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Hurts to Much to Laugh!

March 21, 2022

The sad truth resides here.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/21/22

Psychology of Marxist Propaganda

April 18, 2021

Many principles of psychology facilitate Socialism and Communism’s skillful use of propaganda and other manipulations used to create cultural revolutions. The Oxford Languages Dictionary defines Propaganda as:

“Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or view.” Information can come in many forms including written words, pictures, music, art, movies, video’s, word of mouth, or actual human enactments.

In psychology, as in all sciences, the discovered principles and laws can be used for good or evil; much as nuclear power can be used to sustain societies or destroy them.

America’s Ongoing Cultural Revolution can be seen as a sequence of cultural “evolutions” (i,e., smaller changes in a population’s behavior patterns learned from teaching, imitation and other sources of social influence. Cultures are forever changing. A bigger, even stunning Revolution can occur when a sequence of smaller evolutionary changes compile to a point that population and governmental behavior patterns “suddenly” no longer resemble their own historical main features. America’s 20th and 21st Century Marxist Revolutionaries, have used the word “TRANSFOMRATION” to describe their goal for America. A “transformation” of something can be described as a change of something into something entirely different. In other word the Goal is a Marxist Revolution of in America.

America’s more slowly evolving sequence of small social, economic and political changes for decades have been moving away from those rules that our Founding father’s wrote into America’s Constitution. These smaller evolutionary changes have been effected largely by a series of radical rule changes imposed upon our states and entire population by an increasingly radicalized, growing, corrupt and all-controlling federal government.

America’s radicalized Marxist Democratic Party, at all levels, has used our schools, universities, the media…and now the political/economic power of big business to increasingly control and propagandize America. They have flooded our society with a variety of, beliefs, theories and ideologies antithetical our Constitution and our traditional values.

The following are a few examples of their Marxist though and behavior changing propagandistic implants into American culture:  Negative and Slanderous labeling, Critical Theory, Intersectionality Theory, Identity Politics, Woke culture, Cancel Culture, Diversity, Inclusion, Equality of Outcome, White Privilege, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Sexual Fluidity, Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, Defunding the Police, Atheism, Secular Humanism, Post-Modernism, Attacking Middle Class Values (Traditional Families and Marriage), Defaming and Destroying America’s Historical Monuments and much, much more. If some of these terms are unfamiliar to you please do a computer search to learn about them. These are just some of the many informational and media attacks that the Marxist Revolutionaries have thrust into virtually every American institution, agency, business, economy, and hearts and minds of America’s population.

These, and other radical Democrat Marxist revolutionary strategies have weakened America’s traditional prosocial and patriotic values, traditions, and population solidarity. This can produce anxiety, anger, even hatred between different races, age groups, religious groups or political groups. This has resulted in profound social divisions and conflicts within our population. All of this, reveals the numerous complex unrelenting Marxist efforts to stress this great nation to its breaking point, and then to “Transform America” to a Socialist State.

I’ll bet that you have recognized many of these governmental rule changes and propaganda efforts impacting your emotions, perceptions, values, beliefs and behaviors of you and/or those of your loved ones. But, what you are unlikely to know and understand are the driving psychological principles that give these Marxist efforts great power. The psychological principles that underlie so many Americans, over-time, moving further and further from respect and affection for our once beloved Constitutional Republic of America; moving them and closer and closer to voting for our Transformation to a Socialist State of America!

Much of what powers population’s psychological change comes in the form of propaganda, as defined and identified with examples above. I would like to help you begin to understand the underlying principles of psychology that account for the effectiveness of propaganda to change the perceptions, emotions, beliefs and behaviors of people.

This is too big task to deal with in a series of short blogs, so it must be simplified in some good way. The majority of the power of propaganda to influence us can be attributed to a single organizing law of psychology: The Law of Contiguity.

The Law of Contiguity can cover a great deal of what we know about learning, memory, emotions, values, beliefs and our acquisition of knowledge. This law states that when things (words, images, sounds, smells, pain, discomfort, or other physical experiences happen in association with one another, or are paired-together in close time, the association between them is learned. When stimuli are paired together, they are likely to be remembered together.

