Sex Crimes “Explode” In Military!

Sex Crimes “Explode” In Military!

Well, what in the hell did you think would happen?!

Progressive socialists have imposed a debilitating “social experiment” on America’s military by forcing females and males into close combat and living conditions. They even put females and males together on ships and submarines. High ranking military officers who objected were replaced by those who did as they were directed by the Obama administration.

What did anyone with a grain of common sense think would happen?

It is costing America millions of tax dollars to remove pregnant females from sea duty and other key assignments. It is costing America millions more to investigate rape charges, sexual harassment charges, and what used to be called “window peeping” (now with videos!), and more! Don’t forget that the progressive socialist experiment included forcing the military to accept gays and transsexuals into their ranks.

As a clear result, there came a flood of new sex crime allegations, investigations and military legal trials.

Our military is charged with the responsibility of being the most feared, efficient and effective killing machine on planet earth. America’s very existence depends upon the reputation and fear of our military.

This is a time of great danger to all citizens of America, indeed, citizens of the world.

North Korea is gearing-up for nuclear war, Iran is gearing-up for nuclear war, China is gearing-up for war, Russia is challenging America around the world, our own government is in shambles and gridlocked, the whole of Western Civilization in Europe is in decline (including Western Civilization in America) and Radical Islam is engaged in Stealth and Violent Jihad against the whole of the infidel world….including America!

In the meantime, America’s entire military is in a giant “cluster f—” of expensive, time-consuming, energy and efficiency-sapping sex problems and crimes!

Way-to-go progressive/socialists…mission accomplished.

Please see the video documentation below.

Also, please enter  “gays and women in the military” in my search box on the upper right.  Click return to read other blogs about the insanity of gays and females in America’s military.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. (A Navy Veteran of our Submarine Service)


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