It Is Time For Martial Law in Ferguson

It Is Time For Martial Law in Ferguson

I will not question the purity of all of the peacefully demonstrating people in Ferguson.

However, the following points have now been  made for almost two weeks, during every day and every appalling and increasingly dangerous night.

1. Those who have called for justice regarding the police shooting of an 18 year old black man, are grossly outnumbered by those who are in favor of a lynching of the accused police officer. If the lynching is not meant to be a literal one, as it is in many cases, it is a figurative one.

2.  The so-called “free speech” fest is actually manic parade of laughing, jeering, taunting, cursing, threatening, Molotov cocktail and rock throwing, gun shooting, pillaging criminals, communists, radical Islamists , America-hating, capitalism hating, anarchists. Nearly all of whom are from outside of the Ferguson area.

3. The media, both liberal and conservative, are feeding the vicious cycle of rioting buffoons who struggle to capture a “moment of glory” and “immortality” through their cartoon-like gyrations as they burst into the background and side-ground of near continuous news video segments.

4. Both liberal and news commentators are Charlatans who pose as experts on the technology of crowd control as they criticize rapidly evolving and complex police crowd control strategies.

5. Many politicians are busy sucking-up to black citizens and the rioting crowds in an attempt to curry their favor and votes.

6. The risks of the serious injury and death to peaceful demonstrators, bystanders, and police are increasing dramatically as outside rebels and agitators join the fray attempting to incite violence.

7. All of this riotous and increasingly dangerous behavior is now being catalyzed by astonishingly extended rights to assemble and riot. It is now the “theater of Constitutional Rights” extended to absurd and potentially lethal extremes. It is reported today that two demonstrators were shot by other protestors. As the old saying goes, “No one has the right to falsely yell fire in a crowded theater”.

The people of Ferguson have had a more than ample opportunity to exercise their First Amendment rights. There is nothing that has been left unsaid. There will be nothing new that can be said until a full investigation of the police shooting in question is complete

It is now time to more firmly use the police and the National Guard in Ferguson in order to protect life, property and the rule of law in Ferguson.

It is time to impose Martial Law during the most dangerous after-dark hours of these soon to be lethal riots that pretend to be peaceful demonstrations.

Please see the following:

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/19/14

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