Trump Too “Crazy” To Be President?!

Trump Too “Crazy” To Be President?!

Someone recently asked my “professional opinion” on this matter and sent me the following article. This issue has been in the popular media for some time and the following article was presented for my analysis.

I hope you will read this short opinion article.  It is entitled: “The Elephant in the Room”.

The short answer is technically, no!  President Trump is not showing indications of real psychopathology.

This is not to say that he cannot be crass and objectionable, or egotistical and uncouth in his attacks upon his critics. All of this is true, without doubt. And, I personally do not like most of these antics…even though they are often deserved.

To those who popularly portray Trump as suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I will simply admit that they correctly perceive significant elements of such behaviors in Trump; as can be seen in many people who are not severely incapacitated by these, or other forms of real psychopathology.

True Narcissistic Personality Disorder normally leads to a life in shambles; I.e., an inability to raise emotionally healthy kids, inability to sustain loving relationships, inability to sustain business relationships, inability to care about the welfare of family and friends, inability to sustain long-term friendships, inability to self-correct from experience, inability to appreciate the perspectives and needs of others, and still more interpersonal problems of similar themes and magnitudes.

The following article nicely summarizes my own professional judgment about this matter.

Alleging that a person is mentally ill, “stark-raving-mad” or “crazy” is a powerful way to destroy their credibility.

This was a standard method of the old USSR (i.e., Russia) for dealing with dissidents. They were labeled as mentally ill people and confined to concentration camps in Siberia.

Do you remember the allegations that Senator Goldwater was mentally unstable. It destroyed his bid for the Presidency in 1964.  Perhaps you will recall Senator Eagleton’s discovered and publicized bouts of depression. This destroyed his bid for the Vice Presidency in 1972.

I intensively observe and study both liberal/progressive/Marxist and conservative/libertarian/RINO political behavior in America. I also study the outcomes of their political actions upon population behavior patterns and our culture, at large.

My personal opinion is that there is a very observable and occult, coordinated political movement to impeach, imprison, and destroy Trump. It is a powerful and continuing effort to destroy the President and block his initiatives whenever and wherever it is possible.

This effort is massive in nature and includes external funding by George Sorros and others, hostile appointed progressive governmental employees in all agencies, a vast liberal news and entertainment media, and Barack Obama who has set-up a powerful political action organization in Washington D. C. to continue his nefarious Presidential and post-Presidential efforts to “transform America”.

I cannot find that America has experienced a coordinated subversive force of this magnitude in all its history.

America is now in a protracted revolutionary political war with itself.  This, at a time of unrelenting world-wide war with Radical Islam, increasing hostilities from communist nations and the continuing decline of Western Civilization in Europe and America.

If honest and honorable conservative and liberal Constitutional forces cannot prevail in this multifaceted war, it will bring an end to our miraculous and once glorious Republic.

Whether Trump is, or is not, a good President can only be determined by a history yet unknown to us shell-shocked mortals.

Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/10/17

Certified Health Services Provider in Psychology

Professor Emeritus of Psychology



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3 Responses to “Trump Too “Crazy” To Be President?!”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Appreciatee this blog post


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Thank you very much! When I challenge anyone to tell me what is going well in America, since Trump was cheated out of his second term. Trump haters get very quiet. Blessings, Tom<


  2. Trump Too Says:

    Lou Huewe

    Trump Too


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