Our brains are association machines. We remember things that happen together and we often learn to expect them to occur together. We can learn our preferences and aversions this way; things and experiences we work to get or, things and experiences we work to avoid or escape. That is; people, things and activities that become emotionally rewarding or unpleasant. That is people or things that seek to experience or people and things that make us anxious, fearful, or terrified and we seek to avoid or escape.

When things are associated together in time we are more likely to learn these new associations and we often learn to expect such things to happen together in the future.

Our brains are “association machines” and by experiencing and remembering (even unconsciously) new associations along with our genetics and our environmental life experiences our appetites, values, beliefs, motivations and behaviors change throughout our lives.

These changes, when viewed from a collective cultural level drive cultural evolution and, under some conditions can summate to a cultural revolution.

This has been a general introduction to my future blogs highlighting specific examples of the propaganda that Marxists/Communists are using during their ongoing attempted Second American Revolution.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D, 4/18/21

Examples of Propaganda>

Teaching Our Children to Hate Themselves

February 18, 2021

Dear Reader, 

The following, in quotes, is a forward from a patriot friend. 

In America’s New Marxist Revolution, this is just one of the many strategies now  being used to dismantle our Constitutional Republic to transform the USA to a Democratic Socialist Union.

Their success is astonishing. They are incrementally destroying our children and therefore; they are destroying our future!

Wake-Up damn-fool America! Or die.

“White kids are taught to hate their whiteness. Boys are taught to hate their masculinity. Girls to hate their femininity. Children of all races and both sexes are taught to hate their country. We push self-loathing onto our kids and then wonder why they are depressed and suicidal.” —Matt Walsh

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/18/20

The Psychology of Socialism #3: Weakening Our Behavioral “Immunity”

February 14, 2021


The Psychology of Socialism #3: Weakening Our Behavioral “Immunity”

In my blog entitled “The Psychology of Socialism #1,  I began with some questions including the following two:

1. “Why does Socialism keep reoccurring in spite of its tendency to morph into an even more tyrannical and murderous  form of government, called Communism?” 

2. “Why does Socialism keep reoccurring in the face of indisputable historical evidence that Socialism/Communism has caused the death of around 94 million citizens (some say over 100 million)?” These deaths were caused by disease, starvation, torture, and execution; in or out of concentration or so-called “reeducation” camps.

I began my second blog within this theme entitled, “The Psychology of Socialism #2 (Modernity) with the following statement:

“I judge that the the social and political infestation of Marxist Socialism in America is analogous to any disease that sickens its host.  When hosts immune system is sufficiently weakened, they become increasingly susceptible to many diseases; some of which are lethal.” The socio-economic “disease” of Socialism is lethal to societies that strive to provide liberty and prosperity to it citizens.

In this second blog, I further explained some of the ways that modernity and the Principles of Psychology work-together to weaken a a population’s resistance to the short-term rewards of socialism, at the expense of longer-term disaster.

You may recall from a post, #2 on this topic, that more immediate, more frequent, and easily accessible rewards tend to weaken the tenacity, perseverance and creative generativity of citizens. Furthermore, when these rewards suddenly are cut-off, or become insufficient, the psychological principle of “extinction” kicks in. The transition from a thick and easy source of rewards frequently leads to growing trends of emotional behavior and aggression among citizens.

Therefore, normal psychological principles within Socialism are transformed into an increasingly pathogenic social and economic system leading to in a pandemic of loss of freedom and prosperity for citizens; as well as increasing hostility and aggression among citizens and escalating tyrannical counter-control measures by the  governmental ruling class.

Understand that socialist and communist activists have long used this predictable chain of psychological events, and they work to activate it in order to over-throw existing governments. 

The following appears to be some of the main behavioral components of this sick social-psychological feed-back system of cultural decline and collapse.  These are the destructive psychological mechanisms hidden within the many failed iterations of socialism; including the so-called Democratic Socialism now being propagandized through our media, and implemented in America. 

