Biden-Russia Marxist Oil Friends!

June 24, 2021

America’s ongoing Marxist Revolution, brought to you by our massively corrupt democrat party! “Chairman” Biden and his radical leftist supporters have arranged to increase oil related jobs in Russia and destroy them in America.

Don’t believe me?

Please see the following short expose’.

Then save America and vote accordingly at every chance!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/24/21

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this article to me.

America’s Marxist Revolution: In Cartoons!

June 19, 2021

I laugh till I cry.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/19/21

Fathers With Children: Critically Important

June 16, 2021

The following is a very important 5 minute video.

It will reveal one of the major American failures that is greatly contributing to the lawlessness and violence damaging our society.

Sadly, it is just one of the major American social failures, there are too many to recount here.

But, in this blog it is good to focus on just this one. Not only is it a major American failure, it will be one of the most difficult to correct.

Never the less, knowing a major causal factor of a very bad problem can provide the focus and motivation for improving that problem. This is an essential step if America wishes to evolve healthy, happy, and long.

I have been a professor teaching and studying child development and developmental psychopathology for many years. I am still a practicing psychologist with 50 years of combined professional experience. Bases on all I have learned, I can assure you that this five minute video on the importance of fathers, or father-figures, with children is spot-on.

However, this video does not “connect the dots” regarding the importance of father loving involvement with their children regarding the rate of growth of LGBTQ children and youth in America and elsewhere.

This video agrees with the scientific research data on father absence and child development. It also correctly reports that having a close relationship with a “father figure” in a child’s life can help to ameliorate common father absent problems.

Please watch this video and see for yourself.

Socialism Will Ruin America

June 12, 2021

If you do a search on the topic of “socialism”, on the upper right side of my home page, you will see that I have written a great deal about this death-dealing pathological form of government and political philosophy.

For now, I am tired of writing about it.

So, why don’t you listen to an illegal immigrant from Venezuela tell you why you must fight against socialism with all your might…through our elections, of course!

Providing, that is, they do not find ways to corrupt our electoral process, which is just one of many Marxist revolutionary strategies.

Please see the following 5 minute, PragerU video!

America’s Evil Marxist Government: Hire 87,000 New IRS Agents!

June 6, 2021

Biden will make sure “that everyone is paying their fair share”. Yes folks, the federal government is proposing a 6 Trillion Dollar spending bill. Now they will assail the citizenry under the pretext that this is a justifiable emergency measure! Which it is. It is the one that they purposefully created!

The Biden government reminds me of a starving wild animal desperately and aggressively foraging or food.

But, the difference is that they are doing everything they can to consume more “Food” than can possibly be grown, then they are poisoning the land on which the food can be grown.

Please do not foolishly think that the Biden government “just doesn’t know what it is doing”!

These two destructive acts are just one element of the “Communist Rules for Revolution” that I reblogged from what I wrote in 2014. It was not all that hard to see all of this coming.

Biden is purposefully spending more money than our population can ever give or repay. Just as Obama did), Biden will weaponize the IRS to punish and intimidate anyone who attempts to stand in the way of America’s Ongoing Marxist Revolution. As Obama recently said, and I paraphrase, Biden is finishing what I started.

Wake-Up America, You are being destroyed!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/621

Communist Rules for Revolution

June 5, 2021

America: Can’t You See What’s Happening?!

Cultural Survival Skills

Communist Rules for Revolution

I found the following rules floating around in cyberspace and I took the time to try to validate the authorship of them. They appear to not have any known author.

Snopes reports that the authorship of these rules is unknown. They were reported to have been discovered in post-war Germany, but their actual origin is unknown.

Yet, the following rules are in accord with those that I have encountered in my reading about socialist and communist tactics in fomenting revolutions and securing political power. 

 Do you recognize any of the following rules for revolution? Have you seen them implemented anywhere? Have you ever been personally impacted by any of these strategies for producing a revolution?

Let me know, I would love to hear from you.

 1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.


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The Real Memorial Day!

May 30, 2021

God Bless America! (GBA!)

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/30/21

Wake-Up Damned Fools in America!

May 28, 2021

If you are a damned-fool American responsible for furthering the Ongoing Democrat Marxist Revolution in America, please allow me to lovingly introduce you to who you are, and encourage you to wake-up and save America!

If you do not fit this category of American citizens…you will be damned anyway if you do not help the damned-fools in America to wake-up and vote accordingly!

