Horrifying Corruption in American Politics!

Horrifying Corruption in American Politics!

Julian Assange is someone who I once thought was one of America’s enemies!

Upon further study, it would appear that he is an amazing hero who merits a Special Presidential Award for uncovering the terrifying political corruption that is now rapidly destroying our America.

First of course, America will have to elect an un-corrupted President and Congress. This is the great challenge of this moment. Without Jullian Assange, this would seem to be an impossibility. The Democrats, and likely many Republicans, are now guilty of nefarious covert operations designed to subvert democracy in America.

It is essential that all Americans see the following video documenting the criminal activity that the DNC has unleashed upon Candidate Trump in order to insure that Hillary Clinton wins the upcoming Presidential Election. All of it is pure evil personified.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/28/16

Thanks to patriot Chuck Carpenter for me sending a very large Wikileaks Expose’ on the hidden, but rampant corruption in American politics.

I will be publishing much more of this information in the days leading up to our Presidential Election.


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