  1. As People become more dependent upon modernizing technology (health safeguards, easy relief of physical pain, insurance against calamity, available civil/governmental services, transportation; as well as more immediate, more plentiful, more sizable, and and more frequent rewards in a broad array of categories; they tend to loose behavioral strength, perseverance and independence. The population’s learned expectancy of a less effortful life-style will not fit reality when the government inevitably cannot continue to supply their basic needs.
  2. As people become more emotionally, financially, and physically dependent upon the government (at all levels), the “government animal”, a conglomerate of more privileged people, grows in size and power and exerts incrementally more and more control over the people they govern. 
  3. The increasingly massive and expensive Socialistic government inevitably forages and preys upon its population for increased wealth (tax increases and fees), to gain more control and to support its own growth and development. They “tax the makers and give to the takers”. They “tax those who have and give to the have-nots”. 
  4. They do this by differentially dispensing the material, financial, and welfare rewards they control to their supporting population who will then vote for them and turn against those who vote for those opposing these socialist trends. 
  5. In response to citizens who oppose the growing popularity of the socialist government and its political operatives; it attacks them through hateful propaganda, social defamation, and censorship. It uses the popular media and governmental agencies to assault opposing citizens with legal and financial ruin.
  6. Inevitably, bloating socialist governments become increasingly inefficient at managing the increasing scope of their population control and the socio-culture becomes increasingly maladaptive and unstable. 
  7. This national decline is often viewed by international enemies as an opportunity for military attack. From a political perspective, war can be an advantage to the government and citizens under attack because it is thought to often solidify a population’s support the for their existing government.
  8. In the end, socialism always fails at the cost of great physical and psychological trauma to its citizens and their children.

Much like any behavioral “addiction” (more accurately, a learned habitual dependency), the population’s immediate schedule of rewards eventually turns from happiness to delayed and diminishing rewards, frustration, fear, and pain. All of this, all too often, is associated with population displaced aggression, self-destructive behavior, civil war and increased tyranny by the controlling government.

Socialism is a social-psychological disorder. It tyrannically catalyzes all forms of psychopathology within its population. As it progresses, it leads to social, cultural and economic decline and can easily lead to the collapse of the afflicted society.

The Socialist philosophical “germs” of destruction lay dormant in every society.  They await a decline a societies’ “behavioral immunity”. In some cases there comes an explosive plume of this social psychological pathogen. When the population’s “tipping point” is reached, the “transformational” breakdown occurs.

The afflicted nation then becomes a new host to the ageless socio-economic Ponzi Scheme; simply known as Socialism.   

Please, trace the growth of the many socialist/communist seeds long sewn into the fabric of in America, starting from the early 19 century to our present time. This growth is appears to be nearing exponential proportions as I write. (2/14/21)

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend








Coronapolitical Grimaces!

April 20, 2020

Coronapolitical Grimaces!

Thanks to Townhall cartoons.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/20/20



The Big Lie: “Islam Is Peace”

April 4, 2016

The Big Lie: “Islam Is Peace”

How could anyone keep their temper and a straight face when they hear this stinking dirty lie?!

The phrase, “Islam is Peace”, is B.S..

I am certain that this is propaganda spread by Islamists, progressive/socialists and anarchists who wish to destroy all vestiges of Western Civilization, and replace them with their own fantasies of “utopias on earth”. The “utopias” that in history have only lead to epochs of death and destruction.

Their work is nearly complete in Europe and now they will focus more heavily on America.

Wake-Up America!

You must view this near countless compendium of Islamic terrorist atrocities both recently and over many years.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 44/16

P.S. 1, Be sure to inspect the methodology of the construction of these listings. They have done the best they reasonably can to be accurate.

P.S. Thanks again to John Plume for bringing this website to my attention.

Islamic Jihad in America’s Schools!

February 5, 2012

Islamic Jihad in America’s Schools!

If this is true, it is death to America by hundreds of thousands of small cuts.

The following may sound like hyperbole, but I believe that it is not.