Perish the thought! But, we will all be damned to-hell-on-earth as America and the rest of Western Civilization is “TRANSFORMED” into hellish Marxist/Socialist/Communist Societies. “Transformed” is Obama’s and the Marxist’s “nice word” for describing a cultural/political Marxist revolution!

Damned-Fool Americans do not recognize that our government and its society has been infiltrated by Marxists/Communists and Radical Islamics.

Damned-Fool Americans do not see that Western Civilization is being destroyed before their very eyes. These are the ones that put an ailing and dementing puppet-President at the head of America’s all-controlling Federal Government. A President figure-head ruled by our own powerful Democrat Marxist Party and like-minded others around the world.

“President Biden” is but a robot Commander-In-Chief who is purposefully dismantling our military, just as President Obama did. He is obediently driving America into bankruptcy , social anarchy and rioting. Biden and the Democrats do this by dividing Americans with “Identity Politics” and fomenting racial hatred and socioeconomic conflict.

Damned-Fool Americans who do not see, or do not care, that our dementing President silently looks away as radical liberal states and cities release thousands of dangerous felonious prisoners into our general population; while sanctuary cities that protect criminal aliens and support defunding the police and sending in counselors and social workers to keep the peace.

Our Democrat “President” who keeps our borders wide-open to illegal weapons, drugs, gangs, terrorists, females and children forced into prostitution, infusing thousands upon thousands ( who knows, millions?) of adults and children (many without parents) into unsuspecting American communities. Our Democratic “President” who does nothing to prevent guns in the hands of the profoundly mentally ill and criminals, but rather works to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens.

Damned-Fool Americans do not see, or care about, a Democrat “President” and Party that recruits millions of uneducated and unskilled Illegal aliens swamping our social, legal, police, medical, and educational systems; that drain our nation’s ability to fund both alien and citizen essential services through working-citizen generated tax revenues. All of this, while our President puppet of the Marxist Democrat party broadcasts, through its propagandistic main-stream news and entertainment media, that “America’s Borders are Closed”!

Damned-Fool Americans who do not understand, or care, that it is a basic Marxist revolutionary principle that; “If we tell a lie over and over and over, etc., etc.,”: “Enough people will finally believe the lie, so we can accomplish our revolutionary goals!

Finally, Damned-Fool Americans that are passively accepting that our Marxist/Socialist federal government is spending many trillions of dollars that it does not have, more than any time since WWII, plunging America into disastrous, insoluble debt and inflation.

Wake-Up Damned American voting fools who were oblivious to the fact that, from the very start of the 2020 Presidential Election process; that slow, tired and bewildered Joe Biden was unlikely to finish his Presidency. Therefore, Vice President Harris, a politically talentless Socialist, will become the President of the United States of America!

The damned-fools in America are even oblivious to the fact that progressively dementing President Joe Biden and his Marxist puppet-masters have quickly emboldened international forces of evil and destruction to rapidly join forces to destroy our homeland! China, Russian and Iran have rapidly allied to destroy both America and Israel, the last bastions of relative freedom from governmental control on earth.

All of this is happening right now, while Marxist propaganda and censorship have gained control our educational systems, our entertainment and news media and our Churches. America’s children, youth and young adults have been increasingly propagandized against America and for Marxist Socialism. They must not know ( or perhaps care) the dastardly historical truth about this form of government and the misery’s and unmeasurable citizen deaths it brings to its populations.

There is an old saying that: “All Politics Are Local”. To me, this means that people are not likely to be motivated to pay attention to, or fix problems…even lethal ones, until they hit directly and personally upon them or their loved ones! The Science of Psychology would predict this statistical tendency.

Unfortunately, World History demonstrates that, by the time big pains and losses hit and motivate most citizens to escape or avoid these aversive events, it is too late to alter the course of revolutionary outcomes.

America, you had better get the Big Picture of AMERICA’S ONGOING MARXIST REVOLUTION right now. Then vote accordingly at every opportunity!

Sadly, I fear it may already be too late.

Brace yourself and watch the following video. It simply confirms what many perceptive patriots already know… and is great reality therapy for those who are oblivious to the grave dangers we all are now in.

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D., 5/28/21

The Terrifying Chinese River Dance

May 23, 2021

Thanks to Patriot Lee Hornack for sending me this delightful video, Chinese version of the “Irish River Dance”.

