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Socialism’s Popularity: And What to Do About It!

December 19, 2020

Socialism’s Popularity: And What to Do About It!

America: Pay attention or you will be sorry…and ruined.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 12/29/20

Complete State of Union: 2020!

February 7, 2020

Complete State of Union: 2020!

No one should criticize President Trump until they take the time to see his entire Presidential State of The Union address.

Furthermore, no one should defend his Presidency without seeing this full State of The Union Address.

Similarly, no one should criticize or praise President Trump on the basis of watching only their favorite media outlets. In any scientific pursuit those who do this would be censured for malpractice and their reputations among colleagues would be ruined. In any context, such a style of information analysis would rightfully be labeled as biased, shallow, negligent, and even an ignorant in nature. 

Responsible voters compare and contrast both conservative and Liberal political philosophies, and they attempt to understand the long term outcomes of such philosophies on the basis of local, regional, as well as world histories. In this way they attempt to accumulate as much wisdom as they can muster in order to inform what they teach their children and adolescents…as well as their own voting judgments.   

It is my studied opinion, in review of some of America’s greatest leaders ( Washington, Lincoln, Jackson, war-time FDR and Truman; as well as Kennedy and Reagan; to name a few of my favorites)…that President Trump’s accomplishments in one-term are among the best of them. 

I judge that his accomplishments represent one of America’s greatest triumphs against a pervasive back-drop of pure political hatred for him and what is is trying to achieve. I believe that all of this has been focused upon President Trump as a defense against the political and financial corruption that exists among both republicans and democrats.

Of course, there has been corruption in both parties, as there is in all human endeavors.  But, the current democrat party has taken a distant lead in this category.

I challenge my readers to watch all of President Trump’s SOTU address.

There should be no doubt that President Trump is in an epic battle against unrelenting corrupt, self-serving and leftist political forces; all bent upon their own personal power gains, if not the actual destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic.

See what you think!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/7/20


May God Forbid An American Civil Race War!

April 15, 2012

May God Forbid An American Civil Race War!

There are so many events moving against a recovery from America’s Great Decline.  I have discussed many of these self-defeating impediments in my blog and I have provided evidence for my concerns all along.

The following grave concern is about just one more potentially devastating blow against the greatest Republic the world has ever seen.  A Republic that after 150 years of life, simply and increasingly, began to do all of the things necessary to destroy itself.

And now, rumors of an American Civil Race War.

I can only hope enough Americans will read (and view the videos) in this, and other related resources and then clamor at our leaders to do all possible to avert this grave danger.


VTM,   4/15/12

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