I have vetted the video that you can  see below.  Here Brigitte Gabriel,  founder of ACT! For America, rails against Muslim  propaganda about Islam that is being taught in our schools and universities.

She contends that the teaching of many details of Islam is on-going while the so-called principle of “separation of church and state” blocks the truth about Judaism and Christianity from our educational institutions.

I will first present the video of this Brigitte’s lecture to a large audience. Here you will see her lay out her charge that Islamic Jihad is being waged in America’s schools.

If you are an analytical thinker, you will be left wondering about the truth of her allegations.  I therefore follow this individual’s presentation with information and news reports dating back to 2006 that appear to confirm her assertions. This issue has been in the news and in question, even before this time interval.

I do not know if this Islamic indoctrination is still ongoing in any or our primary or secondary public schools.But,  I will bet that it is in our universities.  If it is,  America’s socioculture is under a far greater threat than most citizens understand.

I am with President Ronald Reagan, when he said of our enemies: “Trust, but verify!”

Please take the time to develop your own opinion on this matter and then vote your conscience in 2112.

The Video:


Thanks to my ol’ submarine buddy, Howard Hawkins for sending me this video.

VTM, 2/5/12

Gambling Damages Our People and Our Socioculture

August 31, 2009

Gambling Damages Our People and Our Socioculture 

The following is an article that I wrote for Indiana’s South Bend Tribune’s Michiana Point Of View published Sunday, July 22, 2001.

There have been many changes since I wrote this article. The gambling industry has continued to grow. The number of our citizens who gamble and who show various gambling-related behavior problems have continued to grow. Our National financial disaster has worsened. Now in the year 2009, it is known to the world. Our problems continue to grow.

The following is a shortened version this newspaper article.

Our National gambling revolution did not result from a populace movement. It emerged almost exclusively through the combined efforts of the gambling industry, its wealthy lobbyists and our desperately receptive legislators and politicians.

The critics of behavioral psychology have long predicted that its principles would someday be used by governments to coerce and exploit their citizens. B. F. Skinner, perhaps the greatest psychologist of the 20th century, warned of a different form of governmental exploitation which is based upon systems of rewards.

I am saddened to inform you that this is exactly what has happened as our government has legalized and popularized gambling and then taxed its profits to obtain increased revenues for its own growth and development. The enticing short-term attractiveness of this Post-Modern cultural design is that a large proportion of our population finds it rewarding to gamble and the government hungers for a new source of revenue. As Skinner explained, “voluntary” gambling taxes avoid increasingly coercive income , sales, and property taxes and simultaneously reduce the likelihood of citizen revolt. The federal, state, and local governmental financial problems that drive this new governmental gambling business are well documented.

This Nation’s history of legal gambling is a long and troubled one, with more problems emerging as gambling has increased. Our population is gambling more than ever before.

  • In 1716, lotteries were operational in each of the 13 colonies and they continued to grow in popularity.
  • During the 1870’s, most kinds of gambling were outlawed by the states because of massive scandals in the Louisiana lottery.
  • Between 1964 and 1975, about 13 state lotteries re-emerged.
  • In 1971, mental health professionals began to treat pathological gambling.
  • In 1980, pathological gambling was included as a “disorder” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-III, used by professionals to diagnose mental disorders.
  • In 1982, he New Jersey Council on Compulsive Gambling established a 24-hour help hot line.
  • By 1990, legalized gambling existed in 47 states and the District of Columbia.
  • By 1999, U.S. gross legal gambling revenues were estimated to be around $60 billion. By 2002 gross legal gambling revenues had grown to nearly $70 billion. In 2007 this figure was $92.27 billion.

Principles of psychology help explain why citizens are so responsive to legalized gambling opportunities. Behavioral psychologist have consistently demonstrated that all of us animals will continue to peck or push buttons and pull or press levers at very high rates under special schedules of reward. Often behaviors will reach frantically high rates, to the exclusion of all other activities. Increasingly intermittent and random rewards (variable ration schedules of reinforcement) produce very strong behaviors that persist, even in the face of starvingly diminished food rewards. This and other well known behavioral principles are fundamental to teaching people to, over the long run, willingly pour more and more of their money into the bottomless sinkhole euphemistically marketed as “gaming”. Such privately and governmentally sponsored advertising mocks our truth-in-advertising laws and enters the realm of the darkest propaganda.