I was amazed that it was so thought-provoking for me. You will love the video below, It is simply stunning. But it is more than an artistic display of “Me dear Irish heritage”.

As I watched the Chinese version, of this marvelous dance, I was forced to the thought that the Chinese would win in a judged contest between them and the Irish version.

Then, there was an odd and foreboding feeling that slowly crept into my consciousness. I watched their amazingly complex and absolutely perfect, performance in awe.   Not only were their movements robotic-like, but so were their broad smiles. Every face had a “frozen” smile on it. The smiles appeared to be “painted-on”, and they were there on every dancer’s face, from the beginning to the very end. 

Finally, I judged that their version of the River Dance reflected the unique political and cultural ability of the Chinese to motivate their population to maniacal robot-like feats of precision, courage  and endurance.  

I was reminded of their unique ability to incorporate the very best of other culture’s artistic, economic, and technological accomplishments into their own unique civilization and replicate them to levels of superiority.   

In the case of technology, China’s superior and unrelenting intelligence system allows them to spy on America’s advancing technological achievements and steal them for their own. This, theoretically, allows the Chinese to remain at least equal with America’s technological advancements. If so, it will be ahead of all other nations in the world. 

I recalled it the Korean War (1950-1953). It was a hellish war and a horrifically costly one in American blood and wealth. Around 40,000 Americans were killed and approximately 100,000 were wounded.

China entered that war, as well as Russia, and around 4 million people, including citizens died as a result. Countless citizens were massacred. The North Koreans and the Chinese soldiers were much like the North Vietnamese fighters in that war. They were relentless and charged into intense firefights, wave after wave, seemingly with no fear of death.

The Chinese and North Vietnamese fighting forces, are drawn from cultures where not following orders, rules and expectations can lead to imprisonment and/or death for the offender. I have also learned that families can be held responsible for the deviant actions of their members.

Finally, I have heard from veterans that if North Vietnam troops did not follow orders to charge into machine gun fire and near certain death, that there were designated soldiers behind them that were ordered to shoot to kill them. If this is true, like most everyone, these soldiers did not want to die. I will guess that many were just playing the lethality odds in that context. Life is cheap in Communist/Dictatorial nations. Therefore, the same is true in China. See Below and pay particular attention to capital crimes for soldiers.

My dear departed life-long friend, Daniel Bays Ph.D. was a highly respected and noted Professor of history. His specialty was China in general and specifically, the growth of Christianity there. Dan and his lovely wife, Jan, made many trips to china, where he lectured and met with Intellectuals, Christian leaders and friends. I recall asking Dan ,when he was a young college student, why he was so interested in China. His answer was that he though China would one day be a “world power”.

Dan liked to say of things, when he judged that they were correct: “That is spot-on!”

With regards to the rise of China, now decades later and a world power in direct competition with America for dominance in the world: You were spot-on about China!

God’s Blessings to you and all of your loved ones, my dear friend.

This video is dedicated to you.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 5/23/21

White Privilege!?

May 15, 2021

It is to the advantage of the Marxist Propagandists in America to convince our black, brown, and Asian citizens that they suffer from a white racist imposed “White Privilage” gap.

Our ongoing American Marxist Revolution is largely based upon a divide-and-conquer strategy.

The old method used to pit workers against the owners of the “means of production” did not work well in America. When it dawned upon the Marxists that, in a capitalistic economy, the many millions of working people who owned stock in big businesses were also owners of the means of production, they had to came-up with a different plan.

The old philosophy and revolutionary theory just did not work in America. Nor would the old violent, “gun-barrel”, revolutions work with American citizens armed “to-the-hilt” and capable of launching decentralized strong counter-revolutionary actions.

So, the newer strategy is to divide the races in Western Civilization and create envy, hatred and strife between them. In this way they can weaken the solidarity of the population, infiltrate the education system (including the Professoriate), the media, the legal system, etc., and also infiltrate and incrementally gain control of our political systems.

Over-time, our American Marxists have gained the power to propagandize America’s youth and illegally import (over open borders), enough uneducated and unskilled citizens from other countries to swing the American vote towards socialism. This process has recently been accelerated with the assistance of their partial corruption of our our election systems.

See what you think! Please see this 5 min. video debunking this big propaganda component of their destabilization and “Transformation” strategy in America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 5/15/21

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