The History of Thomas Jefferson: America’s 3rd President

The History of Thomas Jefferson: America’s 3rd President

Watching the “street interviews” with college students and average citizens that are now popular on our entertainment media, it is clear that America has failed to teach its own history to its children and youth..for a very long time. These spectacles  masquerade as humorous entertainment, when they actually represent a modern tragedy.

I have therefore decided to focus a series of blogs on the history of some of our most important Founding Father’s. These will be the men who, in this nation’s beginning, shaped the laws and political practices that were enshrined in the Constitution of the United States.

I can assure you that I am painfully aware that the ruling force of this document and its intended purposes have been badly damaged by unremitting “progressive” practices, shortly following the birth of this great nation.It should be plain to see that the cumulative effects of this political decay are nothing short of disastrous to our modern socioculture.

This is particularly the case as we face Radical Islamic Terrorism, the most enduring evil the world has ever known.

If America fails to see its own great need for a religious and political rapprochement with its historical traditions, it will further complete the sad caricature of its once incomparable self that it now represents.

I hope this series of short American history lessons can be a positive contribution to one of  the saddest remedial imperatives of all time.

We will begin with President Thomas Jefferson, who directed the first American war against  Islamic Terrorism and soundly defeated them.

Please refresh your memory about this great American and then send the lesson on to everyone you know and love.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/27/15

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