Trump’s Amazing Gettysburg Address: How To Save America!

Trump’s Amazing Gettysburg Address: Saving America!

Many of America’s Past Presidents were flawed individuals. I will grant you that Donald Trump at times can be crude and full of himself. He is no Saint. But, he IS a hard-driven massively energetic sucessful patriot…and he sure as hell knows how to get things done.

America’s very survival is obviously on the line. If you have been paying attention it is impossible to miss the rapidly declining conditions of America’s debased civics and population conflict, our massive educational failure, our pre-WWII lack of military preparedness, our dying economy; and last but not least, the Russian, Islamic, and illegal immigration threats to our very sovereignty.

If you are aware of all of this, and more, you must know that America is now in a death spiral.

More of Obama-like Presidential actions in the form of his prote’ge’, Hillary Clinton, will destroy us.

Please watch Donald Trump’s epic Gettysburg Address in which he presents the many absolutely essential specific details of his plan to Save America. You may or may not agree, but it is essential that all American patriots consider this plan.

In my opinion every single objective that he presents is exactly what must to be done to save and revitalize America.

Please, try to bring an open mind as you watch Trump’s Gettysburg Address in its entirety.  I think you will be astonished by the power of this man’s common sense plans.

Then, please send this address to everyone you know.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/22/16

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