God’s Not Dead: A Movie For You and Your Loved Ones

God’s Not Dead: A Movie For You and Your Loved Ones

I order a movie via “the cable” about once per week. I seldom go to the theater to see a new release, preferring to not spend the time, effort, and inflated costs for the refreshments.

Among the hundreds of movies on the cable, including new releases, there are very few made since the late 1950’s that are worth my time. Often the movie is riddled with extreme gratuitous profanity;  that is profanity that serves no apparent  purpose. Having been in the Navy and other testosterone-laden circumstances, I am not easily offended. Frankly, I am prone to cuss when I am very frustrated; a personal flaw that I need to work on more diligently. Still I am irritated and distracted by a purposeless barrage of “F” words and the like.

My dear wife will watch no movie that contains violence. In order to watch a movie with her, I have taken to searching the extensive menus for romantic comedies. We both remember the Doris Day-Rock Hudson movies fondly (and yes we know the story on Rock…but illusion was precious and good). Unfortunately, what now passes for romantic comedy more often features floridly dysfunctional families, infidelity, dishonesty and casual sexuality.

Speaking of sexuality, the movie industry has moved in all ways that it can towards total nudity and homosexuality in its offerings. Then America blanches  in foolish amazement when it is reported in the news, as it was yesterday, that a 13 yer old girl has gained a large following of “friends” by posting her nude photos on Facebook.


So what in the hell should America expect when its popular media has become rife with pornography?!  Are you aware of  the cable T. V. shows “Naked and Afraid” and “Dating Naked”. Even though breasts and genitals are strategically blurred, the naked “models” are sure to excite many teens and pre-teens to imitate their actions. The predictable results will lead to more sexual chaos among America’s young and increasingly unprincipled population.

It is against this disheartening backdrop that I strongly recommend that America’s citizens unite to send the entertainment media a strong message. Do not patronize these forms of social and psychological pollution and steer your children to more spiritual, rule-governed, pro-social entertainment media.

I urge us to do this for good of America. I urge us to do this for the good of our youth. Such behavior on their part will lead large numbers of them to self-injurious behavior patterns and suffering…not to mention the trouble that will await their ill-conceived offspring. Can we not see, that if our children and grandchildren imitate the debouched behavior patterns offered by the modern pop and entertainment media their near-certain personal problems will be visited upon us.

I highly recommend the movie, God’s Not Dead. I will admit that it is somewhat “corny” in a few places, perhaps reminiscent of some wonderful family entertainment of decades past. But, I guarantee God’s Not Dead will put a wistful lump in your throat, highlight youthful principled heroism, and display a moral dedication that will leave you and your children feeling happy and inspired.

I hope you will see the following review of God’s Not Dead and that you and your young loved ones will patronize similar productions that  may come.


V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/24/14

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4 Responses to “God’s Not Dead: A Movie For You and Your Loved Ones”

  1. jana martin Says:

    I loved the story and the meaning this movie conveyed. That said, it was still hard for me to ignore the poor (overly done) acting and somewhat contrived events. I wish films like these could have a bigger budget and better directing! (says your little sister)


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Those were my reservations also. However, I think they are trivial in comparison to the possible emergence of a new production company, Pure Flicks, with greater investments in their products yet to come. I remain hopeful of some form of spiritual resurgence in America. I believe that the worst is yet to come for the American experience and often out of fear and suffering comes a return to faith. God Bless, Your loving “big brother”.


  2. Virginia Krueger Says:

    My daughter and I watched God is NOT Dead one evening last week. I wholeheartedly agree with your review of it. I texted God is not dead to my growing family of 9 adults at the close of the movie.
    One of my sons texted back “what”? I explained. I am hopeful that he and his wife will watch it too 🙂

    God bless,


    • vtmawhinney Says:

      Wonderful! Last night we watched God’s Not Dead with our grandchildren. I can tell you that they were “riveted” through the whole movie. I was too, even though it was my third viewing…one alone, one with my wife and one with the grandchildren.

      More of this will be good for everyone. Thanks for your comment! Tom


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