Thomas Jefferson’s Solution To Islamic Terrorists

Thomas Jefferson’s Solution To Islamic Terrorists

It has been my pleasure to study the life and extraordinary accomplishments of one of America’s greatest historical figures.

Thomas Jefferson was was one of our Founding Fathers and was also the third,  highly consequential, President of our United States of America.

The following article contains factual information that I have encountered in other historical contexts. Unless you have studied the life and times of Thomas Jefferson, you might be astonished to learn that he successfully confronted and defeated the perennial evils of Islamic terrorism in his time.

The following is the true story of how Thomas Jefferson’s courageous leadership helped  America win its war with Islamic Terrorism that raged from 1805 to 1815.

Modern America must now do the same or Radical Islam will finally prevail in their never-ending blood-soaked quest to violently transform and subjugate the world.

I hope you will take time to read this important piece of American history.

If you wish to validate this report, you may check Snopes, below. Or, for a most enlightening and enjoyable experience, read (or listen to) Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, by Pulitzer Prize winner, Jon Meacham.

Thanks to Master Educator, Fred Richardson, for sending this outstanding piece of history to me.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 2/25/15

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2 Responses to “Thomas Jefferson’s Solution To Islamic Terrorists”

  1. WILLIAM H Says:

    Moe from one Jeffersonian to another thanks for the History lesson.We both know that the only way to put an end to the current Islamist terrorists is kill all the bastards and do it in such a horrific way they dare not raise their banner of supremacy ever again.This is a time when no rules of engagement apply other than take no prisoners and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks……in fact they will condemn us in public and praise us in private-WELL DONE AMERICA YOU HAD THE BALLS TO DO WHAT THE REST OF US DID NOT-Huck. Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2015 14:51:48 +0000 To:


    • vtmawhinney Says:


      You know me and how I feel about this matter. Our Founding Fathers, with the military ability that we still spite of Obama’a attempt to destroy it, would unleash holy hell upon the Islamic terrorists and all who aid and abet them. These great men are certainly rolling in their graves over what has happened to their precious United States of America in its post-modern times. Notice that the Obama Administration is now attempting to ban the 233 ammo used in AR “assault rifles”….This while around 40 known Islamic training camps are in the U.S. I won’t say any more on this topic as I fear my own words on this topic. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I think I’ll take a couple of deep breaths and calm down. Moe


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