America with President Hillary

America with President Hillary

The following article is a short one. I am certain that it predicts Hillary’s America accurately.

Patriots should take just a few minutes to read it. If you do not agree, then I expect you will probably vote for the American future that is predicted below.

Then, America’s future cannot be anything other than what has happened over the past years. But everything we have  experienced over the past eight years will be more intensified because the past will have continued for at least four more years….and Hillary is poised to double down on Obama’s destructive actions.

Worst of all, if you will only think about the external and internal lethal forces poised to attack us, you can easily perceive even more catastrophic events that are likely in the near future. 

It is time to think very carefully about the past and future consequences of our own voting patterns and the resulting political actions of our representatives.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/23/16

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