The damage that we are now inflicting upon ourselves and our children in unconscionable:

  • In 1997, the Harvard Medical School Division an Addictions estimated that the past-year prevalence for problem and pathological adult gambling was approximately 5.3 million and 2.2. million respectively. It also estimated that there were 5.7 million American adolescent problem gamblers and 2.2 million adolescent pathological gamblers.
  • In 1999, The National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences reviewed 4,000 research papers on gambling and estimated that 3 million of the adult population were “life-time” pathological gamblers and another 7.3 million were “life-time” problem gamblers.
  • This commission further concluded that pathological gambling is associated with: substance abuse, mood disorders, personality disorders, domestic violence, and child abuse and neglect.
  • The children of gambling adults are more likely to become involved with delinquency, smoking and drug use. They also show an increased risk of developing problem or pathological gambling.
  • Dramatically increased child and adolescent gambling is correlated with and increased risk for pathological gambling later in life. In general, adolescent gamblers are at greater risk than adults fo develop problems or pathological gambling.
  • In 1999, the costs of gambling to our society (job loss, unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, poor health, psychological treatment) were about $1,200 per pathological gambler per year and about $715 per problem gambler per year. Other lifetime costs (bankruptcy, imprisonment, legal fees for divorce, etc.) were about $10,550 per pathological gambler and $5,130 per problem gambler. The combined costs of pathological and problem gamblers per year was about $5 billion, with and additional lifetime cost of about $40 billion. It can be safely assumed that these costs have increased since 1999.
  • Pathological gamblers are more likely to have financial, physical and emotional problems. When debts mount, pathological gamblers frequently resort to crime to pay their debts. They also suffer increased rates of suicide.

These human tragedies represent the enormous negative externalities and delayed costs of legalized gambling. How do we calculate the resulting present and future damage to us, to our children and to our grandchildren?

Tragically, by the time we figure this out, it may be too late to reverse our self-destructive practices. We must act on the basis of psychological theory and incomplete but clearly negative data trends.

We must not overlook other clear and present harms. Economically, we are trading away solid long-term growth for unstable short-term gain. Gambling lobbyists and politicians tell citizens: “Our people are going to travel to neighboring regions to gamble their money away. Why not legalize gambling her and keep those revenues for ourselves?” Of course, they do not explain that when casinos are legalized, people are often attracted away from local businesses (restaurants, theaters, shops, etc.). As a consequence, these stable traditional businesses that have long benefited individuals and society often lose income and are forced to close.

Furthermore, lobbyists and politicians generally do not tell citizens of the increased crime (political corruption, robbery, drugs, prostitution, etc.) that is frequently associated with legal gambling enterprises.

This nation’s social viability is increasingly impaired by poor cultural planning and increasing rates of population maladaptive (bad) behavior: Why would such an afflicted culture legalize and encourage gambling activities that damage individuals, families and ultimately our whole society?

I must conclude that our government has preyed upon its citizens in the 1980’s by legalizing gambling and taxing its new revenues. The same was done during the 1960’s and 1970’s when pornography was legalized and then taxed. Furthermore, initiatives to legalize and tax illegal drugs and prostitution are now gathering momentum.

Countless numbers men and women have given their lives in the defense of our freedom. Can’t we give up a few immediate pleasures for the long-term good or our socioculture? Think it through, decide for yourself and act accordingly. Remember: In a democracy, or a republic, the people get exactly what they deserve.”

For a more complete and scholarly review of gambling problems and their impact upon our socioculture you may read my chapter (pps. 45-89) in Gambling: Behavior Theory, Research, and Application. This book was edited by Ghezzi, P. M. , Lyons, C. A., Dixon, M. R., and Wilson, G. R., and it was published in 2006 by Context Press, Reno NV.

 V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. , 8/31/09

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