Ferguson: What Would You Have Done?

Ferguson: What Would You Have Done?

I have lived long enough to have seen numerous race riots. All too often, the rioters and their supporters are not really interested in the truth or real justice.

They are punks looking for a reason to perpetrate violence, to wantonly destroy property and loot with impunity. Often they are outsiders that pour  into the affected areas of a city to perpetrate mayhem.

They will not be calmed, they will not respect due-process, they will not come under the control of society’s best attempts to protect the welfare of all of the victims; no matter the race, color or creed.

Let me ask you this: 

A. If you were a citizen, and a police officer told you to get out of the middle of the road and walk on the sidewalk…what would you do?

B. If you were a police officer a you were attacked in your police car by an assailant who punched you in the face, and who then fought you for your handgun, which was fired in the car. Then, when you ordered your 6’4″,  270 lb. assailant who was running away “to freeze”, he turned and “bum-rushed” straight at you…what would you do?

The point is not that we know that either of these scenarios happened. We do yet know.  Both of these possibilities have been reported in the media. They are not yet settled facts.

Still, what would you have done if they were?


VTM, 1/18/14

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