Stop Islamic Immigration! #14

Stop Islamic Immigration! #14

Murderous Islamic violent and stealth Jihad hits Great Britain again and continues unabated around the world.

Much of America must have a death wish! Perhaps they are suffering from psychotic delusions.

At the very least they are naively suicidal in their unshakable quest to invite a flood of Islamic immigrants into America.

Please take time to study the following expert analysis and news collection presented by one of the foremost experts on Islam in the world, Robert Spencer.

The American electorate absolutely must study the facts about Islam and what it is doing to every society on earth that is fool enough to take their THEOCRATIC devout worshipers into their population.

Judges who refuse to allow America’s Presidents to act to protect America from the murderous Islamic Jihad being waged               around the world, or who support “sanctuary cities”, must be removed from their benches.

America must Wake-Up or die a slow but unrelenting death from Islamic stealth social and political Jihad, as-well as-well as violent Jihad. 

Please go here and learn as much as you can about the greatest threat to our freedom since WWII.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 3/23/17

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