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Obama’s Law Against Free Speech

May 1, 2012

Obama’s Law Against Free Speech

President Obama is a Marxist in disguise. I understand that many view this kind of thinking as odd or quirky, or even paranoid.

But, as a licensed and practicing psychologist with over 30 years of experience, I will decide who’s thinking is odd, quirky, or paranoid.

I am sorry to be so blunt. I am just one who  has transferred my 36 years of experience as a professor of psychology studying the influence and control of human behavior into my research on the topic of The Culture Wars.

Dear friend, and I say this with great respect and gentle kindness: If you cannot see the culture wars raging all around you; transforming you, your friend’s, your children’s and grandchildren’s perceptions, thoughts and values, and behaviors, then it is imperative that you immediately go work to sharpen your reality testing skills.

If the average freedom and independence-loving, intelligent man or woman will just put a couple of hours a week into researching the failed “barrel-of-a-gun” Marxist/Leninist culture war strategies vs. the more contemporary Antonio Gramsci methodology, they will be stunned by their new world view.

Gramsci preached a decades-long Marxist transformation strategy in which the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors of populations were won-over slowly, by emphasising peace and cooperation for the common good. This approach is based upon infiltrating targeted governments and working surreptitiously from within. Obama’s hybrid methodology includes a somewhat stronger arm, though deception remains his primary tool, as advocated by the American revolutionary Saul Alinsky.

Obama’s preference for a somewhat more repressive methodology can be seen in the video clip below. It can also be seen in his call for a Civil Military just a powerful as our National Military of a short time ago (Are The Brown Shirts are coming?).  If doubt me, just see below:

Why don’t you spend some time going over a few of my past blogs on this topic and checking out the validity of my resources?

Or, see below, for just one more powerful example of, Obama’s Marxist strategy and goals.

VTM, 5/1/12

The Golden Formula For A Dream Civil Society

May 1, 2011

The Golden Formula For A Dream Civil Society

Humans have searched for the Golden Formula for a Dream Civil Society forever.

How can a civil society construct a very long-lasting human environment in which the vast majority of its inhabitants can live a life of relative freedom and physical security, material and economic comfort; with abundant opportunity and high citizen motivation for intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth and expression?

This question and its answers have resonated through the ages.

I have searched for these answers in the best ways that I know. I have studied the science of human behavior for about 46 years and I have taught what I have learned and I have applied it in private practice.  This is in addition to my readings and contemplations of the writings of the great (and not so great) social philosophers and religious/spiritual leaders dating back to our earliest recorded histories.

Sadly, I have found that every evolved or advocated socio-political design has failed to secure a lasting civil society providing all of the elements that I have described in bold print above.

The masses, fractured by Kings and War Lords are reduced to animals that hide in terror from the human beasts that rape and plunder them from all sides. Nothing expressed in the dream of a civil society described above is achieved. The stuff of nightmares predominate.

I see that Dictatorships (and the like) have ruled by putting rocks, swords and guns to the heads of their citizens and killing them until those sycophants who remain bow and crawl to them like infants. Nothing expressed in the dream for a civil society described above is achieved. The stuff of nightmares predominate.

It appears to me that Marxist /Socialist societies most often produce populations defined by low motivation and dependency; people who are weighed down by the costs of their benefits. An additional Marxist/Socialist penalty is that these benefits seem to be inversely related to the loss of individual’s personal freedoms.  A few things expressed in the dream of a civil society described above may be achieved; but it is often at the expense of timeliness, quality, availability and general efficiency. Marxist/Socialist designs appear prone to evolve to Dictatorships, and if they do; Nothing expressed in the dream of a civil society described above is achieved. The stuff of nightmares predominate

The beauty and promise of the Pure Democracy too frequently dies at the hands of the tyranny of the majority in which, theoretically, 51 percent of a population can impose its will on 49 percent. In a pure democracy, the good things gained from the dream of a civil society are very fragile and prone to loss. When this happens the stuff of nightmares is likley to return.

Now comes the Democratic Republic. The great experiment in checks and balances of power within a governmental design of the people, for the people and by the people. It is this Golden Formula that, in reality, has come the closest to achieving the golden dream.

But as recent history now reveals, and as it’s Founding Father’s had feared, the Democratic Republic is also fragile and prone to self-destruction. At this moment, in the United States, it appears that the course of its undoing will be through the weakening of political checks and balances fueled by a predatory central government; the rise of the tyranny of the voting majority frantic for governmental largess; a rapidly developing failure to acculturate our youth in our own traditional philosophy of government and its supporting spiritual morals and ethics; and our resulting evolution in the direction of a more Marxist/Socialist governmental system.  All of this raises the fearsome specter of dictatorial outcomes in our future.

If timely corrections are not made, this dictatorial future is evermore likely and everything expressed in the dream of a civil society will be lost. The stuff of nightmares will increasingly prevail among the last great hopes for a dream come true.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    5/1/11

P.S., I invite those who wish to debate my views on this matter to do so on my blog. I am always willing to change my views in the light of strong data-based counter arguments. I also ask that you provide citations to support any opposing views that you may have. I am looking for a new course of reading for my summer months and will respectfully consider your references.

Ahmadinejad on America’s Fate

September 26, 2009

Ahmadinejad on America’s Fate

In an Associated Press article entitled: “Iran Leader Blasts U.S, Capitalism”, Karin Laube describes Ahmadinejad’s speech to the U.N..

“Ahmadinejad portrayed Iran as a defender of poor countries, lashed-out at unbridled capitalism which he said has reached the end of the road and will suffer the same fate as Marxism.”

The main message is unmistakable. This meglomaniac dictator thinks that our way of life is all but on the trash-heap of history. O.k., what else would you expect him to say? We’re supposed to listen to this crazy man?! We’re supposed to listen to the man who repeatedly states that the holocaust never happened, etc.?!

But wait—did you notice the word “unbridled” when he refered to our doomed capitalism?

If capitalism is now unbridled, it must mean that it was once bridled by something. Could it be that Ahmadinejad has noticed something that we have not? Afterall, even psychotics can perceive fragments of reality.

In my opinion, what once “bridled” Capitalism (and also our Republic) was the more pervasive rule of ethics and morality. These ethics were based upon Judeo/Christian religious teachings. Of course the influences of these ethics was never perfect,  they were greatly more powerful than they are now.

Our Founding Fathers knew that our Republic could not last without a strong religious/ethical base. More recently, Thomas Sowell (the well-known Economist) documented the powerfully damaging effects of corruption upon the economies of Nations (see my recommended readings).

People, I am sickened with fear about crazy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s prediction: “unbridled capitalism will suffer the same fate as Marxism.”

VTM, 0/26/09

P.S. The Associated Press article appeared in the 9/24/09 issue of the South Bend Tribune (Indiana).

P.S., I now detect that increasingly our fate may well be Marxism! (3/8/18)


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