into confrontation with a very harsh and immutable reality.

It is estimated that there are approximately 7.5 billion people on earth!

Is America supposed to open its borders to all citizens who suffer among this vast and far-flung population? The countless needy could not fit within our borders. 

Could America send its goods and services to everywhere in the world where they are needed? We would quickly be left with no goods and services for our own citizens.

Do you really think that the citizens of America (approaching 315 million) can extend care to all of the billions of citizens of the world in need?

Sir Winston Churchill once said: The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries”. (Referenced in Michael E. Newton’s book: The Path to Tyranny, p.140).

Taken one step further, the trading of the inherent vice of capitalism for the inherent virtue of socialism is tantamount to the greatest of vices: Suicide for all!

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 12/9/12


Ever Wonder: What the Hell Is Going On?!—Propaganda In America!

December 8, 2012

Ever Wonder: What the Hell Is Going On?!–Propaganda In America

Everything that you are about to learn is well documented and I have researched and read the documentation of  this information in unimpeachable sources. Please verify my assertion.

Do a quick search in the box above:  Type “Shadow World” and press the enter key to verify the truth of what follows.

What you are about to learn, as we used to say in the Navy, is “the straight skinny”!

I emphasized the word learn  simply because the vast majority of people who I know are unaware of the following information. Yet, most of them are astonished and troubled by the sociocultural changes that have happened within America during the last few decades of their life-times.

Find-out what the hell is going on in the following video.

VTM, 12/8/12

P.S. Thanks to Gonzo for sending this video to me.

Was Samual Williams Referencing Gay Marriage?

December 7, 2012

Was Samual Williams Referencing Gay Marriage?

Founder's Quote Daily

“It is not necessary to enumerate the many advantages, that arise from this custom of early marriages. They comprehend all the society can receive from this source; from the preservation, and increase of the human race. Every thing useful and beneficial to man, seems to be connected with obedience to the laws of his nature, the inclinations, the duties, and the happiness of individuals, resolve themselves into customs and habits, favourable, in the highest degree, to society. In no case is this more apparent, than in the customs of nations respecting marriage.” –Samuel Williams, The Natural and Civil History of Vermont, 1794

Frankly, the title of my blog is preposterous!

The idea of homosexual marriage would have been as unthinkable to Samuel Williams and his cohort, as it should be to our own.

 In America, homosexuals are at liberty (for better or worse, I judge worse) to form legal partnerships. Homosexuals may call such partnerships whatever they wish… with one exception. We should not allow them to conscript the title, marriage, from traditional heterosexual unions.

Among other things, sociocultures are constructed of words and their meanings. The word marriage, along with its sacred meaning and symbolism, has formed the foundation of our American culture from its very beginning.

To let the homosexual radical political-action groups force America to frame homosexual partnerships as “marriages” will forever destroy the historical and religious meaning of this word.

If we allow this to happen, it will be another major victory among  the many successful contemporary assaults, by radical liberal/progressive/humanists, upon America’s traditional Judeo/Christian traditions and religions…… 

Another nail in America’s coffin.

VTM, 12/7/12

The “Devil” Is In The Details and Delayed Outcomes

December 6, 2012

The “Devil” Is In The Details and Delayed Outcomes

Yes, our thoughts about happiness, freedom, and the right to do what we want, whenever we want,  are pleasant to contemplate. We find it logical that we should be able to do whatever we want with our own bodies, or that of others, so long as they are in consent with what we do together.

We feel so good and excited, immediately, when we act upon such thoughts and plans. Unprincipled politicians who grovel and prostitute themselves are eternally inclined to feed the wants and pleasures of the masses in return for more  votes and personal power .  We construct Political action groups to represent our fondest desires for pleasure and freedom from traditional cultural restraints on our behavior patterns; formerly labeled immoral, unethical, elicit, or vices.

In so many cases, the social sciences have not been able to prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that such behavior patterns are greatly damaging to society. Our traditional moral values are all we have had to protect us from various deadly temptations. The moral precepts of our religions have lost much of their strength to govern the thoughts, voting preferences and personal actions of America’s population.

And so….as our Democratic Republic mutates more  into a thing guided by base licentiousness, we will find that the “devil” is in the details and the delayed outcomes of our increasingly self-centered behavior patterns. I cannot tell you about hell in the after-life, and I do not need to tell you about hell on earth, because we are all beginning to feel what it is becoming in America.

Of course there are many causes for the many painful socioeconomic changes that we have increasingly suffered in America–escalating since the 1960’s.  I judge that certain of our elective cultural changes have been a significant stimulant to various damaging complex causal chains and outcomes. Such chains of cause and effect interact with each other and then fold back upon themselves in synergistic causal cycles, with each passing generation.

My experiences as a professor/researcher and practicing psychologist have given me a perspective that those who work exclusively in these  domains are less likely to gain.

My concerns relate to the following and much more.

No-Fault divorce has wreaked havoc upon the stability of our families and the mental health of our children. From what I can tell, when it comes to marriage, easy out also leads to easy in which leads to more easy outs.

The legalization of pornography has contributed to increasing sexual behavior in our children and youth. It has also contributed to sexual aggression in adults as well as sexually transmitted disease, infidelity in relationships, and  sex crimes against our children.

Closely associated with the deregulation of pornography is the deregulation of profanity and explicit,  florid violence in our entertainment media. Science has clearly demonstrated that flooding a population with violent portrayals will increase rates of violent behavior within that population.

The legalization of gambling has led to a new wave of compulsive/addictive gambling problems.  This has contributed to the instability of families, increasing rates of bankruptcy, the development of compulsive gambling in children, and increasing suicide rates among problem gamblers…as well as many more social woes.

The decision to mix women and men in close combat situations, on ships and in submarines has contributed instability in families, increased separation of primary care-takers from children, and a host of social/sexual problems within our military.

The inclusion of flagrantly homosexual individuals in our military has further increased the number of social/sexual problems with which our military must contend.

Our military must out-perform all other militaries in the world. It must be the very best at killing and intimidating our mortal enemies. Increased energies expended to manage internal family/legal/social/sexual problems is a detriment to our military’s primary mission and our long-term survival.

This nation’s growing welfare programs have directly increased the rate of learned helplessness behavior patterns within our population. This population is increasingly irresponsible, hedonistic, lawless, undereducated, unemployed, and (with few exceptions) shows higher procreation rates than the rest of our population. This segment almost exclusively votes for politicians who will further their useless and socioculturally damaging life-styles. This population of takers will soon outnumber the population of makers.

States are increasingly legalizing marriage between homosexuals. I expect this revolutionary change in humankind’s social structure will significantly increase the costs and stresses upon participating sociocultures. This new practice is likely to increase the rate of homosexual experimentation among our youth.  It must also destroy the core meaning and purpose of marriage (sexual fidelity between husband and wife, procreation and familial stability for children). It will certainly increase the burdens on our legal and court systems with new demands for mediating spousal  abuse, divorces, child custody and visitation disputes. The costs of these problems will be passed on to the population-at-large.

Washington State and Colorado  have recently legalized marijuana. These states look forward to the revenues that they will be able to collect as a result of the new and taxable sales of this addicting substance. With respect to the many problems caused  by the new legal drug, consider this.  The legal drug of alcohol = 1. The legal drug of marijuana= 1. The sum of the damaging effects of these two legal drugs will be greater than 1 + 1 = 2.  The combined damaging effects could well be 4 to 8. The whole of the damage to our socioculture will be greater than the sum of its parts. You can expect increases in polysubstance abuse and dependency; damage to families, children and youth; increased employment, health, industrial problems and transportation accidents; increased demands on law enforcement, jurisprudence, and rehabilitation services and  increased tax money expenditures. The costs of all of this will be passed on to tax paying americans (now only 51-54 percent of the population).

I expect to see legalized prostitution soon. This will bring an increase in its own set of social and economic problems.

The damage from all of  these cultural  changes are catalyzed through the numerous psychological mechanisms of Behavioral Contagion, which I have defined and explained in other blogs under that title. You may wish to look-up Behavioral Contagion in my search window above.

You can be sure that devil is in the details and the damaging delayed consequences of our own behavior.  I fear that America is about to relearn some historically obvious lessons in painful and traumatizing  ways.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Law Abiding Citizens, Guns and Liberty

November 29, 2012

Law Abiding Citizens, Guns and Liberty

As some of my readers may recall, in my youth I served on a nuclear fleet ballistic missile submarine. At that time I concluded that the preservation of America and its citizen’s liberties were worth defending with lethal force, if need be. The  USS Ethan Allen, SSBN 608, had 16 missiles, each with multiple nuclear warheads trained on Russia during the cold war. Every single man on my submarine was ready to unleash total devastation on any country that moved to destroy America.

Therefore, you should not have to wonder what I think about the defense of myself, my  family, law-abiding citizens, or the United States of America that protects our individual liberties.

I have not spoken much about guns on my blog, and I see no reason to carry-on about this growing issue, when others present my views very articulately.

To make matters very damn clear, I am in very strong support of the following article. I dearly hope you will  read it.

VTM, 11/29/12

Laugh Your Way to Wisdom

November 28, 2012

Laugh Your Way to Wisdom

Thanks to  Lee Hornack who forwarded this great video to me.

This debate featuring Dinesh D’ Souza will both entertain you and educate you. I laughed and collected a couple of precious simple stories that can be used to illustrate some complex social/psychological and political principles.

Please enjoy the following video!

VTM, 11/2812

Ancient Rome Warns America

November 27, 2012

 Ancient Rome Warns America

The following quote is taken from The Path to Tyranny, by Michael E. Newton.

“These two men, Cicero and Cato, warned the Romans of the approaching Tyranny, but the populace was captivated by the demagogues who promised them land redistribution and wealth. The people got their dictators and land redistribution, the Roman Republic died along with Cicero and Cato.” p.68

When it comes to the failed political designs of cultures, history repeats itself ad nauseam. Sadly, thus far, I can find nothing that has both luminary success and permanence.

VTM, 11/27/12



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